One Piece...Rewritten

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One Piece...Rewritten

Postby Light Mario on Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:19 pm

I'm not sure if there are many One Piece fans out there...I'm personally a fan of Echiiro Oda's work, and have been searching for a One Piece themed RPG for a couple months now...maybe it's about time I started one on my own.

The idea is very simple, we make use of Echiira Oda's brilliant world, the 4 blues and the grand line...but we use our very own original characters. In fact, the least players make mention of already existing characters of the anime (or canon characters), the better.

First a little background (you can skip this if you know of One Piece already)

Plot: The fictional world of One Piece is covered by two vast oceans, which are divided by a massive mountain range called Red Line; The Grand Line, a sea that runs perpendicular to the Red Line, further divides them into four seas: North Blue, East Blue, West Blue and South Blue. Surrounding the Grand line are two regions called calm belts, which experience almost no wind and ocean currents and are breeding ground for the huge sea creatures called sea kings, because of which the calm belts are very effective barriers for those trying to enter the Grand Line. The second half of the Grand Line, beyond the second intersection with the Red Line, is also known as the New World. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)

In this world, pirates and marines (Navy in One Piece world) rule the waters, and the great era of pirates has just started. Gold Roger, the king of pirates, was ultimately executed by the marines. The marines and world government believed that this would put an end to the age of pirates. However; Gold Roger's final words, his invitation to all pirates to claim the pirate king's treasure, the one piece, for themselves, had exactly the opposite effect. Now the world thrives with pirates and adventurers entering the grand line, searching for the ultimate treasure, One Piece.

Setting: Echiira Oda's world is reminiscent of the pirate’s age, but is relatively vague on temporal setting since you get to see modern clothing, cyborgs, and Elizabethan-and-up technology in an apparent 19th century. However, technology like cars, planes and robot, though existent in the canon, are extremely limited to Dr. vegapunk and world government. To make it clear, technology shouldn't be superior to that from the 19th century, though it is flexible on things like clothing, speech, entertainment, and even weapons. here is a link concerning technology in One Piece:

Devil Fruits: Devil fruits are fruits with an awfully bad taste, but which grant the consumer (human or not) an ability considered as superhuman, though only one. The variety of the powers given by the devil fruits are wide, and goes from turning the users' body into gum, to being able to turn yourself into sand or fire. For clarities sake there are three types of fruits, paramecia (gives you a special ability, some of them really crazy; these are the most frequent type), Zoan (Allows the user to transform into an animal or a hybrid form, there's even a human-zoan fruit) and Logia (The less common and more powerful, allows the user to fully become and control an element or substance like lightning, sand, smoke or fire. They are immune to most physical attacks, and really powerful). Once bitten, the fruit looses the ability to grant the ability to other persons, so the abilities are supposed to be unique.

It is said that if a person eats two devil fruits, he/she/it dies, so devil fruit abilities are restricted to one per person. Also, devil fruits comes with a weakness, devil fruit users becomes "hammers" in the sea, which means they cannot ever swim.


I think that should be enough...if you have any questions regarding the anime you can search in these:, simply PM onto the rules

Big Nos: A couple restrictions...if possible, I want as least as possible mentions of canon characters in the RPG, which means.
.- No Straw Hats crew
.- No Buggy the clown
.- No Arlong crew
.- No Red haired shanks, or white beard or anything like that
.- In canon.

Perhaps the only canon character that should remain would be Gold Roger, the gorousei...and a couple of other important ones. This should be like a totally new world based off Echiira Oda's...a One Piece...rewritten

Also, I want to keep a limit of fruit users per player to one for the moment...this doesn't mean any that your original characters can't, at any given time in the story, eat a devil fruit and gain a devil power.

Big yes: As long as you keep up with the classic rpg rules, and play nice, there are no big rules...this is all about having fun. I would like to restrict the number of primary characters to two for the moment being...but if you feel like making 5, and believe yourself capable of handling that many characters, go ahead.

Here is a proposed character may use another one if you feel like, but try to at least include the followings. Also, the more detailed, the better...characters with a weak template may be not accepted

Color Font
Title (other name he is known of, or Wanted poster title)
Bounty (if any)
Alignment (Pirate, Marines, World Government...or none)
Devil Fruit (if any)
Physical description
Spoiler factor (In here post how far are you into the manga or anime, this is intended to avoid spoilers for ya)
Final note

Here is a sample...and my first character

Name: Reid Armer
Font: Red
Title: None
Bounty: None
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Allignment: Pirates, though he currently is in no crew
Dream: To become a crewmember of the King of Pirates, and that way make the Nihanmaryou fighting technique accepted and respected.
Devil fruit: None

Description: He is tall and, though he looks really thin, his body has plenty of muscles, he has light brown hair and brown eyes. Reid always wear a red cap with a white front, a white shirt with red jacket, red seatpants resembling pants, and red and white shoes.

Personality: Serious, distant to strangers, and a man of few, cold, hurting words, but always full of reason…and loyal to the extreme to those he cares for. He is very clever and has the habit of finding defects on friends, foes and strangers alike..and pointing them out, most of times in a very hurting and straightforward way, always with a tone of indifference which makes him quite annoying…obviously, he is not very good at making new friends.

However, he is extremely loyal to those he trust, to the point of putting his life in the line for the security of his friends, Reid will never cower away from battle…in fact, he loves the thrill of battle.

Reid has a big sense of honor resembling that of Bushido.

Bio: Reid los his parents at an early age, and spent most of his childhood with his grandfather, Init Armer, the first (and only) known master of Nihanmaryu, or 2 hammers technique, a martial art product of Init’s skill as a shipwright and his love for Bushido and martial art…even when Init had a hilarious phobia for swords.

In his youth, Init tried to prove the worth of his fighting technique and start a dojo. But the use of hammers, tools rather than weapons, were laughed at by the other schools. And for many reasons (specially Init’s phobia of swords), it was impossible for him to prove the worth of his art.

Nonetheless, Init took Reid as his disciple and, lovingly but strictly, taught him the art of hammerplay.

As explained above, Nihanmaryou involves both mastery at Shipwrighting and Bushido, which turned Reid into a fantastic shipwright and knowledgeable in the ways of Bushido and even swordsplay. However, it cost him social skills (Init’s training were far too rigorous for a kid, keeping him away even from school…though Init’s lessons of shipwrighting made up for that)

When Reid turned 18, Init met a terrible disease. In his last minutes Init confessed Reid that he had no regrets and that he had fullfiled his dream. Reid didn’t believe him at first, since he believed his gradnfather’s dream was for the Nihanmaryou to be regarded as a martial art. However, init corrected him by claiming, with his very last breath, that his true dream was to train the world’s strongest Nihanmaryou user.

Reid, moved by this confession, decided to make it his dream to make everyone in the world respect the hammerplay as the true martial art it is...and respect his hrandfather's dream.

Reid took the decision of becoming a pirate after the marines (he tried joining them first) disrespected the hanmaryou’s technique and laughed at his dream. He figured that the best way to achieve his dream was to become a crewmember of whoever became the new Pirate King.

Skills: Nihanmaryu (2 hammers technique)
Reid fights with two of your everyday hammers…though entirely made of metal. Nihanmaryou resembles mostly an advanced technique of daggerplay, however, the hammers unique form allow for original techniques. For instance, by using the neck of both hammers it’s possible to “lock and block” sword attacks, and sometimes even breaking them with the dreadful “sword breaker technique”.

Besides his average hammers, Reid always carry a large mallet by his back which he calls "kousenkiduchi" (warmallet), resembling the mallet used by Mario in his RPGs ( :D ), but less cartoony and with a longer handle, made purely of iron. The kousenkiduchi is used very similarly to a warhammer, and can be used when fighting particularly strong swordfighters. It has also a wide variety of techniques particular to mallets. kousenkiduchiryou (warmallet technique) is considered the most advanced form of Nihanmaryu, and even though he is mildly apt at it, Reid is still learning the full extent and potential of its use (or inventing them)

Finaly, Reid is a very skilled shipwright, and as part of his Bushido training is quite agile and strong.


Other than slashing and mashing, these are some techniques.

Nihanmaryou, Hammer toss: Pretty straightforward…Reid has a great aim. The hammer doesn’t come back to the owner after thrown, so It’s mostly used for comic relief.
Nihanmaryou, burokku-ken-joumae (block and lock): One of the fundamental techniques in hanmaryou, by placing the necks of both hammers against the edges of a sword, on opposite sides, an incoming attack from an opponent swordfighter can be blocked and locked, leaving him at the mercy of Reid…that is, assuming the opponent is not awfully stronger than Reid.
Nihanmaryou, burokku-ken-joumae zutsuu (block and lock headache): Inmediatly after a Block and lock comes a damaging headbutt, usually followed by a kick to make some distance.
Nihanmaryou, burokku-ken-joumae hendou (block and lock kick): Inmediatly after a Block and Lock, Reid comes up with a kick or a kneehit anywhere in the body of his opponent…groin attacks are particularly harmful, but Reid’s great sense of honour makes it an unlikely event.
Nihanmaryou, burokku-ken-joumae ken-auto! (block and lock...and gone!): Inmediatly after a Block and lock Reid pulls the opponent towards him as he plants a damaging kick to the chest or abdomen, which might just send the opponent flying if the block and lock is released in time. Usually a finisher for run-of-the-mill opponents
Nihanmaryou, tou bure-ka (sword breaker): Inmediatly after a Block and lock, with a surge of power Reid can brake the sword. This won’t work if the sword is strong or special…or if it is relatively new. It can be very tiring for Reid if used a lot, since it takes quite a bit of energy to pull it out.
Jajjimento (judgement): With the kousenkiduchi, pounds on an enemy with a vertical swing. Highly damaging, but relatively slow attack. Good for finishers when the opponent can't escape.
Kiduchi-tou (Mallet-sickle): A horizontal and quick swipe with the rather long kousenkiduchi. Good to make some distance.

New techniques may be created as Reid becomes more adept in Hanmaryou

Spoiler factor: Up to the last chapter in the manga, so I'm very ahead from those who only see the anime :D (no spoilers for me)

Final note: Yes, I was inspired by Zoro when making Reid. However, they have still some differences, specially in techniques and background, and Zoro is not the only character in one Piece to respect the Bushido art...or anything similar. Also, Reid is nowhere as strong as Zoro...for now.


I posted this here to see if a One Piece RPG would pick up in this site...if you want to join, PLEASE DO SO! 8) . I Already have my second character in mind and will post his bio later :P

I also accept suggrest check section after all
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Re: One Piece...Rewritten

Postby Chulance on Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:13 pm

I'll join I'm reserving the devil fruit character.
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Re: One Piece...Rewritten

Postby Comrade Vacilli on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:47 pm

Name- Marcel ( No last known name)
Title- None, simply as Marcel
Bounty- 550,000
Race- Human
Gender- Male
Age- never speak about his actual age, but once when he was drunk he said something about him being somewhere around 14-19 and that was maybe 6-8 years ago.
Alignment= Pirates more or less, but prefers the term mecenary.
Dream- He has no real dreams. there are a lot of far-fetched ones, but he doesn't wish for total peace, and want to let a number of pirates to stay to ensure the amount of gold everyone gets. The most far fetched one is to destroy the World Nobles and ablosih slavery 100%.
Devil Fruit- None
Physical description- Marcel has your average asian skin ( I think I'd know as I am asian) and black hair. He's slim and not very muscular as he spends most of his time improving his ranged skills rather then working out with heavy weapons or melee ones. However, he has red eyes and on his back is the World Nobles symbol branded onto his back.
Biography- Marcel never led your average life. He was stolen by slavers after a firefight between the marines and some pirates. Only meh 9 he was taken and sold to a sadistic world noble who used him for dirty things. there was even a crazy expiremt that gave him red eyes and his uncanny skill with firearms. He wasn't given a bomb collar luckily becasue the noble saw no reason and however degraded his further giving im a dog collar. Fast foward a few years, there was fighting between the noble and pirates who were desprate. The noble didn't notice him getting away and only later did he realize what had happened and if Marcel found out about the skill that he aciddntly gave him, the marines would have another threat and offered a small reward to capture him. No one has managed to get Marcel yet and he's been acting as a mercenary and doing odd jobs. He wants to become a pirate to explore the seas and plan revenge agsint the nobles.
Skills/Abilities- Marcel is mostly a jack of all trades, but he has a special abillty with firearms. He's able to reload them faster then normal and shoot them faster. He also somehow has the abillty to shoot captains a few hundred yards away, during a storm, and score the kill. He also has 30/20 eyesight. His swordskill is okay, but he won't stand in a fight against a master swords man. he can at most hold them off.
Spoiler factor- Knowledge out of 10, 8/10 but don't hesitate, I spoil things for myself.
Final note- He prefers to use a sword staff and if that isn't available, he uses a personalized cutlass. However Marcel's true skill lies in sharpshooting, making insane shots during storms.* Firearms are his favorite and won't hesitate to be cunning aka playing dirty.

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Re: One Piece...Rewritten

Postby Light Mario on Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:55 pm

Since this seem to have picked up...I'll make a copy of this thread in the players wanted section

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Re: One Piece...Rewritten

Postby Comrade Vacilli on Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:04 pm

So am I accepted? :D
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Re: One Piece...Rewritten

Postby Light Mario on Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:15 pm

yes you are! Please, submit your bio in the wanted players section.

You two also chulance. This will be great....I will upload my second character after vasili reposts Marcel
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