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The Multiverse

Miyumi's Back Story

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Miyumi's Back Story

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Sun Jan 21, 2007 1:53 pm

Miyumi could barely contain her excitement as the shuttle approached the landing pad. Through the small window, she could just barely make out the crowd of people. The twenty-two year old graduate wondered if she would recognize her family after a decade; wondered if they would recognize her. Of course they'll recognize you silly, she thought to herself, You know the whole family, cousins and all, were there to watch you graduate on the holo. The holo her father had built. She knew just her mother and father were there to pick her up; her father had also had to build their small ship, and it could only hold three. Then it would be a two hour flight of awkwardness to the landing spot just outside their village.

She looked around at her fellow graduates, most of them were younger than her. She had "wasted" a year and a half when she was old enough for the self-defense and wilderness classes, because she had actually paid attention during the rape special in the girl's dorms. What she didn't know is that she had been allowed that extra year (it was built in to have four classes of survival/defense, one of each was required, the other two could take the place of other electives.) because the administration was hoping she'd start batting her eyelashes at the boys, instead of being one of them. They didn't want to shelter their students, but Miyumi managed to keep herself sheltered on her own.

Not one of the other students (expect a few of the girls) looked at her in a way that suggested they might take her to their bed. Students were always allowed to spend the night in any room on their third of the ship; once they hit sixteen they were allowed the run of the ship. Miyumi, however, had spent plenty of nights with the boys- playing video games and sparring. But for all that she was well-liked, her best friend was the computer ai she had created after her first year on the ship. That had been the only reason the lower admin had managed to get the higher admin to allow the self-defense classes; the highest up had been worried they'd loose what looked to be the best mechanic from that school.

None of this affected Miyumi as the shuttle touched down and the crowd surged forward. She took her time, having prearranged with her parents that they would wait out the tearful reunions on the part of those who were returning, and at least part of the tearful farewells for those students who were about to start. Once the first of the newbies trickled in, Miyumi finally exited the shuttle to find her parents; the once shy girl had an air of confidence about her as she gracefully descended the stair, and those about her might have likened her to a tigress in the way she placed her feet, making not one sound. As she scanned the crowd, she quickly found her parents- her mother, smiling with prideful tears in her eyes at her little girl, all grown up; her father- looking... like his face had been hit with a board? Miyumi quickly switched her gaze back to her mother, and it was her mother Miyumi ran to, her mother she hugged. She hadn't liked what she had seen in her father's eyes. Her father, who had been her best friend and first teacher in the ways of mechanics and programming. Her father, who had just looked at her in a way no one at the school ever had-. Her mind pushed the next thought out, it was insane.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Tue Jan 23, 2007 4:27 pm

The ride over wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be. She managed to ignore the looks her father kept giving her over his shoulder, and kept both her parents laughing with the various stories from her years at the school. Sure, she had talked to them twice a month, and sent letters every couple months, but it just didn't compare to telling her stories in person.

At the landing site close to the village, all her cousins were there, as well as her younger brother and older sister. Her older sister had taken to her mother's healing talents and her brother, well, he shamed the family by being a politician. He was currently the mayor of their small village at the age of nineteen, and looked to be going for a large city by twenty-five. All the extended relatives thought of him as the black sheep; Miyumi remembers changing his diapers.

The furor died down, and her father was busy flying the various relatives back to their homes. Miyumi and her mother had a quiet dinner together, where her mother confides in Miyumi that her father hasn't been well for the past couple years. Her mother had caught him looking at the sled he had given her, in the middle of the night. He still wasn't finished by the time Miyumi went to bed.

She pulls her rough, homemade blanket over her as she settles down to sleep. But her old bed feels unfamiliar to her after so many years. It wasn't musty, her mother had taken care of that, but it wasn't the beds from the school. Finally, she pulls Fred out and falls asleep to a random playlist; classical mixed with metal, pop, rock, rap, and just about anything else out there.

She woke with a start, not knowing what had woken her at first. Then she identified, Fred had stopped. Someone had turned him off, someone who was still in her room. She could hear heavy breathing. Her hand feels for her katana, on the bed beside her. The presence looms over her. She shifts as though she is asleep, cracks her eyes, and looks through her lashes at her father. His lips parted, his breathing heavy, and a hungry look in his eyes, he looks upon his daughter, a girl no longer, but a woman. Miyumi moves lightning-fast, hitting him over the head with her sheathed katana, grabbing Fred and her bag, and fleeing.

The full moon guards her panicked flight out the back door and through the woods. She was sure that hit hadn't knocked her father out, sure that he would raise the hue and cry and be after her. Her father's friends went pretty high up; he was the best mechanic within forty miles of their village. She sobs as she runs, certain the search party was being sent out, that they would catch up to her at any moment. But she runs on, unhindered, with no shouts following her.

Around four in the morning, the moon sinks below the trees. Miyumi looks around, finally finding a hollow in one of the gigantic trees that inhabits the forest. She crawls inside, pulling branches after her to obscure her hiding space. She curls up around her possessions, and holds her mouth shut with her hands while her body is racked with silent sobs. She falls asleep eventually, only to be awakened when the sun rose by shouts running through the crips, early morning air.

The searchers were still far enough that their sensors wouldn't register her. Miyumi's training takes over. She could keep up what she was about to do for about a half-hour before risking some serious side-effects, but she was going to make herself look like a family of sleeping rodents. She pulls herself into meditation. First, she changes her body temperature. Pockets of heat surround important organs, like her brain, her heart, her lungs. The rest of her body grows cold, to where it would not register on the scanners. She speeds up her heart-rate.

"Did you check that tree?"
"Family of squirrels halfway up. Did you get that one?"
"Rabbits in a hollow at the base."

She continues meditating, praying that they leave soon, and breathes a sigh of relief when they carry on. As she comes out of her trance, she feels completely calm. She remembers that she has had training for this. Even comes up with a plan- hide out for awhile, then find a city and apply as a mechanic for a small place, for a considerable amount less than what she would be getting on a ship. They would be able to afford it, and no mechanic worth their wages ever really used all that they were given. Most ended up holding up a few hangers-on. When the searchers gave up and went back to the village for the night, Miyumi cautiously left her bolt-hole. She looked up and gasped, in both surprise and fright. There was her brother, grinning at her.

"Don't worry, I won't tell. I saw him... well, I'll keep them looking in the wrong direction tomorrow. My advice: find a place in the wilderness, make a hideout for awhile. I know you have the training for that. Good luck, sister."

He vanished. He might have been real, might have been a dream, might have been somewhere in between. It didn't really matter- the search continued on the other side of the village the next morning.

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