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Our own limitations

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Our own limitations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Great Thundorz on Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:15 pm

~ Hey, this is The Great Thundorz, making a second interest check to see if I can try my hands again at making another RP. Have fun and I hope it's an enjoyable read for everyone! Also, a little side-note, the title may change when the actual RP is up. Not sure yet, but if people do like the title, I will keep it. ~

Welcome to the year 2251. Today you will be learning about the city that you will be living in, Grand City. It is perhaps the capital of our world, while also being known as the biggest city and having the most population in it. Two days ago, a well known man at the age of 35 named Matt Henx was executed, for supposedly plotting treason against the Grand Council, our rulers. You knew him as a good person, he was always speaking for good intentions when you saw him on the news. So, why is this man so important? I'll tell you... But it may end up changing your life forever.

Two hundred years ago, around the year 2034, a nuclear war had broken out, a war that was known as World War III. Every country was involved, every soldier who could fight was sent out into battle. By 2036 the war was already declared over, all sides not wishing to destroy the planet they lived on. The survivors decided to form as one and, planned to build a great city. In the year 2052, Grand City was born. In 2056, the Grand Council was formed. Of course, you know all this. Why does it matter to you? Well, you don't know the truth behind the war. You were taught it started because of an accidental mis-fire of nuclear weapons. Well... You were taught wrong.

All your life, you were taught and raised to be a good person. To accept the rules that have been placed down on to you by your parents and your parents parents and your parents parents parents. There is no longer any gore in television shows, books and novels are restricted in the symbolism, the way they can describe things, the words they can use, but to you it means nothing. You grew up with this, you are use to it. No one can cuss any more, no one can fight any more, no one can wield a gun any more. Again, all natural. Now Matt Henx has been executed for treason. Once more, supposedly natural. But... What if you came to a different conclusion? What if... You thought Matt Henx's execution was... Strange?

There is also the symbol ritual approaching. On your birth, you were given a number that identifies more of who you are to the Grand Council. Matt Henx, for example, was #134,849. The symbol ritual is where people go to see if they were born with a certain 'mark' or not. About 85% of people do not have one. The other 15% do. You know what the three symbols are, everyone in Grand City does. But will one stand out to you, or are you not interested in them at all? Each comes in the form of some sort of tattoo like mark. Rumors believe a symbol will more then not run in the family.

Dragon Symbol: Image
A sinister looking mark, the Dragon Symbol is seen as a sign of one's evil intentions. The Dragon is said to be a warning sign of a monster in the making, those with this symbol are often looked down upon and are often, more then not, considered outcasts or traitors.

Turtle Symbol: Image
A unique looking mark, the Turtle Symbol is looked upon as a sign of one's good intentions. The Turtle is believed to represent life, and is often looked upon as a good symbol. Those with this symbol are often looked up to or admired, for it is rumored they will become great people one day and will have such a powerful influence over the people.

Question Mark Symbol: Image
A rare mark, the Question Mark often confuses people. They do not know what to think of the person, for the symbols says it all. People with this mark are said to be mysterious, some believe them to be cunning like a snake, others believe them to be shy. People will often be afraid of people with this mark, for it is rumored that they are an even greater danger to society then those with the Dragon Symbol. Only one out of five people who have symbols will get this one.
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Re: Our own limitations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zenia on Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:31 pm

Sounds fun. Reserve me a spot
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Re: Our own limitations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby zody on Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:20 pm

Agreed with Zenia. Hit me up when it's open, and I'll join this time. xD
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