Naruto: Darkness Dragon's Heart

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Naruto: Darkness Dragon's Heart

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:54 am

ImageDraruto sat with Rei in the darkness of his room, both lost in their miserable thoughts. Ever since their loves forcably removed themselve from their lives, they have been orbiting each other. So between their outings and the fact that she moved in to his house Draruto hadn't spoke much to Rei. "Draru-san?" Rei said, sounding hollow. Looking over Draruto raised an eyebrow in reply. "Why do we do this? Why do we share this bed, only to sleep on oppsite sides? Why?" she implored, looking back at him with those sad pain filled eyes. He just shrugs, since there is no answer to her question. 'And to be honest, I don't even know why we're doing this either.' he thought, as she sat on his thighs and raised a kunai to his thoart. Draruto barely flitched at the move, she's done this before. When he didn't give her an acceptable response that she wanted, Rei brought the blade up. He wondered what went through her head as she pressed the kunai to his thoart.

"What Rei, going to kill me, go ahead, I'm already dead." he said, his deep voice holding a dead like tone that party true to how he felt most days. But just as quickly as it came, the blade dropped to the pillow and Rei, as if the fight suddenly just left her body, collasped on his chest and started to sob. Wraping her up in his arms, Draruto held her through the night till she cried herself to sleep. Minutes passed before he removed Rei's kunai from the pillow. Draruto gingerly laid Rei on the bed as he stood up and stretched. Rolling his shoulders he left the room, needing to get away from the heaviness he and Rei created in that room.

Entering the living room just as the sun streaked in, Draruto grabbed his combat gear, which included a oversized dragon wind shurikin and a nodaichi. Deciding to not wait for the others in his house he accepted a long distance escort/recon mission to the Hidden Sand village. Leaving the house, he used the rooftops to depart the Leaf unseen. Bounding rapidly through the trees Draruto started his process of burying his recent emotions behind the wall his nine tailed dragon provided. He was thankful his beast was more understanding than Naruto's, because all the extra shit in his life would have drove to kill everybody sooner than Pain's attempt not so long ago. "Move on Shogun." he told himself, shaking his head. But he was tired of doing the same dance around with Rei. They sleep in the same room, on opposite sides of the bed, and he holds her as she sobs uncontrollably. 'It gets old, fast.' Draruto mused, side leaping a falling tree.

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