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Orange Juice

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Orange Juice

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby digit_masperia on Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:33 pm

The attachment for this story is in the "Other" Forum Now then, i guess i'll just start posting things here...*sigh* ohyeah! i guess I might as well have a little poll as well.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby digit_masperia on Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:35 pm

I always wondered what a story like this would be. If a normal human being had problems flying in and out of a video game world. And this isn't a comedy. But I’ll try to have some fun here and there. Oh, and I don't encourage spilling beverages on your game console. :\
Laying awake in his bed was something he was used to. He figured he was an insomniac, but he did sleep occasionally. He ruffled his hair and stood, rubbing his tired bloodshot eyes. His temporary escape from reality was his video games, and his occasional anime or manga. But right now he was hungry, so he walked down to his kitchen, keeping out of sight of his mother.

"Leon, I see your awake...would you take the laundry down to the basement? my hands are full..." And by full she meant she was reading an auto trader pamphlet. He mumbled and took some extra pulp orange juice out of the fridge, pouring himself some of the liquid in a clear plastic glass, carrying it back up to his under-sized room. Under-sized it was, barely having room for a bed and his TV, let alone a dresser in a corner. He put his juice down on top of the TV, and jumped back onto his bed, closing his eyes. His arms spread out, he took in notice what he wished he was. He wanted to be a game the world and get the girl...not this boring shit known as reality. Not only that, but he wished he was better looking. He had a fine figure, maybe a few pounds overweight and some chub, but not fat, and his face structure was 'cute' looking, but he was all cheek. His complexion was horrible, acne all over his face, and worse with pale skin. He had dyed his hair blue before, and a few piercing in his ear and nose. Now he just didn't care about the outside world. He wore a black shirt with a meteor on the back of it, and Japanese symbols. Obviously to the Japanese eye it read "Advent children" but to the American people it spelt "freak." He knew how to dress however, in his eyes, and "accessorized" well, with armbands and necklaces, but he only fit in with one or two people like him. He groaned a rolled over, his cheap blue jeans rustling under his black Airspeed shoes.

He turned back again, wanting to sleep at the early hour, not go to school, and wake up to play some games. For now, he might as well try to get past Jenova on Final Fantasy Seven. He knew how to beat her, he had beaten the entire game thrice, but he decided to only use melee weapons and only materia when necessary, so he could limit himself. Also, only status inducing materia. He switched on his PS2, and laid back on his bed, covering his feet up with a tye-dyed blanket. While the theme music played, he got into the zone, already planning his approach. But, as soon as he hit load, he felt like passing out. His brain was shutting down from lack of complete sleep, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, his body lurching forward, smashing against his TV. It rocked back and forth, and his orange juice bubbled and fell onto his Playstation2, spilling the beverage over the memory card and controller, into the ports an disc drive. On the screen, it said the normal "do not turn of Playstation or remove memory card" deal, but it didn't go away. A blue and red spark shot out of the Playstation the memory card, entwining with each other in the air, creating a transuculent green. The green twisted around itself, white sparks seeming to come off it slowly. Leon could only think one thing before losing his mind completely.

"It looks like the lifestream...."

When he awoke he saw bright blue sky, seagulls floating about a gawking, rays of bright sunshine blinding his sleeping eyes. He covered his eyes with his hand, peering about at the sailors on the ship, a few awkwardly dressed people running away. He stood, but stumbled and fell, not used to the moving of the sea. A sailor walked over to him. A fancy sailor, with greased back black hair, smiling brightly and walking boldly. He reached his hand out to Leon and helped him up.

"Aye, I don't remember you here. You best not be a stowaway..." Leon looked around nervously at the sailor's question, his mind locked. In a second though, his gears started running, as his intelligence of video games flew out of control. He said the most plausible thing he could find. Well, at least when you THINK your in a video game, it's plausible.

"I-I-I'm here w-with Heidegger and t-the new president...."

"Oh, that makes sense then, landluver..." The sailor walked away casually, picking up a nearby bucket and strutted around. Leon felt like leaping out of his skin. And that was in a good way. Most people would be confused out of their mind, but he knew better. He was in his video game. The way he knew that? Well, he noticed a sailor with red fur, a tail, and paws trying to walk on two legs. Only in one place had he ever seen that. Red XIII was walking back and forth trying to get used to his outfit, growling and rumbling every few awkward steps. Leon smiled bright and jumped into the air, shouting out wildly and running across the deck, watching the before animated pixels in a real life view. Beside him, he saw a man in a purple suit, deep in thought, looking out across the sea at Costa del sol. Two were behind him. Aeris and Barrett. He couldn't believe his eyes. He wanted to say something so bad, but he knew he was just a member of the ship, and had to do his character duties, or so he thought. He figured he'd wait for Cloud to do something, and listened in their conversation until he was noticed, but they never seemed to care, and went on talking to sailors and each other randomly. Leon was now completely unaware of any other world besides the one he was in, and thought faster than Einstein in his situation. he walked up to Cloud, Aeris, and Barrett.

"Hello, I'm Leon...." Cloud turned and looked at him.

"Yeah, so..."

"A-and your Cloud, aren't you....?"

"Who's asking..."

"Oh, just me...." Cloud raised an eyebrow and reached his arm out to Leon's neck, holding him into the air.

"Talk now spy, or I’ll crush you." Leon's eyes widened to the size of materia and struggled to breath. Aeris ran over to Cloud.

"Hey, let the poor guy go, he's not a spy...I can tell!"

"Oh really, tell me why he's not a spy..." Aeris walked over to Leon and examined his face, squinting. Leon didn't care if he couldn't breathe. Having Aeris so close to him made him feel like floating away. He struggled and mumbled the words.

"Ahhhgha...your so...beeuatiful.....GAH!" Cloud dropped him on the floor, walking away, and Aeris helped him up.

"Hope you were talking about me and not him..."

"Yeah...your Aeris..."

"Yup. So, uh...why do you ask us?"

"Oh, your just my favorite vid-" He stopped and thought quickly.

"I just know things. I bet i could help you guys." Aeris wondered a second.

"You REALLY sound like a spy, but I know your not..." He let out a sigh of relief and looked at her. He knew the outcome of her life. Sephiroth would end it. He looked down, trying not to cry by looking at her.

"Something wrong, Mr. Leon?" He sniffled and looked up at her.

"Nah, nothing's wrong..."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby digit_masperia on Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:36 pm

For those that don't know, the incident that occurred transfigured the code of the game, making it limitless, like a new reality. Few cases have that happened before, and it only lasted a few seconds due to overload, and, even more rarely, Leon was sucked into his favorite video game cd, which has happened even less. The personality of the game character's became real, they spoke with thought out dialogue, and they looked completely and absolutely real. In Leon's case, the game code went inside his mind and made him what he wanted to look like. Tall, blacked haired, wearing a black vest and carrying a sword at his side. For comic value he wanted to wear green khaki shorts. To him, he didn't even know it, but to Aeris and the others that saw him, that was who he was. So, sorry for this short explanation paragraph, an be ready for more in the future of this title. Oh, and in reality, Leon is passed out, orange juice spilled all over him and his game console, and in an apparent coma. The thing that happened triggered an un-accessed human ability never before tapped. To create and define the code of the world. But that's later....back to the world of Seven.

Leon couldn't get enough of his surroundings. Everything was so real, a dream come true. He spoke with Red XIII and the others, getting to know them. To his dismay he got in a fight with a sailor by asking a dumb question, but wasn't hurt any. He then noticed his change, and the sword at his side. It was just an average short sword, the words "To Live For" engraved on one side and "To Die For" on the other. He laughed. An enemy skill materia was equipped on him, and an "All" materia with it. It was a weak weapon, and he obviously was a weak guy....then he saw his muscles. He was ripped, abs and all. He gazed amazingly at his tanned body, his bulging muscles.

"This is unreal...." He laughed out, heading on his way, remembering what happens next on the game. But then he wondered if it had to happen...he bet he could work for ShinRa if he wanted to. But, he wanted his heroes to win.

First off though, he needed to know what would happen next. According to his game, they would venture into the bowels of the ship after sailors were killed mercilessly. He gulped, and realized they would fight Jenova...probably with only the materia he had equipped them with. He couldn't let them die so early in the game. They never even got Vincent on their team yet.

He followed Cloud around a bit, catching back up to Aeris, who was lagging behind.

"Hey Aeris, I think you might need these..." He chuckled and took his materia out of his sword, holding them out to her. She giggled and pushed them away.

"I'm sorry, i couldn't take your's really expensive and we don't have enough gil to take you back..." She turned away, but didn't walk.

"No, there's no need to pay me back, I just know you'd need these. Please take them and equip them, your status materia won't help you...just remember to keep your ether's handy."

"What are you talking's like you know were going to fight something." She smiled. "We aren't going to be fighting you, are we?"

"No no no, you see...." He shrugged. he couldn't tell her much more, and not only was he sounding like a spy, he was sounding like a nerd. He whispered to himself. "Time to make my character acceptable..." He smiled and stood upright, his hands on his sides, his brazen skin seeming to glow. The strangest part was that they were in the holds....and he seemed to glow. What happened was he wanted to do that...and so it happened. But it only happened subconsciously, another effect of his transformation into that world. But he knew nothing of this, and started to speak to Aeris a little more manly-like.

"Aeris, there is someone aboard this ship that will attack you, I tell you. So be prepared..." He decided to be mysterious, and chuckled as he walked away, hoping to leave a good impression. Aeris equipped the materia and caught up to Cloud, thinking to herself.

"Well, he sure changed fast...someone will attack us...I better warn Cloud." She caught up and told Cloud, and Cloud had been speaking to the greased haired sailor, who said the Leon boy was with ShinRa. Cloud just assumed that he WAS a spy, but not a corrupt one. Maybe he wanted to help them.

Soon, someone died. The man guarding the door on the downstairs had been sliced and diced, the effects of a longsword known as the Masamune. Cloud Aeris and Barrett ran in quickly, looking around for the black caped man. Leon followed close behind, only to see a black streak throw down what looked like a green orb, probably a head or another organ of Jenova. He gulped as they started to fight, Cloud slicing his way through Jenova while Barrett fired away. Aeris used her enemy skill like no tomorrow, only once stopping to make time fast for them. They zoomed at incredible speeds, but not fast enough for the giant silver looming figure of Jenova. The orb had transformed, and was attacking them with full force now. Leon couldn't stand around and watch anymore of this.

What happens on Leon's disc only happens on Leon's disc. He can change the entire storyline of the game, using the same characters. He can join their party and have others join as well. Though he doesn't know it, he is like the headmaster of a D&D game, shouting orders and developing the story. Unfortunately he can't control this power, and can only do things through subconscious thought and interactment. Now again with the story.

Barrett had been knocked unconscious by a swift swing of Jenova's tentacle like arms. They were losing a battle, and maybe even the war if he didn't help. Anger grew in his eyes. This was his world now, and he was going to partake in it.

"Time to be bad-assed..." He unsheathed his shortsword, rushing forward and jumping into the air. He jumped extremely higher than he thought, and did a somersault, swinging his sword above his head. The blade cut through Jenova, and the force of the spin rushed him straight through her. I an agonizing scream, she fell to her side, mutating back into a green orb. Aeris rushed to heal Barrett as Cloud sheathed his Buster sword and approached Leon. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, until Cloud spoke.

"Who are you...." Leon chuckled and walked past Cloud, out the door of the room and into the holds. He passed by Nanaki and Tifa, who watched the whole thing, and soon rushed to see their party members. On the way out, Leon looked over his shoulder and smiled.

"I'm Leon....Leon Gray." Cloud looked puzzled, but he lived though the confusion.

The party stayed on the ship one more night, and Leon tried to be his character as hard as possible, looking mysterious as he could. It was tough work. All he wanted to do was rush over to cloud and get to learn all about him. Afterwards, they unboarded the ship.

Rufus and Heidegger walked off, and Nanaki was off soon after. Cloud, Barrett, Tifa and Aeris were next. Leon was last, and he watched as a helicopter landed to the left of him, two men and a woman dressed in black getting off of it, and escorting Rufus. Heidegger was left behind, and not even his horse laugh made him look important. The others hung out there for a few days, Tifa and Aeris swimming, Cloud getting into the "real estate" business, by buying a condo, and Barrett just slept and played pool in the inn. It was good...until they saw Hojo on the beach.

For a nerdy ugly scientist, he was getting a lot of attention from the ladies. It might have been his extremely large bank account, or maybe because he was the father of the greatest warrior in the world. Either way, him and Cloud had a quick discussion. Leon wasn't there to hear it however, because Tifa invited him to sunbathe with her...

"Oh great..." Indeed, his adolescent subconscious was working like a hurricane.

He didn't realize he was noticed much by the cast, but it seemed Tifa grew a liking to him. THAT wasn't in the script. Though he looked as macho and slick as could be, he walked with a slouch, his head down, quite embarrassed. Tifa lied down on a fold out beach bed and raised her arms in the air, turning over onto her stomach. But, to Leon, he felt like getting a nosebleed.

Nosebleeds are common in anime, and it happens when members of the opposite sex (or same sex if your wavy) arouse each other. This stimulates blood flow through the nostrils in men, making a nosebleed, but in women it's usually a blush, but in extreme cases they may get a nosebleed as well. Back to Tifa and Leon.

"Hey, Leon....could you unstrap this....?" He held his nose just in case, and just realized that's what he'd been thinking of. Also, in that exact moment he wished he didn't have to do it, and thus Cloud strutted over to her, and helped her with her bikini top. He blinked, and thought. He made that happen, or at least it was exactly what he was thinking would happen. By now, after being sucked into this world, and having such great swordsmen skills, he figured anything was he decided to do some of the scientific method.

Step one of the scientific method was to "state the problem" and his problem was this. "Do I make things happen?" Next was to "Make a hypothesis" His hypothesis was "If I think of something, then something would happen." Next would be to least he thought, he never really paid attention in science class. And so he experimented. He concentrated on Tifa again, and thought "Stand up, put bikini on, go find Cloud..." and repeated this like a mantra chant. But, to his dismay, nothing happened...

"Ok, that didn't work...maybe I need to clear my mind or something like on The Matrix..." And so he sat down on the sand cross-legged, and closed his eyes, thinking of nothing but whiteness, and harnessing his inner energy. He read the entire procedure in a book, and knew what to do...then something happened. When the book told him to release his energy, here it really did. A red bolt of fire shot out of his hand and made him jump up and fall into the water.

"So that's how to do it. you have to KNOW it...." He swam back to shore and sat down once again, thinking only of Tifa and Cloud, and trying to get her to put her clothes on. He thought in deep meditation for what seemed like an hour, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Tifa get up, put her bikini and clothes on, and search for Cloud.

"YES!" He leaped in the air and done a little dance, and had a few stares form the crowd. "Heheh....." And so his conclusion was right. He thought of it and it happened. But that was simple and could possibly still be a coincidence, so he decided that for the rest of the journey he'd experiment a bit.

The day went on normally, and he decided to do something a bit more drastic. Join their party as another "secret" member like Vincent or Yuffie. This worked, and he couldn't believe it. All he done was place himself in a room like (what he thought was) an NPC and waited for Cloud to come in and talk to him. The conversation was just like something off of his game, and he chuckled inside, wanting to become part of the storyline. First though, he needed something to make him look like an ff7 character, and he thought up a tattoo of a number 58 on his arm. What better could he do than to make himself a clone of Sephiroth like Cloud.

"Hey I remember you..." Cloud said to Leon.

"Yeah, I remember you to, on the ship."

"Mhm. I also saw you talking to Tifa and Aeris...I figured you were a spy, but I didn't want to cause a scene, so I left you go."

"Don't worry about it. But I can say, I am sort of like a spy. I've been watching you and your little friends for months now, and I know what your up to. But I'm not working for Shinra..."

"How can you prove it..." Cloud raised an eyebrow, wondering who this new man was.

"Here." He pulled up his sleeve, showing his tattoo.

"..." Cloud just watched it, and Leon smiled.

"I'm a wanderer, I left ShinRa after they threw me out as a failure. I wanted to be strong...strong like Sephiroth...But then I noticed how your quest went, and how evil this new Sephiroth really was. I wanted to be like you....and so I did. And now I meet you..." Cloud was speechless, but he knew what was going on in Cloud's mind. They needed firepower. And this Leon man looked like a good bet. Unfortunately, he wasn't trustworthy. For now he said to follow them, and he would complete some kind of initiation. Leon knew of course that he would have no relevance to the story other than a secret character and maybe a source of info, and a good fighter. He chuckled to himself, and walked beside Cloud as they headed out of Costa Del Sol.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby digit_masperia on Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:37 pm

An NPC is a Non-Player Character, and it seems Leon now has the ability to control his code changing ability, but has limits to it. Back in reality, his body is in a coma, and doctors are trying desperately to try to get him back. his parents and few friends miss him, and wish him well. Even people he didn't even care about were wishing him well. One day, a new doctor, Dr. Johnny Red, had a great idea. He was considered a whacko extremist, always considering crazy theories and doing the most controversial procedures. He was almost indefinitely famous for his procedure in which a passed out patient had been poisoned and he used leeches to suck out the poisonous blood, a "Potion" made of herbs and leaves to help his blood, and dog saliva to cure the incisions. Almost like a miracle it worked, and so people trusted Dr. Red. One day at his office he saw a new case, in which an insomniac 14 year old passed out, and hasn't woken up. Immediately, he started to think up possibilities. To further his knowledge, he reached his way to Gerenbred hospital.

"Dr. Red, it's good to see you..." A nurse said to him as he walked by, putting on his sunglasses. He was also notorious for his slickness and unprofessionalism. He never wore the traditional white, and always wore shades, and to make his appearance even stranger, he sported spiky red hair. And all this was nothing compared to his imagination.

"Good morning Miss..." he walked by several rooms, watching patients walk in and out, before he reached the coma section. He proceeded to the young blue haired boy, quickly examining him after washing his hands and orthodizing himself.

"So, Doctor, do you know what's wrong? We figured it was just another coma, probably from head damage and lack of blood to supply the brain, but there is no concussion or anything. He should have woken up if he was just an insomniac." He nodded and smiled.

"Yeah I think I know what's wrong...but you aren’t gonna believe it." He sat down at the boy's feet, swinging his legs back and forth like a bored child.

"Please, tell us all you know."

"A'ight...was he playing any video games when this happened?"

Of course, Dr. Red sounds like a stereotypical guy. With "spiky" red hair and all. But really he has his own subtext involved behind his entire appearance. Growing up, he always was smart, almost just "knowing" things and how they happened. If something was broken, he knew how to fix it. At his birth people called him the miracle baby, but his success was short lived after an accident. His full name is actually Johnathan Adam Redimen, but he just calls himself Johnny Red...

They filled him in on the specs of the entire ailment, and what happened before and after the problem. Almost instantly he concluded that the orange juice on top of the television spilled over onto the Sony PS2 entertainment system causing a spark or two. This in turn shocked the subject, and sent him into a strange coma. But he knew this was no ordinary coma. Thus, he began to experiment himself (it seems this entire story is based around science, huh?) First, he set up a T.V, a Playstation, and a glass of extra pulp orange juice. He didn't sleep for the amount of days the subject didn't sleep, and had everything in order. He put in a game, not really noticing that that's what made the difference. According to his records, the boy fell over, and in 2.5 seconds the orange juice spilled on the game console while it read load. He was infamous for his exactness and timing, and thus he conducted the experiment...on himself. People warned him that he would be sent into a coma, and he said that he would...and if in fact he was sent into a coma, set him near the boy, and hope for the best. Also, a few people laughed at his theory, and this made him want to do it even more.

He clicked a button on his watch, and fell forward, bashing his head against the television in such a way that the orange juice fell on to the Playstation. He hit the load button and closed his eyes. But...he couldn't open them back up...and he felt confined...and like he was soaring through...air? He eventually opened his eyes and blinked, noticing he couldn't move his arms. He gasped for breath and his eyes widened, a mask on his face and a tube going through his mouth allowing him to breathe. He heard a faint voice in his ear, and he listened, but could barely make out the name "Naked Snake...." when his eyes viewed upwards however, he smiled, seeing a poster of a very attractive Japanese woman. He smiled and piloted his miniature jet, now knowing that he was transported into the game he had in his console...Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

He jumped out of the mini jet, opening his large white parachute and landing through the bushes, losing his pack on the way.

"Dammit..." he breathed in when he noticed the change in his voice. It used to be young and vibrant, now it was dark and rough. He pulled a mask off his face, staring at it's blonde hair before a gray bandana covered his eyes.

"So I’m Naked Snake..."

Johnny, or Snake as we will call him, had a different experience than Leon. He did change the code of the game, but he didn't have his own save on his memory card, and thus he had to be the character that was already programmed. He can change the game programming, and with his great deducing abilities, he will probably find this out. Unfortunately, he can not change his appearance, and the code controls him more than he controls it. Because of these conditions, he would have a more "Video game-like" experience. Back to his story.

Snake rustled his way through the bushes, stepping carefully around anything that could make noise. He climbed up a tree with vines on the side of it, growing up the tall branches. He shimmied out on the limb and grabbed his pack, swinging down off the tree to the ground below. He landed silently and equipped his silenced pistol, rushing through the woods. He heard a beep in his ear, and swatted at it, thinking it was a bug, but a clear voice popped onto his nanomachine communicator.

"Snake? How was your landing?"

"I lost my pack on the way down, but I have it now."

"You'll need to survive by eating wildlife here. We won't be giving you reinforcements either. We can't have anyone know about this mission. Good luck." a beep went off, signifying the end of the conversation.

"Great, I barely know what the mission is." Though, something inside his mind told him 'Shoot to kill.' "Wait a minute, who was I talking to..."

Meanwhile, during Leon's stay, he had grown accustomed to his new techniques. He fought alongside the others, helping in their quest. But it wasn't a few days until they reached the city of the ancients...

Cloud had been digging for a good while, and attempted to follow Aeris into the forgotten city, and Leon and Barrett followed. The walk was painful, everyone had a gut feeling that something bad would happen. But, Leon knew what was going to happen. He tried to think of ways out of it, but he didn't know if it would be right...well, of course it was right...he'd save Aeris's life. Soon, they all three walked down the glass steps, and Cloud told them to stay behind as he leaped form one rocky platform to another, until reaching the pedestal where Aeris prayed. His sword raised above his head, and he looked as if he was going to kill her....but his love for her overpowered Sephiroth's puppetry...and thus he needed to do the deed himself. Sephiroth jumped off the balcony, flying down towards his target, black cape blowing in the wind, and a diabolical smile spreading across his evil lips....Leon couldn't take it. Barrett tried to hold him back, but Leon cut through, slicing Barrett's good arm, though not badly. He jumped over the platforms by three's, swinging his short sword towards Sephiroth's great Masamune. Their blades clashed right above Aeris back, sending a great spark, which sent Leon flying backwards into the water. Sephiroth was too matter how strong he was, Sephiroth was omnipotent...the blade seethed through Aeris's back, no blood spilled as he retracted his blade, his smile growing like he had won...but it was only the beginning. He took off once more into the air and threw down another one of Jenova's disgusting body parts, which mutated once more. Cloud fought it alone, and easily defeated it. Not even three swipes and Jenova was down. Cloud was overpowered with rage, and couldn't stop thinking about Sephiroth's words.

"You are just a puppet...." Leon was quickly descending into the water, his eyes closing. He felt dead...completely dead....and soon, he couldn't remember anything more. His body fell to the bottom of the watery pit, and his body in reality was soon startled....

Suddenly, from out of his coma, his body shot up, gasping for air. He wasn't used to breathing air just yet, being knocked out underwater in his game world. He covered the light with his hands, squinting to see around him. Nurses and doctors were analyzing him, taking his temperature and heart rate, making sure he was stable. Beside him he saw another man, probably in his late twenties, laying beside him in a similar coma. His mother rushed in and grabbed him, hugging him, and kissing him. He continued to say he was alright and fine, and even stood up to show her. He was alright, but in fact he was still a bit dizzy. Jumping back to this world was enough for him to handle, and soon doctors were asking him questions he couldn't answer.

"What happened, what made you go into the coma, do you remember anything? When were you born? Do you remember your mother and father's name? What's your age? Can you see clearly?" They just went on and on.

Soon, he was dressed in his normal clothes and heading home. He didn't tell any of the doctors about his video game encounter, and couldn't stop thinking about the man beside him when he awoke....and now he only wished to go back to the game...and try again.

The next day his mother forced him to head back to Gerenbred Junior High. All over people were bugging him, asking him what happened. And the work he had to make up was unbelievable. He wondered how long he was out. What made him wonder even more was if it was a dream, and how could he do it again...The only clue he had was the hospital records.

He searched over them, looking at names, procedures, and the symptoms and all. Everything as what he thought it was. A boy passing out from insomnia, blah blah blah. But a name caught his eye.

"Dr. Johnathan Adams Rediman suggested case, and underwent procedures simulating that to prior to Leon Gray's coma. He ordered he be set next to the boy if also sent into coma, and he did. He is now in room 34 on floor 3 of Gerenbred Hospital, in a coma. Vitals stable...." Leon thanked the internet for his finding's, and decided to play some more games, to get his mind off of things before he worked himself to death. He walked up to is room, to fins his PS2 in good condition, though sticky. It wouldn't read his disc the first few times, but eventually he got it to work. FF7's theme played, and he hit load. The game loaded up, but not at it's original place. When the screen started up, it was at the save point directly after Aeris's death...and he knew he was in a coma during the time so he couldn't have gotten there himself by playing it.

"It wasn't a dream!!!" He exultated. His luck was getting higher.

The next day at school, he hung around two of his only real friends. He had other 'friends' but he considered them more like harsh peers. His best friend was Brendon, and his other friend was a girl named Ashley. Brendon was a larger gamer than him, being three years older. They never could hang out anywhere beside the bus and at each other's house, and with Ashley, he could only hang out with her at lunchtime, due to her being a year younger and living farther away from him.

On the morning bus he sat next to Brendon, propping his legs up on the brown seat as the bus drove off. Brendon was listening to his headphones, and so Leon laid back until Brendon was done. Soon, He took his headphones off and turned to Leon. Leon yawned and waved at him in an anime fashion.

"Yo." Leon sighed. He was pretty tired, just waking up and all.

"Hey...." Brendon was even tired. he was the kind of guy that stayed up until 4 in the morning talking to his online girlfriend. Her name was Haley, and he was already saving up to go live with her.

"So, how's the miss'?"

"She's fine, having some family troubles. Turns out I can move up there next year. Her uncle owns an apartment building and will let me live there."

"Oh yeah, you'll be 18 next year...heh..."

", what about you? Last I heard you were in a coma..."

"Mhm. But If I told you you wouldn't believe me."

"You know I don't really care about anything anyways, so it doesn't matter if you told me or not..."

"Heh, there I was, getting ready to play Final Fantasy Seven..."

"Again? Isn't this like the third time you've beaten it?"

"Yeah, but anyways. I hadn't slept for like 5 days, and I passed out. When I passed out though, I woke up on a ship."

"What? You were in the hospital..."

"No, I was in the game."
"So your telling me you got sucked into a video game...?"

"Pretty much..."




"Yeah I know you don't believe me."

"No, that's what the 'er' is for, I believe you. I've been studying this sort of thing for awhile."


"It just came up one day while I was doing a google on video games. These people were saying how they went inside their games and all. I thought it was a load of bull, but I got to believing it after all the background." Brendon propped his legs up on the seat as well, getting comfortable as they continued their discussion.

"Oh , sweet. Any of them have anything in common?"

"Yeah, they were playing a game and passed into a coma."


"Mhm, also, they spilled something on them or their PS2...Orange Juice I think."

"Orange Juice?"

"Yup, I guess it has some kind of chemical that reacts to the game's wiring and code. Beats me on the explanation. So..."

"Wait..." Leon rubbed his chin...he needed to shave...


"I remember now. I did have orange juice. I knocked it over onto the PS2 when I fell forward..."

"Interesting. So, tell me what happened. I'll keep it a secret. No one wants any extra attention."

Brendon is a very gifted individual, that can learn things, memorize them, and is right in Leon's league. He is more of an internet person, and doesn't care what anyone thinks, and really doesn't care about anyone except his sweetheart whom he met whilst roleplaying. Leon taught him to roleplay, and it was one of their favorite pastimes side form videogames. Brendon doesn't roleplay online as much, and instead downloads games onto his computer while on yahoo! Back to Gerenbred Junior High.

"Yo, Leon!" Shawn ran up to Leon, punching him roughly in the shoulder. Shawn was what someone might call a poser, or what Leon called a harsh peer. "How is the little girl today? Haha."

"I'm fine." Leon walked towards homeroom, trying to mind his own business. At times he acted like Shawn there, and always regretted it. Cool was a concept of the mind and normal was one even worse. Shawn turned around and punched Leon in the spine while leaving.

"Sign me out or you'll regret it."

"Yeah sure." Leon walked into his homeroom and sat his books down, and signed him and Shawn out of the classroom. He walked back out and to the lunchroom, to go to breakfast and chat with some of the better people, yet still bad peers.

Eventually, it was lunchtime, and he couldn't wait to talk to Ashley. For a few years he had liked her, and when he finally told her, he was turned down flat out when she said...

"Let's just be friends." Those were words men hated to hear. He was set in a deep depression for awhile, but they remained good friends. He collected his lunch and sat down at his table, and she soon came in with a packed lunch. They traded a few items and he talked to her, telling her about what Brendon said and what he believed and what happened to him. She was quite unlike Brendon, and was really worried about Leon, especially when she found out he was in a coma. She was also the one who sent him the most Get well soon cards. Though, also unlike Brendon, she didn't believe a story, and told him he was just having a crazy dream...women, they never understand.

After exchanging jokes on the way back home on the bus with Brendon, he called them both up on a three-way and told them his plan. They both came over to his house, and wandered into his room. It wasn't anything unusual, but it was annoying to Brendon, who liked to be on his computer rather than running around. They all came into his cramped room and sat down on his bed, and looked around. Orange Juice, extra pulp, was sitting up on the TV, and he had a multi-tap controller port plugged into his console. The anthem of Final Fantasy was playing on the screen and he smiled. They were going to try to go in together.

He told his mother the plan and she cracked up laughing, saying it would never work. He also said that if they all went into a coma, to just put them in the hospital next to the Dr. Red guy. She nodded and went back to watching Walker Texas Ranger, and just told him she wasn't paying for a new PS2.

He handed Ash and Brendon each three sleeping pills, and they all took them at once. They were extra dose, and could put a horse out within five seconds. Leon, before he was out, smacked himself on the TV, and soon, they all three were holding their rightful controllers and asleep.

Snake was having some troubles trying to find out where to go, and a lot of what was happening made little sense to him, but he was having a helluva time. Popping guards in the head and hiding the bodies was almost too much fun, considering he knew he was in his game. He wasn't really an advent gamer, but he was alright, and he was much better with his body than with his hands, and so this was perfect for him. Within a few hours he had a stand off between himself and a man named Revolver Ocelot, a young blonde boy in his twenties, that was a perfect shot. Unlike the game though, Snake had only one life to live, and he was much weaker. He shot down a beehive onto Ocelot's head, which came down and blinded him for a moment, which gave Snake the chance to fire. he hit Ocelot in the arm thrice, making him drop his weapon and cry out in pain. But, unfortunately, he picked it up with his other arm and fire three bullets, to missing...but one hitting straight between Snakes eyes, splattering his face and Bandana with blood. He fell backwards, his face lifeless. In his ear a voice screamed out to him.

"Snake? SNAKE? SNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" The sound of a bullet signaled the end of his mission.

He darted up out of his sleep and looked around, smiling exuberantly. It was true. His theory was correct, and thus, he would have a new story to tell. but, unfortunately, the seats beside him now had three kids. The blue haired boy, a brown haired boy named Brendon, and a smaller black haired girl named Ashley. Perfect, he thought. Not only were they all three in the game, but their was little he could do for them...or was there?

The three kids woke up, but Leon wasn't his Leon character. With the three of them, that character had no significance. Instead, they were character's in the game, and he also noticed he had limited code changing abilities. Ashley was Tifa, Leon was Cloud, and Brendon, to his dismay, was Nanaki. Brendon wasn't used to having four paws, and could barely get used to fighting, but when he found out he could change game code as well, his pride sweltered. He used attacks Nanaki couldn't normally do on the game, and was a lot more powerful. Leon changed his attitude to be just like Cloud's, and all three of them decided to do something...roleplay. They wouldn't mention any of this in real life counterparts again, and be only the game characters, and if killed in the game, the others would die as well, so they would all wake up at the same time interval.

Leon had made it past the area where Aeris had died, and had played all night to the part where they were going to have to fight WEAPON. Perfect timing, thought Brendon, but they knew they could take them all.

The silver weapon was almost too easy. They fought it fiercely, and stared in awe as the Mako cannon ripped through it and destroyed the northern barrier. They wanted to level up before killing Sephiroth, and completed what needed to be done in the game, killing Ruby weapon, and emerald weapon. Even Ultima weapon seemed like a toy. Cloud equipped his new sword, a long blade with shining edges which he had gotten off of Ultima weapon, and named his blade Ultimate Weapon. Not too original, but good nonetheless. And it would be perfect for the next job.

The three descended down the northern crater, killing fiends along the way, Cloud's sword tearing through them easily, Tifa's fists pounding them, and Nanaki finishing them off with his teeth and claws. Jenova was a piece of disgusting cake, and before they knew it they were pitted off against Bizzaro Sephiroth. his large blue wing, his enormous body, and devastating attacks almost killed the team. But they got help from the other side, the team helping to defeat the great monster. Cid Vincent and Yuffie did come in handy and gave them time to heal themselves while Bizzaro was killed.

Out of nowhere the entire area had dissolved into a pure white, Sephiroths evil silver hair forming along with the rest of his body. Ironic it was that he had a halo, one large flapping wing at his side, and seven other wings supporting his powerful frame. He seemed so peaceful and serene, so melancholy, so despicably evil that the right words could never be found. Barely music could show the true feeling in between Cloud's and Sephiroths hearts. The battle waged on, first Cloud going a simple cut down on top of Sephiroth, and then Tifa punching her way, when she could reach him. Nanaki had a touch time, but he had found out to jump into the air, spin around and cut him with the bayonet like clips on his forehead. Sephiroth was wounded but not enough. He raised his one naked arm and grinned, raising an eyebrow and staring downwards with green Mako eyes. The area turned black, white spots of stars forming on the horizon and soon zooming passed them as they formed. A comet sped through the planets, destroying Jupiter, obliterating mars, and killing Pluto. it hit directly into the sun, shaking it off it's foundations, blowing it's core into small pieces. The blast consumed the entire universe, taking up Venus and mercury, then eating away at earth where the three were fighting. It was amazing any of them lived through it. Tifa had to ether Nanaki, and Nanaki healed the entire group with cure3. Cloud stood ready at his limit break and screamed, running forwards and attacking with a braver. The battle wasn't over, but the One Winged Angel was wounded severely. It retaliated with a swipe of it's wing to all three of them, killing Tifa. Nanaki and Cloud gasped, but they knew what would happen to her. They had a fight to finish. Nanaki growled and ran forward, pressing against Sephiroth's face and clung with his teeth, then jumped backwards, ripping a portion of the angels face off. Once more, Cloud attacked, jumping into the air and slicing his sword in the shape of a box, then cutting twice more in the shape of an X. The blood spewed form the angels chest, clearly in the shape he had been cut. He reeled back, blood spurting out his mouth. He fell back, and the entire ground began to shake. Nanaki ran back to find the others, but Cloud stood his ground.

He walked into the lifestream, flying through at incredible speeds towards his final fight. The greens blues and blacks that made up his trip dazed him, but he was ready as he stood in front of Sephiroth, now looking completely inhuman as possible. His bare scarred chest, face of rage, and the long silver sword he carried in his hand. The Masamune shimmered quickly, as they both began to attack. But Cloud's rage and fury was overwhelming. Never had he ever felt such an emotion, a feeling of complete revenge. Sephiroth killed Aeris, and there was nothing he could do about. He swung his sword around wildly, his eyes held tight shut, feeling the blood spurt on his face. The Masamune fell to the ground, followed by Sephiroths knees. He looked up at Cloud, his eyes sad, but with a look saying...

"I will be back...and we will fight again...." Cloud closed his eyes as he felt the air around his decimate, and clambered out of the lifestream. He grabbed Tifa's arm and pulled her up with him, and they all sat down as if those were their last moments. Cid lit up a cigarette and leaned back.

"Lady Luck don't fail me now..." He closed his eyes, but they were shot open as his Highwind shot through the roof. He yelled with joy and they climbed aboard, thankful for their fate.

It was hard getting out, the force of the Mako explosion almost destroying the airship. The propellers were blown off and Cid engaged a switch, making the airship fly off like a jet into the dark black and blue sky.

The meteor was approaching Midgar, ripping apart it's streets with red tornadoes and ravaging it. The planets own healing system went into effect, trying to shove off the meteor, but to no avail. it was no use, and it seemed all hope was lost...but then Cloud noticed the green lifestream rising up out of the ground in gushers, swirling around the meteor and sending it to it's maker. As the night cooled off, Cloud saw the reminiscent figure of Aeris's face, smiling at him as their journey ended.

Leon shot up in bed, his body sweating, and next to him Brendon did as well, and Ashley had already woken. He looked to Brendon and smiled.

"What did I tell you."

"Heh, that was what i call awesome..."

"Besides the fact that you two let me die..." They all laughed, and the nurses exchanged troubled glances. Maybe they were insane? Most likely.

Soon after waking, word was spread throughout the hospital, and Dr. Red burst through the door, smiling like he had won the lottery.

"Ah, finally, we can meet!" Red shook his with Brendon and Leon, and kissed Ashley’s hand, making her giggle slightly. Leon raised an eyebrow.

"So, who are you?"

"Me? I'm Dr. Johnny Red, at your service."

"Oh yeah, that other guy that was passed it happen to you too?"

"Heh, depends on what you mean. If you mean being transported into the world of a video game...then yeah, it happened." He chuckled and stared at them, sensing they had already had a good time. "I would like to interview you three, especially you Leon. This story would make me big, and possibly even open the world of gaming to new heights!!!!" he jumped with joy. Now Leon saw when his mom called the doctor a mad scientist. He was definitely hell-bent on fame, but was also sort of like Leon. Maybe a bit zanier though.

As always, things went back to normal, and Leon was interviewed. He told Red what happened, and Red told his story of his metal gear solid game. After months of going to school and laying off the video game transport formula, they made a plan together. He had Johnny invite as many friends as possible, and Leon would invite as many as his friends. The would all link up on and x-box, and have a Halo 2 deathmatch. It sounded genius...or crazy if you weren't one of them.

Johnny Red printed his story in a newspaper, and soon, orange juice sales went up, and coma cases went even higher. Unfortunately, the act was soon forbidden, after politicians got a hold of it. One guy had done it, and electrocuted himself to death, but they blamed that on the lightning storm in the area, and the fact that he as in a bathtub with orange juice and a PS2 in it....really an idiot. The forbiddenness of it was disbanded, and it became a national new favorite, making old games new again. Years went by. Competitions were held, and the rest of the world caught on. Trillions of dollars were spent on the industry. Hospitals were filled and jails became hospitals as soon as people just started to do forbidden acts on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The game wars were better than ever, one game trying to have everything, and some aiming for specific markets. The Nintendo Gamecube flourished once someone noticed how sweet Mario was once played. In only ten years, the entire world had been caught under the spell of virtual gaming.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Je Suis INSANE on Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:09 pm

This story would be kinda cool if it didn't remind me of a fanfic. Fanfics are things you should keep to your self because no one really wants to hear what you and Laura Croft do in your spare time.

To make it un-fanfic-ish use characters from other games... or from games that you make up. (!The second suggestion is totally better!)

So a few points.

1)Next time please space. It bugged me so much that I had to go and do it or else no one could read it.

2)Capitalize nouns...yeah.

3)Have your characters act their ages. Unless you want 18 year old guys to act like third graders. (when Leon and Shawn have their run in)

Note: Remember my purpose is to help not to hurt so all of my suggestions are well meant.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby digit_masperia on Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:21 pm

Technically they were acting the're ages, as middle school students...

But thanks for the compliments! (I based every character after real life counterparts, not including the game characters, Me being Leon, my friend Brandon as brendon, Shane as Shawn, and Red as...Red. Every character is acting like how I know them to act)

And capatilizing nouns I'll remember as well. Go toky- Tokyo!

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Je Suis INSANE on Fri Apr 28, 2006 3:35 pm

Then you might wanna change their ages because I don't know anyone who is 16 in middle school. Unless your school groups differently then most...

"His best friend was Brendon…being two years'll be 18 next year...heh..."

Or you could explain so you don't have your audience thinking that your characters are seven years older than they really are.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby digit_masperia on Fri Apr 28, 2006 3:46 pm

>_< Grr. Damn Numbers. I'll have to do some editing because Leon is supposed to be 14, and Brendon 17. Brandon in real life is 17 now...I'm 14, but yeah, whatever. Maybe I was right about his age...does he act his age in the story? Shane/Shawn is supposed to be very immature however.

Naturally, the Shane in real life i don't particularly like.

Haha, he got three days in-school suspension today for playing grab-ass with his girlfriend. XD

Oh, and middle school here is 6-8, so I guess It's normal.

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