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uhhhhh...only if he then has some draw back like he is blind totally
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well what if i get rid of the curse mark an give him the sharingan now and the byakugan later and make it so he can't shut them off that way it constintly burns up chakra plus been how its kimimaro Dna he does have his illness
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i guess that would work...
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alright then edited
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Name: Eiji, and Shinzo Nakata
Age: 15
Height: both are 5'11
Weight: 144 LBS
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Birth Country: Wind
Village: Sand
Special: [blockquote]Genjutsu Specialists
Taijutsu Specialists

Clan Non Specialists
Ninjutsu Non- Specialists

Eiji - Sound, Water[future] (ninjutsu) [future-- Kenjutsu, Gyakusatsu, Protegra

Genjutsu: [all future]Shadow, open for rest

Shinzo - Wind, Earth[future] (ninjtusu) [future-- goken, suiken, ake sune

[all future]Phantasm, Charm, Glamour

ANBU -Future (Wolf Division)[/blockquote]Secondary Weapons: [blockquote]Kunai x7 - 7 slots

Hand-less Kunai x4 - Two slots

Double Bladed Kunai x3 - Six slots

Filled up[/blockquote]Primary Weapon: [blockquote]Short Sword (Overview)
Rank: "C"
Type: Main
Effect: Swords that slash hack, dice and anything else within this genre that reaches a certain length.
Special: ---
Drawback: ---
Description: Any bladed weapon that is longer then one foot, but shorter then two feet. These swords can be any types such as the Short Sword, or the Tanto, or even the Mechete.
Limit: These types of weapons may be capable of being bought inside any Weapon Shop
Cost: 1,000 Ryo
[/blockquote]Personality: [blockquote]Eji, the one on the left is usually a calm, and chilled person. He doesn't like getting into fights with his friends. Most of the time, he wants things to be mellow, and peaceful. There is never a time when he wishes to conflict with someone he has befriended.

Many times, Eiji is horrible in arguments. He often loses them, even if he has a good point. If it's not obvious, he's not very good with words. Eiji, is however, very layed back, and just lets everything work out for him. He's not what you'd call determined. Sure, you could call him lazy. One of Eiji's favorite things is music.

On the other hand, Eiji's brother Shinzo is different. Much different. Shinzo is serious, and likes to give scowls. The younger twin is determined, and somewhat up-tight. One of his favorite things to do is criticize others.

Many times, Shinzo tries to start arguments with his brother, Eiji. Much to his liking, Shinzo wins them. Deep down, however, Shinzo is very emotional. In that way, he doesn't take any crap from anybody. If someone hurts his feelings, he'll come right back with an even better insult, or punch.

Shinzo also loves deception. Deception, and confusion are to his pleasuring. Shinzo is also hot-tempered, and easily angered.[/blockquote]Appearance: [blockquote]Image

Eiji is the one on the right. He has light brown, and spiky hair. It's pretty unkempt as well. Eiji's build is athletic, and yet chilled, I guess. He has white Caucasian skin as well.

The eyes of Eiji are wide, and shaped like almonds. They have a tinge of purple in them. Also, Eiji has a slightly pointed nose.

The main apparel of Eji consists of a red jacket with a flame design of it. There are matching fingered gloves to go with it. To go with this is a brown collar-button up shirt. He also bears a necklace around his neck that looks like wind-chimes. His pants are long, and fancy brown-ish.

Shinzo, the one on the right is slightly different. Shinzo's hair is a lighter tinge of brown, almost like dust. On his ear, there is a single ear ring. His nose is straighter, as well. Not only that, his eyes are blue, and has a scar on his left one.

The clothing of Shinzo is the stereotypical "bad-boy" look. He has a posture that makes him look like a bully. His shirt is a bit tight on him. He also has some wrapping on his right arm, and a belt on his pants. His pants are green cargo pants. [/blockquote]Bloodlimit: Futakongo (Souma no Kou) - Sakon and Ukon
NinJutsu Techniques: [blockquote]Eiji - Freebie: [spoiler]* Oto no Jutsu (Sound Release Skill)
Rank: "C"
Skill: NinJutsu
Effect: ---
Special: ---
Drawback: ---
Description: With this skill, or release, the user is now capable of using, and performing techniques that deal with the element of Sound. This means that any NinJutsu or specialized TaiJutsu that deals the Sound Release will need this in order to be performed correctly.
Limit: ---[/spoiler]

Shinzo Freebie:
[spoiler]* Fuuton no Jutsu (Wind Release Skill)
Rank: "C"
Skill: NinJutsu
Effect: ---
Special: ---
Drawback: ---
Description: With this skill, or release, the user is now capable of using, and performing techniques that deal with the element of Wind. This means that any NinJutsu or specialized TaiJutsu that deals the Wind Release will need this in order to be performed correctly.
Limit: ---[/spoiler]

Futakongo BL:
Embodied Separation
Rank: "D" "C" " B" "A"
Type: NinJutsu
Effect: This is the start of all techniques for the techniques within the Futakongo Bloodlimit. Since all children born within the Futakongo bloodlimit are born somewhat like Siamese twins, this enables the two twins the capability to be separate, to be apart and attack as two. The larger the rank the user gets into this technique the longer the brothers/sisters can be separated before dire consequences are made.
Special: ---
Drawback: Depending on which rank, if the brothers/sisters stay separated longer then it is stated, the brothers/sisters will never be capable of joining together ever again.
Description: This technique with all brothers/sisters when together are born as if they were back and forth, this means that there are two heads but one body. This technique allows the users to separate their chakra, to push forth using their ability of their body molecules to where the users gain the ability of separating apart. When first learned, the D Rank, it enables the brothers/sisers the capability of being separated for up to one hour. C Rank enables them to be separated for Two hours. B Rank enables them to be separated for Three Hours. A Rank enables them to be separated for Four Hours.
Limit: Must be part of the Futakongo bloodlimit.[/spoiler]

Shinzo: [spoiler]Fuuton: Eiei Arashi no Jutsu (Wind Release: Dragging Tempest Technique)
Rank: "C", "B"
Skill: Ninjutsu, Offensive
Effect: Creates a fast moving burst of wind that attacks the opponent from behind and attempts to drag them forward.
Special: "Hand Seals" to perform; Ram seal to activate.
Drawback: In order for the technique to reach full strength, the user must perform it and then allow it to build up before releasing it.
Description: A powerful Wind-based Ninjutsu technique, Eiei Arashi attacks in a very non-conventional manner. After the user has performed the correct handseals, they will release their chakra out into the atmosphere, allowing it to flow behind the opponent. Depending upon the amount of time spent charging the technique, the user becomes capable of releasing a strong burst of wind to the opponent's back with the intention of dragging them forward. With the "C" Rank of this technique, the technique may be charged for three turns. For each turn that the technique charges, its total capable traveling distance increases by five meters for a maximum of fifteen meters and its pulling strength increases by fifty pounds for a maximum of one hundred and fifty pounds. At "B" Rank, the technique is capable of charging for up to five turns. For every turn that the technique charges, its total traveling distance increases by ten meters and its' pulling strength increases by one hundred pounds, for a maximum of fifty meters and five hundred pounds. These amounts increase by an additional five meters / fifty pounds a charge if the user becomes a master of the Wind Release.
Limit: Must have the Wind Release.
[/spoiler][/blockquote]GenJutsu Techniques: [blockquote]None yet[/blockquote]TaiJutsu Techniques: [blockquote]Shinzo Freebie:
Gouken no Kamae (Iron fist stance)
Rank: E
Skill: Taijutsu
Effect: Once in this stance one’s speed and strength increases due to positioning of muscles and limbs.
Special: None
Drawback: None
Description: Not exactly a technique, but a fighting style. It packs tons of speed and power and relies on the user's physical strength and fitness. It is also the prime holder of the majority of Konoha's elite taijutsu techniques. Standing with one arm behind their back and one extended, the user is ready for a quick strick with their fists and feet. This leaves them open for quick spins and jumps that will power their attacks.
Limit: none

[/blockquote]History: [blockquote]Eiji and Shinzo were raised in the Land of Wind. They both have one older brother, Hayato. Hayato is not a ninja. Even though the two were raised in Sunagakure, their parents come from different origins.

The twins' parents were raised in the Land of Waterfall. Their parents then gave birth to their eldest son, Hayato. Eight years later, Shinzo and Eiji were born.

During their time in the mother's womb, it was speculated that she was giving birth to twins. Because of this, the father wished that they would be part of a special blood limit. This Blood Line is called the Futakongo. The only known location where the procedure to make this artificial blood limit to be performed was Sunagakure.

After an odd process, the two were born under the Futakongo blood limit. Both the mother and father were overjoyed. Hayato, however was a little less happy. He believed that they should be born in a more natural process.

When Eiji and Shinzo grew up, Shinzo was the more stubborn one. He liked to pick fights, even with Eiji. Of course, Eiji was the more soft, and mellow kind. When the twins were old enough they enrolled in the Ninja Academy of Sunagakure.

At age 13, they graduated from Ninja Academy. Their parents were happy, but the mother was diagnosed with a rare illness. Five months later, she passed away. The father followed, committing suicide out of depression. So, who was to take care of the Twins? Hayato, of course.
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