Nisus of Acquisition

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Nisus of Acquisition

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Modesty on Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:00 am

Modern Supernatural

The following roleplay is a
private roleplay between
Modesty and Relius.
While you are welcomed to
read along, we would kindly
ask that you send us a PM
to ask before joining. Please
be aware that there may be
adult themes present in the
following writing. Thank-you.

Nisus of Acquisition

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was the sparkle of the gemstones that caught her eye, pausing at a decorated mirror in the hallway. Unlike the décor of the estate, which in her opinion was gaudy at best, the paint that decorated her body was intricate and skillful. Waves, matching the natural curvature of her body, were painted in black, cerulean and violet. Despite the beautiful hues, her eyes didn’t linger on the background swirls but darted between the hundreds of rhinestones (all fake, of course) that dotted her skin like a plethora of stars dotting the night sky. Dark kohl lined her eyes, painting a mask around them- the paint, rather than a materialistic costume would mark her position low on the hierarchy… as if the collar and bracers, iron to suppress any supernatural skillsets, didn’t already mark her for what she was.

What little of her skin was covered was wrapped in black chiffon; scarcely a bra and a trailing skirt with long slits up both thigh. While one in a modern world might have attributed the show of flesh to spur pleasure, she knew this wasn’t the case. The more flesh the easier the access to the life-force that flowed through her supple body. It expressed her vulnerability, her weakness, her position as a slave.

Eyes, more gold than green, flickered over the structure of her face quickly trying to distinguish what she looked like beneath the paint. How long had it been since she’d seen her own reflection? Time, and recent events had aged her. She’d lost some weight and muscle, further defining the high cheekbones and plump lips that had most likely gotten her into the current situation. Vampires; they were shallow creatures and beauty was prized. She momentarily wondered if she’d been born any less attractive if they’d have slaughtered her instead of subjugated her. What would her kin have said to see her all dolled up?

Thoughts were interrupted with a forceful shove from behind. A guard was escorting her and wasn’t taking kindly to her pause of self-admiration. As she resumed the walk she couldn’t prevent the dry thoughts about how they kept her in check but avoided bruises. Wouldn’t want to damage the merchandise, she mused. In reality, Savan knew all too well that they didn’t need to break bones or skin to cause excruciating pain.

Golden eyes focused on the woman she followed, dropping from the rolling curls of strawberry tresses down to the low cut back and swaying hips. Her flawless body swayed enchantingly with each step. The awe that Rosaline inspired only furthered Savan’s yearning to plant a knife firmly between those two perfect shoulder blades. As if she could hear the slave’s thoughts, Rosaline glanced over her shoulder and offered a wicked smile from behind her sequined mask.

It sent a shiver down Savan’s spine. She had never been faint of heart, but Savan had witnessed first hand that beneath those black gloves that matched the gown of her mistress were instruments of torture. Just a touch of those fingertips would render her useless, stuck in inexplicable agony. Sav gritted her teeth and swallowed the rage that always followed the fear.

The trio stopped outside a door. They were in the guest quarters. While Savan hadn’t been in service long the layout of the estate had been burned into her memory out of necessity; one never knew when opportunity would arise. The first chance she got, she’d be gone. Rosaline tapped on the door, the knocks muted by the fabric that swaddled her hands, before opening it.

“Honey, I’m home.” She purred, a smile visible as she was pleased as punch at her own humor. “And I’ve brought you a gift.”

Sav took a calming breath; it was her turn at bat.

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Re: Nisus of Acquisition

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Relius on Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:09 am

Magic was allot like music. Just as a single wrong note could ruin an entire piece of music, a slight lapse in concentration while working a spell would cause the spell to backfire, potentially killing the spellcaster. Both required years of practice, and even then, perfection in your craft wasn not guaranteed. Some people simply weren't meant for it, and others were gifted at birth. Gaius was rather happy he'd been born with a skill for both, more so then ever as he leaned over his captive and continued the spell.

The music would come later.

A vampire like himself was pinned to the long oak table, a silver stake punched through the palms of each hand, while the feet were simply chained down. Gaius would need for his captive to walk after, so harming anything below the waist in permanent manner would be ill advised. He'd also knocked the vampire out, not out of mercy, but because it was much easier to wrap a spell around someone when they weren't twisting and turning in pain. Plus, with the party going on upstairs, it was better that no one hear screams. At least, vampire screams.

But would the party goers upstairs notice a missing guest? Of course not! Both Gaius and his unfortunate captive were of lesser Vampire Houses, not even in the top ten! It was what made Gaius's plan so brilliant, it went against everything vampire tradition claimed. After all, tradition only worked if people followed the rules, and if there was one thing Gaius had learned from his time with the vampires, it was that rules were made to be broken. Shattered. Corrupted.

Arching a slender eyebrow, Gaius paused his weaving of the spell for a moment and allowed himself a small smile. He'd certainly come a long way since he'd first been turned, a shy academic who'd caught the eye of the wrong type of creature. He still looked the same as he had that night, soft youthful looks, yet fairly plain looking. The sort who'd play the good intentioned best friend along side the movie star. Gaius had found out that being pretty or handsome was probably the worst thing that could happen to you as a vampire.

It got you noticed.

Going back to work, Gaius finished up the spell and took a step back, his eyes glowing gold as he activated the Sight that allowed all magic users to perceive the workings of Magic. If anyone was to look at the skin of the vampire on the table, they'd see a golden barbed wire twisting over his body, digging into the skin. A deep red pulse glowed beneath the vampire's skin, an extra special surprise Gaius had cooked up just for tonight.

Slipping on his black leather gloves, Gaius pulled the stakes out of the vampire's hands and tossed them aside, before moving to the chains and pulling them off as well "Raise and shine, brother in law..." Gaius whispered softly "...we have a party to attend"

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Re: Nisus of Acquisition

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Modesty on Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:58 pm

Before the door opened, Savan knew what was on the other side. Her eyes were downcast as she had been taught as they entered, but she could see the face in her mind. A pretty blonde with bright blues and an innocent smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. Savan knew first hand that you didn’t want to see that smile when it did.

Her body tensed as the blonde woman, just as pretty as Rosaline, circled her. Instincts were on edge, kicking into flight or fight mode although she knew neither would be able to help her in that moment. A slender collar around her throat was more than testament to how helpless she was. For all her speed and strength, the Vampires would be on her before she could get through the door. The iron that laced the collar made sure she, nor any other, would stand a chance by suppressing any outlying ability. Slavery, it made her blood boil. And the blonde was responsible.

“Oh Rosaline, you’ve truly outdone yourself.”

“Thank you, Alice.” Sav could hear the pride and smile emanating from the words.

“I mean, really. The last time I saw this one she was all teeth and temper. And now... I’ll arrange payment.”

Alice reached out, lengthy fingers brushing down Sav’s side. She steeled herself not to flinch, not wanting to give the satisfaction to the creature that stole her freedom. Inside she seethed, waiting and watching for the one opportunity to seize what had been taken from her. In the meantime she’d fantasize about their throats beneath her jaws...

“Consider it a gift; an investment in the future of our houses.”

Kiss ass. The sound of glassware clinking and the pop of a cork was enough to distract her thoughts. Her peripherals saw Alice hand a champagne flute to her breaker. The glasses were raised and a toast was made.

“To our futures, and what a glorious reign it will be.”

- - -
For all the pent up anger that Savan had for her most recent living arrangements even her stubborn pride had to admit that her subjugators could throw a party. The ballroom opened with a balcony, dropping down into twin spiral staircases. The far wall that overlooked the gardens was floor to ceiling windows. Multiple crystal chandeliers lighted the high vaulted ceilings, with hundreds of varied glass globes hanging below… it looked like thousands of bubbles suspended in the air.

“By the way,” Alice said, turning to her red-haired companion. “Have you seen Gaius at all tonight? I can’t wait until he sees his new gift.”

Sav could feel the eyes set on her. Her, a gift? Traded like property. Her former life seemed fleeting. The conversation was leaving a bitter taste in her mouth, though she kept expressions neutral. Rebellion in a room full of vampires, already set on edge by being amongst several different covens, was a death wish.

“I’m parched, fetch us some libations.”

The tone told her that it was orders directed at her. Sav dipped her head, unable to choke out the ‘yes mistress’ that she had been taught, and happily obliged.

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Re: Nisus of Acquisition

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Relius on Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:41 pm


Blinking and shaking his head groggily, Charles looked around the deserted hallway without a clue about how he'd arrived there in the first place. The last thing he remembered was talking to Gaius about the party...and then nothing. Perhaps he'd simply not had enough blood to drink that evening, what with all the excitement about the party and guests, he must have had a little bit of a blackout. It's not like Gaius would have been able to do anything, being nothing more than his sister's lover. No, it had to be a lack of blood. But what was with the scars in the palms of his didn't matter. He simply had to return to the party.

Watching his brother in law hurry off, Gaius stepped out of the shadows at the end of the hall, drawing the darkness around him and slipping it on, smoothing it out into a fine black jacket before taking his own way around. Charles had his programing, and it was best to stay far away from him until his mission was completed. Luckily, vampire estates were built like the castles of old, with plenty of hidden ways and shortcuts, if you knew where to find them. Security and other vampires were unlikely, as visible security meant you were afraid and being in the halls meant you weren't at the party. And you simply had to be at the party.

Stepping out of a side passage near the beverages, Gaius gently smoothed out his straight brown hair and picked himself a glass of champagne from the table. He had no intention of drinking it, but it was simply one of those things you did at parties. Hold a glass of something expensive. His gaze drifted about the room for a moment, careful not to catch the eye of anyone important. A few members of the higher Houses were scattered about the room, enjoying the company of bootlickers and brown nosers. A Knight stood scowling in one of the corners, his black armor gleaming in the light, one hand on his sword, the other on the glass in his hand. He spotted his wife on the opposite end and quickly made his way towards her, slipping smoothly through the crowd without distraction.

"Alice! Darling!"

Planting an affectionate kiss upon his wife's cheek, Gaius smiled at his beautiful wife, swirling the glass of champagne in his hand "I knew I'd find you eventually. Looks like quite the gathering this evening"

Turning to the blonde, Gaius made sure to bow respectfully "And Rosaline. Such a pleasure to see you again. Do let me know if that piano of yours needs any more tuning. Slaves simply do not have an ear for music and I am happy to help"

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Re: Nisus of Acquisition

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Modesty on Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:27 pm

“Speak of the devil…” Rosaline murmured as Gaius slipped in from seemingly nowhere, her head dipping in greeting as the man planted a chaste kiss on his wife’s face. She watched as Alice tilted her head up to the man in a show of affection, though that was it for physical contact. The couple was iconic; so rare it was to find eternal love- such things were fleeting when immortality was the reality. A tang of jealousy tensed her stomach, though she drowned it with a swig of champagne the second Sav returned.

“You’re too kind, Gaius.” She replied, voice sultry as she shamelessly flirted with her eyes. “Now if only you could teach me to play as beautifully as you I’d be set…”

Of course, Rosaline had other talents that she was renowned for as they had their own usefulness. She wouldn’t have traded them in for all the time or money in the world. Savan was reminded of such skills when her fingers, cold, pressed against her hot skin and edged her closer to the new arrival.

Gaius. She’d heard the name before, but only in fleeting conversations between consciousness during her training. The man was known for his music, and spoken to be somewhat revered and a pillar of the community; Sav had to stop herself from scoffing. For all their seemed civility and gentility the guise wasn’t fooling her. Champagne and caviar wouldn’t cover the carnage that their community was built on. For all the roses that they paraded, Savan knew first hand that there were thorns.

“I know it’s early, my love…” The possession of the words was tanigible, as Alice marked her territory in front of Rosaline. The display was making Sav nauseous. “But I just couldn’t wait. I have a gift for you.”

Again fingers prodded her closer still. Sav willed her eyes to stay lowered, though she desperately wanted to size up the man that would own her. It was in her nature to observe, to fight for dominance but she was all to aware of what kind of consequences awaited if she gave in to instinct. She wondered what kind of creature this Gaius was, what his temperament was like. If one were to be judged by the company they kept, Sav already wasn’t a fan. Surely only a monster could love a she-devil like Alice.

“She’s all for you, darling. A wild one… broken by Rosaline’s own hand. This one isn’t what she looks like dear. “

The excitement as Alice presented her was making Sav’s blood boil, but the iron around her kept her in check. If only it were removed- she’d rip the woman to shreds.

“She is lycan. Feel her skin, it’s feverish!”

It was true; her skin even hotter now than normal as her werewolf blood temperature increased with her rising anger.

“Of course you can rename her, but Rosaline said it was Savan- some word in their primitive tongue. I think it adds to the allure of having an exotic slave at your beck and call. What do you think?”

A name; to be discarded as quickly as freedom. Alice beamed up at Gaius, but before her Sav was seething.

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Re: Nisus of Acquisition

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Relius on Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:41 pm

Predatory in every sense of the word, Rosaline was one of those vampires who embodied everything a vampire should be and therefore was well equipped for her position as a slaver. It was why Gaius doubted the seductive look Rosaline was currently giving him had anything to do with romantic intentions and why the slave next to her, despite obviously detesting her, was remaining quite. Bowing to the compliment nonetheless, Gaius felt Alice slip her hand around his neck, turning his attention to her as she announced to him that the slave at Rosaline's side was to be his, a gift, as Alice put it.

And a lycan as well? Interesting. It seemed this evening was to be a gracious one for Gaius as he took a step forward and observed the young wolf. He could feel the anger radiating off her skin, a nasty part of him wondering just how bloody it would be if he removed the collar from around her neck. Lycans and vampires had never gotten along to begin with, but this was taking the age old rivalry into a dangerous new direction.

"You always know what to get me, Alice" Gaius smiled approvingly at his wife before stepping around to stand in front of the slave, the tips of his fingers touching the edge of her chin and tilting her head upwards, forcing her gaze to meet his as he studied her for a moment, taking in the anger and rage that burned within her eyes, the smile on his mouth growing wider as he turned to Rosaline "Impressive work. I think I'll have some fun with this one"

"Now then, Savan, if you could follow me, I look forward to seeing just how well Rosaline trained you" Kissing his wife once again, Gaius offered her a knowing smile "I shouldn't be gone for long, my love. I'll try not to break her anymore than she already is"

Snapping his fingers at the lycan, Gaius signaled for her to follow him, not bothering to look behind him as he weaved his way back through the crowd. She would follow. A wandering slave was just asking for trouble, and seeing the venom in her eyes, Gaius assumed she'd been victim to plenty of trouble. Making his way out of the party room, Gaius stepped into a side room normally reserved for the more private meetings between nobles. A few chairs and a wide couch filled the small room, a private bar situated off to the side with a few portraits of vicious, bloody battles decorating the room "Sit wherever you'd like. Relax. Can I get you something to drink?" Gaius asked as he went over to the bar, pulling out a chilled glass and pouring himself a glass of something sweet

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