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Moonview High... will this work?

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Moonview High... will this work?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Billie Joes Babi on Fri Mar 16, 2007 6:22 pm

High school can be one of the most dramatic times in your life. A time full of discovery, experimenting, and well...drama, drama, and more drama.

Within the walls of any high school is an entire community. A community run by the populars and rich kids. With minorities such as the goth, the school band geeks, and the rest of the school cliques. These halls are policed by teachers and staff that hold little power in comparison to the student body. This is any typical high school..not.

So what happens when the popular girl falls for the not so popular...girl?

Or when the really hot girl sitting next to you in math class is actually a guy...and he wants to go out with you?

How about the goth guy who wants to share his world with you?

What about the hot new exchange student who won't let anyone in his world?

Find out all this and more... if you join.

I'm not sure if you need a bio, but I'll put a bio format up anyway. If you're interested post your bio here or PM them to me so I can put them up here. We'll need a couple teachers here also.

Each character will have a schedule, but depending on your character you may not make it to these classes. (Ex. Cutting classes you may not enjoy) These schedules will be a part of your bio. Take whatever classes you want but be realistic. No super cyborg robotics class or any nonsense like that. And make your characters realistic.

Schedule format:(You must include at least: 1 English class, 1 Science class, 1 History class, 1 Math class, and a Gym/Health class UNLESS your character took two in a past year, i.e. took 2 both Algebra and Geometry in their freshman year, or took 2 gym classes sophomore year or something...)
Period 1:
Period 2:
Period 3:
Period 4:
Period 5:
Period 6:
Period 7:
Period 8:
After School Clubs/Activities:


Character Name:
Gender: male/female
Job/Role: doctor/lawyer/ect
General Appearance: Be detailed! hair color, eyes, slim, bulky, types of clothes, personal style, ect!
Current Goal/Purpose: (for example, what they are really working towards for the moment or in life.)
General Personality: Note how they behave with other people, as well as parts of their personality that is private or only shared with special people.
General History: Details are best! Their fanily, how they grew up, their profession or schooling, important people in their life, big events that changed them as a person, and what they are up to now!

List of Characters so far:

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Billie Joes Babi
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Billie Joes Babi on Fri Mar 16, 2007 6:32 pm

Period 1: Sociology
Period 2: Creative Writing
Period 3: Pre-calculus
Period 4: P.E/ health
Period 5: Chorus
Period 6: Graphic arts 2
Period 7: Lunch
Period 8: AP Chemistry
After School Clubs/Activities:
Literary magazine, school newspaper, drama club.


Character Name: Katrina Mitchell
Gender: Female
Year: Senior
Age: 17
General Appearance: Short spiky hair, layered and black. Bright emerald green eyes and ivory skin. bangs crossed over in front. Slim and lively. Usually wears daerk clothes, or band tees, such as Taking Back sunday, MCR, Green Day, and a bunch of others.
Current Goal/Purpose: Graduate High school and not be such an outcast.
General Personality: Shy and soft-spoken, she opens up to friends, but otherwise is very introverted. Although she's shy, she will stand up for herself if neccisary.

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Billie Joes Babi
Member for 11 years
Conversation Starter Friendly Beginnings

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