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Newest Arrivals--suggestions?

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Newest Arrivals--suggestions?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby loveisfree on Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:43 pm

So I finally have a couple characters that are just about ready to be used in role play. I'm very excited, not only cause they're new and original, but because they are out of my comfort zone. Generally, I take part in modern themed role plays- no magic, no beasts, no witches and warlocks. ;P But with these two, I've decided to go more fantasy with them, possibly even just during medieval times-- but that's up for debate still. Please please please take the time to read both profiles... I've worked hard. ;D

So, without further ado, I present to you all the Sisters Crone.

Name: Bliss Crone
Age: 23
Being: Human- Mage/witch
Element: Earth
Era: Usually medieval, but sometimes modern
-eyes: Large, wide, emerald in color, very inviting
-hair: Long ringlets of warm light browns and blonds, reaching her rear, parts to the side with a flowered barrette made of real, orange lilies
-skin: Somewhat tan all over, rosy cheeks
-height/weight: 5"3'/130 lbs, a bit chubby for her height
-clothing: A flowing, light lime-ish green colored shirt with splashes of sunflower yellow wraps around her torso and chest, flowing sleeves- somewhat meshy/light weight fabric. The same idea as her top goes for her bottom; a flowy, loose skirt reaches half-calf, dirt brown in color. Normally she goes barefoot, but for the sake of public places in modern role plays, she wears thin sandals (flip flops?), brown in color

Personality: Submissive/docile-- Bliss is very nurturing by nature. She has a healing voice and mothers many who have been abandoned or discarded. She craves love and affection and is very flirty and giggly. She is rarely in a sour mood and likes to remain positive and is forever optimistic. Bliss tries to be on everyone's good side, she hates confrontation and it breaks her heart when she knows of someone who dislikes her.

Powers (somewhat limited): She can sprout small plants from thin air, usually outdoors. She can talk to the vegetation around her, able to keep company even when she is alone. She can also heal mild ailments in people and animals, drawing the disease out and destroying it.

Brief personal history: Bliss was raised in the forest in a small, cabin-like home with her sister Spite. Her mother and father were very loving towards each other and Bliss has always wanted that sort of happiness. Her mother and father were both imps of the forest, harvesting the same, although a bit more powerful abilities as Bliss and Spite combined. Their parents died when Bliss was 13. Bliss took it upon herself to raise her sister.

Name: Spite Crone
Age: 20
Being: Human- Mage/witch
Element: Darkness and sickness/poison, she can also reverse spells of that nature
Era: Usually medieval, but sometimes modern
-eyes: Large, dark brown/black, outlined heavily with dark make up, they're usually narrowed in a glare
-hair: Very dark, nearly black, slight curls reaching her shoulders, usually pulled back in a black ribbon
-skin: Very light/pale, a slight hint of pink in her cheeks, and even less in her lips
-height/weight: 5"6'/120 lbs
-clothing: Predictably, her clothes are dark, generally black, long sleeves and pants, although sometimes she's seen wearing dark evening gowns of a sort. She wears many rings and necklaces; one of which is a vile of her sister's blood.

Personality: Dominant/forceful-- Spite is a very cynical girl. Breaking through her tough outer shell takes time, consistency, and dedication. Bliss is one of few who can even touch her, though that doesn't mean they always get along. Spite has a powerful dark side and takes great pleasure in destruction, even though she rarely causes it herself. She's quite reserved and normally keeps to herself, though a bit of socializing now and again is okay. Her voice is low and almost a hiss. Her words are laced with animosity, malice, and sarcasm. She tends to pick on those she finds weaker than herself.

Powers (somewhat harsh): Spite's powers are in fact limited, but with such great abhorrence she harvests for many, the spell's effects are usually devastating. Though she has never killed anyone directly, the poisonous powers she possesses are conditioned and can leave permanent scars, mentally and physically. Though most of her powers are inflicted in the form of pain and suffering, Spite can also reverse those effects of her own spells, and many mild ailments that burden man and animals alike. But just because she has healing powers (to a point, less than Bliss), doesn't mean she uses them. ;D

Brief personal history: As mentioned before, Spite was raised with her sister Bliss by their parents in the forest. Their home was small and Spite can't recall a single pleasing memory from her childhood. She was born as Joy Crone, but upon the death of her parents at the age of 10, she took it upon herself to change her name to Spite. One of the few people Spite confides in is her older sister Bliss.

There ya have it! I want as much feedback as your happy, little fingers can type. Gimme ideas on how to round them out more. I realize the idea of the two is a bit cliche, with one half light, one half dark blahblah. I don't care about that. C: I want ideas and suggestions on how to make them more individual, though I don't think I did too horribly... -ponders- Anyways, I'll still be know as Love or Lovie on here and the chats when I'm OOC. Let me know what you think and if you'd be interested in role playing, dearies. Thanks much in advance!

check it---

love is free

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Re: Newest Arrivals--suggestions?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wings_Take_Flight on Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:31 pm

If you ever want to test these characters out just pm me. ^_^ I would love to role play with you.

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