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Blurry Lines: Crossing Them


a part of “Blurry Lines: Crossing Them”, a fictional universe by That One Guy.

The prologue has given but a glimpse of the twisted world between vigilantes and villains. But now that our cast is almost complete, the battle is about to begin. -always accepting literates-

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Blurry Lines: Crossing Them”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby That One Guy on Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:56 am

Blurry Lines NPCs


Prologue xx ICxx OOC xx Newspaper Articles xx Tab

Have an NPC? All that is required is a picture and a paragraph about the what you want everyone to know about them. PM me the sheet, coded version, and I will put it up here.
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Re: NPCs

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby That One Guy on Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:54 pm


Viola is a man in his late thirties. He used to be the top crime boss before Flawless. He’s a cunning man with a will to survive like no other, he’s seen a lot in his lifetime and it’s made him all the wiser. He has a wife and two daughters that a just about adorable enough to dunk into your coffee, he’s wrapped around their tiny eight year old fingers pretty much. His wife is beautiful and loving, a sweet bunny who married a wolf that seems to become gentle when around her.

While he’s at work though, he’s a tactful and very serious. He got smart quick and decided to accept Flawless’ offer of Utopia, besides, how bad can Utopia be? Certainly it will make things safer for his loved ones right? Nah, he isn’t entirely excited about the idea of losing freedom, but right now that seems to be his best option when confronted by a being who can utterly crush you. He has a collection of interesting cronies with unique abilities, connections around the city of course, and a power of his own. He never misses a shot it seems, having the ability to even ‘curve’ his bullets so make them hit the target. His reflexes are also rather inhumanly quick. His two daughters also have powers of their own, but that will come later, he wants to keep them out of Flawless’ way for as long as he can, but with their abilities he wonders how long he will be able to do that.

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Re: NPCs

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby That One Guy on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:03 pm


All that is known about this mysterious man is that he is one of Viola’s men, he has the ability to tell if someone is lying, and is one hell of a tracker. Give him a picture, a name, a scent, anything and he can find the person you’re looking for. He also can identify a particular person’s powers, and find them based on a power you want specifically. He seems friendly and claims to just be fallowing orders. He is loyal to Viola through and through.

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Re: NPCs

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby That One Guy on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:16 pm

averagebear wrote:Image⌈Name⌋
Sonya Celeste Dovev (so-nyah sell-est doe-vev)


Sonya is larger than life... metaphorically so. In reality, she is rather short (5 foot even) and unbearably, unnaturally, unattractively thin (79 lbs). Miss Dovev is certainly a sight to be seen, dressed in decadent, frivolously extravagant clothing- long billowing dresses and large head dresses. Her skin is impossibly pale and as smooth as silk, typically painted on with heavy, outrageous makeup both onstage and off. She definitely sticks out in a crowd, her tiny midget self prancing about with the utmost amount of flamboyance. Her naturally whitish blonde hair- just about the same tone as that haunting skin of hers- is exceedingly long, reaching to the crook of her knees, pink steaks peeking out tastefully here and there. If she didn't color her skin and hair with fake aesthetic enhancers, she might just look like death herself. Seemingly hollow, pitless, black eyes peer out to remind everyone just how heartless she is. She seems to switch between an elegant, refined disposition to clomping about like a rag doll. Perhaps her voice is even more shocking than her appearance, though. This voice of hers is the reason behind her success and corruption. It is truly something to be admired.

|| singing || herself || attention || flashiness || color || her fans ||

|| being ignored || herself || dirtiness || boringness in others || imperfection ||

Being a pop opera, world-wide celebrity, everyone seems to have a different interpretation of her personality. When it comes down to it, Sonya is ravenously hungry for a person's undivided attention and admiration. She loves to be showered with affection, words like "beautiful" and "talented" especially effective on the child star. When she's pampered like such, she's whole heartedly devoted, loyal and adoring to a fault. This said, it's easy to woo her- simply listening to her sing could be enough to make her fancy you- and she isn't nearly so judgmental as she might appear to be as a celebrity. She'll cling to aristocrats and seedy slums alike if they coddle her.

She demands the spotlight at all times and becomes extremely agitated when she isn't given it. If you don't look her in the eyes when you talk to her, if you dare multitask when she's in the room, if you forget to say hello or goodbye, if you doze off while she sings for hours and hours and hours- if you so much as flicker your attention to something else, she'll have a nasty reaction. Said reaction can vary from screaming in a pitch high enough to make your ears bleed to wailing pathetically at your feet to straight up killing you. To the normal person, like her adoring fans, Sonya seems like the perfect young girl. She comes off as so sweet, charming, genuine, and talented. Her cheery attitude and helpfulness seems to be unrestrained, and she never seems to be without a novel or tune. Let's not forget the fact that she's built herself a successful career and has enough money to bathe in for the rest of her life all by the age of seventeen!

This is because she's obsessed with perfection, striving for it in everything she does. She must look perfect (see: anorexia), sound perfect (see: hours of practice), feel perfect (see: fishing for compliments), and be perfect (see: Sonya Celeste Dovev). When things become out of her control, she downright loses it, going on violent rampages and destroying anything beautiful in her rage.

Anybody who knows Sonya more personally, though, is aware of how wicked she can be. Should someone refuse to humor her, she'll become vexed and will plot out ways to destroy them, a diva through and through. Verbally insult her- hell, even "rub her the wrong way"- and you've got a death wish, pal. She has a very short temper, throwing tantrums that have killed many innocent people before. What's worse than her fits of blind rage, though, is her more subtle sadism. Indeed, Sonya loves to see people writhing in pain, and while physical torture is fine and dandy, it's the psychological stuff that she really can sink her teeth into. She can mimic any sound she hears, and she's been known to use this to her advantage against her prey, chiming in the voice of a lover she'd killed, maybe the voice of the man who'd raped them. She'll extensively look into her current "job", researching any dirt they may have so that such torture can be possible when she finally confronts them. Of course, all of this ugliness is hidden neatly under her super star facade, and any rumors are neatly swept under the massive, chinchilla fur rug she has enough money to buy.

Sonya is very much so single. It's lonely at the top, after all. She's never been in love- never even had any of those "I thought I was in love but I really wasn't" situations. For as long as she can remember, she's been using and abusing. Perhaps this can all be attributed to her stage mother shoving her baby off to stardom, teaching her how to lie and cheat and manipulate from a very early age without nurturing her with common love normally associated with parenting. If you think Sonya's a harpy, wait til you meet her mother. She's a sly bitch, she is. She's the reason behind Sonya's corruption- from eating disorders to that silly little habit of killing. She resents her mother, but at the same time, when she's feeling particularly low, she instinctively always comes crawling back to her sardonic, fake tanned arms.

She is also uncannily devoted to Flawless.

Sonya has powers over sounds and vibrations.

Hhypervibronics: the ability to tune in to the vibration signature of an object and once having become familiar with the signature, omitting the same note and causing molecular destruction. You know how great singers can hit the note of a glass and cause it to shatter? It'd essentially be that. She's also be able to pass through objects- like walls- though she has to be very, very slow while doing this as she'd have to rearrange every molecule in her body.

Sonarkinesis - the ability to manipulate sound waves can reproduce any sound she hears, from gunshots to individual voices to the wind.

Oh dear, what doesn't she have?! Being a pop opera sensation doesn't exactly leave you poor and hungry. Her microphone, her makeup, and her cell phone are probably the most important to her.

Singing, performing, killing people... you know, normal talents. She is actually very bright, her desire for admiration only stemming from the ability to know what people admire and why they do. She is calculative and very good with money- about as good as she is at putting people through hell. Which is very good. Yeah.

She's not so good at controlling her emotions, nor at hiding them. When she feels something, goddammit, you know it. Furthermore, she might be able to rip your brain apart with soundwaves, but give her a knife or a gun and she'd very likely use it to pit her teeth or clean her toilet.

She lives in the hotel run by the Mafioso Viola with her beloved Flawless. Well, kind of. It's the same building, alright?

They called her a savant, they did. From as long as she could remember, she'd been singing like the little bird she is. Said she was blessed. That suited her mother rather well, as the woman herself had wanted to be a dancer but gave that up to have an oopsies with her coke dealer. The world of "arts" is awfully charming, isn't it? Her mom was quick to put her into every competition she could find, even homeschooled her to save time and readily throw her innocent body into the shark infested waters that was show bizz. It's hard to develop as a normal child when everyone around you is so corrupt and coked out. She became the monster she is today through environmental factors, not through genetics- this is something one should always remember.

Her mom lived with her macho boyfriend, who just so happened to also be a complete and total dick. He'd hit the woman. Her boyfriend would hit little Sonya too, but she wouldn't allow it for long before she'd screech so loud he'd black out. Sonya always thought it pathetic of her to so readily be abused. With comments like "Do you really think you should eat that?" and "Oh baby, don't wear that bow. It makes your forehead look bigger than it already does, and we couldn't have that, could we?" and "I'm sure you not getting the job has nothing to do with your voice, sweetie. We'll just have to work on that little face of yours, huh? If only we could all be born super models." she learned to strive for perfection through only unhealthy means. Minor mental issues became larger ones, as they often do. Puking in the bathroom became an obsession with perfection, and this obsession lead to being unable to cope with others perceiving her any differently. Eventually, this lead to raging at insults which lead to accidental killings which lead to purposeful killings which lead to killing for the sake of killing. Monsters are created, not born. Sonya is no exception.

She became a star at the age of 11- well before her neuroticism had lead to murder. Her talent was unheard of, and she'd sing opera songs with pop beats. It wasn't long before she was making music videos as well as singing on stages all over the world. Watch from 3:35 to get a feel for her music. It wasn't until she met Flawless that she decided to stay in one place. Now, she's infamous among other villains but her fans remain unknowing of what she does in her free time.

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