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I need a mentor, would someone please teach me?

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I need a mentor, would someone please teach me?

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Zyphruxce on Sat May 11, 2019 10:38 pm

Hi! Before anything else, first of all, I wanna introduce myself. I am Zyphruxce (literally not my real name) and I've been in the RP Industry for quiet a while now (probably). I started roleplaying a year ago but it just felt like I did not improve at all. Though my roleplaying skills could be considered as okay but I am never satisfied with it. I wanna do more than just it. I am a bit lagging behind on how to be descriptive enough. I keep on losing words and/or not creative enough with how I describe things. In simpler terms, here is the list of what I definitely wanna learn but cannot fully comprehend and/or cannot fully attain it myself:

1.) How do you become more creative with your words?
2.) Definitely everything about combat roleplay | how to be a good combat roleplayer? | how to improve your combat roleplaying skills?
3.) Creating a well-balanced OC
4.) Improvements in writing and literacy
5.) How do you add more emotions to your roleplay?

And if ever someone is kind enough to teach me more than just what I wanna learn, it would definitely be the best! :D

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Re: I need a mentor, would someone please teach me?

Tips: 0.75 INK Postby AppleSauce on Sat May 18, 2019 9:03 pm

Hello Zyphruxce and welcome!

Now in all honesty the best way to learn and improve is simply via practice and by doing it. But I'm sure you already knew that. The most important thing though, is that you have fun. You don't want RPing to become a chore while you're learning.

I can briefly answer your questions before addressing how to put it in practice.

1. Best way to become creative with your words (in my opinion) is by looking at Synonyms. What is a Synonym? To put it simply, it's a word or phrase that means exactly or near the same thing. For example some synonyms of scared are:
- afraid
- anxious
- fearful
- shaken
- petrified
Mixing up how you describe things by using new words will make your sentences sounds more, exciting.
Also using similes helps a lot too. You don't have to be a super creative pro with this. You can even make it comical. But a simile is when you compare one thing to another. For example:
Her hair was like sunshine, her smile the rays that would always brighten my day.
Something like that. (I'm sorry all I could think of on the spot was super cheesy lol)
Just remember to address how your character feels, what they see, what they're wearing, what they're thinking, what they're doing. Think about every aspect of your character to make it feel as REAL and authentic as you can. You don't have to go overboard depending on your writing style and whether your literate or semi literate. But those are some things to keep in mind if you're at a loss for words.

2. Now combat. Can be tricky. And annoying. Especially if you're opponent is super God Modding twat that makes out that every attack you throw misses. Your imagination is important in this. How I got the hang of combat RPing was by actually watching videos on different combat style. Whether it be real life, movies or anime. I watched how they moved, how their abilities worked, what happened when certain blows were thrown against certain opponents. There's nothing wrong with using a character or person as inspiration and copying their moves used in a movie or what ever in your RP. This is something that definitely requires practice as well as communication with the opponent by deciding between each other if one might be stronger than the other; where one is weak the other prevails etc.

3. A well balanced OC can be quite simple. Think of it this way; always have a negative for a positive you create. Whether it be physical or mental. Person your character is super strong but they have a short temper and are prone to rushing in with no thought. This causes them to fall prey to traps easily and receive unnecessary damage. Maybe they're strong but quite slow and are weak against more agile opponents that slowly chip away at their health. Or perhaps they don't have the stamina to fight for very long and tire out quite quickly. Researching similar characters in series you might be following will help with this too. See what their weaknesses are for ideas if you're stuck or ask a friend.

4. Practice practice practice. The more you RP and write. The more you'll improve. Getting critiques from others will help show where you could improve that you might not see. You can always write up your reply in Microsoft Word to check for spelling mistakes or errors; read through to see if you've structured sentences too similarly to each other. For example you might have a habit of saying "Such as" too much (like myself lol) or words like: basically, heaps, like, casually, simply.
It's hard to explain but it's sort of like people saying "um" and "like" a lot or "literally" when they speak, when something in fact IS something not LIKE something. (I still use like far too often and am still trying not to over use it hah)

5. Okay now, this might sound funny but. When I'm RPing and I read the scene I actually act how my character might react. So I sit there and pull weird facial expressions at my computer. There is a more sane way to do this! Pop culture, TV series, Anime, Movies; watch how characters react, think of how to describe it. Look up Synonyms of the words you want to use to describe how your character feels. Think of how their body might react; maybe they bite their bottom lip or fiddle with their clothing because their anxious? Perhaps they grit their teeth and clench their fists out of frustration or anger? Maybe their bottom lip trembles or their body shakes out of sadness or fear?

In conclusion. Studying and paying attention to how people interact with one another helps a lot. Whether it be through your favourite TV series or simply taking not of your friend's mannerisms.

I'd be more than happy to teach you more and have a 1 on 1 RP with you in perhaps the Multiverse or private message or a thread could be created if you like. I'll eventually be starting up a fantasy RP for all RPers at any level to participate in too if you're interested. I think it would be a great way for everyone to help each other out.

Sorry you've had to wait so long for a response, hope this helps. :)

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