Avatar: Bending War

I'm new to RPG site altogether.

a part of “Avatar: Bending War”, a fictional universe by Stark Contrast.

(Always Open)80 years after the events of Legend of Korra, a revolution has arisen between the Non-benders, and benders, which side will you choose?

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I'm new to RPG site altogether.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby AerionHunter on Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:22 pm

Well i was searching for some avatar the last airbender threads and stuff and i found this, knowing i'd have to give it a try being a huge fan of avatar the last airbender, well so far read bunch of rules and stuff from lots of RPGs and wikia earlier i'm kinda getting tired, but using my last little energy into making two characters for this roleplay, Aerion And Amer, they have real interesting stories but really, I'll Need to Revise and edit it, also i kinda need to know more about this 80 year after korra thing, time to read read read some more, well, i would do whatever to get in the action and get this little thing bigger i could really get my freinds to play if you would like, they are always interested in my stuff, So if i where to know if you want a big community, even know cool things can come from that like real world living like, but also some bad stuff can come from that, it'll be great to have such a big community to wheir theres a cabbage man and stuff. oh and im aalways spelling write and grammar i dont have any bad habbits besides the occasional "...", in text messages i would always be the on writing everything right and right huge paragraphs. plz pm me and infolize me, ahaha... and if theirs anything i could do, i'll do it.
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