Non Master/Slave Demon Pet Shop RP (Need Players)

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The Demon Pet Shop

Long since people have discovered Demons exsist. They found their true weakness and killed them all, but not before some were saved by a lone man. He raised the demons like normal humans and never told a soul. When it soon because a burden to keep them he decided to give them away free to the first 5 people who came into his store. Of course people came and went and th demons were bought.

Now, what will happen, will the pets run away? Will they stay? Or fall in love?
Its up to you.

*Five Demon slots, Five Human slots*
“As long as you can still smile, Then it doesn't matter if the whole world is your enemy.”
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Eh, I guess I'll join this. Been looking for something new
My life has ended, yet my body still breaths, my mind continues to run, and my eyes continue to see. The worlds true face has been revealed to me. It is why I know I have failed to prepare myself for the real world. Why the rest of my days will befilled with hardship and fear. My days will never cease my punishment for the sins I have commited. But even suicide cannot free me. So I live my days in pain, waiting for the time i may finally rest, yet my soul will forever be tortured.

-My Life
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Calling a dog a cat, doesn't make it not a dog.

a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant.

Whenever you have 'purchasing', 'owning', or 'pets' involving a sapient being going on, it is by definition, slavery, no matter how you choose to word it.

RP closed due to violations against our obscenity rule. RP exists for the sole purpose of master/slave pet/owner RP with no over-arcing story line or plot outside of this.

Subject to re-opening if corrections are made to meet site standards.
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