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Thinking about starting a roleplay, but don't have the idea completely finished? Post it here, not in the main OOC forum!


Postby Evil_pigeon on Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:11 pm

Ok the rp below might look quite complete but I have yet to work out the actual plot (I would love some help with this if anyone is interested) but I'm putting out my idea to at least check that there is a point in creating it :) The idea of this is ultra freeform, where the world will pretty much end up as a mish mash of everyone's ideas with a plot that I'll adapt as we go along.

Warning: this is actually a fantasy rp despite the intro and the story explaination, I don't want people missing out or getting annoyed with me because I didn't make it obvious that we will be using swords and magic rather than lasers


"A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will is sure to be short.” - Bertrand Russell, philosopher

The 2300s, an age of expansion, of discovery, of pioneers. A age when the most daring men and women of Earth finally emancipated themselves from the harsh bonds of The Commonwealth. Millions of brave souls left the colonised worlds behind on an eternal voyage into the great unknown, daring to shun to the safety of law for the true freedom of the void. These voyagers came from all walks of life, the crews comprised of anybody who was willing to leave behind the comforts and luxury of The Commonwealth in the name of discovery, beggars stood alongside billionaires, thieves by judges. Previous rank and stigmas were lost in time as the pioneers abandoned their old lives for the thrill of discovery. To this day no has ship ever returned, many of the carcasses of the gargantuan colony ships sent out have since been recovered but, it seems, the voyages tended to fail, those that did succeed in settling eventually regressed and had become quite primitive by the time their civilisations were rediscovered by the more controlled advance of Commonwealth exploration.

This second golden age of independant exploration (the first coming with the discovery of the Americas) brought forth many stories, tales of brutality and heroism, sorrow and wonder, some eggagerated legends, some true. The most famous topic of these tales was, for a long time, considered false though with the human discovery of telepathy it is becoming steadily more likely that the tales of Psi-worlds (Planet sized creatures that feed off the additional brain activity provided by their victims halluncinating minds) are true. No psi-world however has been discovered as yet by the Commonwealth.

Extract from the introduction to The Second Wildwest - a history of exploration during the early days of The Commonwealth published 2576 by penguin books


Enacting the legend described in the intro, you will play as a colonist living on the exploration ship G.C.S.Vantage (G.C.S stands for Galactic Commonwealth Ship.) The ship is in orbit of a potential colony world, dubbed Vantage after the ship. You are one of the colonists who has gone down to explore the surface, as a colonist you will have had at least some combat and medical training, as well as lessons in basic mechanics. Ontop of this most of the occupants of the ship will have some specialties which they will have worked on during the voyage which has so far lasted over 20 years.

However the colonists are in for a surprise as the planet they land on turns out to be very different from the aerial shots taken from the ship (will be described in rp). The colonists themselves will also be very different, the planet feeds off brainwave activity and has found that this activity is maximised when the person's dominant personality trait is allowed to take over, so you will be playing as a self portrait of your character's strongest emotion or personality trait - for example an anti social person would be almost entirely taken over by the desire to be alone and their appearance will be altered accordingly, beyond recognition (maybe they become very small so as to avoid contact more easily) They could still feel other emotions but their major trait will be egsagerated.

The changes can take any form, at all, so long as you can find a personality trait that it fits, (to the point where a particularly imperious person may turn into a cat.) The laws of physics are suspended in communal hallucinations. The changed forms also lose most of their memory and find it difficult to distinguish the name of their emotion from their real name ("I'm feeling Ralph today" said Happy) inconsequential but it would be nice to see people mix it up now and again... The forms will also gain trait related abilities later, I won't go into this because I want people to make a sci-fi character to get screwed around with rather than tailor somebody to the real setting.

The hallucinations are consistant for everybody (less effort for the planet) though everything within them is false (this rp is actually going to largely be fantasy, just t'a warn ya'.) For those still on the ship however thay are out of range of the hallucinations so things below will look pretty strange, death is real for the hallucinations (being convinced you can't breathe works just as well as actaully not being able to breath.)

The ship itself is massive, a colony ship containing upwards of 2 million people and looks a little bit like This.

Tech during periods aboard ship: high tech stuff; lasers, communications implants etc...

Tech in hallucination; medieval fantasy, swords, magic (though not for you to start with...), etc...

Character sheet - fill this in for your sci-fi character, your personality trait will start as an effective blank slate with little or no memory, or identity. They will however start with skills and equipment related to their previous talents, though the knowledge and skill is subconscious so they don't even know what they are capable of when they reawken in the halucination.

Talents: (stuff you're good at)
Appearance: (picture ok, for some reason I hate photos however so please don't use 'em :) )
Appearance of trait form: (there will be a physical period of change, jsut after the exploration party lands... just to let you know... apart from that see Appearance.)
Mental Desciption: (detail please)
Dominant personality trait: (can be a combination of different emotions but please give it a clear direction because I will be making use of this)
Bio: (memories will affect the hallucination now and again so deja vu will occur)

Pm me your sheets for approval
My word is law
There will be events created by me now and again, if that is the case please refrain from controlling the npcs, though normally you can, and I'll mention if I don't want you to at a certain point.
No character controlling
You may resolve any fights you come into but be realistic
Romance ok not mindless sex

Anything I've missed, please ask about but I'm done as far as I know...
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