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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lucian Utrecht on Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:24 pm

OOC: Well well, time to get a little bit more into Lucian's psychotic character...what an enigma, I'm still figuring him out sometimes myself.
Lucian hummed gently as he had just finished scrubbing the floor of his small dormitory to absolute perfection. Everything about his room was in pristine condition; the bed was neatly made and the sheets were all cleaned, he had cleaned the walls with bleach to kill anything that might be living on them, the dirt that was encrusted in any crack or crease was carefully scooped out and removed. He had um, acquired some hair tools from Ess' room and placed them gingerly on the bureau. They were in the order he used them; wide-toothed comb, soft bristle brush, and hairspray. Beneath, the hair dryer was all alone in the drawer, as he had not brought any clothing with him since he was forceably brought to the ship. He then fixed his appearance, his hair immaculate and had scrubbed his hands; he didn't want to be carrying that dirt around. He had left his shoes outside of the door so that he wouldn't track any foreign dirt inside; the mere thought made him itch and writhe. He stepped outside of his door and grinned. The whole entire hallway had been scrubbed to perfection; ever since he had gotten on this ship and woken up, the appearance of it had driven him to madness, and seeing as how there was no booze available, all that remained was to clean. He had even cleaned the bridge of the ship; scrubbed the chairs and the parts they sat on, wiped down every single surface with antibacterial wipes, everything; it seemed that the cleaning supplies of the ship hadn't been touched in a long time. And he was all too happy to break them out. Lucian gingerly sat down in a lounge, humming to himself; he had even taken the liberty of cleaning Ess' and Zach's room. Everything was sparkling.
Wait till they get back! Lucian was so proud of himself. He had even done all of the laundry on the ship; there was much protesting of the crew, especially when he had demanded they strip down and give him the clothes they were wearing. He had even cleaned all of Zach's clothing, and folded it all immaculately, right down to his underwear. Everything was organized by drawer and color. Even Ess' things! Lucian was positively ecstatic. Lucian prepared a cup of coffee and entered the bridge. He sat down stiffly in a chair and sipped on the coffee. Like the last thing he needed was more coffee.

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