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Welcome To Crown City

NPC Characters Of Crown City

a part of “Welcome To Crown City”, a fictional universe by Bartholomew Finch.

A Citywide Broadcast foretells the arrival of five strangers amongst the strange citizens of Crown City. A place that is home to an array of creatures, beings, and humans alike.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Welcome To Crown City”.
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NPC Characters Of Crown City

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Bartholomew Finch on Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:51 am

Welcome folks! This is quite a bit late and should have been put up a long time ago. Sorry bout that, anyway this here's the NPC thread. Where we can store all of our NPCs to keep in order and for future use of course. All of the characters I submit here unless directly said otherwise will be controllable by everybody. I will include brief descriptions to help out there.

If you wish to submit an NPC please fill out the form and post below.

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[center][size=200][font=tahoma]Character Name Or Status[/font][/size]
[b]Full Name | Age | Gender | NPC (State whether other people can control them or not) | Species | face claim[/b]
[font=tahoma]"Brief Description."[/font][/center]

Mayor Bourne
Mayor Douglas Bourne | 77 | Male | NPC: Semi-Controllable (PM Required, mentions are alright) | Species Unknown | Anthony Hopkins
"The iron fist ruler of the city, or as he claims a simple humble servant. Everybody knows better than to believe him and the many lies that spew forth. He is a trickster, nothing more and nothing lest and he'd just as soon put everyone under heavy martial law if he could manage it. As it stands he is the head of the council, a tenured member with years of ruling under his belt. Yet even after all these years nobody really knows what he is, human or otherwise. All they know is that he gets things done, and somehow has half the city under some strange spell to follow his every word."

Tima | ?? | Female | NPC: Controllable | Kitsune | Rinko Kikuchi
"Working alongside Alistair, an assassin sworn to defend the Council at all costs. Takes her job extremely seriously and has little love for anyone besides herself and the council. Is persistent and ruthless in her attacks. Never giving up, and never giving in. Unless she is injured badly enough its hard to get her off your trail."

Rigby Lowe | 43 | Male | NPC: Controllable | Hellhound | Idris Elba
"A member of the council, but not a very dedicated one at that. He mostly hangs around for the advanced weapon tech and often repairs or supplies them with what they need. He spends more of his time at the Fairchild residence and can usually be found drowning himself in liquor at The Den. He looks cold and stoic on the outside but on the inside he's really a laid back guy. Charming even when he feels like putting forth the effort. He has recently taken to supplying the Wicked Six, as he is a good friend of Tom."

Non Council NPCs: The Wicked Six
"A pseudo-rebellion operating under the guise of everyday heros in Crown City, their two main headquarters are in The Dens basement, and in a Head Shop run by Edgar Langston."

Edgar Langston | 70 | Male | NPC: Controllable | Human (Seer) | Michael Caine
"One would not look at Edgar "Bud" Langston and see him as a man of wit and intelligence. But he is no more the stoner than what meets the eye. Sure, he spends his day among cannabis but you've got to have some sort of front when dealing with an organization that goes against every single principle the Council Stands for. The Wicked Six is his doing, his people. He doesn't rule them, he leads them. To do the right thing and help whomever they can. The six are responsible for every wronged citizen, and they take their job seriously. Bud himself is an easy guy to get along with, though his dry humor is hard to tolerate."

Astrid Price | 26 | Female | NPC | Berserker |
"The wildcard, but strongest member of the group by far. Grizz has always been a bit sarcastic, and has a tendency to get a little moody every once in awhile. But she's just as willing to help as anyone else. She works as a Bartender and The Den, part time of course since working for the Six is pretty much a demanding job all on its own."

Jess Boswin | 18 | Male | NPC: Controllable | Zombie | Evan Peters
"Technically the youngest member of the Six, a recent replacement for a member that met his end at the hilt of Timas blade. Gunner is a sentient zombie, but he doesn't really act like one. He works at the Head Shop for Bud on most days. He's a pretty intense kid, but he can be goofy at times and most of the time he doesn't act all that serious. He does have anger issues, but he resolves them on his own time. He didn't really sign up for the Six to be a superhero but he did owe Bud, so he helps out."

Thomas Lauren | "82" | Male | NPC: Controllable | Windigo | Vincent Price
"Perhaps the second oldest member in the group. Tom is a windigo, which is rare to find in the City to begin with, but even rare being that he rarely decides to go cannibal on anyone. He redeemed himself in a way and has since spent most of his time at The Den, telling stories and drinking with the patrons. Hes known the Fairchilds since Delilah was born. Hes a funny guy, likes telling stories, and has a wicked mind really. He got roped into the six by association with Sonny."

Sonya Dwyer | 13 (eternal age) | Female | NPC: Controllable | Poltergeist | Amandla Stenberg
"While Sonny is physically 13 she has been alive (undead?) since nearly the beginning of Crown City's creation. She has haunted the citizens for years, but got bored of it pretty quickly. She haunts The Den nowadays, mostly hanging around with Tom or spooking the patrons that come in. She is still childlike in a way. She got tired of haunting, so now she would rather help. When she caught wind of this group of pseudo-superheros forming she decided to offer her help."

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