Orsa of Terminus: The War Renewed

Orsa of Terminus: The War Renewed

The lull in the war has ended, and the Orsa of Terminus is on the rise once more. Will the battle hardened Patronus remain strong, or fall under the growing might of this renewed threat?

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OOC » Orsa of Terminus: The Artifacts

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[OOC] Orsa of Terminus: The Artifacts

Postby Tiko on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:03 pm

The Artifacts

Offensive Artifacts:

Hunter’s Javelin - Kento
Controls the ability of lightning. Bonds with the wielders soul until they die. Can be summoned back to its bonded wielder, short range only.

Elemental Bracers - Elante
Four bracers (two for each arm) which enhance all elemental magics and can launch fire, frost, lightning or earth from the hands of the wearer

Scepter of Judgment - Aurion
The tip is constantly lit and can; shoot powerful rays of light (physical/holy), shoot searing rays of light (elemental/fire), blinding rays of light (blinding), destroy undead (similar to turn undead)

Axe of Power - Messor
When activated drives the user into an uncontrollable rage setting them against friend and foe alike, but increasing their strength tenfold (from base) in both muscular strength and physical durability.

Vulcan’s Boomstick - Red
A blunderbuss which fires ash and magma with a mighty boom, like that of Vulcan's hammer striking the anvil.

Defensive Artifacts:

Elemental Shield - Fade
Can project a spherical shield of different elements around the user (fire, lightning, frost, earth, water etc)

Swordsman's Friend - Sylvire
Creates a shield from all forms of magical and non-magical energy on one side. Physical attacks can bypass it.

Nature’s Guardian - Parlina
A suit of leather armor which can push or pull metal away (can basically ward off swords/bullets or force them to get stuck)

Support Artifacts:

Orb of Restoration - Diane
A small orb which can close wounds, heal burns and fix bones (Heals all non-fatal, non-biological damage)

Sword of Truth - Arrow
Glows Red when a person lies, green when they tell a truth, yellow when they have harmful intent, blue when they’re friendly.

Beholder's Spectacle - Natalie
An amulet which improves the power of mental magics and allows for telepathy and telekinesis. Allows the user to perform astral projection and separate their spirit from their body to look around (of course, this leaves the body vulnerable)

Haywire Gem - Sylvire
When activated causes all magical and technological communications to cease working. Includes scanning, scrying and telepathy.
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[OOC] Orsa of Terminus: The Artifacts

Postby Tiko on Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:56 am

Current Artifact Bearers

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Re: [OOC] Orsa of Terminus: The Artifacts

Postby Tiko on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:10 pm

Alright. If a shift in artifact bearers occur, whether it be voluntary or involuntary, make sure to post here or let me know.
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