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Pages Past Turned

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Pages Past Turned

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cloud·Strife on Wed Feb 22, 2006 1:36 am

His fingers gently tapped against the bartop as he stared at the screen blankly. It was giving some type of broadcast, yet he wasn't paying attention. Instead, his thoughts wandered, as they always did. The kids these days, laughable. Fight fight fight, was anything ever planned? Didn't really matter anymore, it was their life, let them pick how they'd like to end it.

The tender eased before him, his arms crossed over his chest with a grim look on his face. He took a deep breath an cleared his throat, attempting to gather Cloud's attention. With that current failure he slammed his right hand against the bar, turning a few heads.

Tender - For a man to own one of the most well known taverns on the Colony, you sure spend alot of your time drinking up the business!

Cloud's gaze shifted, moving over the man standing before him as he arched a brow. Both hands came against the bar, using it as leverage to righten himself in the stool.

Cloud - Heh, i'll quit drinking when you stop eating all the burgers, James.


Cloud - Sure man, sure.

He rose from his place at the bar, shaking his head slightly as he stepped away from it. The tavern was pretty populated, as it always was. The voices of each room seemed to pour together, drowning each other out from comprehension as he walked among them. Funny how things change, going from being a successful gundam pilot to owning a tavern....But, this is what he liked. Cloud never was one for publicity, an never planned to neither. Thus the reason James was the official face of the tavern.

He placed a hand against a door titled "Employees Only" an pushed the door open before stepping in. The hallway was new, as was most of the building. The former had been too small to hold most of his usual customers, thus the change.

He wound his way through the hall before stepping into one particular room, holding only a worn desk with a computer atop of it and a single window. He smirked lightly as he neared it, brushing a hand against the polished top of the desk before flopping into his seat.

Just another day in his boring old life.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cloud·Strife on Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:25 pm

Gentle snores arose as Cloud laid, reclined in his worn leather chair with his feet propped atop of his desk. With the paper appearing to breathe through his own breaths, he laid lost in a void as light washed the almost barren room in a pale light.

Breaking through the evening quiet, several explosions errupted across the screen. Catching Cloud off guard, he dropped from his chair, landing atop of his ass as he crashed to the floor. Scrambling about, Cloud instantly shot for his desk. Flinging drawers from the respective holders to the floor, he dug through them, launching papers about as he graphles with random office supplies....

Raising a shaky hand to the desk's edge, Cloud ushered himself atop of it. Landing with a clap of his boots against the hardtop, Cloud stood with a revolver in hand.

With the sleep falling from his eyes, he began to focus on the view screen. Blue Zero..?
"Oh damnit....You've gotta' be kidding me...", he said as he lowered the firearm. Stepping down from the desk, he heaved a heavy breath.

Dropping the weapon back down into one of the many exposed drawers, he couldn't help but wonder...Was he really as outdated as he thought? Perhaps, well, maybe a bit more than that. With a lowered head, he waved a hand infront of a 'certain' section of wall.

With a quiet hum, the wooden panel retreated before disappearing entirely. Stepping into the shadowy enclosure, Cloud turned to place his back against the cold steel wall of the elevator. The shifty feeling of unease settles against his stomach, not quiet nausea, yet not far from it, as it lowered.

The grinding of gears signaled the elevator's deepest descent, before accompanied by that all too familiar 'chime'. The steel doors slid open before him, their extent sending off a clink through the vast open bay...

"Are we done? Have we reached our final days, pal?", he spoke, his voice spanning outwards. Seemingly, in response, two light green eyes signaled to life. "I'd guess that's a no...."

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