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Multiverse]]The Nightmare [The Wandering]

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Multiverse]]The Nightmare [The Wandering]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:42 am

Nickname:{[(The Noghtmare)]}
Hair color:White
Hair type:Long
eye color:Pure red
skin color:human white
height: 9"3'
wight:300 lbs.
Cloth:A full body magic cloak that hide the armor spikes and his Right arm's size
armor:Shoulders:Spike on right shoulder:Color:Red with Black spike
Arm/Right:bulky metal armor with spiked knuckles and elbow :Color:Red with Black Spikes
Arm/left:Light Chain link armor:color:White:Color:
Torso:White plate mail armor with a picture of a Red Demon in the middle and 5 bundled spikes coming out of the top of the back:Color:White
Legs: plate mail with spiked knees:Color:White
Feet:White Plate mail with blunte
blunt toe end
Right Arm:Muscular
Rest of his body is normal sized
occupation:Wanted demon
Main Weapon:Nebula Blade With Star hilt
held in the Right hand
secondary weapon:Random (MAkes a random weapon appear out of thin air in his right hand when he loses his nebula blade)
skills/powers:Most unknown
known powers:Fire Strike:By SLicing the air the blade makes an arc of fire that attacks the enemy.
Ice Stomp:Freezes the ground against the demon
Teleoprt:Sends the demon up to 2 miles
Power steal:Steals the energy from the target but leaves the target alive.
Predict:Uncontrollable power that sees into the future
Energy Shield:The energy shield activates when the demon is attacked and lasts for 5 minutes of non-stop attacks and takes 30 minutes to recharge
Appearance:Looks human

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