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The Umbrella Academy: On Stranger Tides

NPCs and Background Information

a part of “The Umbrella Academy: On Stranger Tides”, a fictional universe by ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ.

We only see each other at weddings and funerals. (Open)

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Umbrella Academy: On Stranger Tides”.
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NPCs and Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ on Wed Aug 12, 2020 1:39 am

Welcome to the Index!
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Re: NPCs and Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ on Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:30 am

The City of West Anne:

General: West Anne is a coastal town located fifteen miles from any major city. Once a naval base, the city has become a popular tourist destination. With its long wharf, well-kept beaches and mild climate, tourists come from all parts of the country to relax, surf, and shop. Aside from boasting killer waves, West Anne's most noteworthy trait is that it hosts Anchor Academy Island. During Anchor Academy's heyday, shops sold merchandise, local channels reported their escapades, and movie producers even approached the mayor with the intent of making a television series. (They would change the name to something else, natch.) After the academy disbanded, West Anne pivoted back to being a beach city with an emphasis on boat tours and wharf side theme parks. Unlike other cities in the county, they've managed to keep their cost of living low and large corporations out, preferring mom and pop shops to chains. It might not be the busiest town anymore, but it's kept his charm over the years.

Housing: Both rent and mortgage are much cheaper compared to neighboring cities and no matter where you go, the beach is only fifteen minutes away. Apartment buildings are tall and clustered towards downtown whereas the makeshift suburbs are located towards the edge of the town. Those only looking for temporary housing are in even more luck because hotel choices are abundant and hostels are woefully underoccupied.

Entertainment: Aside from the parks and beach, there aren't many free things to do in West Anne. Outside of festivals, the downtown area tends to close early to prevent light pollution and the bars that do stay open run as late as...2:00 AM. The only place that stays open is the beach where locals can be found lighting bonfires and screaming about their quarter life crises. That being said, during the day time West Anne offers a sprawling boardwalk, theme park rides, tours, and a variety of eating and shopping places.

Some local favorites include:
XXXXXXXGirddy's Donuts
XXXXXXXKeaton's Butcher Shop
XXXXXXXBig Bang Burger
XXXXXXXBluth's Banana Stand
XXXXXXXCafe Leblanc
XXXXXXXFish Stew Pizza

The Circle of Islands: Anchor Academy is the most famous of all the islands however there a few smaller islands nearby named Aft, Astern, Billet, and Marina. Though the town has put ordinances in place to prevent any new construction, rumor has it remnants of Sir Reginald Hargreeves' research exists on Marina Island.
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Re: NPCs and Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ on Sun Aug 16, 2020 6:26 pm

The Temps Commission/Temps Aeternalis Information.

General: The Temps Commission is an organization overseeing, determining and managing the space-time continuum. Aside from mapping out the timeline, the Board of Directors ensures that the universe doesn't unravel due to temporal distortions. Their office is stationed in 1955 and only accessible via temporal briefcase, passcode, or a conveniently placed portal. It is unclear how employees are selected but regardless, they'll be the ones coming to you. Employees can choose to live either on the premises or find their own housing, though it's expected that they arrive on time.

The organization consists of several departments: clerical, analytics, operations, and the Board of Directors. Every starting position is offered a five year contract with the guarantee to retire in any timeline; however, employees are allowed to extend their employment should they choose to do so.

Clerical: This department consists of clerks who record and send messages to agents via pneumatic tubes. Though their work is considered "unskilled labor," they are the oil that keeps the Temps Aeternalis running and the go between for operations and the Board of Directors.

Analytics: Analysts monitor the Infinite Switchboard and work with the Board of Directors to implement approved changes. Lower ranking members of analytics are in charge of auditing mission files.

XXXXXXXInfinite Switchboard: The Infinite Switchboard is a a room where the Commission oversees the entire timeline. It is accessible only to the Handler and members of the analytics department. Aside from being able to view any moment in time, it can simulate different timelines by programming various events into the system.

Operations: This is by far, the most involved department of the Commission. They transport themselves into various spots in time to complete specific tasks and eliminate anyone that poses a threat to their job. After traveling via briefcase, they receive directives from the clerical department in order to complete their mission. Whether it's assassinating John F. Kennedy or making sure Seth McFarlane misses his flight, failure is not an option. Aside from the briefcase (which they must keep on them at all times), they are assigned housing, money, and weaponry based on where and when their mission takes place. Guns are commonplace within the department; however, agents also trained in hand-to-hand combat, bladed weapons, and archery should the occasion ever come up.

XXXXXXXThe Briefcase: All Temps Commission agents are given a briefcase that allows them to travel through time. By typing in a specific date, longitude, and latitude, a person can travel to the precise time and location entered into the briefcase. Though it's more durable (and heavy) than your typical briefcase, it can still be destroyed with blunt force, bullets, and most definitely, fire.

NPC Members:

ImageName: The Handler
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, appears 50
Position: Head Bitch in Charge
Description: As one of the oldest member of the Temps Aeternalis/Commission, her influence and her knowledge of the concept of time is unparalleled. She is a staunch believer in maintaining the timeline and snuffing out any changes that may arise. She loves flaunting her authority, always speaking with a smarmy tone and slender cigarette between her fingers. Though she praises her employees, she does not trust a single person at Temps Commission and often asks her subordinates to monitor each other for deception.
Dialogue Color: #254117
FC: Kate Walsh

ImageName: Herb
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Position: Analyst and Infinite Switchboard Operator
Description: He is an employee of the Temps Commission. Though he's a bit high-strung he is always happy to help new employees and the best Infinite Switchboard operator by far.
Dialogue Color: #347C17
FC: Ken Hall

ImageName: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Description: Unknown
Dialogue Color: #E3319D
FC: Ritu Arya

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Re: NPCs and Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ on Wed Aug 19, 2020 3:28 am

Anchor Academy

General: Anchor Academy is located off the coast of West Anne on an island. It's surrounded by water on all sides but has no actual "beach" to speak of. Instead, the island's cliffs consist of large, flat rocks that sharply descends into rocky shores, littered with stones of all shapes and sizes. It's said that the area houses many secrets; however, Sir Reginald Hargreeves has made a point to ban any tours or surprise guests from the building. The only means of entry from the mainland appears to be a draw-bridge several miles from the estate. On the west side of the island is a port where a fair number of boats are docked a humble trawler, what appears to be a multi-hull powerboat, and a few others of varying types. It's unclear what the purpose of having two boats; however Pogo appears to know a fair amount about boating.

The Mansion: Built with the best materials that money can buy, Anchor Academy's main building spans 32,000 square feet and has fifteen rooms spanning three stories and a basement. With the exception of Grace, each of Anchor Academy's residents has their own bedroom as well as several bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, study, far too many hallways, and an office for the one and only Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

The Backyard: Behind the mansion lies a sprawling forest, containing native plants, towering trees, and wildlife that managed to survive despite the amount of land cleared for the mansion. Though there appears to be an unpaved road dividing the yard, it seems to disappear the deeper you enter.

XXXXXXXThe Runes: In the middle of the forest one will find a circular slab of rock that seems just a touch out of place. As most of the Hargreeves children have discovered, tapping on just the right pressure points on the slab will create glowing symbols. Similar, but smaller slabs can be found throughout the forest, though the locations and symbols seem to have no rhyme or reason.

XXXXXXXTraining Grounds: Towards the end of the yard, the road becomes reappears and leads to a clearing with patches of grass, large pillars, painted targets, a storage shed, and the cliff side. In spite of his many inventions, the training grounds are somewhat antiquated if not outright crude. He believed in hard work and discipline. There would be no shortcuts, no stragglers, and certainly no failures to be had on the battlefield. Innovations such as battle droids, weapons, and vehicles only came as a reward for doing well and if one of his students disappointed him...well they could always swim home.

The Underground: Perhaps the most mysterious part of Anchor Academy, there appears to be ample room for a basement, tunnels, and various other rooms despite the mansion being located on a literal island. There are a few entrances to the underground with the main ones being the cellar door at the back of the mansion and in Reginald's office. A few other entry points are hidden in the forest (including the training grounds). There are a fair number of standard rooms such as a cellar, laundry room, and storage area; however, the underground also contains a few points of interest.

XXXXXXXThe Capsule: This is a small, pod like room built to contain students whenever they misbehaved or their powers fell out of their control.

XXXXXXXReginald's Laboratory: This area is only accessible by Pogo and Reginald. All of Reginald's research and inventions are kept in here, including records of his children.

XXXXXXXThe Surveillance Room: This is where Reginald and Pogo can control and access the surveillance cameras in the mansion.


ImageName: Sir Reginald Hargreeves
Gender: Male
Age: 82
Position: Headmaster, Inventor, and Father
Description: Reginald is a man surrounded in mystery. Though he made his money through inventions and wise investments, he is most known for being the founder of Anchor Academy. After adopting nine children, he built the school as a home and training grounds for who would be the world's first superheroes. Cold, calculated, and cutthroat, he pushed them to their physical and mental limits in the interest of creating a powerful team. Rather than his own children, he prioritized their usefulness, would foster rivalries between one another as means of motivating them to earn his favor. Despite his cruelty however, he has always been honest with his students and on the rare occasion that one of his students is in mortal danger, shown concern. Starting from the age of nine, he sent the Anchor Academy students to apprehend criminals, stop wars, and on some very secret occasions, kill a few extraterrestrials.
Dialogue Color: #A52A2A
FC: Colm Feore

ImageName: Grace Hargreeves
Gender: Female-presenting
Age: 35
Position: Caretaker
Description: Also known as "Mom" by many of the Hargreeves children, she cooks, cleans, and performs medical care. Aside from bequeathing each of them names, Grace served as their only form of emotional support (aside from each other) and often, displays emotions beyond that of an ordinary android. She is modeled after one of Reginald's past lovers.
Dialogue Color: #1569C7
FC: Jordan Claire Robbins

ImageName: Pogo
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Position: Teaching Assistant
Description: He was the most successful of all of Reginald's experiments on primates and after being injected with a special serum, developed supernatural intelligence. Aside from being a groundskeeper, he will mentor Anchor Academy's students whenever Reginald is busy creating new inventions. Unlike his "father", he treats the Hargreeves children with reluctant kindness and will sometimes apologize for Reginald's behavior. Pogo seems to know the most about Reginald's origins and secrets, although one would be hard pressed for an answer from him.
Dialogue Color: #C77416
FC: Pogo from Umbrella Academy

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Re: NPCs and Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby leisurelyatwar on Fri Aug 21, 2020 6:10 pm

S H A D O W x F O X

At the inception of darkness, it was a volatile thing. Trapped within it's own dimension, it's still seeped into the next. A place beyond the concept of physical forms or consciousness, a collective shadow. Scattered across the nebula at conception, seams between this world and the Shadow Realm were casted in the shadows behind light. Then one day, a little girl stepped right in – by accident at that. She was not of this world, yet the shadows around her vibrated with an energy that reverberated throughout the void. The void would bend to her emotions and thoughts without her even trying.

It trickled throughout, disturbing the balance of the Shadow Realm. Awakened by her presence an ancient being emerged, the Shadow Fox. Originating from a dimension beyond physical forms or individual consciousness, it had the concept of neither until she arrived. Manifested from the disorder, personified from pulling from the echoes of her mind, it chose it's form believing it to be optimal to engage with the girl.

Then just as they had her in their grasp, she found a way out. She had created echoes and ripples that altered the shadows around her still reverberating in her absence. An eternity of peace, ruined. Her shadow was like oil on water, dancing across the darkness awakening everything she touched. She was an aberration that they had to eliminate to restore the balance by any means necessary. It would need to figure a way to sever her connection with her dimension, then it could consume her shadow for itself. The being had existed an eternity before, it had the patience to wait for it’s opportune moment.

I N T E L L I G E N C E x R E P O R T :
xxthe shadow realm

The only way to enter the Shadow Realm is through supernatural means. The only known case of one accessing it is Lucky Hargreeves, also known as Shade, a previous member of the Anchor Academy. Her powers allow one to entering the shadow plane in our dimension where it is devoid of light. When one crosses into the shadow realm, they are entering another dimension through the shadow plane reconfiguring their essence to sustain in the Shadow Realm completely transforming into their own shadow. It is described as 'deeper than any shade of black' and 'empty'. There is no light, but one is able to see themselves and presumably others clearly. At times there are 'echoes' manifested in the shadow realm. These are nearly perfect renditions except they are void of color. Once ones’ shadow merges with the Shadow realm, it gradually becomes absorbed into the void. The exception to the rule is Lucky Hargreeves, who’s powers allow her shadow to maintain its own integrity in the Shadow Realm. Sir Reginald Hargreeves research notes claim he was unable to configure a way to use Lucky’s power to open the seams to the Shadow Realm in our plane, though he theorizes this could be capable.

Side effects and risks of prolonged exposure include:
- Loss of sense of self
- Memories manifested among the shadows (Echoes)
- Loss of motor functions
- Loss of cognitive abilities
- Slurred Speech
- Eventual Death

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