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Nottori High School: The Characters

a topic in Nottori High, a part of the RPG forum.

The forum for the one and only OFFICIAL Nottori High School roleplay. No cheesy lame imitations accepted. >=O!

Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:08 pm

Name Allan Smith
Age: 30
Profession: English Teacher, PE Assistant coach.
Ability, Calm Mind. Calms down tension in nearby people.
This young teacher was stationed in Japan on one of the USN's many ships. This being his 20th time in the country, he decided to give up the wandering lifestyle at 26, after almost 8 years at sea. His skillset at communications and teaching degree were quickly snapped up by Nottori High's many applicants. Trained at The New York University, the naval officer brings his military style into the classroom, with his requisiteness on "Being Clean, Neat, and On Time! As a naval officer, he taught young fliers from the bridge of the training ship LCS Truth, and he brings that style when working in Gym. Known for his melodramatic moves in the game, his "Twin Link Fire" has taken down entire teams in one toss. He encountered the pills while working with the JDSF on a "Research method."

Before taking the job at Nottori High, he worked at a small academy in the hills of the Honshu region, working with what was left of the Japanese countryside. IT was there that Jonas gained appraction for the world outside the hi-tech city. He frequently quotes old military generals in his English classes, and rants on about random topics on some days.

Allan looks much older than he actually is, due to his experiences out on the sea. He seems almost hardened by the Navy,,and it shows itself most in his dark grey hair. When not wearing his blue work jacket, with khaki colored pants, he usually wears his dress uniforms, Image as seen here.

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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Stitches on Sat Feb 23, 2008 12:25 pm

Real Name: Setsuko Yuzuki.
Nickname: Stitch.
Age: 17.
School Status: Senior.

Appearance: Setsuko stands at a respectable height of 5'4''. Her eyes are a sharp colbalt blue. Managing to somehow get her hands on permanent hair dye, she dyed her hair a shocking purple with petite strands of leaf green running evenly throughout. Setsuko likes bright, vibrant, warm colours and had to use two completely different shades to create some sort of variation-- plus she likes to count the streaks repetively when she stands alone infront of a mirror or any other shiney reflective surface. She has a very symmetrical appearance, with the left side of her body nicely aligned with the right half. Setsuko is not an ugly young lady but, neither is she beautiful. Signs of bullying and torment can be seen in the form of little scars and bruises which lace both her arms and legs. Ironically enough this is how she obtained the nickname "Stitch".

Personality: From an extremely young age Setsuko has shown all the behavioural signs that she is at the mercy of a subtle mental disorder much like autism. Preferring routine and order, a last minute change in her schedule severily irritates the young woman. Her communication and interaction with other students and teachers is practically non-existent. On a good day Setsuko will manage to string a coherent sentence together. She enjoys a good game of chess, but has yet to meet a worthy opponent. Any sort of puzzle will keep Setsuko's focus and attention for hours upon end. Her most prized possession is her rubix cube, which she can solve in the incredible time of 5.2 seconds. What makes Setsuko so different from people suffering with a similar mental disorder is that she is highly independent, and will do everything for herself.

Brief history: Nothing concerning Setsuko's past is written in stone. After the tragic death of her parental figures in a house fire caused by arsonists many years ago, the girl was moved in and out of care. There was great debate whether Setsuko was mentally stable enough to be able to attend a school that wasn't equipped with certain special facilities but, achedemically she outshines the majority of the students at Nottori High. Her favourite subject by far is theoretical physics.

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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MEGAcya on Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:46 pm

Name: Rosaline “Roz” Thorne.
Age: 16 (second year)
Clubs: None yet.
Appearance: Quite tall for her age, but not to the point where she towers over others. Roz has a trim, feminine figure, and although she is slim she is still very ‘curvy’, in all of the right places. Her glittering violet eyes and her porcelain skin are her two favourite features of her far from unpleasing visage. That being said, Rosaline is far from perfect, and her shoulder length brunette hair has the annoying habit of refusing to lie flat, even with excessive use of her ghd straighteners.
Personality: Rosaline is often automatically judged as being one of the ‘populars’, and people think that because of her good looks and slender, shapely figure that she is vain, dumb, and even two faced. Despite being confident and outspoken though, she is a calm, down to earth person, and generally gets along well with most people.
Abilities: The new girl at Nottori, Roz moved to Japan just 2 weeks ago and was given the RXA on arrival at the school, so her powers have yet to make themselves known.
Other info: Rosaline grew up in a very rich family in England, spending most of her holidays in either Paris or LA, and having pretty much what ever she wanted being bought for her. The move to Japan, on the other hand? Not something she agreed with in the slightest.
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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Faithy on Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:32 pm

Erp... hope this is good.

Real Name: Aimée Verona
Nickname: Starchilde
Age: 16

Her hair is a silky smooth dark shade of black that has red tipped ends, which hangs down loosely in layers to the middle of her back. The sides of her hair feather down around her dimple induced cheeks, while her bangs cover the majority of her forehead and extend slightly into her eyes. The light dusting of freckles beneath her eyes as well as across her nose, gives her a more youthful appearance, which she often uses to her advantage. Her eyes are two pools of Prussian blue medium shaped ovals that when stared at long enough, give off the sensation of drowning in a deep lake. Her eyelashes extenuate her eyes, giving her a wide innocent look that is used to draw in the unsuspecting as a defense. Despite the four-inch scar along the left side of her ribs, her tanned skin is the perfect shade that most teenagers want. It is neither too dark nor is it too white.

More ought than naught, Aimée wears nothing other than ribbed wife beater tanks or spaghetti strapped short tanks. Along with the tanks, she either wears regular low rise, hip hugger jeans or hip hugger cargo pants, depending on her mood. The jacket she most often wears is metallic blue, which has tons of inner pockets to hide different items including weapons, if necessary. She wears black skintight boots that have a rugged non-slip 2+-wedge platform outsole. The boots zip up the sides and stop just below her knees.


Both upper arms
Right ankle
Lower back

Accessories: Aimée wears a purple and black butterfly choker around her neck that matches the tattoo on her ankle, a silver bracelet with a small watch, and has a pair of square wire framed sunglasses with red lenses.

Despite having so many accomplishments, sports wise, Verona is not a snob or one of those arrogant jocks. She’s outgoing for the most part, but will drop back into shy mode or, non-compliant mode whenever threatened. She has a very short fuse at times and once she’s lost her temper and is holding a grudge, it is very difficult to redirect her. Despite the fact that she participates in so many clubs and sports, the teen can’t help but get into trouble and spends many afternoons and class time in detention. It doesn’t really bother her because it gives her time to sit and day-dream about how life was strange and attempt to figure out what was going on in her high school.

Brief history:
Her past is a greater mystery than what she's willing to look into for the time being. The only thing she learned was that her mother and father were French and their deaths were mysterious and never solved. She was found wandering the streets of Tokyo, Japan as a seven year old. Always a wild cannon, she was never adopted. Spending most of her time in orphanages and half-way houses, Aim'z learned on the street how to fight not just physically. Armed with the knowledge of how to use almost every weapon as well as enough arsenal to be considered dangerous Aimée began traveling around the world, trying to find her place in it. The more she traveled around, the more trouble she seemed to get herself into. Each time she found herself in trouble, she somehow managed to get out of it, as if Lady Luck herself was on her side. That all changed when she arrived in Japan at the age of 16. A private unnamed organization decided she would be perfect in their plans and after giving her RXA, pushed her into Nottori High School. Within the first few months of her school year, she hooked up with a fellow adventurer named Richard Marxon. What seemed like love at first sight turned into a massive nightmare for Aimée when it turned out that her lover was an abusive jerk that enjoyed making her squeal in pain. She managed to get away from him, but he still haunts her dreams and she knows it’s only a short time before he tries to take her back like he threatened.

.::.Star Play.::. Starchilde has the ability to control the stars in which she can actually conjure up constellations such as Leo. These constellations are physical so that they are able to hurt others. The physical form is about the size of whatever creature or individual they’re representing. If she’s mad enough, or in a lot of danger then she can cause the things to grow larger but they don’t generally grow smaller.

.::.Star Gazing.::. Not necessarily an enchantment but ability… She has the ability to read the stars for their directions and guidance is the main reason for her nickname.

.::.Fire and Ice.::. By speeding up the atom vibrations in solids, liquids, or gas in order to generate heat, she can cause things to combust, which makes fire, most of the time. She can control any type of fire to the whim of her desires. She not only attacks with fire but can create a barrier made distinctly out of fire, which cannot be put out by normal means such as water. Her fire attacks are unnatural and when put against someone else with fire capabilities the fire isn’t just equaled out. It doesn’t burn the individual as bad but, it doesn’t just disappear. On the opposite spectrum, she can slow down the atoms in order to cause freezing.

.::.Up, up, and away.::. Verona can move objects, stop people from leaping towards her, lift objects out of her way, as well as anything else regarding this type of ability. She can even leap high and levitate herself off the ground and by doing so; actually fly although the distance isn’t as great as it would be if she had wings.
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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby HoudiniZucchini on Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:10 am

I hope I do this right? Haa.
I'm assuming recipients of the drug believed they were getting a regular vaccine of some sort, right?

::Character Name:: Geneva Jordan
::Grade:: 12
::Age:: 17
::Appearance:: 6ft tall, 172 lbs, with pale skin. She has an average build for her height. Dark purple hair (dyed, of course), cut in a bob with straight bangs across her forehead. Thin, dusky hazel eyes, a small, slightly upturned nose. Prefers conservative clothes, most notably dark colored turtlenecks and jeans, with practical shoes. Usually wears a headband in her hair.
::Personality:: Cold, aloof, and secretive, Geneva doesn't like making connections with people in her own age group for fear of one day accidentally unleashing the 'beast' on them, see background for more information. She is warm and pleasant to those she is close to, but since these people are few and far between, most never see this side of her.
::Biography:: Geneva comes from a simple background: She has parents that remain married to this day in a middle-class home. She loves them and they love her, and that's the way it will always be. Honestly, Geneva used to be a completely happy and contented person, with friends and a stable future ahead of her.

The trouble started when she became a subject for the RXA drug her freshman year. The government was prepared that several subjects could be potentially allergic to the drug, but they never expected anything of Geneva's magnitude.

Things were fine for Geneva first, but then there began to be changes in her behavior. Geneva would become anxious and fidgety for absolutely no reason; she was constantly on edge and began a habit of digging her nails into her palms whenever she wasn't completely focusing her attentions on something else. Then, one day as she was walking home from school, she fell to the ground in a violent seizure. When the fits subsided, the girl rose. She was enraged, fuming at everything and ready to lash out at anyone who dared get too close to her. She was a completely different person, a Jekyll and Hyde transformation, as it were. She looked exactly the same by hair and eye color, but her mannerisms were so completely different that it would be completely impossible to tell that this was in fact Geneva. It was by luck alone that no one was hurt that night. She wrestled herself home, and after a few hours of clawing up the possessions in her room, the beast within Geneva withdrew and left her shaking, weary, and afraid of the monster that lurked somewhere inside her.

This fear was the deciding factor for everything in her life afterwards: she stopped going out with her friends, she changed her school schedule to have the most independent study available, everything about her life was chosen to avoid anyone ever seeing or being hurt by this monster inside her.

She can remember everything about what happens when this 'beast' overtakes her, but she has little influence over what the beast actually does. There is no specific trigger for a beast attack, but Geneva can sense when one is coming in enough time to excuse herself from any potentially dangerous situations and return home. Occasionally, Geneva can harness the intended capabilities of her new powers, but nothing more than mild telekinesis and vague readings of emotions. Geneva's greatest fear is that one day this beast will emerge and take its place as her dominant personality.
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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Matt on Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:00 pm

Name: Yuki "Boku" Nakajima
Age: 15
Year: Junior

Biography: Before Nottori High School, Yuki's life was normal, to say the least. From elementary school and high school, he never participated in any great cause or the like, and never was he the one to do anything spectacular. He assumed that it was the duty of others to do the extraordinary things, and thus believed that his role was to be simple and not attract the attention of people. He would become something which would hardly affect society if at all, such as a cashier at the local grocery store. Yet, as he ascended towards the gates of Nottori High, Yuki's vision of absolute normalcy were crushed. Once injected with the RXA, he noticed rather unusual traits about him he had not realized before. His life had been torn astrew; he had no purpose for life at this point. He could not handle the pressure of his new found skills, and thus had prepared to commit suicide by jumping off of the roof of Nottori High School. Yet, suddenly a figure approached him, going by the nickname of Book. This character advised him to step away from the ledge, and give his life to a greater cause. From that day forward, Yuki followed Book's example, going so far as to be nicknamed "Boku" by his classmate, which in Japanese translates to "manservant." Thus, when Book created Brilliant Aspiring Minds club, Yuki was the first member to join the troupe, where he fulfilles Books ideas without hesitation.

Power: Within the real world, Yuki displays no abilities other than an intellect which exceeds the chart of any IQ test thrown at him, and photographic memory that is arguably perfect. His intelligence is such that he always scores the highest in his class despite his lack of work ethic, and would have been placed in the senior class had he not demanded that he advance only to his junior year, his reason for doing so unknown. However, his true potential lies within the use of mirrors. He is able to move freely into mirrors, all of which connect to a realm of his own creation where he manipulates all aspects of the world's reality. Additionally, anyone whose image is reflected in a mirror may be pulled within his mirror realm by his will. As a result, he often does not venture out of his realm, and instead uses puppets to live up his intentions in the real world.

Personality: Though quite seclusive, Yuki is loyal to Book alone, and thus follows his friend to the point where rumors have circulate that Yuki escorts Book to school. However, even to Book he is still somewhat reluctant to speak of himself, and very few do not even known Yuki's real name, simply referring to him as Boku. Yet, despite his hard exterior, he has been shown to express kindness to others, though often hides his feelings from everyone except for Book. Additionally, Yuki has a tendancy to be tremendously shy towards the opposite gender, going so far as to hide from women as they approach him.

Appearance: The RXA drug has caused his appearance to alter greatly from before, however the only person who has ever seen Yuki's true form is Book himself. Periodically, Yuki will change the appearance of the doll he uses to traverse the school, often using forms which he finds interesting and new. Currently, he has taken the appearance of an approximately 6'4" tall teenage boy that looks about the age of 17, with short brunette hair and an extremely slender build. This form always wears a black and white stripped shirt underneath an overcoat without sleeves, and blue jeans accompanied by black boots and gloves. Upon his face he adorns orange tinted googles, and inbetween Yuki's lips perpetually lies a Marlboro cigarette.
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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LifeInMyShadows2 on Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:11 pm

Name: Adèle "Beanie" Hainsworth
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Clubs: None yet.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 129
Appearance: Quite short for her age,Adèle has been mistaken for a young child. She earned the nickname, "Beanie", from her brother and her uncle. Her breasts are over-sized, being a 38 C. Her hair is a deep raven, with a small pink fringe on her bangs that covered her eyes. Adèle's eyes are what stood out the most. They were a beautiful, shining, cat-like, dark blue. If you looked close you'd see the dainty yellow circle that was her pupil. She had clear, fair pale skin, it shone in the sun whenever she made contact. Naturally, her skin is cold and soft. Speaking of soft, her voice was so melodic and wonderful, it enchants people.

Personality: Adèle is always quiet and likes to be surrounded by dark corners. She always carries around a burgandy notebook that is filled up to the brim with her stories. "This book is to be put in NO ONE'S hands!", she often says. Some mistake her for mute, but they alway try to get to know her because of her beauty.

History: She originates from a large, famous family in France. Her mother died in a fire alongside her brother when Adèle was young, about 7 years old. During the funeral she never cried. She'd rather cry in the safety of her own white room. She hated being treated like a child, thus whenever she was refered to as childish, she immediatly changed her ways. Adèle's uncle, and her father and herself moved to Japan a few weeks after the funeral. She loves the lights and scenery, and always writes about in a separate notebook labeled "Redlight District." After she had moved into the house, she took a random stroll around as far as the lake 5 miles down. She took a break and ate Nikujaga while sitting outside of a tall building that had eerie shadows at the top. A man walked out and began to speak. "How would you like to have 580 yen, just to try out RXA?" he asked her. All she did was sit there and nod, her mouth full of meat and potatoes. They gave her the RXA and 3 weeks later she enrolled into Nottori High School.

Abilities ::

These are the abilities she found out she had, after 5 weeks.

Unknown <== She is able to make things out of nothing. If she forgot to do her homework, it somehow appears as if out of nowhere in the exact place its supposed to be.

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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aelita on Tue Aug 12, 2008 7:19 pm

Name: Ruka Bealie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: 12
Clubs: Advertising Committee, Soccer Team
Physical Description: Her height is 5'4 and weighs 110 lbs. She has long dark brown hair layered into three rows with blond streaks. She is thin, yet has some muscle on her from participating in soccer, and has a light tan along with dark green eyes. In all she has a healthy, beautiful figure with an air of relaxation and gentleness about her (except when she's on the field).
Personality: Ruka is a kind girl but likes to get things done. She can't stand laziness and is always on the go to complete some sort of project, whether it be for the Advertising Committee or for something she started at home. When not working on something she is a bubbly person that loves to relax and read a good book. She doesn't have many close friends at all so she usually doesn't 'hang out'.
Ruka grew up in a place where education was key. Her mother was always strict on her since starting school to always get things done instead of going about other business or non-sense. She believed when starting something it must be finished as soon as possible. Her father was a gentle, laid back man who told her that even if work needs to be done your body also needs to relax, so pick up a book and lounge around when you find the time. She looked up to both of her parents though most of her characteristics came from her father she inherited her mothers busy morals. Ruka joined soccer at the age of 10. Ever since then she has earned herself a small reputation in her school. But then Ruka was accepted into Nottori where she instantly wanted to join the Advertising Committee. She loved to work on such projects and didn't want to pass it up. She then decided to get back into soccer in her 10th grade year and proved to be quite useful on the field. Now as a 12th grader she is head over the Advertising Committee and has remained a moderate soccer player compared to others.

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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Steve Sand on Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:28 am

Name: Steve Sand
Age: 17
Grade: Junior (11th)
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 165 Lb.

Appearance: Steve is devilishly handsome, with very rigid facial features. He has long, dark, brown hair, smooth, tan skin, and size 14 shoes. He is 165 pounds of pure muscle, and he likes to show it off by wearing a lot of muscle shirt. You won't catch him not wearing blue jeans. His eyes are dark green, what most people would call Jade.

Personality: Steve is charming, outgoing, everything you would expect from a popular 17 year old. He is a great leader, and will never give up that position. He is reliable when it comes to tasks and jobs, whether being rewarded or not. Since he's had his powers, he has been a little bit more aggressive, unfortunately.

Origin: Steve was born in Dublin, Ireland, in the Hancock Mercy Hospital at 7:47 A.M. His mother was alone while giving birth, because his dad left them when he discovered his girlfriend's pregnancy. She was only 16 at the time, so she was obviously not ready to take on motherhood. She gave him away to a Japanese Adoption Agency, but no one wanted to take him. That was sort of surprising to his mother, because he was one of the cutest babies she had ever seen. Eventually, when Steve turned 14, they just decided to send him to a school. His mother, by this time, wanted nothing to do with him, and Steve hadn't heard anything from her in about three years. That didn't really bother him though, because all he needed was his music. It was a special release in which he could escape reality and drift off into a world of peace and tranquility.

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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Walter Barrecks on Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:38 am

We're glad you're interested in this game mate, but sadly it has been long dead. All it's players have turned their back on it.
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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Arke on Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:50 pm

Name: Ginsung Fen
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Class: Sophomore
Skills: Hung Gar Martial Arts, Freestyle Pianist,

Appearance: He has a thin, angled face framed with medium-length pure black hair. His hair is dry and rough, and tends to hang in locks around his forehead. His eyes are Asian, slightly slanted and thinner, with black irises. He has slightly pale, yellowish (his race) skin that looks a little like a tan, and he has a lanky, lean body that is mostly muscle, rather than just trimmed fat. He always stands straight, at attention, but tends to slouch when sitting in a chair.

He usually wears a gray tank top over his skin, followed by a long-sleeved and collared white shirt that has buttons up until halfway down before the gap closes. Over that is a black sweatshirt, a stark contrast from his proper white shirt. The hoodie is larger than most, seeming to either look big while unused, and shading most of Gin's head while in use. His pants are black jeans, not tight, but not yet baggy. He wears black/red trimmed sneakers, slightly worn and has thick, durable laces and soles.

Personality: Is is a medium between social and loner. While not completely a happy, cheerful young man, he does retain some sort of bond with other human beings. He prefers to listen, and when he gives insight, he makes sure that insight is helpful, polite, and completely humble. He has a slight contempt for those who not adequately intelligent enough for him, but he almost never lets that show through. He prefers to hang back, and his anger is hard to tell from his hate. He smiles often, but does not frown or scowl much in comparison. He lets his eyes do much of the talking, and some people who rarely see him would say he is a mute, because of his quiet, and gentle nature.

Equipment: He carries his bag, containing school items and usually a waterbottle. He has another, smaller rucksack he uses to carry his weapon of choice (explained in history), his steel Tonfa. His tonfa are the length of his arm from the elbow down, with a skin of steel and a core of hard yew.

History: Born in China, he was raised to love the Red and Yellow. He worked to be self-sufficient, as was the requirement in his town, and was forced into taking piano classes, and taking martial arts. Forced to do his best at school, he was used to a militaristic lifestyle, where beatings came often and training was hell. His mother suddenly decided to move to Japan, after a bitter argument with his father. After agreeing a change of scenery would be nice, they moved to Japan, and Lyon was transferred to Nottori High School. He made a very quiet run through freshman year, where no one talked to him and he talked to no one, but plans on beginning to let the world know who he was this year. In commemoration of his transfer to high-school, his old wooden tonfa he trained with in Martial Arts were replaced with sleek, light, and deadly steel ones. He often does small part-time jobs.

Powers: (Since I'm a newcomer I'm not sure whether I should have them- but I want some.) After the RNX shot, his cells have been acting abnormally. They work three times as hard, powering his body to be able to jump higher, heal quickly, and run faster. His heart beat quickly, like a hummingbird, and his metabolism has become extremely high. He gains explosive power, and since his cells in his brain are affected as well, he gains super intuition and perception. With that super perception, time seems to slow down when adrenaline enters his system in a fight. He can dodge relatively low-speed projectiles if he concentrates, and can sense the specific direction a sound or smell comes from. But at great power comes great cost. To survive, Ginsung has to eat concentrated carbohydrate pills. Each pill has a total of 120,000 calories packed into it. His body cannot efficiently store fat anymore, because his body works too hard. Because his body works so hard, his internal temperature has risen to 102.3 degrees Fahrenheit. This means he is very prone to sudden temperature spikes. His body has gotten used to maintaining homeostasis at 102.3 degrees, so he does not sweat profusely as he used to after the shot.


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Re: Nottori High School: The Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DoctrineDark on Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:29 pm

Name: Stanley Taylor
Age: Unknown
Year: 12
Nickname: Doctrine Dark, D-Block, DD
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs.

Coming to Japan:

Doctrine Dark left his hometown of Gorlitz, in Germany to start a new life in Japan. He made this decision after his tough past. Once he arrived to his new home, he felt out of place. But since there was no other option for this young German, he decided to move on with his life. He bought an apartment and got a job. He decided to go back to High School, as well. He had high hopes for himself and he believed that he couldn't achieve those without proper education.

One day, after work, he found Nottori High, a school near his home. It was odd, because he had never noticed that school before. He walked in and took all the tests he had to, paid all application fees and waited for a response.

Then, in a Friday two weeks later, he got a phone call from the principal, saying he got accepted.

That Monday would be a new beginning for him.
"I will avenge the death of my clan..."

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