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Obelisk OOC

Postby Alucard Satiagio on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:03 am

Rough Synopsis:War of the 3 guilds: Ailpher, Ouroboros and Miraldark
Quote: A wolf howls in the distance, Gun fire is heard.But no one cares, as in this world there is only one rule. Survive. The name of the game is ; Obelisk

Plot: Along long time ago, in a universe far away, There were 3 worlds. The lands were prosperous and harmonious. They acknowledged each other’s presence and existence, but they preferred to mind their own business. However, It was then that the great famine struck all 3 worlds. crops were withered,water was dried up, and people were dying.
It was then that Kishtra, The Queen of Ouroboros, decided that the 3 planets had to combine their forces should they ever put an end to the famine. You see, by combining their 3 worlds, she discovered, they could form an inner substance knowing as the Gaia’s core. And with all the energies combined, they could supposedly form the core, which would release a massive burst of healing energy that would cure all 3 worlds of their misery and misfortune and finally end the famine.
However, when the emperor of Ailpher, Rodajean, and Shakuraga, the great sage of Miraldark were about to sign the treaty and form all 3 worlds together into 1,It was then that one of Kishtra’s royal advisors by the name Kurandi, fell in love with Rodajean’s young daughter, Licytra. He longed for her but if he knew to take her,the fierce, merciless, Rodajean would immediately annihilate not only him but also terminate the contract of the formation of the planets out of distrust and anger and possibly even wage war on Ouroboros and Miraldark.
Knowing the dire consequences, He totally denied himself the love of Licytra. However,as the days went by, he could not help but look at her. But alas, he could only stare at her from a distance.As the days went by, he yearned for her more and more. Very soon Kurandi’s mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of Rodajean’s beautiful daughter.
The absence of Licytra made Kurandi go on the edge of insanity,and his love for her developed into a dark, twisted hungry obsession. Very soon, he could not take it anymore.And one day when he found Licytra on the courtyard his obsession for her consume him .He insane and grabbed her, unaware and kidnapped her.He told her he would be his bride and he would love him forever. Licytra was frightened, very frightened. However, It was then that Rodajean so witnessed the unforgivable Kurandi had done to his daughter. Rodajean went insane, ballistic even .A fellow member of the 3 planets, Demoralizing his one and only child.
Rodajean thoughtlessly lounged from the pagoda window, striking Kurandi.Licytra witness the violent scene of her father mutilating Kurandi,tearing open his gut and ripping out his internal organs.It was horrific. It was traumatizing.Paralyzed with fear, licytra could only look at her father lose his temper and sanity over this incident.
3 of Kishtra’s fellow advisors ran to the scene of terror and tried to stop Rodajean.But in a few swift and lethal strikes, he killed them all, slaughtering them mercilessly. Rodajean was taken to the imperial court.Rodajean was charged with murdering and severe mutilation.However,He screamed at the other 2 lords for siding with each other,and they were trying to plot against him
Shakugara tried to stop him and make him realize his folly,but instead,Rodajean went into a blind fit of rage,and stabbed Shakugara.Angered by this,Kishtra attacked Rodajean,but they killed each other, stabbing each other in the heart.

Rodajean was replaced by Licytra, Kisthra was replaced by her son,Sagasgrey and Shakugara was replaced by a man who was called Darkclinca.However, Darkclinca used this opportunity to wage war on the other countrys.However,when he waged war, He snuck spies into the other countries,and when he finally got his hands on the cores,He overpowered and killed himself.
A 100 years later,the famine has ended,but the worlds are still in war against each other.They fight,and strive for to be the best warriors they can be.

character sheet:
Guild:(Ouroboros,Ailpher or Miraldark)
Weapon Specialty:(optional)
Appearance:(picture or description,both fine)
take mine for example

name:Night Sagacity
Equipment:The axe in the picture
Magic:Makes anything that hes touched and isnt filled with hatred explode
Appearance: war modeImage
normal mode Image


Ailpher forces
Emperor :Night A.K.A me
Chief Interplanetary Embassador:Avalible
5 Royal advisors:Avalible

Ouroboros Forces
Emperor :Avalible
Chief Interplanetary Embassador:Avalible
5 Royal advisors:Avalible

Miraldark Forces
Emperor :Avalible
Chief Interplanetary Embassador:Avalible
5 Royal advisors:Avalible


Ailpher specializes in:Short Range attacks and are very very very very very VERY violent

Ouroboros specializes in:Magic and runes.They are very sophisticated and and very secretive.

Miraldark specializes in:poison and disease spreading magic.this doesnt mean they are mean though.they make the word coup de grace real and are very nice to their friends

1.Swearing is allowed,but no extreme stuff.Try to use censors.

2.NO explicit stuff

3.no godmodding

4.No harrassing people unless in game and person/user allows

5.try your best to post at least 3 times a week.

6.No one liners in IC unless its OOC.Try at least a paragraph

This is my first topic,so please join!will create Ic when we get 5 or more people.I'd also like to specially thank flickery for the advice and the confidence he gave me to type this topic.Thanks man.
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