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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Fri Dec 16, 2005 1:51 pm

Married? With two kids? She would have never thought it possible. Yes, she did, decide to follow one of those fine soldiers into his tent and that was that. It only took one time this time. She couldn’t believe after so many years it only took one time to get her to this state. After she found out about her situation, she quickly extracted herself from WLTFUU news and had sent back the news team without any good explanation, but that she didn’t feel like reporting was the job for her.

She had left the soldier without telling him anything but somehow he found out and tracked her down. How things got to this, she can’t even quite recall. She had twins and of all things, double trouble, boys.

Yet still, she missed her reporting. She missed shouting at Kyle and punching out other reporters to get her stories. Yet she was here, in Mexico, a house wife. She could only catch glimpses of the world news and had desired to return since the day she had dropped the reporting business. For awhile though she had almost forgotten but now, three years later, the news was hot again. She was obsessed with catching the world news on the recent events occurring on earth and in space, although she couldn’t see any reporting from WLTFUU. Her husband has started becoming frustrated with her, as she began to be distracted when she was doing her house chores and when she was around the kids.

Finally he was able to sit her down and make her make up her mind. She was going to go back to the WLTFUU. She knew they couldn’t do without her. Her family moved with her and she was grateful because she knew that her family has become just as important to her as her reporting. She couldn’t do without both.

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