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Omakes are short side stories that can serve to develop the relationships between characters or be written to reveal different traits or quirks about a character. Usually they are written between two or more characters, but are not generally a collaborative effort. This means you gain creative control of another person's character and must gain permission to use that character in your omake. Omakes are like bonus content that give you extra insight into character interaction and are generally light-hearted and comedic to read. (Comedic meaning a happy ending.)

For the omakes in Ataxia all they need are a font title and then the content. That's all, I usually submit omakes between my characters and another when their real time birthday comes around as long as my character has had some sort of interaction with them.

So happy writing, and I hope you all have a great time with this!

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Re: Omakes

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*Ft. Chester and Castiel
“Can we sight see?”
The comment was so quiet that Chester nearly missed it. He turned his attention away from the strange creatures that greeted them at the entranceway to look at Castiel. The boy beside him was watching the big bird on their right, the longer Chester watched him the more it looked like the blue haired boy was analyzing the bird, trying to figure out what it was thinking, maybe even control it, rather than just looking. Interesting. Whatever he had been attempting with the bird was given up moments later, and Chester quickly turned away to sneer at the snake on their left. It wasn’t until Cas brought up his father did Chester feel his chest tighten. Most human families weren’t raised in the environment he was. Most kids liked their parents, love them even, and it was in that moment Chester saw the possibility Cas might not come with him. The white hair boy was suddenly determined to show the boy next to him that he should leave that behind. “Fucking straight we can sight see.”

He tugged at Castiel’s hand as they ventured deeper into the tent of exotic animals. Cas seemed like he had grown up in a rich home, and he definitely wasn’t as physically capable as Chester. His parents probably loved him, hell most kids were loved, which would make it harder for him to leave them. The blue haired boy seemed caught off guard by Chester’s sudden diversion from the task to find Cronus, and although it was nearly impossible to ignore such a large presence getting Castiel on his side had become priority.

The first cage Chester stopped them at housed a lazy and worn out looking chimp. Its eyes were closed and the animal looked completely bored. Chester knelt down so he was eye level and clicked his tongue at the chimpanzee. It opened its eyes lazily at him, looking as if it was just pulled out of a deep sleep before crawling towards them. It was the first time in a long while that an animal had approached him willingly. Chester smiled at the animal and was surprised when the creature bared its teeth back at him. His eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat.

“Castiel, did you see that? He smiled back at me!” He said excitedly. Castiel looked at him unsure, countering Chester’s excited energy with a much more subdued vibes.

“Actually Chester, a primate showing its teeth is a sign of aggression…”

“Whaa, no way. You’re just being cynic-” He was cut off midsentence by the screech of the creature and fell backwards when it reached through the bars to try and grab him. It continued to throw its tantrum even as Chester scooted back out of its reach. The white haired boy could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his eyes widened in shock and he turned to look at Castiel. The blue haired boy looked just as surprised and disgruntled by the chimp’s sudden outburst and Chester’s pulse began to slow he couldn’t hold back a giggle. The giggle escalated a snicker until he was full on belly laughing at the situation. He could see Castiel looking at him in bewilderment, but as his laughter continued Cas’s expression melted into a grin and the boy was laughing along Chester.

The younger boy, still laughing, pulled himself to his feet and began pulling at Castiel again, away from the upset animal. He maneuvered them through the small crowd of people, making sure to keep a strong grip on the other boy. The past several exhibits with no incident other than the animals showing no more interest than a raised head and lazy blinks including a large peacock and a tired looking pony. What caught Chester’s eye was a large cage with an equally large cat lounging in it. As he veered towards it the white haired boy was met with a sudden resistance. Puzzled the boy looked back to see Castiel looking towards the cage with apprehension.

“No, Chester, I don’t like cats.” Chester felt his heart drop.

“What, no, no, this’ll be great.” He tried again, pulling at the boy, but he remained steadfast. He was about to try and convince the boy with begging when the roar from the tiger cut him off. Castiel was staring in shock and the slightest amount of fear over his shoulder. Chester went to turn around when a strong force knocked him back into the bars of the cage. He felt the breath of the tiger ghost against the back of his neck and immediately panicked. His eyes darted frantically for something he could magnetize himself to in order to get away. The claw of the tiger began digging into his side and his eyes landed on Cas who was looking on in horror, seemingly frozen in place.

“Castiel!” Even as his voice cracked in fear it seemed to bring Castiel back to the situation, the boy’s one eye flickered from him to the tiger, but he didn’t move. Instead the boy stared at the tiger, and continued to stare. Chester felt his chest seize in panic, the tiger was going to kill him before he could do anything for Gaea. His breath began to quicken and he could feel a burning behind his eyes as the realization that this tiger was going to kill him set in.

Then suddenly the tiger was gone. The claws had retracted and the white haired boy could no longer feel its breath on the back of his neck. Chester forced himself to breath slowly, but he could still feel his heart hammering against his chest. When the boy looked up Castiel was staring past him, and Chester took a chance to look behind him. The tiger was at the back of the cage, it was laying down, but it was staring straight at Cas, paying no attention to Chester. The boy took the opportunity to scramble away from the cage and over to Castiel. He launched himself at the boy, throwing an arm over his neck and pulling him into a half hug.

“Dude, that was amazing.” The boy cheered happily, already over his near death experience. Castiel still seemed a little flustered, startled by Chester’s sudden contact with him.

“Chester, don’t move around so much… you just got attacked by a tiger.” Cas still seemed shaken by the tiger incident, and Chester assumed he had never been in such a situation before. But then again, not many people had.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ve been through way worse, by myself though. With another titan with me I feel invincible.” Chester began pulling Castiel away from the tiger pen, setting his senses back on the location of Cronus.

“You’ve been alone?” The statement caused Chester to pause, turning to look Castiel in his one visible eye, his own eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

“Don’t worry about it, cause we can be like a dynamic duo or something!” He laughed at himself, and although Castiel looked apprehensive the other boy returned the smile. “What, like Waston and Holmes?”

“I was thinking more like Bonnie and Clyde, we’ll be partners in crime.” Chester glanced over at Cas who looked as if he was mulling over other famous partners to suggest when the white haired boy pulled a shit-eating grin and bounced forward a few steps. When he turned to face the blue haired boy his arms were splayed wide open and his grin shone vibrantly on his face.

“We’ll be infamous throughout the world! Everyone will know us, and we will be unstoppable. They’ll call us Cassie-”

“No.” The sudden interruption startled Chester to silence. He blinked in surprise and gaped his mouth like a fish out of water as he deflated, disappointed he couldn’t finish his spiel about becoming master criminals.

“Cassie and-”

“Don’t call me Cassie.” Chester raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment as he continued on.

“Then we’ll be Essie and Cas and there won’t be a soul in the world that doesn’t know our names.” The boy finally finished dramatically, the grin didn’t fade even as he was met with silence as Castiel processed what he had said. The blue haired boy finally sighed, after much consideration, but he had a small, yet comforting, smile on his lips. The boy reached out and flicked Chester on the forehead. The boy flinched back with a pout on his lips.

“Hey, why’d you do that?” He whined as he reached up to rub the place he was hit.

“You’re fantasizing too much. We should find our siblings before we start dreaming of master criminalship.” Chester pouted like a child and he watched as Castiel examined his expression for a moment before he too smiled. “Though I suppose Essie and Cas would be an acceptable fantasy to work towards.”

Chester brightened immediately, grabbing Cas’s hand for a final time as he began dragging the boy in the direction of Cronus. He was apprehensive, yet glowing with emotion as he dragged Cas towards their destiny.

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