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Original Mystery Fantasy Roleplay: Dhol à Bith

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If you would like to make your own roleplay based in a fantasy realm (dragons, elves, magic), use this forum. You will be in charge of all things related to your roleplay, so you're on your own here.

Original Mystery Fantasy Roleplay: Dhol à Bith

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Multi_Fandomist on Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:48 pm

Introduction: You are a human. One lonely human who has been lost. You have wandered aimlessly through the unknown and you have had the idiocy to keep going when realization dawned on you. You think you're the only one? Don't make me laugh. Many like you have come here through the forest and didn't have a second though about it. You see, the forest you came through, is the forest of Dhol à Bith, where many of what you call, unnatural, live. We are the ones who sparked you imagination and we are the ones who morphed your stories and myths into what they are today.
Go to the village exactly west of here. That is the only place you will be able to live. And don't come back the forest.

The Village: Hello there stranger! My name is Koku! Did you come from the forest? Oh, you came from the human realm. You must've ran into Ishatan then if you came from the human realm. Did you run into a huge black stag who told you not to go into the forest? Yeah, he's a bit grouchy towards humans, no one knows why. But here in the village, we welcome everyone! Yes, everyone here is an animal except the humans that wander into here. I'm sure we can get you settled in! That is, if I can get food from you. Hm? No, I didn't say anything! Hey, just because I'm a fox doesn't mean I lie!

Explanation: This is a role-play to where you are either a human for an animal. The animals here will welcome new humans but something isn't right about any of them. Humans are oblivious to the game being played here but be warned, it's a dangerous one. The forest of Dhol à Bith is a universe gateway that is made to look like any ordinary forest except for it's inhabitants. Different animals have different powers that attribute to their species of animal and it's usually one power. Some animals are oddly colored such as Ishatan, the black stag mentioned in Koku's dialogue. Now, if any of you know Scottish Gaelic, you will know that "Dhol à Bith" means "disappearance" or "extinction". The animals will desperately try to hide this fact from the humans for reasons unknown as of yet. As the plot progresses, humans will start disappearing and new animals will start appearing simultaneously. It is completely random and not role-play based as to who disappears.

Rules: Please read these all, it's important that you do.
1: Be respectful of other role-players as I have hopes that this role-play can get pretty big and I'd like to not have people leave the role-play because the role-players already in the role-play are being a pain in the head. This also includes no killing other people's characters, no being completely invincible to any wounds, no automatically knowing things unless it's your character's main attribute & even that's limited, and most of the basic things that aren't allowed in the role-play community.
2: Animals may not just attack humans out of the flying blue! The animals are supposed to be very secretive about their intentions and they will not be allowed to warn the humans about it. Now, there is an acceptation to this as there will be a select few animals who will be pacifists but still kill humans to avoid being killed by other animals for their pacifism.
3: No sexual intercourse between humans or animals. No one really wants to see that. (Seriously, the amount of times I've seen that in public role-play threads and wanted to bleach my eyes is way too often.)
4: Be descriptive in your posts and your character descriptions. No one-liners are allowed here as I really don't want to be roleplaying and make a large descriptive post and all I get in response & I quote, "Heh". It can and will get annoying, really fast. So don't do it. (Don't use * either as well as role-play in third character, please, personal favor.)
5: The time frame of this role-play will be according to the Central Time zone. If at any time you all need to go see what time it is in the role-play, please go look for the current Central Time zone or PM me if you're too lazy to do that seeing as I am active a lot. (All you have to do is go on google and type in "Central Time right now" it will show you automatically.
6: No text-talk for abbreviated words as that just shows you're lazy and it kind of makes you look a bit dumb in my opinion. Please use brackets or say "Player Note:" when you're talking out of character.

Character Descriptions: For your character descriptions, I ask that you list the names, age in the role-play, gender, appearance, apparel, personality, skills, weaknesses, if human- what they did for a living, where they live (the forest or the village), and any extra information that is needed. Please be descriptive about this and PM it to me and I will decide whether or not you may role-play. Please note that if it is not descriptive enough, I will tell you to redo it and I may help you with it.

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