Poker as a Role Playing Game

Poker isn't, of course, a role playing game in the traditional sense, it's a card game. But still, if you want to maximize your winnings in a video poker game or whatever poker game you prefer to play, you have to make your opponents think that you are something that you are not - you have to play a role.

This kind of role playing can be done in many different ways. In a live casino, it's all about the way you look, speak and act at the table. For example, you can take on the role as a shy computer geek, only to surprise the other players with a tough and aggressive game. They won't know what hit them when you suddenly move all-in on the river! The guy with the cowboy hat who thought he could push you around will probably take it personally and that is something you can use later in the game.

Another way is to trick your opponents into thinking that you are wild, crazy and reckless with your money. Brag about how much you lost earlier at the roulette table and order lots of drinks during the game (but only drink water). If you do this, and then stick to a solid poker strategy, you have every chance to make a nice profit. People will think you are bluffing all the time and thus pay you off when you have a strong hand.

For women, it can be a good idea to be flirtatious and act like you don't really know what you're doing. Ask stupid questions about the poker rules and make mistakes during the game. The poker world is extremely male-dominated and men tend to underestimate female poker players. There is a lot of ego involved and if you know which buttons to push, you will be very successful. Some will argue that you female poker players a bad name by acting this way, but as long as you leave the table with the money, who can blame you?

These are just a few suggestions on making role playing an effective part of your strategy in poker. The possibilities are endless, and remember, a little role playing won't only make poker more profitable, but also more fun!