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Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

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Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Sat May 16, 2009 12:43 am

Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade

This is where basic questions and extra information will be posted!

Alrighty, well for starters, this is a Board obviously related to my RP, "Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade". Basically, the story takes place nearly a thousand years following the end of the Anime, from where Genki, Holly, and friends defeated Muu. (For information, the story takes place following Episode 49, the end of Season 2)

For those unfamiliar with Monster Rancher (either the Anime or Video Games), here's the just of what Monsters are.

Monsters were created by the people known as the "Ancients", originally as designer pets. They were sealed into stone disks, similar to CDs, from which they were unlocked in shrines. The disks were known as 'Mystery Disks'. Monsters were intended as little pets and companions. But when war broke out, they were modified into biological weapons. After the war, they were locked back into Mystery Disks.
They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of these monsters are uniquely defined by a primary breed (such as Golem), which defines its basic form and abilities, and a sub-breed, which defines its color scheme, modifies appearance, and slightly alters some of its statistical capabilities. Breed is commonly specified as Primary/Sub because of the inconsistency of name and form for the generated monsters between the games. For example, Golem/Suezo indicates a monster with primary breed Golem, sub-breed Suezo, and manifests as a large humanoid figure with the bright yellow skin and single eye that are characteristic of the Suezo monster breed. Each monster breed also has at least one "rare" sub-breed. These often unusual sub-breeds cannot be created by combining. They only come from certain CDs. For example, in monster rancher 2, inserting the monster rancher 1 disc creates a rare sub-breed of Suezo called "Seuki-Suezo", which is Seuzo/???. All Rare sub-breeds are their main breed/???. Below is a list of many of the different species used in the franchise. Not all appear in every game, and many are culled for the sequels.

Although the ensuing conflict destroyed much of the world's civilization and technology, later generations used the discs to recreate the monsters to be used as pets, beasts of burden, and created a sport in which they were used as competitive fighters.

In the show/games, there is said to be 400 Monsters. It only gives us a small list of them though. Therefore, I will allow some players to create their own Monsters. !!!!!HOWEVER!!!! NO MONSTER CAN BE ALL POWERFUL!!! And they must be approved before they can be added to the list. And only those who created the monsters can give permission for other players to play them!

A monster appearing in both Monster Farm DS games, based on Anubis, the Egyptian jackal god of the underworld. Abyss wields a staff with magical powers, mostly which involve death and black magic. They seem to have connections to both the Falco species and the Xenon species, two other powerful monster families. The name was changed from abisu in Japanese to abyss in English, which seems to fit the monster better. Other Abyss include: Nabyss (+Mew) Karma (+Piroro) Ento (+Plant) Shadow Mage (+Falco) Cosmo Abyss (+Gali) Tenuki (+?) Roberta (+?) Abyss-Modoki (+?)

A monster introduced in Monster Farm Online. As the name implies, it resembles an antelope or reindeer crossed with the Japanese rain dragon. As their green fur implies, most of their attacks involve grass and/or plant life, as well the normal charge and stampeding attacks.

Antlan is a cross between an ant and stag beetle that uses ninja-like skills and attacks. They also have the ability to make certain parts of their bodies (mainly their antlers and their abdomens) grow in size. Ant;ans appear in Monster Rancher Advance, Monster Rancher Advance 2, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both Monster Rancher DS games. They have reputation in the game for doing right and living to ensure justice. Many of their designs and poses are reminiscent of Japanese Tokusatsu characters, particularly the Super Sentai. other Antlans include: Quintie (+Pixie) LaCoon (+Momo) ProtoAnt (+Henger) Ecologia (+Plant) Ragerock (+Golem) Blakkus (+Joker) Eval (+Zan) Rhinorhine (+Psiroller) Falcolan (+Raiden) Quintie (+Pixie) RedBurn (+Garu) Caraban (+Suezo) Dark Antlan (+Abyss) Chaser (+Mogi) Dolaine (+?) Antlan Red (+?-looks like the Red Power Ranger) Antlan Blue (+?-looks like the Blue Ranger) Antlan Yellow (+?-looks like the Yellow Ranger)

A monster breed which resembles a large ape. Their faces bear a resemblance to that of a baboon, and their body to that of a gorilla, though they have a tail like a monkey. They appear in Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, and Monster Rancher 4 as playable characters, though the Apes of Monster Rancher 4 are made to resemble the monkeys from the popular Ape Escape video games. A non-playable Ape reference also appears in Monster Rancher 3. Apes are extremely lazy, making them fairly difficult monsters to raise; they are, however, quite strong and have good lifespan. Offensively, they fight with an array of strange attacks that include flatulence and nose-picking in addition to slapping and throwing bananas. other Apes include: Rock Ape (+Golem) Gibberer (+Hare) Bossy (+Gali) Tropical Ape (+Plant) Gold Dust (+?) Shades (+?) Red-shorts Ape (+?) Pipo Ape (+?) Cutie (+?) Pirate Ape (+?) Hot Foot (+?) King Ape (Boss on MR2)

A crustacean monster breed that largely resembles a lobster with a prominent head and a scorpion-like tail. Arrowheads have only appeared in Monster Rancher 2 and the Monster Rancher Advance games, but did make a cameo appearance in the Monster Rancher (anime) series. They can be raised from the start of the games and are a good choice for beginners because of their high defense and life statistics. They attack with water and crushing blows involving their large claws, and some types of Arrowheads have poisonous stingers that can paralyze victims. Other Arrowheads include: Renocraft (+Henger) Land Shark (+Hare) Selketo (+Joker) Log-Sawer (+Mock) Priarocks (+Golem) Mustard Arrowhead (+Suezo) Plated Arrow (+Durahan) Sumopion (+?-based on the Sumo wrestler) Silver Face (Boss on MR2)

Bajarls are djinn-like monsters that attack with smoke and magic. They are only available in Monster Rancher 2, and are only obtainable after getting all the house and barn upgrades. There is a reference to Bajarls in Monster Rancher EVOby making one a guide in your adventure games and transports you caravan to the ends of your explorations, though they are not playable in the game. Bajarl monsters can change their mass from tiny to huge and muscular by virtue of their spirit-like form. There is some type of link between the Bajarl species and the Magic species from Monster Rancher 1. In fact, Magic monsters transferred from Monster Rancher 1 become Bajarls in Monster Rancher 2, though they are not related in the [[Monster Rancher anime series]]. One species of Bajarl called Magic Bajarl even wears the same clothing as the Magic. other Bajarls include: Jaba (+Joker) Boxer Bajarl (+?) Ultrarl (+?) Magic Bajarl (+?)

First introduced in Monster Rancher 2, Bakus were obtainable only after expanding the barn to accommodate their large size. They are known for their great physical strength and size, though they come across as very sleepy and bored. Offensively, they rely on directly-damaging physical attacks, such as body slams and biting. Bakus also have the ability to heal themselves by taking a long naps. Their physical appearance is much like a cross between a hippopotamus and a dog. Earlier designs showed them to be more tapir-like, reflecting the legendary Turkish baku. However the tapir-like features were eventually dropped. Besides Monster Rancher 2, Bakus appear in Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both Monster Farm DS games. other Bakus include: Higante (+Golem) Gontar (+Hare) War Baku (+Durahan) Nussie (+Kato) Gigapint (+Jell) Baku Clown (+Joker) Icebergy (+Tiger) Electrieel (+Lesione) Magmax (+Dragon) Leon (+Momo) Hippopochaos (+Ripper) Red Hot Baku (+Garu) PandiBaku (+?-looks like a giant panda) Gimo (+?) Shishi (+?-based on the legendary Chinese Shishi (stone lion)) Baku-Modoki (+?) BakuBaku Racer (+?)

First introduced in Monster Rancher 2, Beaclons (also spelled "Beaklons") were obtainable by having a Worm cocoon and metamorphose into one. They are gigantic, bipedal Hercules Beetle monsters, known to not be very smart but extremely strong (much like Worm). They rely on physical attacks such as tackling opponents and body slams, though some have a type of vacuum attack. They have near-impenetrable shells, sharp claws, lacy wings, and a long, sharp horn. Since Monster Rancher 2, they have appeared in Monster Rancher 3 (where they received a makeover, including a pincer instead of a single horn), Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both Monster Farm DS games. other Beaclons include: Rollbeat (+Ogyo) Rocklon (+Golem) Ducklon (+Ducken) Jelaydon (+Zan) Bercougar (+Momo) Kaut Roar Kaut (+Bajarl) Jaggernaut (+Joker) Sloth Beetle (+Tiger) Scissors (+Lesione) Cantalos (+Suezo) Bethelgeus (+Dragon) Centurion (+Durahan) Melcaraba (+Henger) Orchestron (+Gali) Mose (+Raiden) Beegator (+Zuum) Drimole (+Mogi) Avalanche (+?-made of ice) Scorpi (+?-looks like a scorpion) Tanklon (+?-looks like a tank from World War II) Tanklon 2 (+?-looks like an updated tank) Bealock (+?-based on the bison) Eggplantern (+?-looks like an eggplant) Beaclon-Modoki (+?)

The Centaurs of Monster Rancher are much like the centaurs of mythology, but their upper bodies are more reptilian than human. they do retain the lower body of the horse, and because of this are one of the most regal monsters. Not much else is known about them, but their accuracy and speed are usually their highest stats. Centaurs were introduced in Monster Rancher 2 and did not reappear until the new Monster Farm DS 2. In Monster Rancher 2, they can only be unlocked after a B-class monster goes to the Mandy Desert and brings back a spear. After a fight with a wild Centaur, the spear is kept and can be used to create a Centaur when combining monsters. They use weapons for most of their attacks, but can also use their powerful arms and hooves and are NOT to be trifled with. Other Centaurs include: Pasteto (+Abyss) Celious (+Tiger) Chariot (+Durahan) Ferious (+Pixie) Bazoo (+Bajarl) Reaper (+Joker) Dragoon (+Dragon) Trojan (+Golem) Antares (+Arrowhead) Trotter (+?) Blue Thunder (+?) Kenjirou (+?) Centaur-Modoki (+?) Sniper (Boss on MR2)

Color Pandora
A caterpillar monster that consists of three smaller segments, each its own Pandora monster. In its original appearance it was usually constantly combined into a giant worm-like creature, while in later games (starting in Monster Rancher 3), its sections are always separated. They have high life and speed, but the rest of their stats are relatively weak. Their system of attack is often a double-edged blade, as it usually involves flinging one of the segments at the opponent, which in turn damages the Color Pandora as a whole. Other attacks require them to unite their bodes as a whole and attack as a giant wheel or a bludgeon. Color Pandoras have been in Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both Monster Farm DS games. In Monster Rancher EVO, a Color Pandora is used for the "Koropen Juggle" trick, being repeatedly tossed and rearranged by the monster you are training as part of the act. It is also sometimes referred to as "Koropendora." Other Color Pandoras include: Puppykoro (+Baku) GunBits (+Durahan) Tetra (+Henger) Peach Tree Bug (+Pixie) Liquid Cube (+Jell) Princesskoro (+Ogyo) Pirhanakoro (+Naga) Fukazukin (+Lesione) MiniOgreKoro (+Mogi) Antkoro (+Antlan) Lionkoro (+Garu) Korohelmets (+Madillo) Traffikoro (+?-displays the three colors of the traffic signal) Tri-gai (+?-an in-joke with the PlayStation: The Official Magazine staff) Tram (+?-looks like a tram) Dice (+?-looks like a pair of dice) ComedyKoro (+?) Koro-Modoki (+?) MahjongKoro (+?-Based on the popular Asian tile game, Mahjong)

A monster that resembles a stylized Tyrannosaurus. They appeared in Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher Battle Card Game, and Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II, after which they were replaced by similar dinosaur monsters called Zuums. Due to fan requests for a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the original Monster Rancher game, it was brought back in Monster Rancher 4 as a rare Zuum sub-breed that could be obtained by using a copy of the original Monster Rancher 1 game disk (or almost any Xbox game). Many different types of Dinos were characters in the [[Monster Rancher anime series]], mostly used for grunt work on the Baddie side. They were portrayed as overly-confident, but having great physical strength and energy projection. Other Dinos include: Mustard Dino (+Suezo) Slash (+Jell) Valentino (+Pixie) Black Dino (+Monol) Aloha (+Plant) Grape Dino (+Naga) Spot Dino (+Hare) Lidee (+Tiger) Shell Dino (+Worm) Anki (+Golem) Smiley (+?) Gallop (+?) Geisha (+?-Based on the Geisha girl, a phenomenon in Japan)

A monster resembling a floating mystery disc that has only appeared in Monster Rancher 1. In the Monster Rancher (anime) series, Monol explains to the kids how mystery discs (ancient CD-ROMs) were created by the ancient people of the Monster Rancher world to contain monsters so that they could distributed as pets. The Shrines were built to unlock the monsters by reading the genetic information contained on them, and this is why we use CDs and DVDs when we unlock monsters in the games. Disks are monsters that have disguised themselves to look much like the unlockable mystery discs (quite possibly Magic in disguise), but they do not actually contain another monster. Much like the Magic species transfers to Monster Rancher 2 as a Bajarl and Dinos become Zuums, so Disks transferred over to Monster Rancher 2 become Nitons. The only known way to get a pure-bred Disk without using cheat codes is to unlock its two sub-breeds, Gooaalll! (Disk/?) and Radial (Disk/?), and combine them. Other Disks Include: Gooaalll! (+?-looks like a soccer ball) Radial (+?-looks like a tire)

A monster species resembling a two-dimensional cartoon sketch and are presented as being born from living graffiti. Doodles have only appeared in Monster Rancher 1 and Monster Rancher Advance 2, though they are alluded to in Monster Rancher 4 with the Fake Graffiti (Zan/?). They are extremely hard to obtain and have powerful but weird attacks, which include a chicken motorcycle and a large boot. This monster is based on characters from the popular Japanese arcade game Ganbare Gincun. Other Doodles include: Sketch (+?) Jacques (+?) Disrupt (+?) Alhambra (+?) Rainbow (+?) Stitch (+?)

Dragons were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1, and were obtainable only by winning special tournaments. They have continued to appear in every game in the franchise except for Monster Farm Online. Dragon legends are found worldwide, and specific types are based on legends from different countries, such as Fafnil (Dragon/Zuum) off of Fafnir of Norse mythology, or Uroboros (Dragon/Zan) off of Ouroboros of Greek mythology. Most dragons in the series are semi-bipedal, based on the designs of western dragons. They have a large variety of attacks, employing their wings, claws, tails, fangs, and fire breath. An attack that dragons possess in Monster Rancher 2 called "Dragon Combo" is one of the most deadly attacks in the game. They are extremely powerful, but have relatively short lifespans compared to other species. Several dragons appear in the Monster Rancher (anime) series, including the main villain of the series, Moo (Dragon/???). Other Dragons include: Grupus (+Plant) all games except online Fafneel (+Zuum) Chaos Dragon (+Abyss) Taimat (+Pixie) Druger (+Raiden) Stone Dragon (+Golem) Niezheg (+Naga) Ragnarok (+Monol) Hound Dragon (+Tiger) Gidras (+Metalner) Crab Dragon (+Arrowhead) Dodongo (+Bajarl) Armor Dragon (+Durahan) Oscerot (+Kato) Uroboros (+Zan) Tigon (+Mew) Techno Dragon (+Henger) Zaratan (+Lesione) Corkasus (+Beaclon) Death Dragon (+Joker) Gariel (+Gali) Paper Dragon (+?) Kajuta (+?) GameProbot (+?-made for GamePro Magazine) Moo (+?) Vritra (+?-based on the Hindu Vritra) Utsudei (+?) Bega (+?) Maturi Dragon (+?-Edokkodon) Shimurug (+?) Apocolis (+?-a reference to the Apocalypse) Lindwurm (+?-based on the Norse Lindworm) Kung-Fu (+?) Magma Heart (Boss on MR2) Cyber-Moo (Boss on MR EVO)

Duckens (also known as Dakkungs) are wooden multi-colored duck dolls with a segmented section in their torso, first introduced in Monster Rancher 2. In Monster Rancher 2, Duckens are only obtainable by buying Cup Jelly items and ordering a special doll in the mail. The doll could then be combined with two other monsters to create a Ducken. Since then, Duckens have reappeared in Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, both Monster Rancher Advance games, and both Monster Farm DS games. They are known for eccentric attacks using parts of their bodies as projectiles. They can also contain surprises inside their hollow frames, such as missiles or bombs. Other Duckens include: KingTut Duck (+Falco) PumpkiDuck (+Pancho) Macchu Picchu (+Henger) Rikuu (+Abyss) Blocken (+Golem) Ticken (+Suezo) Grapen (+Naga) Duck Fever (+?) Guan Yu Duck (+?) Planekken (+?-looks like a model of the solar system) Cawken (+?-based on the raven or crow) Watermellony (+?-looks like a watermelon) Cooken (+?-looks like a hamburger and wears a chef's hat) Fanken (+?-looks like a soccer ball) Wakken (+?-made of swim rings) Eggucken (+?-looks like an egg (food)) Winducken (+?-based on a windmill) Francoise (+?-wears the colors of the French flag) Tokunboken (+?-looks like a totem pole) Bakuression (+?) Ducken-Modoki (+?)

First introduced in Monster Rancher 2, Durahans are often so powerful that they must be unlocked before you are allowed to raise them. Durahans are essentially spirits of dead warriors living inside suits of battle armor, based on the Irish legends of the Dullahan. As befitting a suit of armor, they rely on physical attacks using swords, maces, and javelins. Their armor protects them from harm, but they also carry shields for protection. Different Durahans are based on many famous legends of various knights and warriors around the globe, such as Heimdall (Durahan/Gitan), Beowulf (Durahan/Garu), Hercules (Durahan/Beaclon) and Hermes (Durahan/Antlan). The Durahan is the most redesigned monster in the series, taking a new appearance every time it has reappeared. At first, they looked more centurion-like, but then took on a sleeker, more modern appearance. Since their first game, Durahans have been included in Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, both Monster Rancher Advance games, and both Monster Farm DS games. Master Durahan was also one of Moo's top generals in the Monster Rancher (anime) franchise. Other Durahans include: Goldie (+Suezo) Hermes (+Antlan) Chaos Durahan (+Abyss) Curevis (+Pancho) Omoro Knight (+Ducken) Highlander (+Momo) Hound Knight (+Tiger) Versailline (+Suzurin) Spirit Knight (+Zan) Bloss (+Mocchi) Berserker (+Naga) Forestra (+Plant) Vesuvius (+Dragon) Angas (+Mogi) Beowlf (+Garu) Genocider (+Joker) Lezaal (+Lesione) Perseus (+Psiroller) Wood Knight (+Mock) Heimdall (+Gitan) Hercules (+Beaclon) Leszeina (+Pixie) Metal Glory (+Metalner) Lorica (+Arrowhead) Garuda (+Phoenix) Oct-Kinght (+Octopee) Galooda (+Raiden) Herbert (+Mew) Forti Knight (+Henger) Andrew (+Ducken) Holy Knight (+Gali) Kelmadics (+Golem) Kokushi Muso (+?) Cucchulain (+?-based on the legends of Cuchulainn) Masaia (+?) Shogun (+?-based on the ancient Japanese shoguns) Selvan (+?) Cabaree (+?) Drydon (+?) Ruin Sector (+?) Ruby Knight (+?) Bushido (+?-based on the warriors of the ancient art bushi-do) Reflector (+?-armor that looks like a mirror) Kagemusha (+?-far east island) Enki (+?)

A muscle-bound, humanoid bird monster introduced in Monster Farm DS and Monster Farm DS 2. The basic design is reminiscent of Horus, the Egyptian sky god who was represented by a falcon. Other Falcos include: Piruko (+Piroro) Naguako (+Abyss) Yuzuko (+Mew) Rabuko (+Ogyo) Athlete (+?) Dummy Falco (+?) Falco-Modoki (+?)

Gaboos were first introduced in Monster Rancher 2, where they were easily obtainable at the start of the game. They made no appearances further in the franchise until Monster Rancher 4, where one appeared as a boss (video games)--a Pirate Gaboo (Gaboo/?) named Don Mudleone (although they could not be obtained as playable characters). Gaboos are essentially balls of malleable yellow clay that can reshape and reform their pudding-like faces. They can extend muscle-bound arms from both sides of their bodies that have an exceedingly long reach. They rely on physical attacks such as punches and slaps. They also can use their dense body mass to pound opponents into submission. It is fabled to be shy, even though they seem very intimidating and even disgusting. Other Gaboos include: Frozen Gaboo (+Tiger) Dokoo (+Joker) Jelly Gaboo (+Jell) Gaboo Soldier (+?) Mad Gaboo (Boss on MR2) Pirate Gaboo (Boss on MR4)

An odd type of monster, Galis wear an Aztec sun-god mask and a high-collared cloak, but otherwise are invisible. Their appearance is vaguely similar to the Joker species, though the resemblance stops there—they are inclined towards virtue and good, while Jokers embody evil. Not all Galis are good, however, as seen in the Monster Rancher (anime) series, where Gali is one of Moo's top baddies (alongside Pixie, Naga, Greywolf, and Durahan). It is rumored that some Galis are actually Magic monsters hiding their true forms, but recent research would seem to indicate that Galis are actually colossal, dragon-like entities that are so large that the cape and mask are like a puppet to it. Galis appear in Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher Battle Card, Monster Farm DS 2, Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II, and Monster Rancher Advanced 2. Their attacks are mostly intelligence-based, and thus have many mind tricks that they can play. They also can project huge limbs made of solid light, and can use their mask as a boomerang. Other Galis include: Aqua Mask (+Jell) Buerde (+Centaur) Purple Mask (+Naga) Galirous (+Monol) Scaled Mask (+Zuum) Lexus (+Dino) Stone Mask (+Golem) Omen (+Suezo) Furred Mask (+Hare) Colorful (+Plant) Fanged Mask (+Tiger) Pink Mask (+Pixie) Brown Mask (+Worm) Gali-Modoki (+?) Kuma Mask (+?) Ulteimetsuto (+?) Ombren (+?) Sunset Gali (+?) Happy Mask (+?-looks like a smiley face) Milky Way (+?-has constellations on its cloak) Gamer (+?)

Garus are small bipedal lion monsters known for their high energy as well as their fun-loving personalities. These monsters are great to start off with because they are easy to raise and take good instruction in battle. Garus were introduced in Monster Rancher Advance 2, but are also available in Monster Rancher 4 and Monster Rancher EVO. Their techniques are normally physical moves combined with fire, like his fire punch and fire kick attacks. One of the Saucer Stone Shops in Monster Rancher EVO sells Goku (Garu/???), a Garu that looks like Yoda from the Star Wars series. Other Garus include: Wolfkin (+Tiger) Moose (+Hare) Battleleon (+Durahan) MermaGaru (+Naga) Zabel (+Zan) Shidao (+Ripper) Tri-Eye (+Suezo) Black Lion (+Monol) Mocchi Garu (+Mocchi) Goku (+?-based on Yoda) Liorosa (+?) Sun (+?) Pantheon (+?)

Ghosts, only available in Monster Rancher 1 and Monster Rancher 2, are playable characters but are not available at the start of the game. Ghost legends abound all over the world, but the ghosts in Monster Rancher are actually the souls of a breeder's previously raised monsters. While still living, the monster will be cursed and marked by a sign resembling a skull. In Monster Rancher 2, you must build a shrine for a special monster after it dies, and after the shrine is repeatedly destroyed, you will search it and find a magic stick. Since these are the only ways to obtain them, ghosts are extremely rare and difficult to find. They assume a floating humanoid form without legs. They have a slightly cute appearance, and are known for their slight-of-hand and magic tricks. Other Ghosts include: Mage (+?) Chef (+?-based on the French chef)

Gitan first appeared in Monster Rancher 3. Gitans resemble small, floating gremlin creatures with long ears and a tail, but most of their legends center around demonic forces. They usually tote some type of weapon, be it a javelin, spear, or pitchfork. Their ears and tails are often tipped with poisonous spines, and their impish personalities make them very tricky and untrustworthy. many of their attacks deal with fire, but they also rely on a little black magic at times. They always get into trouble (often on purpose), but when they do it intentionally it rarely works out the way that they plan it. Gitans also appear in Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, both Monster Rancher Advance games, and both Monster Rancher DS games. Other Gitans include: Cactan (+Plant) RedCap (+Arrowhead) Oltan (+Lesione) Funbaba (+Baku) Grindink (+Color Pandora) Jet (+Zan) Tanmarin (+Lesione) Munitan (+Mocchi) Gilolitan (+Suezo) Giliant (+Antlan) Moztan (+Raiden) Halloween (+Pancho) Galloptan (+?-looks like a jockey) Coltan (+?-based on the scorpion) Maestan (+?-looks like a maestro) Ootan (+?-based on a coyote)

A deep-sea monster introduced in Monster Rancher Online that resembles some sort of Cephalopod with a giant mouth and pincers. They were at first thought to be a replacement for the Arrowhead species, but earlier designs are reminiscent of the Zan.

Golems are large giant-like monsters made of stone that were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 and were obtainable at the beginning of the game. In Monster Rancher 2, golems can only be obtained after expanding the size of your barn. They have appeared in every Monster Rancher video game to date except Monster Rancher Online. Golems are based on the legendary Jewish and Egyptian golem. Their original designs reflected this with an Egyptian-style face, including a goatee. Soon, they lost the beard and their face became more European-looking, but the major change came in Monster Rancher 3 and the Monster Rancher Advance games, when their faces became simplistic boulders with holes for a mouth and eyes. They return to earlier, detailed designs in Monster Rancher 4 and Monster Rancher EVO. They are known for their great physical strength and defensive capabilities. In combining, they usually add these qualities to the new monster, but seriously reduce its speed. They are excellent at basic physical attacks such as karate chops and punch (strike)es. They can also shatter and reconstruct themselves, allowing them to launch rocks and boulders as projectiles or rapidly spin around to become a massive tornado. Other golems include: Big Korobocci (+Color Pandora) Big Blue (+Tiger) Mariomax (+Wracky) Wickerman (+Ducken) Scaled Golem (+Zuum) Astro (+Metalner) BattleRocks (+Durahan) Geo (+Mogi) Magna (+Worm) Poseidon (+Jell) Titan (+Suezo) Marble Guy (+Naga) Ogre (+Antlan) Dao (+Bajarl) Tyrant (+Dragon) Wood Golem (+Mock) Dagon (+Arrowhead) Nedel (+Raiden) Jail-Keeper (+Zan) Pink Golem (+Pixie) Kaio (+Lesione) Lemlaria (+Mew) Thorhummer (+Garu) Brix (+Octopee) GigaBio (+Gitan) Black Golem (+Monol) Angolmor (+Joker) Mocchi Monk (+Mocchi) Pressure (+Zilla) Gobi (+Henger) Moagon (+Hare) Rhinogigas (+Psiroller) Verde (+Dino) Amenhotep (+Gali) Sleepyhead (+Baku) Ecologuardia (+Plant) Stronghorn (+Beaclon) Bikini (+?-wears a bikini) Ormeka (+?-looks like a temple ruins) Forward Golem (+?-looks like a quarterback) Priest (+?) Oh (+?-based on a wrestler) Talos (+?) Lapislatel (+?) Volcano (+?-made of lava, named after a volcano) Gadgeteer G (+?) Chrystallia (+?-made of quartz) Elebrus (+?-named after Mount Elbrus) Gobi Marine (+?) Nascar (+?-based on the Nascar) Baum (+?-looks like a redwood tree. Baum means "tree" in German) Gogmagogg (+?-named after the English Gog Magog Downs) Thrump (+?) Pharaoh Golem (Boss on MR Explorer) Sand Golem (Boss on MR2)

A rabbit monster introduced in Monster Rancher 1. Originally named Ham as a reference to hamsters, they became more rabbit-like as time went on. Hares are the most popular of all monsters in Japanese polls and have appeared in every Monster Rancher game to date except Monster Rancher Advance. Despite their popularity, they make better sub-breeds and are rarely featured as purebreds. Hares are generally friendly, but known to be intelligent and selfish, especially when it comes to food. They specialize in high physical power, as well as high speed. Their attack style revolves around boxing and kicking moves. Hare was also featured as one of the main characters in the Monster Rancher (anime) series as a reformed pickpocket who joins the good guys in his quest for money and fame. Other Hares include: Scaled Hare (+Zuum) Jiro (+Momo) Purple Hare (+Naga) Evil Hare (+Monol) Scruffy (+Mogi) Leaf Hare (+Plant) Blue Hare (+Tiger) Scaler (+Dino) Jackoranta (+Pancho) AnquiHare (+Madillo) Rubberrabby (+Color Pandora) Spearmint (+Antlan) Jelly Hare (+Jell) Strawberry (+Mocchi) Four-Eyed (+Suezo) Fairy Hare (+Pixie) Rocky Fur (+Golem) prince Hare (+Gali) Wild Hare (+Worm) Tobita (+Raiden) Gunbitt (+Durahan) Robo-Rabbi X (+?) Sleaves (+?) Spy Hare (+?-looks like a British spy) Santa (+?-based on Santa Claus) Kung-Fu Hare (+?-based on the Japanese Kung-fu masters) Honey (+?-based on the honey bee) Mumm (+?-looks like a mother wearing an apron and holding a spatula) Panthy (+?-looks like a leopard)

A mysterious robot monster, built with lost technology from an ancient civilization. Though not stressed so much in Monster Rancher 1 or Monster Rancher 2, in the newer games Hengers can change into a more compact form, which is where their name comes from (henge means "to transform" in Japanese). Current in-game science has no idea how Hengers move their parts, but in the Monster Rancher (anime) series, it is stated that they run on solar batteries. Hengers come in many different designs, and they sport a vast arsenal of weapons, from lasers and cannons to napalm and sonar devices. Besides the first two games, Hengers also appear in Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher Advance 2, Monster Rancher 4, and Monster Farm DS 2. Other Hengers include: Omega (+Dino) Kyusa (+Zuum) Huey (+Metalner) Avaoner (+Plant) Skull-Wave (+Antlan) Black Hanger (+Monol) End-Bringer (+Joker) Burstliner (+Mew) Tender (+Momo) Vulcan (+Hare) Whimfly (+Ducken) Yabbic (+Arrowhead) Prius (+Raiden) Jammhat (+Suezo) Maverick (+Naga) Purineger (+Pixie) Abyssinian (+Lesione) Hidepod (+Zan) Automaton (+Mock) Proto (+Gali) Gaia (+Golem) Garlant (+Dragon) Franken (+?) Skeleton (+?-looks like a human skeleton) Ambush (+?-covered in camouflage) Metanix (+?) Locomotive (+?-looks like an old steam engine train) Sky Henger (+?) Henger-Modoki (+?) Magnet (+?) Warrior (+?)

A Hopper is a small monster resembling a sugar glider, bush baby, or lemur. These energetic monsters appeared in Monster Rancher 2 and are normally seen hopping or digging around the ranch. They rely on boxing moves, and have a lot of accuracy. Hoppers aren't very strong, but they are instrumental in unlocking three other rare sub-breeds of monster—Undine, Niton, and Zilla. Other Hoppers include: Draco Hopper (+Dragon) Emerald-Eye (+Bajarl) Fairy Hopper (+Pixie) Skipper (+Tiger) Woody Hopper (+Mock) Rear-Eyed (+Suezo) Pink Hopper (+Mocchi) Mustachios (+Kato) Sneak Hopper (+Joker) Springer (+Metalner) Snow Hopper (+Jill) Frog Hopper (+?-looks like a frog) Bloody-Eye (Boss on MR2)

A monster introduced in Monster Farm Online that seems very similar to the Pancho. In fact, Icheyos even have identical animations! They are small, impish-creatures that disguise themselves as rabbits by hiding under a rabbit slipper-like costume.

Jells are blue amoeba-like creatures with solid red cores, and can will their bodies into various different shapes in combat. They generally assume the form of humanoids from the waist up, and their consistency and color varies depending on the sub-species. The Jells' appearance varied slightly in Monster Rancher 3, becoming less humanoid and more opaque. Jells usually attack by forming themselves into various weapons, punching with their amorphous arms, or devolving into a blob and hitting the enemy with momentum. Jells played a major part in the Monster Rancher (anime) series as stupid lackeys for the baddies. These included large infantries of Jells, Scaled Jells (Jell/Zuum), and Clays (Jell/Monol), and even Pink Jam (Jell/Pixie) and Metal Jell (Jell/?) made appearances! Other Jells include: Darkcell (+Joker) Purple Jell (+Naga) Wall Mimic (+Golem) Clay (+Monol) Eye Jell (+Suezo) Noble Jell (+Gali) Icy Jell (+Tiger) Worm Jell (+Worm) Scaled Jell (+Zuum) Flame Jell (+Dragon) Pedrolino (+Piroro) ChloroJell (+Plant) Gal (+Garu) Pudding Jell (+Suzurin) Pink Jam (+Pixie) Insebel (+Beaclon) Muddy Jell (+Hare) Jellnico (+?) Metal Jell (+?) Sam (+?) Stripe (+?)

These creatures resemble large, white-haired yetis or Abominable Snowman. They appear as playable monsters in Monster Rancher 2, and as a boss in Monster Rancher 3. In order to unlock them you must explore the Torles Mountains where you will find a footprint in a snowman-shaped cave. Once you obtain the footprint, send a monster on the Speed Errantry and they will fight a giant Jill named Bighand. Once they defeat him you will receive a pair of boot to use in combining. They use many physical attacks that are similar to a Golem's, but not surprisingly also have a lot of ice-based techniques like "Snowstorm" and "Cold Breath". Not to be confused with Jell, a gel-based species of monster. Other Jills include: Skull-Capped (+Joker) Wondar (+Hare) Bengal (+Kato) Zorjil (+Suezo) Pong-pong (+Pixie) Pierry (+Tiger) Pithecan (+?) Big Hand (Boss on MR2)

Jokers are Grim Reaper monsters that float that wear cloaks and evil-looking clown masks, and carry over-sized scythes as weapons. They appears to have no body, living on only as a tortured soul. Described in Monster Rancher EVO as "the embodiment of death," any monster combination including a Joker is bound to come out rotten and twisted-looking. Jokers are usually one of the hardest monsters breeds to acquire in the Monster Rancher games because of their great power and accompanying problems. The Joker was introduced in Monster Rancher 2 and has appeared in every game since except for Monster Rancher Online. Strting with Monster Rancher 3, Jokers received a makeover that made their masks more resemble that of the Phantom of the Opera than a demonic clown. In almost every game they are described as brutal, cruel, and vicious, and lash out in battle with their scythes and a variety of magical attacks and mind tricks. Two types of Jokers mentioned in the Monster Rancher (anime) series were Joker, Gali's most famous and ruthless baddie, and Tombstone (Joker/Golem), two brothers who worked for the evil General Durahan. Watcher (+Phoenix) Bloodshed (+Antlan) Odium (+Bajarl) ArchReaper (+Gali) Tombstone (+Golem) Blue Terror (+Tiger) Flare Death (+Dragon) Hell Heart (+Pixie) Hell Lord (+?) Pitbocor (+?) Requiem (+?) Enema (+?) Beretta (+?) Magi (+?) Toryo (+?) Grim Reaper (+?) Anathema (+?) Ghars (+?) Dojo (Boss on MR EVO)

A Kato is a small cat that looks very old. Because of their age, their physical power is usually moderate, but their intelligence and accuracy are very high. Katos like to drink oil (perhaps it's really sake in uncensored games) and smoke pipes, and drinking usually gives them the ability to breathe short bursts of flame. They also use attacks involving their razor-sharp retractable claws. Katos have only appeared in Monster Rancher 2, but two species of Kato were guest stars in the Monster Rancher (anime) series. Other Katos include: Draco Kato (+Dragon) Blue Kato (+Tiger) Gordish (+Gali) Pink Kato (+Mocchi) Tainted Kat (+Joker) Citronie (+Suezo) Ninja Kato (+?) Crescent (Boss on MR2)

A small fox-like monster with three tails, introduced in Monster Farm Online. Kikimos are based on the legendary nine-tailed kitsune, though they are scaled down quite a bit and even resemble small rodents at times. They seem to be able to flit through the air, though whether they possess some type of telekinesis is unknown at this point.

A monster only appearing in Monster Farm Online. It is a large creature with the body of an ape but the head and mane of a bison, reminiscent of the Minotaur. Their strength and balance all seems to rest on their front two appendages, and the different variations have different colors and horn arrangements.

First appearing in Monster Rancher 3, Lesiones are very popular monsters resembling the Plesiosaur family of dinosaurs or the Loch Ness Monster. It uses many sonar and water-based attacks and even has a couple involving flips and head-butts. They are very acrobatic and like to show off, at the same time remaining kind and gentle. Though the Lesiones of Monster Rancher 3 and the Monster Rancher Advance games were relatively average size, the species has grown throughout the series and is pictured as larger in Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and the Monster Farm DS games. Other Lesiones include: Yuma (+Henger) Lava Lesione (+Dragon) Scarapio (+Beaclon) Mimizuki (+Abyss) Sharly (+Psiroller) Biansnow (+Durahan) Sand Lesione (+Mew) Mocchisaurus (+Mocchi) Grapie (+Naga) Melasin (+Suzurin) Clown Lesione (+?-dressed like a clown) LessieOrca (+?-made to look like a killer whale) Lesione-Modoki (+?)

Monsters that first appeared in Monster Rancher 4, Madillos look like humanoid armadillos that carry large shells on their backs that they use for most of their techniques. When rolled up into a ball, they become very deadly and almost impossible to damage. They are known to be very fast if they remove their shell, but this rarely happens. Madillos are depicted as laborer monsters, and have also appeared in Monster Farm DS, Monster Farm DS 2, and Monster Rancher EVO. Other Madillos include: DeviMadillo (+Gitan) Tumudillo (+Ripper) Peachdillo (+Mocchi) RhinoTank (+Psiroller) Beralsekt (+Beaclon) Mr. Fujiyama (+?) DriviDillo (+?-a reference to Nascar racing)

Only available in the original Monster Rancher 1, these monsters are virtually gods or deities in their original form. Originally called the Majin, they resemble the corresponding creatures from Japanese legend. They disguise themselves as Galis or Monols in order to interact with humans, being too shy to show their true form. Their true forms can only be revealed by combining a Gali, a Monol, and a magic mirror found when exploring. Magics can use all types of attacks effectively and are skilled in all areas, making them some of the most powerful monsters in all of the Monster Rancher games. Other Magics include: Kuro (+Plant) Gangster (+Henger) Eye Fan (+Suezo) Kaduka (+Naga) Jerod (+?) Zombie (+?) Ardeberan (+?)

A woolly mammoth monster introduced in Monster Rancher Online. It has a large set of tusks as well as a pair of ram-like horns. It seems to be used as a pack animal in the snowy mountain regions of the Monster Rancher world, though it is not as large as one would expect. They also seem to replace cows in the Monster Rancher world.

A monster that only appears in Monster Rancher EVO. The Maya in the game has lived in the jungle for years, raising a small lost boy named Tico. The Maya's appearance is similar to a green serval with glowing, energy wings that look like that of a butterfly. They don't seem fierce like most larger cats would be, but appear to love living life in solitude, in harmony with nature. Not much is known about them yet since this is the only game that they have appeared in as of yet. Other Mayas include: Yami Maya (+Joker) Tee Maya (+Raiden) Gappaya (+Suezo) Faylay (+Ripper) Chura Maya (+Pixie) Mui Maya (+Plant) Shiisa (+Garu) Irabuya (+Naga) Haman (+?) Nor Maya (+?)

Exclusive to Monster Rancher 2, Metalners resemble extraterrestrial robots with bodies shaped like flying saucers and faces resembling kachina dolls. They are rumored to have come from outer space, and are obtainable after a few special in-game scenarios at night where strange lights are seen followed by a crash on the horizon. Being alien in nature, their attacks are often whimsical and eccentric along with being mechanical, making them similar to Henger but more advanced and unpredictable. They excel in accuracy and intelligence, but suffer low stats in other areas. In the Monster Rancher (anime) series, Metalner is a baddie who can shrink his size to be as tiny as a wasp and latch himself onto other beings, taking over their motor functions. Non abilities like this have yet appeared in the games. Other Metalners include: Metazorl (+Suezo) Love-Seeker (+Pixie) Chinoise (+?)

The species was first known as Nya, though some still consider them a separate species. They are small yellow stuffed toy cats and are one of the more popular species of monsters in the games, having appeared in every Monster Rancher game to date except Monster Rancher Online. They were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1, and were obtainable only after buying a special cat doll that appeared in the item shop and using it in a combination. In Monster Rancher 2, they are unlocked only after winning the IMA vs FIMBA Tournament (also unlocking Gali, Henger, and Worm). They are known for using tricky attacks since their intelligence stats tend to be very high, and many of their techniques involve singing or dancing. Toro is a special Mew who guides you on a mission in Monster Rancher EVO. Other Mews include: Eared Mew (+Hare) Bow-wow (+Tiger) Bow Mew (+Baku) Aqua Mew (+Jell) Crabbie (+Arrowhead) SkullCat (+Joker) Ailuron (+Monol) MewBat (+Abyss) Mum Mew (+Pixie) Psi Mew (+Psiroller) Sue Mew (+Suezo) Nyamo (+Ducken) MochMew (+Mocchi) Mik Mew (+Garu) Ant Mew (+Antlan) Hip Mew (+?-dressed like a motorcyclist) Sylvanian (+?) Blossom (+?) Polar Mew (+?) Mew-Modoki (+?) Yoroshiku Nyan (+?) PanMew (+?-looks like a giant panda) Bearcat (+?) Cat-child (+?) Swimmer (+?-dressed in a speedo and swimming cap) Toro (Guide on MR EVO)

Nyas include: Mamma Nya (+Pixie) Nyamix (+Jell) Lovey (+Tiger) Mini (+Hare) Teddy (+?) Player (+?) Karaoke (+?)

[ Mocchi
Mocchi is a monster that resembles mochi, the Japanese desert made of pounded rice and wrapped in cherry leaves. It has soft, sticky skin and shell-like scales on its back, though it acts more like penguin than a reptile. It's an extremely popular companion monster and first appears in Monster Rancher 2 and every game following except Monster Rancher Online. It's also one of the main characters in the Monster Rancher (anime) series. A few of their attacks involve powerful storms of wind and flower petals, but they usually rely on their resilient bodies to pound and head-butt the enemy. They can roll into a ball and bounce around, and some can expel powerful energy beams from their mouths. Other Mocchis include: Ancoran (+Golem) Nyankoro (+Kato) Fake Penguin (+Tiger) YuzuMocchi (+Mew) Knight Mocchi (+Durahan) Gelatine (+Jell) Manna (+Pixie) Draco Mocchi (+Dragon) Cotton (+Hare) Beakie (+Ducken) PumpkiMocchi (+Pancho) Hell Pierot (+Joker) Gingie (+Ripper) GizuMocchi (+Antlan) Drill Mocchi (+Mogi) Sodacchi (+Psiroller) Beetle Mocchi (+Beaclon) Devi (+?) Devi Roso (+?-rojo is the Spanish word for red) Devi Bianc (+?-blanco is the Spanish word for white) Devi Azul (+?-azul is the Spanish word for blue) Devi Verd (+?-verde is the Spanish word for green) Mocchini (+?) Sumocchi (+?-based on the Japanese Sumo wrestler) O.P. Mocchi (+?-based on a PlayStation: The Official Magazine employee) Mallowan (+?) Caloriena (+?) Gentle Mocchi (+?-dressed in a tuxedo) White Mocchi (Boss on MR2)

This monster resembles an old hollow tree, sporting a sinister face. In Monster Rancher 2, Mock is unlocked by obtaining and planting some mysterious seeds. After several in-game years, a Mock will appear after you allow a monster to die; apparently, it's soul will rest inside the tree, much like what happens with Wracky. Their attacks consist mostly of shooting leaves and twigs or using their network of roots as extra limbs. In Monster Rancher 4, a huge OggleMock named Mockruji sits at the edge of your ranch and helps power your training machines. A huge OggleMock appears as a boss in the Grabad Factory area of Monster Rancher EVO. Other Mocks include: Ebony (+Joker) Pole Mock (+?) White Birch (+?) OggleMock (Boss on MR4)

Mogi seem to be a fusion between a dog and a mole, and they have a drill on their heads which resembles a hat. They appeared in Monster Rancher 3, both Monster Rancher Advance games, and Monster Rancher 4. Mogi have a sense of rhythm that makes them fun to play or battle with, and their break-dancing style of fighting is actually quite hard to dodge. The drawback is that Mogi have a reputation of making horribly ugly monsters when combined, such as the infamous Mocchilips (Mogi/Mocchi) of Monster Rancher 4. Some of their techniques involve the drill on their head or their diamond-hard claws, using them to dig under opponents or use seismic waves to stun them. Mogi are alluded to in Monster Rancher EVO, where a pair of robotic Mogi are used for the "Bamboo Dance" trick. Other Mogi include: Mocchilips (+Mocchi) Ezzie (+Zan) Punkie (+Octopee) Altoe (+Golem) Sopra (+Pixie) Fleece (+Tiger) Tap (+Hare) Percussion (+Garu) Freebird Cybernetico (+Dur) Shanx (+Suzurin) Shogun Mogi (+?) Rapper (+?-based on a rap artist) Oricon (+?) Thrillie (+?) Arbor Mogi (+?-looks like a tree stump)

Monols resemble flat, rectangular walls that move by gliding over the earth. Their names derive from their shape, since they are based on the monoliths from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. They appeared in Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II, Monster Rancher Advance 2, and Monster Farm DS 2. They can morph/project their surfaces into various solids shapes, including faces, spikes, or tendrils. It is unclear exactly how, but Monols seem to have a connect with two other elusive monsters from Monster Rancher 1--the Magic and the Doodle. Some believe that Monols are actually Magics who hide their true forms. Although Monols are fairly nondescript, they often create evil or dark-type monsters when combined. In Monster Rancher EVO, Monol is one of the bosses that the characters must face in the Campana area. In the Monster Rancher (anime) series, Genki and Holly unlock a Monol from a "mystery disc" that they find in the desert, and he proceeds to guide them with his wise advice throughout the series. Other Monols include: Ashphultum (+Naga) Red Wall (+Dragon) Scribble (+Doodle) Romper Wall (+Pixie) Jura Wall (+Zuum) Blue Sponge (+Tiger) Furred Wall (+Hare) Obelisk (+Golem) Sandy (+Suezo) Ice Candy (+Jell) Soboros (+Worm) Ivory Wall (+Gali) New Leaf (+Plant) Akashitsuki (+?) Monol-Modoki (+?) Galaxy (+?) Sky Monol (+?) Two-Tone (+?) Domino(+?) Burning Wall (Boss on MR2)

Momo first appeared in Monster Rancher 3 as a replacement to the Kato species of Monster Rancher 2. Momos bear a resemblance to chubby squirrels, and always carry a nut of some type in their paws. They are usually shown with their eyes completely closed in a sleepy grin, though they can be pretty fast in battle if need be. They have appeared in both Monster Rancher Advance games, but none since then. Other Momos include: Panko (+Joker) Toto (+Tiger) Roro (+Arrowhead) Lulu (+Lesione) Pepe (+Antlan) Pipi (+Pixie) Coco (+Ducken) Nana (+Naga) Kuku (+Suezo) Zaza (+Golem) Momorien (+?) Kuloro (+?) Persim (+?) Valencia (+?)

Nagas are humanoid serpents from Hindi mythology with stingers at the end of their tails. They are known for being violent and vicious.They were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 as obtainable at the beginning of the game, and have continued to appear in every Monster Rancher game since except for Monster Rancher Online. Naga was also one of the chief villains in the Monster Rancher (anime) series. They have a variety of attacks, using poisonous fangs, slashing claws, and body slams. Nagas also use intelligence-based attacks like their "Glare" and "Energy Shot" attacks. Other Nagas include: Stinger (+Zuum) Aqua-Cutter (+Jell) Merman (+Antlan) Cyclops (+Suezo) Octo-Claw (+Octopee) Lava Blood (+Dragon) Crimson-Eyed (+Monol) Jungler (+Plant) Scar-Face (+Zan) Roseo-Cobra (+Mocchi) Trident (+Golem) Hydra (+Lesione) Earth-Keeper (+Worm) Striker (+Tiger) Ripper (+Pixie) Bazula (+Gali) Edgehog (+Hare) Ceto (+Henger) Haktak (+Ripper) Wild West Naga (+?-based on the cowboy) Blobster (+?-based on the lobster) Dogmar (+?) Cari (+?) Time Noise (+?) Aspis (+?-based on the asp (reptile)) Anguish (+?-dressed in a sailor outfit like a Japanese schoolgirl) Banaga (+?-looks like a banana) Viper (+?) Punisher (Boss on MR2)

The Nitons are ammonite monsters with nautilus-like shells that only appear in Monster Rancher 2 as a replacement for the Disk species of Monster Rancher 1. Nitons could only be unlocked by raising a Hopper to b rank and having it dig up a hot springs in the winter (also unlocking two other water monsters, Undine and Zilla). They use their shells for some of their attacks, but can also use strong electric charges built up and released from their tentacles. Nitons are at home underwater and on land, but are much faster in the water where their shells can't weigh them down. Other Nitons include: Ammon (+Golem) Knight Niton (+Durahan) Clear Shell (+Jell) Baum Kuchen (+Mock) Metal Shell (+Metalner) Stripe Shell (+Kato) Alabia Niton (+Bajarl) Disk Niton (+?) Dribbler (+?) Radial Niton (+?)

Octopee was a monster that appeared in Monster Rancher 3, as well as the two Monster Rancher Advance games. It resembles an orange octopus with the addition of huge puppy-dog eyes. Even though they appear harmless, they can be formidable opponents if trained properly. Their attacks involve them using the two large tentacles on either side of its head or squirting ink, and the antenna on top of its head helps it navigate underwater and in the dark. Other Octopees include: Ink Potter (+Golem) Kraken (+Monol) Lesipee (+Lesione) Picpee (+Pixie) Purpee (+Naga) Drapee (+Dragon) Bluepee (+Tiger) Piyopi (+?) Deep One (+?)

Ogyos are a pink, sturgeon-like fish that first appeared in Monster Rancher 3 and continued on to be in Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both Monster Farm DS games. Unlike regular fish, however, they travel by flying through the air instead of actually swimming through water (although they are capable of doing both). They are adorned in yellow ribbons and semitransparent hearts. Ogyos use many far-ranged attacks like energy beams and water blasts drawn from their own life force, and their best stats are usually intelligence and speed. Ogyos have been described as being slightly domineering since they are often proud of their regal bearing. Other Ogyos include: Husky Gill (+Tiger) Osaka Knight (+Durahan) Plauna (+Plant) Beetle Fish (+Beaclon) Ramuna (+Ripper) Evil Fish (+Zan) Gyoruna (+Dragon) Surfana (+?-made to look like a surf board) Ogyo-modoki (+?)

The Pancho is nothing more than a pumpkin with an animated, chipmunk-like seed living inside it. They are known to be extremely adorable, and use a wide variety of different objects as homes, such as a bells, balls, and nuts.It uses several rolling attacks and likes to surprise its enemies. It has very high defensive abilities since it lives inside shells or hard surfaced things. They were first introduced in Monster Rancher Explorer as a weak enemy, but became unlockable in Monster Rancher 3 and have appeared in every game since (except for Monster Farm DS and the two Monster Rancher Advance games). Most of the time Panchos are found peeking out or remaining hidden inside their shells, but some have been known to leave them to perform certain techniques or whenever they get hit hard enough to fall out. Pancho techniques usually involve surprises as well as various items such as pea shooters, boxing gloves, and pop guns. In some games there is a treasure chest version of Pancho named Jack-in-the-Cho (Pancho/Joker), which has a concept like that of the "mimic monster" that is a staple in many RPGs. Other Panchos include: Jack-in-the-Cho (+Joker) Kurincho (+Mogi) Shelluncho (+Ogyo) Marincho (+Lesione) Hiyotsukori (+Ducken) Melloncho (+Beaclon) Tamacho (+Mew) Pulcinella (+Piroro) Stone-face (+Golem) Koroncho (+Color Pandora) Armorcho (+Madillo) Baby Dino (+Zuum) Suzuricho (+Suzurin) Blixy Klingy (+?) Afro (+?-looks like a man with an afro haircut) Tsuboncho (+?) Pancho-Modoki (+?) Nutcho (+?)

****Phoenix**** ((This Monster is's not open for training/breeding. :) ))
The Phoenix is a large bird engulfed in flames. It’s a sacred firebird, a symbol of power and divinity in Greek mythology, Japanese mythology, and Egyptian mythology. It’s always depicted as extremely good-natured and is the ultimate hero of the Monster Rancher (anime) series. Phoenixes are very powerful monsters that have to be unlocked in every game they appear in, including Monster Rancher Explorer, the first Monster Rancher Battle Card Game, Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II, Monster Rancher Advance 2, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher 4, and both games of Monster Farm DS. Various means are used to create Phoenixes in the games, such as finding the fire feather item at the volcano in Monster Rancher 2, or waiting until the end of the game like in Monster Rancher 4. Monster Rancher Advance 2 follows more of the anime series' storyline, in which a Phoenix must be created from the combination of the five protagonist monsters of the series: Mocchi, Golem, Suezo, Hare, and Tiger. Other Phoenixes include: Blaze (+?) Cinderbird (+?) Deathwing (+?) Blue Phoenix (Boss on MR2)

A clown-like monster who uses its body freely to do many performances. Their attacks involve using their ribbon-like arms in a flurry of dances and spins, and they can fire sound waves and shock waves that stun and incapacitate. Piroros first appeared in Monster Rancher EVO as the main character's starting monster, and have continued on in the two Monster Farm DS games. Other Piroros include: Golden Piroro (+?) Piroro-modoki (+?)

Pixies were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 as easily obtainable, and have appeared in every game afterwards. Pixie was also the first of the chief villains in the Monster Rancher (anime) series, ever accompanied by her protector Big Blue (Golem/Tiger). Pixies are female humanoids that usually have wings and a pointed tail, making them look much more sinister than the fairys (also spelled faerie) that they take their names from. They are also not tiny, but actually human-sized. They are disobedient and stubborn, but use a variety of magical attacks combined with flirting to zap their opponents' will to fight. They are also capable of formidable long-range magics such as blasts of lightning. Other Pixies include: Dixie (+Zuum) Granity (+Golem) Daina (+Dragon) Windine (+Lesione) Angel (+Gali) Lilim (+Joker) Scryer (+Zan) Hell (+Gitan) Unico (+Centaur) Mint (+Tiger) Dryad (+Mock) Jilt (+Wracky) Snowy (+Jill) Serenity (+Plant) Silhouette (+Monol) Night-Flyer (+Worm) Vivian (+Arrowhead) Futurity (+Metalner) Nagisa (+Jell) Kitten (+Kato) Xylohorn (+Momo) Amazoon (+Mogi) Lepus (+Hare) Allure (+Naga) Vanity (+Suezo) Lip Pink (+Mocchi) Columbina (+Piroro) Pink Princess (+Ogyo) Jinee (+Bajarl) Janne (+Durahan) Mischief (+Ducken) Faerilina (+Ripper) Farn (+?) Pansy (+?) Miku (+?-based on Miku Hinasaki from the Fatal Frame video game series) Pixie-Modoki (+?) Poison (+?) Fay (+?-dressed in Gothic fashion with fishnet stockings) Seraphim (+?-based on the seraph, a type of angel) Valkyrie (+?-based on the Norse Valkyrie) Platinum (+?-dressed like a pop star) Eve (+?) Fantuger (+?-dressed like a Chuka (food) server) Bunny (+?-dressed like a Playboy bunny) Mia (+?) Carmilla (+?) Kasumi (+?-based on Kasumi from the Dead or Alive video game series)

Plants resemble a large bulb with leaves and flowers. They are capable of attacking with pollen or their leaf-like limbs. One of their techniques involve shooting seeds from their leaves as if they were bullets. They also have the ability to drain an opponent's energy and use it as their own (normally to recover themselves after being injured). The Plants received a makeover for some of the newer games, having only one large flower and becoming more rounded like a fruit. Plants are known for their long lifespans and high life stats, but not for power, intelligence, or speed. Many types of Plants are seen throughout the Monster Rancher (anime) series, normally as baddies that were working for Moo (Monster Ranchers). They are featured in the games Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, both Monster Rancher Battle Card Games, and both Monster Farm DS games. Other Plants include: Black Plant (+Monol) Mirage Plant (+Jell) Usaba (+Suezo) Fly Plant (+Worm) Weed (+Naga) Gold Plant (+Gali) PumpkiPlant (+Pancho) Skeleplant (+Joker) Hare Plant (+Hare) Queen Plant (+Pixie) Iris (+Tiger) Rock Plant (+Golem) Scaled Plant (+Zuum) Mocchi Plant (+Mocchi) Duck Plant (+Ducken) Coconutty (+Henger) BugBug Flower (+Color Pandora) Mandrake (+Dragon) Coconut (+Momo) Keshoka (+?-looks like a snowball) Akihababa (+?-looks like a television with a satellite dish. Named for the Akihabara district of Japan) Jungle Plum (+?) Mushtan (+?-looks like a mushroom) Plant-Modoki (+?) Bonsai (+?-looks like a bonsai) Neon (+?-looks like an eggplant) Reggae Plant (+?-named for the reggae style of music)

Also known as the Rhinoroller species, they resemble rhinos riding on large wheels. Due to this wheel, they can move at high speeds and have very quick and powerful techniques like "Drift," "0 to 60," and "Mega Roller." Even though they are on this roller most of the time, there are a few times when they do get off briefly for using techniques. It first appeared in Monster Rancher Explorer and has also appeared in Monster Rancher 3, both of the Monster Rancher Advance games, and Monster Rancher 4. They are alluded to in Monster Rancher EVO occasionally as the object that vanishes in the box magic trick. Other Psirollers include: Skunkroller (+Ripper) Carroller (+Henger) Korokoroller (+Color Pandora) Bakuroller (+Baku) Highroller (+Dragon) Vivaroller (+Golem) Searoller (+Lesione) Queenroller (+Ogyo) Rabbiroller (+Hare) Venoroller (+Joker) Mochroller (+Mocchi) Nascaroller (+?-based on the Nascar) Tornado (+?) Bearroller (+?-looks like a brown bear) Armadiroller (+?-looks like an armadillo) Superoller (+?-based on Superman) Rygaroller (+?-Based on Rygar from the video game series)

The Raiden species are creatures that resemble humanoid birds of prey that stand nearly 6 feet tall. They are masters of the martial arts, and most of their attacks feature kicks, chops, or punches. They first appeared in Monster Rancher 3 and must be unlocked in almost every game they appear in, including both Monster Rancher Advance games, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and Monster Farm DS. Other Raidens include: Peligoon (+Tiger) Phouwou (+Phoenix) Raipenpenn (+Antlan) Anquiloden (+Madillo) Aquila (+Garu) Flamingo (+Ogyo) Evil Beak (+Gitan) Skyhorn (+Psiroller) Naskaova (+Henger) Gargoyle (+Naga) Putaranoden (+Zuum) Griffonite (+Durahan) Raiducken (+Ducken) Griphyon (+?-based on the legendary griffin) Owlden (+?-based on the owl on Harry Potter) Cowbird (+?-based on the cowboy legends) Peacocken (+?-looks like a peacock) Jeet Kune Do (+?)

The Ripper is a quick, weasel-like monster based on the kamaitachi. It has an upright stance with a sharp, powerful look. The Ripper has sharp sickles on its arms that it uses in battle, and is known to have keen accuracy and high speed. Like the mythical kamaitachi, Rippers are able to control wind and ice and combine them to create strong attacks like their "Mute Cutter" and "Ice Pillar" techniques. Rippers appeared in Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both of the Monster Farm DS games. Not to be confused with a type of Naga called Ripper. Other Rippers include: Parasarian (+Lesione) Howl-Zapper (+Tiger) AssasiRipper (+Joker) Chaos Ripper (+Abyss) Folkes (+Hare) Horowitz (+Jell) Dark Whip (+Gitan) Scar-Claw (+Plant) Morlock (+Golem) Mail Ripper (+Durahan) Alkano (+Piroro) Pie Ripper (+?) Nightsycle (+?)

A monster introduced in Monster Rancher Online. It has some relation to the Mocchi breeds, and appears to be a small hamster or mouse-like creature covered in pink fur. They are Arctic creatures which are popular with girls and known for being pampered. Not to be confused with a sub-breed of Zuum named Salamander.

A bipedal, heavily armored dragon or dinosaur monster introduced in Monster Rancher Online. It appears to be a cousin of the Dragon, with arm-attached wings and a notably long horn on its nose. They seem primarily gray or silver-colored, and have a shark-like look about them, too. It is unknown as of yet if they can breathe fire, as their attacks seem more focused on dives and wind-gusts.

A bird monster that seems to be a cross between a turkey and a parrot. The only Monster Rancher game that it appears in to date is Monster Rancher Online. It is a wind-type monster that relies on surprise and confusing attacks. In Monster Rancher 4, the cave found on your ranch is home to the a large bird boss named Mao Mao that closely resembles an over-grown Shigue. Other Shigues include: Mao Mao (Boss on MR EVO)

This one-eyed, one-footed monster is a natural with intelligence techniques, and can eventually learn telekinesis and telepathy. Its origins are thought to be in Egypt, as the Eye of Horus is a symbol of great mental ability in Egyptian legends. It also can use other strange attacks such as kissing an opponent to reduce its Guts (Energy to use attacks, similar to MP in various RPGs), or even biting them with its huge mouth. Many unique forms of Suezos appear in the Monster Rancher (anime) series, including the famous White Suezo battle champion, Poritoka. Because of their mind tricks and ability to think for themselves, Suezos are popular battle monsters—but they can be hard to train because of their strong wills. Every Monster Rancher game has featured Suezos except Monster Rancher Online, and it is generally considered to be the mascot of the series. other Suezos include: Red Eye (+Monol) Horn (+Tiger) Fly Eye (+Worm) Rocky Suezo (+Golem) Furred Suezo (+Hare) Clear Suezo (+Jell) Green Suezo (+Plant) Melon Suezo (+Zuum) Purple Suezo (+Naga) Zanzo (+Zan) Orion (+Gali) Fukazo (+Lesione) Eyebee (+Beaclon) Fukazo (+Lesione) Pink Eye (+Pixie) Hipzo (+Mogi) Nycta (+Raiden) Tanuzo (+?) Usazo (+?-looks like a snowshoe hare) Suecho (+?) Monzo (+?-looks like a monkey) Sueki Suezo (+?) Birdie (+?-looks like a badminton shuttlecock) Suezo-Modoki (+?) Baseball Boy (+?-based on a baseball) Planet (+?-looks like a globe) Beemer (+?-based on an angler fish) Noctovis (+?) Mooner (+?-has a crescent moon in his eye) Gold Suezo (+?) Bronze Suezo (+?) Silver Suezo (+?) Looker (+?) White Suezo (Boss on MR2)

Suzurins are doll-like monsters that are obviously based on bells, and the hat and dress design come from the feudal suzerain lords. Suzurins first appeared in Monster Rancher Explorer as a collectible bonus during levels. It was not available as an unlockable monster until Monster Rancher 3, and subsequently appeared in Monster Rancher 4, the Monster Rancher Advance games, Monster Rancher EVO, and Monster Farm DS. While they don't have any outstanding stats, their defense and intelligence are better than most of their others. Because their attacks were so poor (especially in Monster Rancher Advance 2 and the ones that did do noticeable damage had horrible accuracy rates, they received a major upgrade in Monster Rancher 4, with many of their attacks given higher damage and accuracy rates. Other Suzurins include: Rabbirin (+Hare) Gotcharin (+Ducken) Wizring (+Joker) Condorin (+Raiden) Peachrin (+Mocchi) Sparkring (+Mew) Drarin (+Gitan) Maririn (+Lesione) Rayrin (+Antlan) Kuririn (+Mogi) Holstarin (+?-dressed like a holstein cow) Senorin (+?-dressed like a Mexican) Kerorin (+?-dressed like a frog) Blizzarin (+?) Samurarin (+?-dressed like a samurai warrior)

Tigers are wolf-like monsters with curved horns on their heads. The English name tiger is actually a mistranslation of the Japanese word raiga ("the thunder fang"), referencing the Rygar video game series. They were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 as one of the three basic species, being oriented towards speed. Besides an array of swift physical attacks, some of their special abilities include shooting electricity from their horns and breathing ice and wind. They are typically depicted living in arctic mountain areas, but they are also popularly kept as pets by many people.They grew very popular and have appeared in every Monster Rancher video game since then. Tigers of all sorts are prominently featured in the Monster Rancher (anime) series. Other Tigers include: Daton (+Pixie) Mono-Eyed (+Suezo) Cabalos (+Naga) Voltie (+Antlan) Spriger (+Mocchi) Volgue (+Arrowhead) Datonare (+Zuum) Rock Hound (+Golem) Tropical Dog (+Plant) Jag'd Hound (+Worm) Helm Hound (+Madillo) Jaguarbeat (+Beaclon) Dento (+Dino) Pod Dog (+Henger) Terror Dog (+Monol) Jelly Hound (+Jell) Hare Hound (+Hare) Bargest (+Joker) Mewger (+Mew) Nightfang (+Zan) Dandelion (+Gali) Ryulon (+Mogi) Galum (+Lesione) Dober IT (+?) Remus (+?) Fenril (+?-based on the Norse wolf, Fenrir) Flazer (+?) Ruby (+?-named for the ruby) Anubis (+?-based on the Egyptian jackal god, Anubis) Hell Hound (+?) Greywolf (+?) White Hound (+?) Kamui (Boss on MR2)

Undines are water spirits that resemble mermaids, based on the German legend about a girl named Undine who came from the ocean. Undines have very high intelligence, but their life energy is quite low once they leave the water. Most of their techniques are water-based and very strong, such as the Undine in the Monster Rancher (anime) series. Undine has only appeared in Monster Rancher 2, but like Worm and Bajarl, still has references to it in the newer games(i.e.,Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, and Monster Rancher EVO's Windine (Pixie/Lesione). other Undines include: Siren (+?) Mermaid (+?)

Worms are based on the legend of the Lambton Worm, a giant creature that used to terrorize an English town. They are quite peaceful in the Monster Rancher world, however, and are commonly raised as pack animals. They have large tusks and a tail with detachable stinger. Some types of worms are poisonous and can even spit venom at opponents. In Monster Rancher 2, if you raised a Worm for 3 years and it had no stress or fatigue during the 4th week of June, it will cocoon and become a large beetle-like monster known as Beaclon. This is considered a separate breed, and it has replaced of Worm in Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, and Monster Rancher EVO. References to the original Worms abound, (i.e. compare Monster Rancher 4s Jaguarbeat (Tiger/Beaclon) with Monster Rancher 2s Jag'd Hound (Tiger/Worm)) although they only appeared as playable monsters in Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, and the Monster Rancher Battle Card Games. Other Worms include: Red Worm (+Pixie) Black Worm (+Monol) Gekko (+Dino) Drill-Tusk (+Tiger) Corone (+Hare) Rock Worm (+Golem) Purple Worm (+Naga) Mask Worm (+Gali) Eye Worm (+Suezo) Flower Worm (+Plant) Jelly Worm (+Jell) Scaled Worm (+Zuum) Express Worm (+?) Tank (+?)

Little is known about the monster that resembles a little red-haired wooden doll. It dresses in childish clothing, but wields a razor blade is known for its techniques that involve stabbing or slashing. They are strongly reminiscent of Chucky from the Child's Play horror movies. In fact, as an in-joke in Monster Rancher 2 (the only game that Wrackys appear in), the game automatically names your first Wracky "Charles," a full name for the nickname "Chuckie." Wrackys are said to be one of the most dangerous and violent monsters, though you originally receive them as dolls given away to participants when they win high grade tournaments. The dolls only come alive after your monster dies, replacing it with the dead monster's soul. Other Wrackys include: Baby Doll (+Pixie) Henger Doll (+Henger) Pebbly (+Golem) Petite Knight (+Durahan) Bakky (+Bajarl) Draco Doll (+Dragon) Metal Glay (+Metalner) Mocky (+Mock) Tricker (+Joker) Satan Claus (+?)

A powerful, humanoid monster that appears in both installments of Monster Farm DS. It seems that combinations with this monster release the goodness within the new sub-species, and thus they are usually snow-white incarnations. though not much is known at this point, Xenons seem to be the antithesis of the evil Abyss species. Other Xenons include: Chaos Xenon (+Abyss) Gaia (+Centaur) Kaiser (+?) Xenon-Modoki (+?)

The Zan is a tall, black-shelled humanoid with appendages on its back that resemble the arms of a praying mantis. It is rumored to be an android, but whatever the case, it was created by ancient scientists to be merciless in battle—they say it's even more intelligent than humans are. It attacks using the claws extending from its back, and also makes good use of its baffling speed. In every game that they are featured in, they must be unlocked and are usually very hard to obtain and train correctly. Zans appear in the Monster Rancher Advance games, Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both installments of Monster Farm DS. They seem to have been replaced in Monster Rancher Online with the Globsto. Other Zans include: Kagura (+Ducken) Ban (+Octopee) Retsu (+Arrowhead) Rei (+Lesione) Shin (+Zuum) Gai (+Raiden) Aya (+Pixie) Rinka (+Suzurin) Asura (+Monol) Abata (+Color Pandora) Bui (+Suezo) Homura (+Dragon) Saga (+Naga) Fang (+Ripper) Ryoku (+Mocchi) Izuna (+?) Fake Graffiti (+?)

Zilla is a gigantic monster, one of the largest species in the series. They are based on the blue whale, except that they have arms and legs instead of fins. It's name is a reference to Godzilla, whose original Japanese name means "gorilla whale"--exactly what Zilla looks like. It is exclusive to the Monster Rancher 2 and Monster Rancher Battle Card Game video games. These hulking creatures specialize in extreme power, thus sacrificing speed, especially on land. It can be obtained in Monster Rancher 2 when a B class Hopper digs up part of the hot springs in the winter. Other Zillas include: Gooji (+Tiger) Pink Zilla (+Pixie) Gigalon (+Jell) Deluxe Liner (+?) Zilla King (Boss on MR2)

Zuums are easily-domesticated, quick-footed and dinosaur monsters used in place of horses in the Monster Rancher world. They are considered cousins to the popular Dinos, and their attacks are similar: they rely heavily on tail attacks, can spew flames from the mouth, and have quick combo moves that can involve the entire pack. Zuums have multiple crests upon their heads and a beak-like snout, making them resemble Velociraptors, while the Dinos look more like the Tyranosaurus. Other Zuums include: Sand Saurian (+Bajarl) Mustardy (+Suezo) Fairy Saurian (+Pixie) Pastellian (+Mocchi) Hound Saurian (+Tiger) Palasaulo (+Lesione) Jelly Saurina (+Jell) Shell Saurian (+Worm) Psirow (+Psiroller) Naga Saurian (+Naga) Wood Saurian (+Mock) Cocadrille (+Gitan) Spot Saurian (+Hare) Hachiro (+Baku) Aloha Saurina (+Plant) Rock Saurian (+Golem) Salamander (+Dragon) Noble Saurian (+Gali) Tasman (+Kato) Black Saurian (+Monol) Basilisk (+Joker) Crab Saurian (+Arrowhead) Pashminer (+Antlan) Hotrod (+?) Gramper (+?) FotoRunner (+?) Glarlie (+?) Tatton-J (+?) Zebra Saurian (+?-looks like a zebra) Kirin (+?-based on the Chinese Ki-lin legend) Chrono (+?-Based on Crono from the Chrono video game series) Wild Saurian (Boss on MR2)

For those who don't know the appearance of certain Monsters, just ask, both most of their physical appearances are posted on the Internet. If no such information can be found, feel free to ask.

Also, the sub-breeds listed below the main breeds are as available as the main breeds.

Please note, for those unavailable with the anime, that ALL MONSTERS CAN TALK. They each have their own personalities and character traits, so it's not like they're brainless animals bred simple for fighting. Some run their own businesses, schools, etc. They can have jobs just like humans. The only reason they are 'bred' and 'trained', is for Monster Battle Tournaments.

Also, if they are breeds seen in the anime/games not mentioned above, they are open to be played as well..


1) All Monsters have their own character charts.
2) Monsters being created from scracth (Not of the anime/games), must be submitted for approval.
3) No Invincible Monsters, they each have strengths and weaknesses,

(((More on this in Profile Forms)))
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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby smileythemask on Sat May 16, 2009 7:37 am

hey can i reserve a spot for when you post the profiles this seems insanely sweet

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Sat May 16, 2009 11:20 pm

((SmileytheMask, you're welcome to reserve a spot and create a character, or character(s) ))


(Both Human and Monster characters must have Profile. Players can have Human and Monster characters or a combination of both.

Human Profile:
Alligiance: (Good/Baddies)
Physical Description:
Usual Clothing-
Distinguishing Marks- (ex.- tattoos, scars, etc.)
General Personality:
Physical Charatcerisitics- (Ex.- charming smile, beautiful eyes, etc.)
Strengths- (Ex.- Charm, Leadership, Street-smarts, intelligence, etc.)
Weaknesses- (Ex.- Phobias, Cowardly attributes, etc.)
Weapon(s) of Choice:
Monster Allies/Pets:
Personal History:
(BE DESCRIPTIVE!!! I mean, don't give me a huge 5 paragraph biography, but generally a fairly well thought-out history with a lot of detail would be nice)

Anything Extra:

Monster Profile:

Species: (Include species and sub-species: ex.- Fairy Hare (Hare+Pixie)
Big Blue (Golem+Tiger)
**Unless it's just a primary breed
Age: (Most Monsters have roughly the same life-span as humans. Exceptions would be Golems, Hengars, Monols, Dragons, Jills, Undines,...and Muu and Phoenix, naturally)
General Personality:
Physical Charatcerisitics- (Ex.- charming smile, beautiful eyes, etc.)
Strengths- (Ex.- Charm, Leadership, Street-smarts, intelligence, etc.)
Weaknesses- (Ex.- Phobias, Cowardly attributes, etc.)
Attacks: (Can refer to games and anime, unless not stated in either, than allowed to make up extras or new ones...just be rational and not overzealous)
Alliance: (Good/Baddies/rogue, etc.)
Family: (Includes humans or fellow monsters)

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby smileythemask on Sun May 17, 2009 3:23 pm

Name: Nile Mataru
Age: 19
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Profession: Artist
Alligiance: Good Guy
Physical Description:
Eyes- Red
Hair/Style- White and None
Build- Medium
Weight- 185
Height- 6'1"
Usual Clothing- Black pants and a large whit t-shirt that has many different colorful designs all over it most of which he created himself. His shoes are black sneaker's with red laces.
Distinguishing Marks- He has red tatto's all over his upper torso that are all different tribal signs. He has a long scar on his right eye that goes from his side of his eye down his neck.
General Personality: Nile is a nice person but he can be very weird. He is constantly drawing different things and he is a bit of a pervert. Even though he is a pervert though he still knows how to treat women with respect.
Physical Charatcerisitics- Charming smile, great body
Strengths- Charm and street smarts
Weaknesses- Clowns and needles
Weapon(s) of Choice: A pocket knife
Skills: Free Running and he is amazing at drawing and painting
Family: His 3 sister's:
Jessica Mataru
Clarice Mataru
Sandra Mataru
Monster Allies/Pets: Doodle and Pudding Jell
Personal History:
Nile was born in a semi rich family. His parents liked to act like they where royalty. He was the fourth born and youngest of his whole entire family. His parents always liked his three older sister's better than him since they where always well mannered and loved the money they had. Nile on the other hand was a lot different. First off is that he is albino so he has white hair and red eye's since he has no pigment in his entire skin. Because of this his parents where ashamed of him because he didnt look like the rest of his family. Second off was the fact that he was a freak according to his sister's. He never really had any friends when he was young and he was always drawing weird things. When Nile was 7 year's old he found his first disc which had a doodle on it ironically. His sister's all had normal looking monster's. His oldest sister Jessica had a Gali, his second oldest Clarice had a Mew and the third oldest Sandra had a Maya. Nile's doodle was considered a weird misfit in his family and his sister's usually made fun off him because of his monster. When he was about 14 he ran away with Doodle and began to open up small art studio's to gain money to survive.

Name: Graffiti
Species: Doodle
Age: 14
Profession: Artist
Appearance: A white two-dimensional drawing that looks like he was drawn by a little kid. He has three small hair's that come off the top of his head also.
General Personality: Nice, kinda weird and a little bit annoying
Physical Charatcerisitics- Super Slim body
Strengths- His small size and weird shape allow him to fit into small and slim place's
Weaknesses- Eraser's and water
Attacks: Chicken Motorcycle
Plastic Boot
Alliance: Good
Family: Nile Mataru and Puchi
He was unlocked by Nile and taught art by him. He is kinda sensitive since Nile's sister's and there monster's always made fun of him.

Name: Puchi (its a japanese type of pudding)
Species: Pudding Jell (Jell/Suzurin)
Age: 19
Profession: Cook
Appearance: A blue blob like creature with a straw samurai hat and a kimino on. (im just completly making this up if someone know's what it actually looks like please tell me)
General Personality: He is a nice sweet person who loves to cook and help others
Physical Charatcerisitics- Charming, sweet
Strengths- Intelligence
Weaknesses- Hungry people and he is afraid of big fires
Attacks: Arm Weapon's
Blob Hit
Pudding Distraction
Alliance: Good
Family: Nile Mataru and Graffiti
Puchi was unlocked by a close friend of Nile's father who owned a restuarant. Puchi always liked to talk to Nile and liked hanging out with him. When his old master's restuarant went bankrupt Puchi was told he was going to have to find a new master since he could no longer pay for him. Puchi overheard Nile's plan to run away and told him that he wanted to come along.
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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Sun May 17, 2009 4:42 pm

Good Profile, Smiley. And yes, a profile for your monster is required....mostly because it helps give the monster some character, since they're like people almost. I'll show ya mine.

Human Profile:
Name:Amelia Djinn
Age: 18
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Profession: Wanderer, Thief
Alligiance: Basically a loner, but a Good person at heart
Physical Description:
Eyes- Blue
Hair/Style- Black, Long in length and fairly wavy
Build- Petite but fit
Weight- 120 lbs.
Height- 5'9
Usual Clothing- Image
((This is her general appearance))
Wears a silk white shirt under a black boddice which fits under her bust and laces up in the front, with black leggings. She wears black leather boots which come up to her knees, and has three belts which are buckled lightly across her hips.
Distinguishing Marks- She has a few scars here and there from her various thieving exploits, as well as a tattoo of a tribal raven on her shoulder.
General Personality: Overall she's a good person, but a little kleptomaniacal. She's charming and witty, relying her her sarcasm and quick mind to get her out of a jam. She's fairly charismatic, and while she is a thief, she never steals from the poor or sick. Also has a good sense of humor.
Physical Charatcerisitics- Alluring eyes, Tanned skin-tone, Well-shaped figure.
Strengths- Sharp mind, wit, charisma,
Weaknesses- Very distrustful, pessimistic, wreckless.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Two Sai Daggers and a Black Katana.
Skills: Expert PickPocket and World-class Thief, Martial Arts, Fairly good cook.
Family: None, all deceased.
Monster Allies/Pets: Grey Wolf and Wild Hare
Personal History:
Amelia was born in a relatively small village to the south on an island. Her father was a fisherman and her mother was a weaver. It was a peaceful village, where monsters and humans lived in peace. Life went on as usual for Amelia, until her father disappeared at sea and was presumed dead by the village when she was four.
Her mother died within the following months, probably from a broken heart. Amelia was taken in by friends of her family, but she always felt alone. The only friends she ever made were monsters. She found her very own disk when she was 6, and unlocked a baby Grey Wolf. She raised him lovingly, and the two were never seen apart.
But Amelia was always considered a troublemaker by her village. She never listened to the village elders and always managed to get into some sort of trouble. Because of her problems with authority and attitude problems, she was never really included amongst the village festivities.
Finally, when she was 10, she ran away. With Grey Wolf of course. When she arrived on the mainland, it wasn't as if money was growing off trees. She had to steal to survive. A year after she ran away, she was taken in by a band of thieves, one of the various Guilds on the Continent. This Guild was called the Wind Guild, one of the largest and most skilled of them all.
Fo six years, she and Grey Wolf lived amongst the Wind Guild, soon gaining a very renown reputation. Due to her experience, she was allowed to gain a title of a bird, which only the most skilled thieves are rewarded with. She was given the title of 'Raven', due to her dark and shadowy hair.
When she was 17, she decided to strike out on her own and her and Grey Wolf left the Guild to wander the world. Wild Hare, a fellow Wind Guild Member, decided to leave with them. And so the three now travel, occasionally stealing to make a living.

Name: Grey Wolf
Species: Tiger+? (Never explained in either series or games)
Age: 15
Profession: Thief
Appearance: Like that of a normal Tiger, only his coat is pure silvery grey with a white underbelly and striking icy blue eyes, as well as white horns.
General Personality: He has a tempermental, fiery personality. He's a good monster with a good heart, but he can let his anger get the best of him. He's fiercly protective of Amelia and doesn't take well to insults or stupidty from others.
Physical Charatcerisitics- Strong build, cold eyes, beautiful coat.
Strengths- Fiercely Loyal, protective, strong-willed, determined.
Weaknesses- Tempermental, occasionally arrogant.
Attacks: Lightning Attack
Icy WInd
Body Slam
Thunderous Howl
Alliance: Good, his loyalties are with Amelia
Family: Amelia and Wild Hare
He was unlocked by Amelia as a pup and grew up with her. His history is relatively the same as Amelia.

Name: Wild Hare
Species: (Hare+Worm)
Age: 27
Appearance: His build is that of a normal Hare, but his coat is primarily black with gray and brown mixed in. His eyes are green, and he wears a red bandana around his neck (Much like Hare from the series). He has a scar across his left eye.
General Personality: Very easy going and intelligent. He likes to see profit in any occasion, and his mind is usally on money.
Physical Charatcerisitics- Strong but limber build, scruffy fur.
Strengths- Very intelligent with quick wit. Very loyal to Amelia.
Weaknesses- Usually doesn't see the bigger picture, sometimes selfish.
Attacks: Dragon Kick
Fist of Fury
Jackrabbit Pummel
Body Slam
Alliance: The Wind Guild, Good, Amelia
Family: The Wind Guild, Amelia, Grey Wolf
He was unlocked by a man named Marcus, who was leader of the Wind Guild. He was raised in a world of thieving and was very content with the lifestyle. But he always wanted more. He wanted to see the world.
When Amelia was taken in, he was a little doubtful she could cut it. He kept an eye out for her, for some odd reason. But she managed to surprise him with her sharp learning curve. When she decided to leave to travel Gaia, he was more to happy to tag along.
While he is very loyal to Amelia, he and Grey Wolf bicker like brothers.
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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby smileythemask on Sun May 17, 2009 4:54 pm

alright i wasnt sure if that was only for made up monster's or what thanks for explaining

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Sun May 17, 2009 5:04 pm

No prob :) Once you get your monsters profile done, you're approved :)
I'm not really sure how a Doodle looks or acts, so you're free to use some artistic liscense on it. Once you're done, go ahead and feel free to start posting. Since I can't 'double post', you can start off.
You can choose specific locations, but I guess we'll start out in a town. It's up to you where we start. Welcome aboard :)

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby smileythemask on Sun May 17, 2009 5:34 pm

ok thanks i made a few changes to my character and you do realize this is a ooc so you can just go make a in character and we could post there

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Sun May 17, 2009 5:40 pm

Yeah lol, I have an IC Board. Check the top of the first post in this topic. And as far as what a Pucchi looks like, I've never seen one, but I think his figure would be based primarily on that of a Jell with markings resembling a Suzurin.

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby smileythemask on Sun May 17, 2009 5:55 pm

lol o yea... the dumbest part of what i said is that i found the ooc off of the ic lol so i was already subscribed

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Sun May 17, 2009 5:57 pm

lol that's cool. Can't wait to start!

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Arctic Fang on Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:18 pm

Hope you don't mind me joining )

Human Profile:
Name: Nightshade
Age: 17
Race: human
Sex: male
Profession: Trainer/fighter
Alligiance: good, The Snow monks
Physical Description:
Eyes- Blue
Hair/Style- black, spiked up
Build - muscular,more towards the quick side
Usual Clothing- Baggy white cargo pants with a black snowflake design for free movement and a white hoody with a black snowflake design too large for him
Distinguishing Marks- many scars from training with his monsters usually stabs or cuts on the chest but one eye holds a scar
General Personality: friendly, easygoing
Physical Charatcerisitics- handsome faced, soft yet cold eyes
Strengths- strategist, charming, leader
Weaknesses- poor choice of words too trusting not used to people
Weapon(s) of Choice: his fist
Skills: expert martial artist, and an overall great analisist
Family: unknown
Monster Allies/Pets: Tiger, Fang
Personal History: Found by monks who lived in a snow region at birth as soon as he had been found Tiger and Fang were resurected from their disks for the sole purpose of guarding and training him. He grew strong through his years of harsh training his only drive was to be better. He had very little contact with the monks because he almost never stopped his training now seventeen he has set out to see the world for himself.
Anything Extra:

Monster Profile:

Name: Tiger
Species: Tiger
Age: 17
Profession: fighter/theif
Appearance:blue and white fur yellow eyes and a right slant scar on his nose
General Personality: aggressive, fiery but friendly
Physical Charatcerisitics- and intent glare
Strengths- majors in speed and is a quick and intelligent thinler
Weaknesses- not the strongest or most defensive
Attacks: (don't remember right now will check)
Alliance: Good,The Snow monks
Family: Nightshade and Fang
History:Tiger was resurected when Nightshade was found he sees himself and Fang as the oldest of the three making him overprotective of Nightshade and the more serious of the three

Monster Profile:

Name: Fang
Species: Zan+Ripper
Age: 17
Profession: Fighter/guard
Appearance:(never seen this monster but i know what zan looks like so i'm just gonna say a color) a pure white from living in the snow region white eyes
General Personality: laid back, easy going almost carefree
Physical Charatcerisitics- tall ,a somewhat overwhelming appearance
Strengths- (again i will look)
Alliance: Good,The Snow monks
Family: Nightsahde and Tiger
History: Fang like Tiger wasresurected from a mystery disk when Nightshade was found growing up through the intense sparring sessions between him and his "brothers" has made him a fierce fighter which he enjoys to the point to where it can cause people to question wether or not he's a baddie but he will do anything for fun but his limits come to when his brothers say enough
Lets change the world...together. Of course to fix it, were gonna have to break it.

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:18 pm

Welcome aboard! Thanks for joining! Approved, so feel free to join in! :)

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MASigma on Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:43 pm

Name: Darc
Species: Nekomata
Age: 17
Profession: Bandit
General Personality: Cocky, Perverse, and a Joker
Characteristics: He can seem like the perfect gentleman one moment, before he'll suddenly snatch your stuff if male or grab your tush if your female.
Physical Characteristics- Charming smile
Strengths- Street Smarts and Charm
Weaknesses- Hates Water
Attacks: Gato Crusher (Energy attack) Kitty Paw (Though effective claw attack, he hates the name)
Alliance: Rogue
Family: None he knows of/ Orphan
History: An Orphan, he was raised by the local Monster Bandits of the area. Unlike them though, he had a human like appearance he would use to his advantage, eventually causing him to strike out on his own. He only does something if he'll get something out of it, though some people find his requests strange.

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Re: Monster Rancher: The Epic Crusade (OOC Board)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby wolfangel26 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:56 am

Welcome to the thread! Approved! Feel free to join in :)

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