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Tidal Serpent

Oceana - Guild Master of Tidal Serpent

a part of “Tidal Serpent”, a fictional universe by Lostsoulsbleed.

{A Fairy Tail Fanfic}

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Tidal Serpent”.
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Oceana - Guild Master of Tidal Serpent

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lostsoulsbleed on Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:15 pm

Anyone is free to PM me about playing Oceana.

Oceana Malaerion

{Quick Explination}
{Quick Explination}
*At Least 2*

Oceana the Tidebreaker
{Due to her magic and the nature of most of her jobs, her title just kind of appeared. She doesn't really mind the moniker though she doesn't use it herself unless she's trying to be intimidating}



The Character's style or pictures or both

Location and Color of Guild Mark:

Magic Type:
Caster Magic
Water-Make Magic
Oceana is a master of Water-Make magic, almost being on the same level as her father skill wise though his experience far outdoes hers. While she specializes in Dynamic Water-Make magic she has also mastered Static Water-Make magic.

Magical Tools:
Item Name

Magic Spells:
Water-Make: [img=]Tidal Serpent[/img]
Hand-crafted by the Malaerion family and passed down through the generations, the user creates a giant Sea Serpent that attacks by 'eating' it's enemies and trapping them in the water it's made of. The spell takes an extremely large amount of magical energy but can attack multiple times, stopping when either the enemy is defeated or the user stops the spell.
The user creates a horse of water that the user is capable of riding.
Water-Make: [img=]Shell[/img]
The user creates a shield of water in the shape of a shell that can be any size.
Water-Make: Shark-tooth Whip
The user creates a long whip that splits at the ends into up to four seperate strands that all have razor sharp 'Shark-Teeth' at the ends.
*Not all spells just some things I came up with xD*

Wizard Ranking:

Oceana is a very energetic and bubbly person. She cares greatly for everyone around her and has a strong love for her guildmates and her guild. She is very obsessed with the reputation of the guild and her wizards, mostly because she wants them to shine as bright as they can, getting all the credit she feels they deserve.

That being said, she can have a nasty temper if you insult, threaten, or hurt her family (including any member of Tidal Serpent).

Brief Description
Brief Description

Chewing Gum
Something she has done since she was a kid and hasn't been able to stop since.
Getting into/Watching Fights
As long as there is no fighting in the guild hall, Oceana is quite the trouble maker herself and enjoys a good fight(whether or not she's participating).

Losing her Guildmates
Oceana considers every member of Tidal Serpent a part of her family and dreads any of them getting hurt.
Not being a good enough Guild Master
Being very young and not as experienced as her father, Oceana always has an underlying worry that she will make a major mistake that could have been avoidable if she had more experience.

Strong Wizard

Not a lot of Experience

Castien Malaerion - Father - Alive
Name - Relation - Status
*MUST PUT PARENTS (If the character doesn't know their family or their status still put it but put what the character thinks next to it in () )*


All yours! Can put whatever you want here, more info on your magic, pets, family, fun facts, anything!



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