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The Multiverse

a pm'd rp near Wing City

a part of “The Multiverse”, a fictional universe by Remæus.

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Where legends collide, warriors rise and titans fall. This is the general in character world, where your creations can rise to fame driven only by your imagination - this is the persistent world in which all characters exist. This whole forum is one big roleplay, with no specific rules or guidelines. If you want to create a roleplay in a single thread, this probably isn't where it needs to be.

Remember - this whole forum is one persistent world - your characters are free to move from topic to topic here with no restrictions.

a pm'd rp near Wing City

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Wed Dec 27, 2006 2:45 am

(11:46pm) Miyumi ::Miyumi woke slowly, stretched, and blinked. She didn't remember lying down, so she figured Saladin had taken care of that. Perfectly content, she lay there studying his face.::

saladin ::Saladin laid on the floor, a feeling of contentment running through him as he laid in a deep meditative state. He had slept for only two hours, all he needed, and spent the rest of the night in meditation. He quietly became aware of Miyumi Stirring, but kept in his meditation, preparing himself properly for to leave this state properly.::

Miyumi ::Soon, Miyumi felt some needs to take care of. She also remembered some good spots for catching rabbits, so she slipped out of his arms and crept away, leaving Saladin to sleep.::

saladin ::Saladin kept control of himself, as he felt Miyumi leave his arms. He noted that he felt so content, with her, he felt natural. As he brought his conscience back to the forefront, he laid on the ground some more, totally aware and out of his meditation, yet keeping his eyes closed and body relaxed. He recalled when he kissed the soft lips of Miyumi last night and her showing him her home. He had felt so grateful. Remembering the sensation of her lips against his, he awaited her return.::

Miyumi ::Miyumi finished quickly, and pulled out a sling. The bank of stones was still where it had been, and she grabbed a handful. She caught a rabbit and two squirrels before heading back to where her shack used to be.::

saladin ::Saladin remained laying on the floor, lost in thoughts of the beautiful mechanic. He sensed her presence as she returned, but continued to lay with his eyes closed.::

Miyumi ::Miyumi cleaned out her old firepit, started a fire, and then skinned and gutted the game. She set the rabits over the fire to cook, and carried the guts, careful not to get blood everywhere, to the river for any wild carnivores who needed it. Then she returned to supervise the cooking, wishing her herbs hadn't burned along with the rest of her shack.::

saladin ::Saladin smelled the cooking food, the scent somewhat foreign to him, even though he recognised food when he smelt, being a man and all. Once more sensing Miyumi leave, he awaited her return. When she returned, he spoke, his voice quiet and calm, as he kept his eyes closed.:: What are you cooking? And you know, you didn't have to cook for me.

Miyumi ::Miyumi smiled, glad he was awake.:: I'm cooking a rabbit and a couple of squirrels, some small game I shot with my sling. ::As the squirrels finished, she pulled them off the fire.:: Want one?

saladin ::Saladin sat up, a look of confusion on his face, as he opened his eyes. As he saw Miyumi, he smiled wholeheartedly. Seeing her lightened his soul and made him happy.:: I do not know these animals, we don't have them in Kelante. Do they taste nice?

Miyumi ::Miyumi grinned:: I've learned to appreciate a wide variety of meats. ::With her spare hand, she took the rabbit off the fire to cool while she finished her squirrel.::

saladin ::Saladin smiled at Miyumi. As he ravenously ate the squirrel.:: This is good, Yumi. You cook with skill.

Miyumi ::Miyumi blushes a bit, having finished the squirrel.:: I used to have things stored away, herbs, dried fruit and berries, nuts. They would've gone well with this. ::As she talked, she split the rabbit in half, and offered one to him.:: This is the rabbit.

saladin ::Saladin took the rabbit from Miyumi and smiled, discarding the squirrel. He loked at the meat suspiciously for a moment, but did take a large bite of the meat.:: Mmmm, this is brilliant. And, Yumi, you do not need worry. What you have prepared for me is better than I could ever had expected. I am truly grateful.

Miyumi ::Miyumi has been working on controlling her blushing, which is good because otherwise she would be bright red right now.:: I am glad you like it. ::She covered her pleased embarassment by wolfing down her half of rabbit.::

saladin ::Saladin watched as Miyumi ate the food, he doing the same. He found the meat favourable.:: Miyumi, I meant what I said last night you know.

Miyumi ::Miyumi closes her eyes and smiles, breathing in deeply remembering. She opened them, and looked Saladin in his eyes.:: I did too.

saladin ::Saladin felt a great warmth inside, hearing those words from the beautiful, blue eyed mechanic.:: You make me happy Yumi. I love you. ::He smiled as he said those words for only the second time in hislife, the first being last night.::

Miyumi ::Miyumi's entire face lit up with her smile.:: I love you too. We were on our way to the city last night, and I'd really like to find a place with four walls and a roof. ::Being out in the forest was disconcertingly like the night the war started, and she was anxious to get to where she'd at least have some warning.::

saladin ::Saladin nods in agreement. As he stands up, he connects with the Ice Elemental within, his blue aura creating a slight nimbus around him. Extending his hand towards the fire, fingers loosely spread, a fine mist of ice would travel with speed towards the fore. As the mist touched the flames, the fire would be extinguished. Saladin then lets go of the Elemental, his aura disappearing from view once more.:: That is that sorted, Yumi. Let's go. ::He holds his hand out for Miyumi to take, a braod smile on his face. A smile of pure happiness.::

Miyumi ::Miyumi takes his hand, and starts them walking back towards the path they left. As she walks, she alternates between paying attention the forest, noting its changes after the regrowth, and paying attention to Saladin.::

saladin ::As he walked through the forest, his fingers intertwined with Miyumi's, Saladin's only thoughts were on how beautiful Miyumi was, and how happy she made him. He attempted placing his arm around her shoulder, moving slowly as he tried, making his intention obvious to her, and yet awaiting her consent, either verbal or otherwise.::

Miyumi ::Miyumi felt his movement, and moved closer to make walking together easier. She, in turn, put an arm around his waist.::

saladin ::Saldin continued his movement and wrapped his arm around the shoulder of Miyumi. He felt so happy at this exact moment.:: Where will we find a place?

Miyumi ::Miyumi shrugged:: Either there will be an empty building we can just move in to, or we can buy a place. I have plenty saved up by now.

saladin ::Saldain noddeed.:: [/i]I see. Well, regardless of what happens, you will be safe. I will protect you at all costs, Yumi.[/i]

saladin ::Suddenly, Saladin felt something from a distance, he wasn't sure what it was. But it was from very far away. His gaze was concentrated in that south easterly direction as he suddenly stopped walking.::

Miyumi ::Miyumi stopped with him, and looked at him questioningly. She followed his gaze, and while she didn't see anything, she got an ache in her head.:: What is it?

saladin ::Saladin's eyes glaze over as a small grin adorns his face.:: Yumi, my love, I need to leave. I will be back soon.

Miyumi ::Miyumi finds it hard to think past the slight fogginess which she recognized as energy movement.:: Leave? Where are you going?

saladin I can gain respect again, I know I can. I will need to hurry though. It will be hard, but I will win. I will win because I love you, Yumi.

Miyumi ::Miyumi shook her head, trying to clear it.:: How? ::She meant how would he gain respect, but her mind couldn't form the words from the ideas.::

saladin I am not sure, somehow, I just KNOW. ::He turns to Miyumi, a tear falling from his eye as he looked at her.:: I love you. I am sorry. Please, let me leave.

Miyumi ::Miyumi reaches up and catches his tear, smiling at him.:: Of course I will, I just wanted to know why. You go, I'll make a place here.

saladin ::Saladin places a hand on the cheek of Miyumi, and leaning down, he kisses her gently on the lips, wanting to extend the embrace, whilst at same time not wanting to be overly forward.::

Miyumi ::Miyumi's mind opens to his again, and she sees his desire. She moves her hand from his cheek to behind his head, giving him permission with body language and mind. Flitting across her mind is a wish that she could control this ability a bit more.::

(2:23am) saladin ::Saladin feels his mind once more connect with Miyumi's. He sends an image of himself to her. He breaks away from the kiss, and looks at her.:: I will help you control when I return. I love you. ::With that, he ran through the forest in a straight line, not following a path at all.::

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