Partner Search: Vikings Age Story

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Partner Search: Vikings Age Story

Tips: 0.50 INK Postby Kai on Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:21 pm

Hi all - Thanks for taking a peak at this thread.

I haven't been writing a whole lot lately, but some extra time on my hands and an itch to write has brought me here to see if anyone is interested in starting a new 1x1 story based loosely around the show "The Last Kingdom". If you've never seen it, no worries. I'm only adapting a little piece of story from the show and no knowledge of characters is necessary. Read on to learn more about the plot and guidelines.


Our setting is 9th century England that is under constant threat of Viking invasion. In the past, the Kings have been able to get the Norsemen to leave their lands with gifts of gold and money, but the times have grown more dire and the invaders have relentlessly returned each summer to seek more plunder. They've begun to bring their families over in search of settling land that they can farm, causing chaos in Essex, Mercia, and East Anglia.

In the kingdom of Wessex, King Ecgbert has not only heard tale of the Northern invaders but has had to deal with the looming threat as each year they came closer and closer to his own doorstep. Then one year, the city of Winchester fell under siege. Cut off from surrounding provinces, King Ecgbert extended an invitation for talks with the Norsemen on his doorstep and was taken to their encampment to meet with the Jarl.

To his dismay, Ecgbert found that he could not pay them off to go back to their lands. The Jarl wanted farming land in Wessex for him and his people, but Ecgbert knew that the good Christians of the land would not stand for such a travesty. So a deal was proposed. The Norsemen would be given land so long as they lived in peace amongst the Christians and Jarl was to marry in order to lay claim to the land he was given. What Ecgbert did not anticipate was for the Jarl to chose the King's own daugher. After all, what better claim could he have to the lands than if he married into the royal family?

Comforted in part by the fact that he had two older sons to take the throne after him, Ecgbert agreed on the condition that the Jarl be baptized and become a Christian himself. This was the deal that was struck, but will it last? How will the Christians under the King's rule react to the newcomers? Will the other Norsemen follow the new law of the land and accept their Jarl's new bride? And will a marriage to a Christian woman be enough to keep the Jarl happy with this life?


- Jarl (Insert name here) hails from a village in Norway where he has spend most of his life. He has seen some of the lands to the west and has learned enough of their language through his travels. He has learned about their God, but answers only to Odin and Thor.

- Eldreda, the youngest of three siblings and King Ecgbert's only daughter. Little did she know that her coming of age and being married meant a union with a Norseman.


- I'm looking for someone to play the Jarl in this scenario.

- I have a tendency to write anywhere from 3 paragraphs and up unless the scene calls for some quicker/shorter dialogue. I do enjoy the writing aspect in my stories so please be able to match the quality and quantity.

- I'm not oposed to nsfw scenes, but they need to make sense within the context of the story as a whole. I can also accomodate your level of comfort for how much is written and how much is faded to black.

- I do have some knowledge of Viking history enough to pick out inacuraces but I would love it if we didn't nitpick and try to go by the book. Otherwise it may take me longer to write posts as I will be going crazy fact-checking everything. This is based in a historical time but we can take liberties and make it more fictional.

- The character sheets can be simple for this one. As the story revolves around what is essentially a marriage between two very different strangers, it's ok to not devulge all of the information in the character sheets. A picture and a brief summary of the character will do. I do prefer realistic face claims over drawn characters.

- We will both need to take on some responsibility for NPC's since I do like to fill out my worlds with lots of characters. Be prepared to keep up with that.

- PM's preferred for the story. If you absolutely despise the idea of that, we can talk alternates.

- Please, please, please don't start and drop. If I decline someone else's interest in this story in favor of yours and you stop replying after a few posts, I *will* find out where you live and leave stacks of empty books on your doorstep. Let's make this one last.

- Have fun with it and always feel free to infuse your own ideas into the story and characters.


Feel free to send any questions my way if you have them or let me know if you are interested in writing this with me. Let's make some magic.
He who has ears to hear, let him hear
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Let him hear it who will

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Re: Partner Search: Vikings Age Story

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby saxon-slav on Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:58 am

Hey hey, history and viking violence, my favourite combination- count me interested. Is the position taken?

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Re: Partner Search: Vikings Age Story

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kai on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:47 am

Hi there! I still have a spot open, feel free to send me a PM and we can hash out details :)

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