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Nightmare, Lord of the Dead

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Nightmare, Lord of the Dead

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Midnight on Thu Dec 28, 2006 8:58 pm

Name: Matt Night
Alias: Nightmare, Lord of the Dead
Age: 20
Height: 5'10
Weight: 200
Race: Human
Discription: He is an average looking guy with short black hair average build blue eyes. Under his clothing are all kinds of scars carved in his body they take shape of Necromancery symbols.

Personality: He has a fun happy go lucky addituted to everyone. Its you usually very hard to piss Matt off but when you do you get to meet Nightmare the Necromancer. His personality becomes very cold and uncaring.

Wears: He has 2 sets of clothing. Normal brown worker clothing to make him blend it and a pair of black tights covered in bones mostly ribs around his body parts but a pelvis for shorts and a skull for a helmet.

Weapons: He has on his hands a bone knuckle glove for fighting close range and cares around a staff with a black orb on top. The staff has Necromancery symbols on it.

Skills: Some hand to hand abilitys. And basic knowledge in all lore.

Abilities: He has some light spells for dark places and basic fire spells but he needs his staff to use them.

Magic: All kinds of Darkness spells. He can sommon skeleton warriors, mages, or archers. He can also use darkness shields, darkness balls, and his favorite the Darkness Wave (basicly a wave of dark energy that don't hurt the dead or pure darkness entities but is very poisoness and powerfull to any life. It can even throw the strongest warriors back.). His best spells let him summon Darkness Entities (Darkness Entities are beings made out of pure dark energy that can use dark spells, be warrior entities, or even archers. Darkness Mages can only use spells or weak hit enemys. Darkness Warriors can only fight close range with swords or axes but they are as strong as any other warriors. Darkness Archers are like the warriors exept they shoot dark arrows and can hit with their bows.)

Bio: Not much is known about his past just that he graduated from the Necromancery guild and what he says about being lord of the dead.

Misc. info: He is a great necromancer so casting his spells don't take much out of him but continued quick use of spells can really weaken him.

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