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Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty

Nebula's Dawn Lore

a part of “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, a fictional universe by VindicatedPurpose.

Nebula's Dawn Series Part II: The Arcturus System is the very fringe of colonized space, here rests many mysteries to be discovered, alongside many conflicts to be fought. [Paused]

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”.
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Nebula's Dawn Lore

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VindicatedPurpose on Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:03 pm

This is the Lore section of the Nebula's Dawn universe. It will include many subtopics/articles such as technology, and other notable information vital to the story.
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Re: Nebula's Dawn Lore

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Uncertainly on Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:33 pm

Libertas Mundi - Areca, Capital of New Sidney
The Lord of Liberty
Six Months Ago

So far, everything was going according to plan. They had risen and begun long before dawn. There were several stages to the plan- the first being the setup. It would take the longest. First, place snipers on every other rooftop. Second, murder the resident Federation barracks full of guards in their beds and don their armor. Third, place the explosives, communication jams, and speakers. They had to move quietly through the town for hours getting everything into perfect condition. They were noticed by guards several times, but a few silenced shots took care of any problematic squealers.

With everyone in position, it was time to begin the second stage of the plan. Gather as many citizens as possible to the square in front of city hall. As the people of Areca rose from their homes and headed to work, they found roads closed, and all the shops and buildings where they went to work had a guard directing them to the square. Naturally there was confusion and occasional belligerence among the populace. When prompted, all of the guards were to answer "There is to be a very important announcement from City Hall. Please make your way there immediately."

Being directed by men with armor and guns, the people obliged and kept their concerns to themselves and each other. Several thousand people had gathered in the square. It was a great and noisy crowd with a few voices of protest, most of which called for air conditioning. Air conditioning was denied. Quite the opposite happened: the soldiers hemmed them in and would not allow anyone to leave the square.

At about two hours before noon, The Lord of Liberty decided he had done enough waiting. He had been standing on the roof of city hall with a few others out of range of the crowd. The others with him were four of his most elite personal guard, and the mayor of Areca, tied and gagged.

Lord Liberty removed the mayor's gag and tossed it aside. “Any last words?” came the mechanical voice through his mask.
“Why are you doing this,” said the mayor in a hoarse whisper. He had given up hope an hour before when he realized that there would be no chance for his escape. When he understood that his death was certain.
“Empires must fall. The Federation is no different.”
The mayor's eyes widened. He spoke in an even more subdued whisper than before, “You're mad...”
The Lord of Liberty gave a slow nod. “It is time to begin the show.” He ripped his sword from its sheath at his hip and drew it back.

To begin the show, Liberty stabbed the man through the heart, and dragged him to the front of the roof. He held the man up for the audience to behold as the stain on his suit grew larger, and dropped him ceremoniously to the ground several stories below.

The mutters of confusion from the crowd turned to cries of horror, and all attention turned to the masked man standing atop the heart of the city. His mask was connected by wire to a set of loudspeakers (all wireless signals were jammed), which he turned on with the press of a button. The man began his rehearsed speech to the city.

"People of Areca! I am the Lord of Liberty!" Right away he was greeted with boos, but he plowed on. He expected as much. He had enough stationed soldiers to deter any of the more brazen citizens. "You may not have seen oppression, but I have heard the call to action. The Federation is a corrupt entity, and it must fall. It stands alone as the master of all humanity, and its corruption grows with each man." At this point, two of his guard came to flank him. The man on the right held a lit torch. On the left, an unmarked black box. "I come with a calling. A calling to each and every man. Look around you- the Federation's corruption is not far." Each soldier who had stolen Federation armor aimed into the crowd in theatrical rehearsed fashion. "Join me and fight! Fight for freedom! Fight for justice! The Federation will fall. Ask yourselves, will you fall with it, or will you push it down?" The man to his left placed down the black box. "Know our name. Know our cause. They are one and the same. We are..." The man to his right lit the box on fire.

"Libertas Mundi!" "Freedom of our world!"

From the box shot a single great firework. It exploded in the sky above several times, visible even in the daylight. And queued to exact timing with the firework, the communication jams cut out and the detonation signal reached every explosive planted in the city. Almost every establishment that bore a Federation logo was gone in an instant, including City Hall. Liberty had placed his bombs well- He and his men rode the collapsing roof down to the ground floor and strode off into the panicked crowd. The imposter Federation soldiers broke their lines then, and the crowd ran in fear. Anyone who pulled a gun was sniped from the rooftops. The soldiers formed a protective ring around Lord Liberty and they marched down the straightest road out of town.

There were a few civilian followers, quite a few planted by the Lord beforehand. As they left Areca behind in the desert sands of New Sidney, the ranks of the soldiers broke. The revolutionaries cheered for their flawless victory and ripped off their Federation armor. In the center walked the Lord and his closest followers, grim looks on their faces and precision in their march. They had not won anything- all they had done was terrorize Areca. But this was all part of the Lord's plan. This day was not for victory. This day was for announcement. Lord Liberty wanted to send a message to the people of New Sidney. A message that would not be censored by the Federation. "We are here."

Now that he had spoken, however, it was time to leave. Not only leave, it was time for Libertas Mundi to evaporate. The Federation (once it got its shit together) would scour New Sidney for any trace of the rebellion. He had hiding places in Areca of course, but the theatrical exit was necessary for the people. If they believed that the terrorists were still in the city, they would tear the entire place to the ground. The hiding places within Areca were for the snipers he had left behind. Out in the open desert were a large assortment of desert-worthy vehicles. The rebellion piled themselves into the vehicles and drove off.

As the Lord of Liberty looked out at the capital in flames, he felt his confidence grow just a little bit. Everything had gone according to plan. The slightest smile touched his lips. They could not go into space- the Federation had too many ships nearby. They couldn't stay in a city. Guards would watch them always. But the Lord of Liberty had ample places to hide underground. By the time the Federation managed to send another order, there would be no trace of the insurgency left on the surface of the planet.

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Re: Nebula's Dawn Lore

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DustAndEchoes on Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:13 pm

Driftball / Gravball

It's a sport that takes aspects from lacross, rugby, and hockey, with a court laid out like a paintball field. It's a contact sport known for its high speed impacts and subsequent injuries.

4-7 players on each team share a rink that exists in a field of null gravity. (A planet-bound variation can be played with anti-gravity equipped players, but it's expensive and the ball never acts right). Obsticles of various shape hang suspended in random locations, and durring halftime these obstructions are 'Scrambled' before play resumes. Coaches in professional leagues can also use a 'Scramble' much like other sports use a Time Out. Diamond-shaped goals are placed inset into oposite walls mid-way up. Traditionally, at least one large obsticle is placed between them, preventing goalies from having a direct view across the rink. Goals are approximately the size of ice hockey goals today.

The anti-gravity aspect of this sport means that players and balls ricochet around with nothing to stop their momentum. Speeds can get quite high, and an out-of-control player is a dangerous ballistic. Conversely, robbing an opposing player of his momentum leaves him flailing about helplessly in place until someone gives a push. Without a designated 'up' and 'down', vertigo sets in easily and is one of the first challenges a driftball player must overcome. In-game, players are often seen hanging upside-down or cockeyed, often giving spectators their own dose of vertigo.

- Players: wear light impact padding and helmets with face-shields. They tend to be slim and agile, rarely exceeding 200lbs. This game is about dexterity and cleverness, not speed and power. Their other peice of equipment is the Crook. Shaped just like it sounds, this short stick ends in a scooped hook that can be used - among other things - to sling-shot the raquetball-sized ball, or to hook into a teammate's stick to perform 'crack the whip' maneuvers that propell players across distances. Hooking an oposing player's stick is a foul. While the long side of the stick can be used to push opponents, stick fighting is grounds for expulsion. Not that it doesnt happen, anyway.

- Goalie: have broad pads on their forearms and shins. They do not use a Crook, and cannot handle the ball other that batting it away with their pads. They remain in place near the goal, but can move anywhere on the field like a mobile obsticle. This, of course, leaves their goal vulnerable, but can be a valuable tactic.

Miscellaneous Notes:
Two named teams thusfar are the 'Dog Stars', and 'Escape Velocity'. Team names tend to reflect cosmic anomalies and landmarks, much like teams today tend to use predatory animals.

People living planetbound tend to look down their noses at this sport. Inherrently exposed to decades of working in anti-gravity, teams fielded by colonies and industrial stations have a distinct advantage, leaving planetary teams playing 'catch up'. In fact, the sport originated amongst bored space-farers slinging balls around container-filled cargo bays. Its working-class origins and the affore-mentioned physical prejudice make it easy to call Driftball a 'dirty' sport. You wouldnt find an Equestrian generally willing to watch a Rodeo.

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Re: Nebula's Dawn Lore

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VindicatedPurpose on Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:56 pm

F.S.S. Salient Fighter Command Chain

Supreme Commander of the F.S.S. Salient

Supreme Commander: Rear Admiral Lower Aronimus Weston

<Crew Of The F.S.S. Salient>

F.S.S. Salient Air Wing Commanders (Brigadier General)

Rear Admiral: Aronimus Weston

Air Wing One

Air Wing Two

Air Wing Three

<Air Wing {3 Groups}>

F.S.S. Salient Air Group Commander (Colonel)


Air Wing One
Group A

Group B

Group C

<Air Group {2 Squadrons}>

F.S.S. Salient Air Squadron Commander (Lieutenant Colonel/Major)

Commanders/Lieutenant Cmdrs:
Air Group A - Fighter Squadron Delta
Air Group A - Gunship Squadron Alpha
{32 Craft}
Air Group B - Fighter Squadron Foxtrot
Air Group B - Interceptor Squadron Sierra
{27 Craft}
Air Group C - Fighter Squadron Kilo
Air Group C Fighter Squadron November
{24 Craft}
Dropship Attache

<Air Squadron {3-4 Flights} - 12 Fighters/20 Gunships/15 Interceptors>

F.S.S. Salient Air Flight (Captain)

Fighter Squadron Delta Flight One - Jessica MacPhearson

<Air Flight {2+ Sections}>

( ) - Ranks listed in parentheses are Air Force ranks, the ranks listed under those are the Air Force ranks translated to Navy ranks because the Salient's fighter complement is naval aviation. Naval aviation has a different kind of organization when it comes to ranks, so I had to translate the Air Force ranks, because the Air Force is more attuned to organization of fighters/bombers/gunships/interceptors. I could have used Air Force ranks instead, however, for the sake of being coherent, I chose to use Naval ranks instead.

F.S.S. Salient Marine Detachment Command Chain

Supreme Commander of the F.S.S Salient

Supreme Commander: Rear Admiral Lower Aronimus Weston

<Crew Of The F.S.S Salient>

Commander of Marine Detachment [Regiment] Commander (Commander = Colonel)

Marine 82nd Regiment Commander: Atomsk Dunaway

<Marine Regiment {4 Battalions} - 3200 Marines>

F.S.S. Salient Marine Detachment Battalion Commander (Lieutenant Colonels)

Lieutenant Colonels:
1st Marine Battalion: Nico Humeth
5th Marine Battalion
12th Marine Battalion
42nd Marine Battalion: Kelin Shade

<Marine Battalion {4 Companies} - 800 Marines>

F.S.S Salient Marine Detachment Company Commander (Captains - Majors)

1st Battalion
- Alpha Company
- Bravo Company
- Sierra Company
- Tango Company

42nd Battalion
- Charlie Company: Eli Colter
- Echo Company
- Foxtrot Company
- Zulu Company

<Marine Company {4 Platoons} - 200 Marines>

F.S.S Salient Marine Detachment Platoon Leader (Lieutenants)


<Marine Platoon {4 Squads} - 40 Marines>

F.S.S Salient Marine Detachment Squad Leader (Sergeants)


<Marine Squad {2 Fireteams} - 10 Marines>

F.S.S Salient Marine Detachment Fireteam Leader (L Cpl - Sergeants)


<Marine Fireteam {2 Fire/Maneuver Teams} - 5 Marines>

{ } - Represents the composition of an element. For example, a Marine Fireteam is composed of 2 Fire/Maneuver Teams.
- 10 Marines> - The number of Marines within an element. For example, a Marine Fireteam is composed of 5 Marines.

References: ... s_compared
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Re: Nebula's Dawn Lore

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VindicatedPurpose on Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:02 pm

- Federation Armed Forces -

Federation Navy:
The Federation Navy is the branch responsible for the Federation Armed Forces' naval warfare operations. It is concerned primarily with the transportation of combat troops, the Marine Corps, in order to enable planetary campaigns as well as engaging hostile fleets with its own numbers. The Navy maintains three Rapid Response Task Forces centered around three to five capital ships that serve as the core. It also maintains several garrison fleets located around key worlds/systems such as the Sol Defense Fleet, charged with the defense of Earth and Federation colonies in the Sol System. The Navy has currently closed off further commissioning of Neptune Class Battlecruisers, with the F.S.S. Salient being the last of the class and therefore equipped with state of the art technology. The Federation Navy has since deployed the Vigilance Class Stealth Frigates, after construction was completed recently. The lead ship along with two others, the Legacy and the Redemption were deployed for active duty.

Admiral's Attire:
The previous color for a Vice Admiral's service dress was a light grayish blue with golden trims. Since Eturrer's defection, that line of service dresses was immediately removed from Federation uniforms. It was replaced by a line of Navy blue uniform, with white trims. Admirals were still required to wear service caps during formal occasions, but they were not required when in the field. Admirals of the fleet, however, were still required to wear service caps regardless of the situation.


Federation Marine Corps: The Federation Marine Corps is the branch responsible for the Federation Armed Forces' ground/planetary warfare operations. It is primarily concerned with initiating and completing planetary campaigns and engaging threats on the ground. Each Marine is well-trained and equipped with standard weaponry. The Marine Corps organization revolves around detachments stationed aboard Federation Navy warships. These detachments operate based on a doctrine of flexibility and mobility, with heavy fire support to react to hot spots or put daggers through enemy lines. They rely on support from the fleet's capital ships for orbital bombardment as well as fire support from Air Wings composed of a mix of Marine/Naval pilots. These, combined with the firepower of Marine ground vehicles such as the mobile howitzers and artillery platforms will help demolish a defensive position to allow the Marines to assault. An assault will compose mainly of Marines, either spearheaded by tanks and mechanized assault walkers, or a squadron of gunships filled with Marines to establish a forward point.

Marine Corps Training Manual - Training System 3A-3C:
Training 3A-3C referred to the third training system developed after the failure of two previous systems and their subsequent reformations. It was a three section training regiment given to Marines after they had successfully graduated from boot camp. From there they would reach 3A, which was the first level, it was similar to an upgraded boot camp training, only longer, with more drills. Most of those who passed Boot Camp would pass 3A, then they would reach 3B. 3B was a tactical training scenario utilizing holograms, similar to the Barracks training center on the Salient. It was here that they honed their targeting abilities, and they would be trained to use standard field equipment. Here, statistics stated that only half of those who succeeded 3A, would be sent to 3C.

3C in itself should have been a separate training regiment considering that Marines only needed to pass 3B to serve with pay. Although some elect to join 3C with their consent. So far the Federation command has found no argument to change the current system. 3C had multiple training locations set aside for Marines, with planets varying in geography and physical features, training centers that simulated zero-g conditions for spaceborne combat, and training centers for underwater combat. Trainees here would train against other 3B graduates, of which numbered only a forth of those who managed to complete 3A successfully, in the multiple combat environments. The trainees would be equally divided into separate squads with a leader, although the position fluctuated from individual to individual based on daily performances. Although the training scenarios are dangerous, there had been zero cases of fatalities, giving the 3C a 100% safety rating. As for the success rate, perhaps only half of those who completed 3B would complete 3C.

After completion of 3C the graduates would be given six months time of R&R to recuperate for the immense training, 3B graduates, however, would receive two months, before being sent to serve aboard vessels.


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Re: Nebula's Dawn Lore

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nyte on Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:49 pm


Aetetisplasia is a virus discovered about eight years ago in the Arcturus System. A total of three hundred of people have come in contact with the virus, only fifteen of them survived. Those that do survive it are given what appears to be a form of immortality. Their body stops aging from the point they contacted it, gaining a form of immortality so to speak. In addition, their healing process increases greatly.

Naturally, this has made those who carry the virus a prime target for many people who wish to gain that same immortality. How the virus works and how people are able to survive are a complete mystery. Those who have experimented on the surviving carriers of the virus were blocked off by walls of inconclusive data.

It's known however that the virus can be transmitted through sexual contact, which will more than likely kill the recipient. As such, those who carry the virus must not engage in sexual intercourse. It isn't entirely confirmed, but it should be noted that everyone who survived and carries the virus is female. Whether or not only females can survive the virus remains unconfirmed.

It may sound like a gift to not age, it's really a curse. There is a wide variety of reasons why this is a bad. But the biggest one is the aforementioned fact that their "gift" has made them a prime target of many people who want that immortality. Eden Allaway is the luckiest carrier on the fact that she got out of the inhumane experimentation that took place on the carriers. It's unknown what has become of the rest.

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