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Re: Naruto Shippuden: Vengeance Unchained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby True Grave on Sun Dec 15, 2019 7:28 am

Itachi smiled gently at Manami's words.
"Yes...Now my destiny is my own to make."
His smile turned to amusement as Mizuki paid him back for her medical expenses.
"It is impossible to ever pay me back, as your life is priceless."
Picking up the bag of money, he regarded it for a moment before setting it back down.
"It is my will that we use this money to help others."

Placing one hand on Mizuki's shoulder and one hand on Manami's, he smiled broadly.
"We will build this clinic into a grand hospital. The land needs help now more than ever. I took many lives in my previous life, but this current life shall be devoted to saving them. I, Itachi Uchiha, shall kill no more forever."
With these three individuals that he considered to be family, they would start to heal those victimized by the violence of this era.


Chiharu's feet crunched through the snow as he at last entered the Land of Iron. Looking up at the sky, his mind's eye conjured the faces of Matsumura, Kanzaki, and Hee. He would be seeing them again soon, and that made him feel like he was walking on air. The headquarters of the Samurai appeared in the distance, and a smile crossed his face. It had been four years since he had last seen Mifune. Although their reunion would be brief, he looked forward to paying his last respects to the Samurai master.

As he drew near the headquarters, three men in Samurai armor moved into his path to intercept him.
"Halt! Who goes there?"
Chiharu stopped walking, his face placid and calm.
"Chiharu Watanabe," he replied simply.
The Samurai looked like they had been jolted with an electric shock.

The Samurai drew their katanas, each taking a different sword stance.
"I come in peace. I have a request for Mifune."
"We already know your request, Akatsuki dog!"
Chiharu didn't bother correcting him, as they had already stopped listening.

As they dashed forward with war cries, he bent forward, squared his shoulders, and put his right foot forward. When they were closer to him, he dashed forward, seeming to dart around them like a pinball. Once Chiharu was past them, he kept walking normally toward the front sliding door. The Samurai stopped and watched in horror as the blades fell clean off the hilts of their katanas. They were in such shock and terror that they never heard the door slide open and then closed again. Never had an intruder breached Samurai headquarters so quickly or easily.

With Chiharu's instincts and speed, it didn't take long to find Mifune. The Grandmaster, who looked not a day older, was in the Tea Room under guard. In one smooth motion, Chiharu snapped the drawn swords of his bodyguards with a single kick and sat across from Mifune. For a man not accustomed to interruption as he enjoyed his tea, he seemed remarkably unperturbed.
"So, Chiharu," he said after a long sip, "has the Akatsuki come to the Land of Iron?"
"I am no longer a member of the Akatsuki, merely a Rogue once more."

Mifune set down his tea cup.
"It is regrettable that your separation did not come prior to the murder of the Kazekage. His people have suffered without him."
"Pain will ease their suffering."
"Yes, but at what cost?"
Chiharu had no answer to this.

"Why did you leave the Akatsuki after the defeat of the Great Nations?"
"My revenge is complete and my promise to Pain is fulfilled."
"Yes, I was relieved that you chose to spare the Raikage."
"Thank Rhea for that one."
"I am indeed indebted to her for reawakening your humanity."
Mifune made a gesture offering tea.

"No, thank you. I need only one thing from you."
Mifune was gravely silent.
"...You wish for an honorable death."
"I desire nothing more."
"You truly wish to live no longer?"

"I died ten years ago, murdered alongside my squad, my family, by Gaara. My body was merely reanimated by a greater power to seek retribution on those responsible for our deaths."
"I don't believe that!" Mifune barked suddenly, catching his bodyguards by surprise.
Chiharu said nothing.
"What about Rhea, the woman you love? What about those you were close with in the Akatsuki?"

Visions of Rhea, Manami, Kisame, and Itachi all appeared in his mind's eye, the look in Chiharu's eyes changing.
"I thought so. You still have family to live for, Chiharu. As such, I deny your request for an honorable death."
Chiharu did not seem surprised or upset by Mifune's answer. Everything had gone as he expected.

Chiharu reached into the pack strapped to his leg and pulled out a Hidden Cloud headband, this one unscarred. Tying it around his forehead, he fixed Mifune with a determined look.
"Then I challenge you to a duel!"
"I refuse your challenge!"
"I won't let you!"
Chiharu summoned his Diamond Katana and came across the table at Mifune with a horizontal swing.

It was over in less than a second. Mifune, his years of experience surpassing even Chiharu's elite skill, drew his sword so quickly that it stopped his opponent in his tracks. The strike was made and then his sword was returned to its scabbard, a perfect example of Battoujutsu. Chiharu blinked, and then his headband split apart vertically, the Hidden Cloud symbol perfectly slashed in two. Chiharu, completely defeated and humiliated, dropped his weapon and hung his head. As the Diamond Katana vanished, Mifune stood up.

"As of this moment, you are no longer a Rogue Ninja. Starting today, you are an Apprentice Samurai, and you shall take your first lessons from me in an hour."
Chiharu's head snapped up, his eyes filled with shock.
"...But why...After everything I've done...?"
"Word has already reached me that you requested autonomy for The Land of Iron prior to leaving the Akatsuki. I would lose all honor if I turned my back on such a faithful friend to the Samurai."


One year later, Chiharu was excitedly expecting a visit from his family. Itachi and Manami had left the Akatsuki and were now running a large hospital that included a fusing of operations between Mizuki and The Surgeon. They were planning their wedding, but work kept them too busy to do much of it. Itachi and Nee had put aside all previous enmity and were now close friends. Rhea was now a Hidden Cloud Jonin, but was visiting her boyfriend Chiharu in the Land of Iron. Kisame was still with the Akatsuki and was too busy to attend, but Itachi, Manami, Rhea, Nee, and Mizuki would all be at the picnic.

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Re: Naruto Shippuden: Vengeance Unchained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Polka on Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:01 am


Though a long journey, Rhea found it hard to control her excitement as she made her way towards the land of Iron. After all these years she had accomplished what she had set out to do- she had become a Jonin, successfully protected the Raikage and gained back the love that had once shattered her heart.

Rhea took her time to scope out the land as she travelled across it, you had to be cautious when the members of the Akatsuki were still at large, no matter your rank. This journey was a long one and she would pass through many check point as she went, not all of them being on the right side of Shinobi law. However, her determination to see Chiharu again kept her going forwards, occasionally missing much needed breaks a long the way( when she did rest, it was a broken sleep). It wasn't until she was nearing the shift in weather that she stopped to eat and change her attire to appropriate clothing for scaling the snowy terrain.

The clear temperature difference that she encountered upon entry to the land was often difficult for her-albeit she liked the snow but it did often remind her of what she had lost all those years ago. That said, the clear white snow did create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity which she did enjoy as she moved across the landscape.

Rhea travelled through the snow filled land, her feet barely touching the soft snowy ground and she battered forward through the darkening skyline. She was nearly with him and his family.
See you soon... She spoke in her head and she began the scaling of the Three Wolves Mountain, something she often did when visiting her boyfriend.

The mountain, though formidable, was no match for Rhea, who by this point idly danced across the slope. She had been in this position so many times that each step was etched into her memory.
Obviously, depending on the snowfall, she could through the mountain peak in little under three hours. Luckily, the weather had been kind on her this time round and granted her quick passage through the mountain range.
Looking directly forward, her destination was in clear site. From this point on, she ran.

As daylight sprung into action, Rhea arrived safely to the specified location.
Her hand were extremely cold, even under the gloves she wore.
However, all that feeling melted away when she saw the man she had been looking for.
Chiharu stood ahead of her, her smile widened as she waited for him to notice her.

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Re: Naruto Shippuden: Vengeance Unchained

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Mizuki never forgot Itachi's declaration, both of her worth, and even more- his desire to build up a hospital from her modest home practice.

It only cemented in her mind what she had come to believe after her encounters with the Uchiha: he wasn't now, nor had ever truly been, an evil man.

So much had changed in a year, and even now it was hard to imagine it possible.

She had officially made friends with people since leaving her birthplace, (one of them the Itachi Uchiha). She had started to work with another healer, a physician proper (and a surgeon no less)! And on top of it all, she worked out of an actual hospital building instead of her homey cottage. Life had certainly been treating her well recently.

Sure, healing people could be stressful both physically and mentally, but there was immeasurable satisfaction in succeeding at a job. And while she and the surgeon had their differences, she respected him nonetheless and was more than willing to refer patients to him when her methods and knowledge weren't enough.

But despite how much her life had been improved, regardless of how content and happy she currently was with her existence, there was one nagging thought lurking in the back of her mind. A possibility she had only briefly considered in the past, but now began to creep into her subconscious at her new known availability to potential patients.

It shouldn't bother her in the slightest. There was simply no need or time to waste on such a brooding idea. Surely she'd know how to handle it if the situation arose. Despite her constant inner scoldings and attempts to squash the dilemma in her psyche, the persistent thought just would not leave. If anything, the conflict only grew stronger in the battle of morals she desperately clung to.

Could she help that person should he come to her clinic, or would she defy the very principles that all healers were to uphold? Would she even go a far as to kill him for the lives he viciously took?

Mizuki had a strong urge to confide in someone, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. At first, she thought Itachi might be the perfect person to talk to, seeing as he had a good heart despite his past, and she was certain he'd be able to see the issue from both sides of the coin as it were. But the man had already helped her enough, and he had his own things to take care of (like planning a wedding and overseeing the hospital he'd helped create).

Manami was her next consideration, generally feeling more comfortable with members of her own sex, especially with anything personal. But Manami was equally as busy as Itachi with managing the hospital, and besides, Mizuki didn't particularly want to trouble the blushing bride with the grisly details should she explain the whole story.

Nee had definitely been a steadfast companion and an honest friend over the year, assisting her in any way he could, regardless of whether she asked for help or not. He didn't seem to be dissuaded by her few neurotic tendencies, nor was he the type to automatically turn his back on a friend if something could be bad.

Even so, Mizuki stubbornly refused to tell anyone, and did her best to ignore the thought. She had a hard enough time keeping her face neutral of her emotions, she didn't need to make it obvious by thinking of it with any frequency.

Brusquely shoving the annoying train of thought away for what was surely the dozenth time this month, Mizuki continued to walk with Nee towards their meeting place.

It was a rare occasion where everyone had some free time, and they were all going to get together. Plus, she would be meeting people who were close with her three dearest friends. Consoling herself with these thoughts, the medic finally had a small smile begin to form on her lips.

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Re: Naruto Shippuden: Vengeance Unchained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby True Grave on Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:35 pm

Over the past year, Chiharu had worked hard as an Apprentice Samurai. His Taijutsu and sword skills from before came in handy, but Mifune's lessons were not easy. Two months after beginning his training, he had returned to the Hidden Cloud Village, now under the control of Sasori, who ruled from afar. Chiharu had returned to talk to Rhea about everything. Over ten years of memories were exchanged as they talked long into the night. They also shared their feelings of love, and at last Chiharu could hold Rhea in his arms.

Everything was pretty much a whirlwind from there. Chiharu got into contact with Manami, Itachi, and Kisame, letting them know about the changes in his life. They started to visit when possible, and he and Manami shared a long, joyful hug during their first reunion. Since then, they had been busy and only saw each other on sporadic occasions, but today was one of them. Chiharu stood outside and watched through the snow, since he knew that Rhea would arrive soon. When he saw her, a big smile broke out on his face and he rushed to her.

Chiharu laughed and picked her up, spinning in a circle with joy. He then pulled her close and kissed her deeply. After their lips parted and they had a moment, he gestured toward the nearby Samurai headquarters.
"Let's go inside."
With his arms still around her, they walked to the door, slid it open, stepped inside, and slid it closed behind them.

Now in the warmth, he gestured for Rhea to sit down at their meeting place.
"Let's have some tea while we wait for the others."
Taking the tea pot, he poured a cup for them both.
"This should help warm you up."
Taking a sip, he felt the warmth spread through his whole body.
"I'm glad we all had today to visit, since I've really missed everyone."

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Re: Naruto Shippuden: Vengeance Unchained

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As Rhea lunged into Chiharu's arms, allowing herself to be picked up, she intertwined her own arms around him. Her senses became inundated with every part of him- being that she was rather passionate individual and rarely got this alone time with him.
He kissed her deeply and she pushed herself against him, almost as if she never wanted it to end. He always made it hard for her to control her emotions.
Once the kiss was over she looked at him and placed her hand gently on his face, smiling as her eyes scanned the familiar things that she loved about him.

She recalled the night they had talked for hours about their past. It was certainly crazy how close they had gotten again since those times. Both had had a truly turbulent childhood together.

Once the moment had passed, Rhea nodded rather erratically at the offer of tea. She did not want to be flustered upon the arrival of Chiharu's family and her friends. Taking a seat, she took a cup from Chiharu. It was hot so she blew the steam from the cup before taking a small sip.

' I am happy we could do this too- I wish it was something that could happen more often. Though I understand you have to be here to train, otherwise you will never beat me!'
Rhea smiled in jest to Chiharu, playfully goading him whilst they waited for the others.



A whirlwind.
If you were to ask Nee about his last few years, it would be a whirlwind.
The dramatic change in his life had been so sudden and abrupt; yet so fulfilling.

He had worked diligently alongside his younger sister and her partner, as well as Mizuki- who he cared for deeply. The creation of the hospital had been tiring and left barely any time to socialise but he and Manami were in a better place. If they had the time they would take walks and discuss the past, present and future like they once used to do.

He would be lying if he said he hadn't began to feel strong emotions towards Mizuki. Though he would never tell her this. Instead, he opted to be there for her in whatever way she needed him. He knew that those emotion would likely never be returned and was happy in her company. Yet, recently she had been somewhat standoffish with him, which concerned him.

Now he stood waiting for her, ready to travel alongside his sister, and Itachi to visit their younger brother.



Manami turned to Itachi after placing the final item she needed into her bag. Her eye still not completely healed, she turned to face the man she loved head on.
' I feel nervous. Is that odd?'

With her busy schedule, Manami did not get to spend the time she wanted to with Chiahru. Though when they did meet it felt the same as always, there was always a sense of anxiety about seeing him again. Especially now he had someone to care for him.
Manami certainly liked Rhea but did feel her place in Chiharu's life slipping away.

Over the last year, she and Itachi had grown closer whilst creating the hospital. He had become her everything in such a small space of time.
She could rely on his honesty when she was being ridiculous or bullish with others. The pair still trained, even in their happy bubble, Manami was always fear that her past would catch up to her.
Manami had also been able to share time with her brother, who was clearly in love with Mizuki. Though Manami, being rather in tune with these things could tell Mizuki was rather ignorant to it all.

Mizuki had become a sister to Manami, the pair shared many commonalities which you would not expect by just looking at them. Plus, Manami had learned a lot through her new family, opting a new approach on her life. To think only of the future and never to dwell on the past.

Past events aside, it was time for her to leave. To meet with Nee and Mizuki, to travel across the land to Chiharu.
Kissing Itachi on the cheek, Manami readied herself to go.


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