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{Multiverse} Pachek

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{Multiverse} Pachek

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Tue Jun 05, 2007 1:56 pm

Name: Pachek
Race: Troll (the good kind)
Skin: Pine bark
Hair: Changes to match the current state of pine needles
Eyes: green
Sex: Neuter
Class: Mage- wind, mind

Background for the general character:

This race of trolls is very tribal, and they have three kinds of kids. Usual is the male and female, but very rarely a neuter will be born. They are more scholarly, and tend to be very skilled in some areas of magic. The most respected troll in the whole society of tribes is always a neuter with the strongest Wind and Mind magic of its age. This troll is usually a little feared. Neuters tend to be on the small side (average for a troll is 10-12ft tall for females, and 11-15ft. for males), but they also generally live longer naturally (average life of a normal troll is 20,000 years, average life for a neuter is twice that.)

Multiverse history:

Pachek was born into a tribe that had not seen a neuter in a long time, before even the grandfather's grandfather. Being a bit isolated from the rest, neuters were shrouded in so much mystery and mysticism that the whole tribe got a bit too close. His magic reacted instinctively, causing a whirlwind. When the shaman finally calmed it down, Pachek's mother was told to get rid of him. Instead, she ran off herself. Later on, she went back to find she had been declared dead, and her husband had taken a new mate.

She found for Pachek another neuter with the same abilities. He offered to take Pachek on, for he was very old and needed to pass on his skills. Unfortunately, he didn't last the winter. All he could do was teach Pachek how to focus his mind on something to keep from overhearing things before he passed on. Shortly after, his mother was killed in a hunting accident. He journeyed on, very far. Eventually, he found a tall man called Nilas, who was not afraid of him. Nilas took him on as a student, and taught him everything he needed to know.

Just before Nilas passed on, he graduated Pachek. On that same day, an eagle joined the young troll. Pachek put the hut they had shared in order and then went on a journey. On the way, he was accosted by a landslide, and rolled into the Pools of Time with the eagle. These pools spit him out near Wing City, just as it was being destroyed by a large monster. There, he met back up with his old mentor, now the guardian of wind, Ventosus.

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