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[Multiverse, Fantasy] Odin Haze

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[Multiverse, Fantasy] Odin Haze

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Odin on Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:44 am

Basic Information
Name: Odin Bartholomeu Haze.
Race: Omicron Werewolf.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Occupations: Saint of Gaia.
Sub-Class: Aegis.
Cultural Influence: Ilom.
Earthly Elemental Affinity: Earth.
Weapon: Bo Staff.

Weapon Characteristics
Length: 6 Feet.
Width: 1.5 inches.
Depth: 1.5 inches.
Appearance: Metallic.
Composition: Uru.
Properties: Intrinsic – Supernatural – Conveyance.[/td][/tr][/table]

Bracers – Preternaturally tempered to retain meridian material and mild arcane defense.

Circlet – Preventative relic which works against any form of mind control, alteration, or divination.

Greaves – Preternaturally tempered to retain meridian material and mild arcane defense.

Mask of Repentance – Rumored that Odin has gained leprosy and wears the mask so that those around him are not forced to suffer the grotesque visage. Another theory is that Odin wears this mask to save his soul, and the souls of the world, from sin. The mask seems to hold no arcane value.

Robe of Gaia – Composed of various silver-dollar sized circular disks linked together like fish scales which provide the robe with unmatched durability against slashing and most forms of brute force. Theorized to be as hard as diamond and proven to be elemental-resistant against fire, ice, and acid.

Pendant of the Ancients – A necklace, forged of iridescent material and shaped like a flattened representation of the earth; it has recently been added to Odin's ensemble. Besides acting as a symbol of his faith, it seems to incessantly and radically increase his attraction to the earth.

Personal Information
Hair: Straw Blonde.
Eyes: Blue-Green. (Two-Toned)
Skin: Mildly tan.
Body: Mesomorph.
Blood-type: AB Positive.
Height: 6’2�.
Weight: 210 lbs.
Marital Status: Relationship -- Zoe

Birthplace: Ersatz.

Odin is a happy man, one who can see the joy in simply being happy and enjoying life as it comes to him. However, this does not mean that he harbors the false illusion that everyone he meets is as peaceful as he. At the drop of a pin, Odin can radically alter himself from a passive priest to an aggressive combatant.

"A good defense is a good offense."
“Brute force cannot crush the wind.�
“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.�


Aegis Template – Odin has become a veritable master of defending against the best laid assaults of man and beast alike; where others would take the way of the sword, Odin has come to encapsulate the way of the shield, knowing full well that a shield can still bash. From this has been born a number of defenses that have proven effective and practical, affectionately titled "Shells".

Earthen Affinity (Superlative) – Odin has gained the ability to manipulate earth, and all of its subsidiaries, beyond the scope of mortal prowess, reaching a level of manipulatory power unheard of by most. His affinity for earth spreads into various other facets of his life as well.

Enlightenment – Through extensive religious studies and rituals, Odin has reached a state where he has attained a level of pure, unqualified, arcane knowledge. He has transcended most mortal limitations; along with bolstering his aptitude in battle, Odin seems capable of intuitively recognizing magic and near-instantly ascertaining its use.

Spiritus Sanctus (Holy Spirit) – To those who are keen to the flow of eldritch energy, Odin seems to be perpetually encapsulated by a golden aura. Odin is in a state where he is constantly drawing energy and tempering his physical fortitude; this has made him astoundingly adept at whimsical spellcraft and allows him to passively realign the ley-line grid so that he is always at a point of convergence.

The Archive – A man of immeasurable intellect, Icy Azuran has become Odin’s unofficial advisor. Spending most of his time in a library of near limitless volumes of tomes, Odin considers Icy a library all his own. Any book that has been written about any subject ever is stored within the depths of Icy’s mind and, hence, at Odin’s disposal.

Furiae – A draconic companion bestowed upon Odin as a gift, Odin and Furiae have been closer friends ever since. Being an amalgam of, at the very least, 10 differentiating types of dragon, while retaining specific characteristics of all 10, have proven to come in handy time and time again.

Dragon Companion
Name: Furiae.
Race: Chromatic Dragon.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Occupation: Odin’s Guardian.
Earthly Elemental Affinity: Multi-Elemental.
Weapons: Himself.

[*]Frightful Presence.
[*]Manifest Aura.
[*]Metamorphosis: Great Wyrm.
[*]Omni-directional attack vector - Cannot be caught flatfooted or backstabbed.
[*]Telepathically linked to Odin.
[*]Status: With Odin.

*Character Sheet Copyright: Corban Saezer*
*Picture Copyright: Jo-Chen*
*Signature And Avatar Copyright: Ravic*
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Character Sheet

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Father_Abel on Wed Mar 07, 2007 11:52 am

Hmmm, Doesn't seem to powerful in my experience but the Robes of Gaia seem a bit like a cheap thing to defend yourself, no robes would be as hard as Diamond, Enchanted or not, it's an impossible substance to armorize, as well, diamond is very brittle, if it was hit by the point of a blade it would shatter almost instantly, And as much as I like the D&D dragon sheet, the abilities are a bit off for RP, almost everyone in RP would be unafraid of a dragon unless it was like a gnome or something, also, it is not hard to sneak up on a dragon, they are huge and bulky, and they do not pertain the ability to behind them, even with their enhanced smell, one trained properly can still sneak up behind them and cause a back attack.

Other then those few things I like him, As long as he isn't god like it should be all good (No one likes a god modder), Also, As a priest I would like to talk to you about your library, I've known quite a few ancient texts and would like to know the ones you are talking about, I hope to you see you on the chat, You should go to #gwing sometime, everyone who hangs out there is usually at least a decent RPer or RP fighter, and I think you'd like them, plus it would be a better way to obtain more experience for future character creation reference, Welcome to Gwing and I hope you have a great time here.

Seeing as I criticised the hell out of your character, Feel free to comment on my own, I'm always open to opinion and criticism as well :).

Father Abel Nightroad

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Odin on Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:34 am

If you don’t mind, I’d like to address your concerns one at a time ^_^

For the durability of the Robes of Gaia, I was working off of two already existent principles. One of which is Liquid Metal (imagine it like a cornstarch mixture. In summation, Liquid Metal is in a fluent state until met with force, unto which the molecules pack together and densify; liquid metal is capable of stopping bullets.) And the other is Dragon Skin – a new type of armor which is flexible, like cloth, which is capable of stopping bullets on repeat impact even in the same place without showing signs of bruising! You take these real life examples, the weave of the scales as opposed to the resistance structure of a diamond, the variability of magic and I think that it is capable of withstanding impact.

Furiae, in his natural state, can fit in the palm of Odin’s hand; that’s why I have the metamorphosis mentioned. Frightful Presence is really only meant to be used against NPC’s (Since most characters have a way to stop mental influence) and Blindsight is a way of combining all of the senses to compensate for sight. Humans method of perception is, approximately, ¾ based solely on sight; Furiae uses all of his senses as one, well-working machine. Enhanced smell combined with enhanced hearing and enhanced touch all comes together in one pot of ultra-perception! This is not meant to be infallible, of course, merely difficult to circumvent.

Odin doesn’t have texts memorized except the Bible of Gaia (Of my own creation). The Archive refers to an IC friend of his and an OOC friend of mine; you’d really have to ask him for that kind of knowledge.

I appreciate you taking the time to critique my character and I hope to get to RP with you some time ^___^. If you have any other questions or concerns about my counter-argument, by all means, post it up. Thanks again!

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