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Re: Naruto: The Scroll Of the Kage's (IC)

Postby fumeii on Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:35 pm

Reitachi's crimson orbs widened a fraction of an inch as Kai, the Kage of the Smoke, was in the Akatsuki.

Parents. Children. Pets. All in the Akatsuki.

We control all of you.

Now that ticked.

Yuzuro and Matoka had long ago learned to control themselves if understood that they had no chances of winning, to think things through slowly and decisively. Rei, on the other hand, had calculations whirring in that brilliant mind of hers ever since the very beginning, planning out the steps and measures of what it takes. Part of it is sole instinct, most of it is the mind of a genius. Of course it was obvious that despite being one of Uchiha's best, she had no chance on killing the man, but with a deep injury or two, she was capable of. With one swift movement, something of which she knew he would block, side-step, or catch, a kunai was shrieking through the air towards the Kage individual.

Go time.

Figuring it out quickly, dual bladed tonfas sheathed, she would have to rely on taijutsu for this one. Hand-to-hand close combat, that was her forte. One of the best throughout the whole country, if not the whole Uchiha lineage. Maybe a couple of shuriken and kunai or two, but she simply wouldn't have this. Maybe it was that small flame of justice in her, that tacky overly-used 'something right' act.

But the only way to stop this man was to battle, with no other possibility to escape. She would understand most. Control her, let's see him try. Her sharingan activated to its full extent, that calm rage in her would begin to take its toll...
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Kai payed no attention to Rei. Kai let her attacks hit him. The form then burst into smoke. "Smoke Clone jutsu" Kai then looked at her

"You little worm..." Kai then didn't look at her. Kai then did a swift hand sign. Then smoke appeared around Rei. The smoke was thick and would disorient anyone inside. It also poisoned the lungs if stayed into , for a long time. "Noone shall try another stunt like that or Cenzil will sit on you." Cenzil laughed and ate some more food.
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Re: Naruto: The Scroll Of the Kage's (IC)

Postby fumeii on Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:05 pm

(( Mmm, how do you want the battle to turn out? ))

Reitachi grimaced at the surrounding smoke, leaping up into the air. Would ninjutsu be required to wipe out the smoke? It wasn't her strongest trait, and wind jutsus weren't even apart of the Uchiha specialties. Grabbing out her tonfas, she had sprinted to a large oak tree, and according to her calculations, was just the right one in size, thickness, and distance. Location. It was all on location. Slicing through the tree with one sharp movement, kicking it up was no problem, and her foot making contact the end of the tree trunk, began to spun up into the air, creating wind. The smoke cleared up conveniently, and she half-expected the Kage to still be there, cautious as ever.


She always had a plan B. Now if that failed, a plan C would take place on impulse.

As of right now, there was still Kiyoko of course. She wouldn't be able to track the Kage, but Kiyoko now... that could be much easier. As for the fathead over at the side, someone as big as him should be no problem. If all else fails, there was a secret idea that could be put to action, all it required was Kiyoko's sister.


So he thought it was a stunt. The Kage must be even more stupid than she thought he was.
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Yukiko wanted to laugh at that moment. She wanted to chuckle with much delight for the events that had occurred. Kai was truly an arrogant fool from the very beginning. It seemed her first impression towards him was correct until this moment. Her subordinates were itching for a fight both to defend the honor of the Former Renstkage and to defeat such an evil that had been hiding in the guise of a Kage. Nevertheless, she had other plans in mind and for now, this was such a calculated part in her grand design. Closing her eyes briefly, she raised her right hand and simply put it down in one swift movement. It was a command to take leave and return to their village.

"Do as I say."

The Forest Ninjas were reluctant however; their Lady Kage had always been loyal to their Village no matter what her methods maybe. Thus, they only receded, as the only remaining ones were her personal guards. Opening her golden eyes that now had turned into pitch black; she stared at the one proclaiming to control everything when nothing was absolute in this world. This she knew for a fact. Her Kekkai Genkai had thought her much of the realities of this world and even the fantasy concepts.

"The scroll. You cannot have it."

The current Renstkage with much confidence as she never moved from the spot she was. In addition, she had not even showed any gesture that would be befitting of any expression of surprise or anger. Prim and proper were her movements. Everything about her was done with grace and sophistication that had been normal for her. Her gaze landed at the so-called prodigy of the Uchiha clan. She was definitely planning and that was shown to her. Nevertheless, she would remain simply an audience unless her safety would be compromised. Her guards asked if there were, would be any other orders.

"Nothing. Just watch. I expected much."

Words spoke with much calmness that it seemed to chill anyone's bones. Her stoic face that portrayed her confidence on her skills and intellect. Furthermore, she would love to see such a battle that would warrant some interest of hers even if she had already had seen the outcome. After all, it would not be bad to witness it at first hand. Ebony tresses reached the grounds as it covered the area she was standing upon, eyes of black gazed at the known partner of Kai. Disgusting. It was the only word she can describe him. After so, she returned her attention to the ensuing fight.
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Re: Naruto: The Scroll Of the Kage's (IC)

Postby Aerissa on Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:22 am

Kiyoko laughed, a dark and melodic sound that usually sent chills down the spines of her enemies. "I knew no ex-Akatsuki could be so soft hearted as to become a Kage. It's a pleasure meeting with you Kentaki." She lightly picked at the parcel he had handed to her, wondering what he could have put inside. "It's probably something that will aid in my search for the Rinnegan, or something to do with the Akatsuki. Either way, it's bound to be good." Feeling like a small girl again, Kiyoko lifted it up to her innocent seeming light green eyes, laughing once more. "Kentaki-Sama! Is this what I truly think it is?"

"Sama......" Keiko's voice was quiet, almost unheard. She had finally grasped what was going on, and it made her mad. The Akatsuki. They had ruined everything. They took away her sister, and now her Sensei, for whom she had harbored a secret crush since the day he agreed to train her.

They ruined it all.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't stop them, she'd never been able to control her emotions, not even as the years progressed. "Why....?"


Keiko turned around frantically, looking for some way to vent her anger. Cezil was the first she laid eyes on. "Yo fatass!" Growling, she rushed forward at Cezil, her katana out. She was still bleeding, still incredibly weak, but she needed to fight. Her first choice would have been Kai, but it seemed that the Uchiha had already laid her eyes on him, so Cezil it was.
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Kai laughed. He did a quick hand sign " Smoke disapear..." Kai, Cenzil and all the other Akatsuke disapeared. Kai was then in the Smoke village. He looked at the people in there. They all were Akatsuke. Everyone was Akatsuke. Kai laughed again. He then appeared behind Kiyoko. "Open the package." He knew she thought it would help find the Rinnegan but Kai would never put Miu in danger. Kai then appeared back into the village. He addressed his people.

"Everyone! The day is here." Thats all he had to say. He still was hiding something though. It was something that would change the life of Kai's again.
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Re: Naruto: The Scroll Of the Kage's (IC)

Postby onirukon on Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:49 am

both of the Anbu Daichi had as body guards at the time had Akatsuke gear appear as they attack and as soon they enter the barrier that always surrounding him as a defense mechanisms he send out a strong wave of chakra sending both Akatsuke back he then uses wood release to pin the assailants under trees as he grabs he's naginata "Daichi: looks like you guys made the choice for me" Daichi lunges he blade into the two as he set up paper bombs in the room he smashes out of the window and ignites the bombs as he jumps out "Daichi: Kai its time for you to die"


katsuki is going nuts all 3 of his personas are battling for control "katsuki 1: no i well kill no more" "katsuki 2: but think of what we could plunder " "katsuki 3: forget the money the slaughter we use to beg to get in here an kill those smoke fools" he licks his blade "katsuki 3: its been craving to be covered in blood "he puts on his mask "katsuki 3: it time to feed" he bust out the door slicing up all he see's not care there alliance in tell he spots kai "katsuki 2: you know you should have let me keep the money" he charges at kai "katsuki3: not that that maters any more" he points his sword at kai neck almost ready to stab him in the neck but a the last second his main persona takes over and turns the blade away "katsuki1:no more i well kill no more"
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"Ha but i will..." Kai then took out a kunai and did a quick jutsu. Then he threw the Kunai into the ground and smoke surrounded Kai and Katsuki. Kai then turned into smoke. It was another Smoke clone. Now Katsuki was stuck in a poisonous cloud that killed in 1 minute, attacking the lungs with harmful gasses. Kai laughed from a tree away from the cloud of poisonous smoke. Kai threw a few kunais into the smoke hoping it would his Katsuki.
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(Sorry i havent beeb on, can anyone fill me up on things)
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