Pearl Cove (Murder Mystery OOC Thread)

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Pearl Cove (Murder Mystery OOC Thread)

Postby bewhatmay on Sun May 17, 2009 10:35 pm

Hello all...

I have an idea for a murder mystery game/rp, based off of a show that aired in 2001 called Murder in Small Town X. A small group of amateur investigators will be invited to catch a killer in a small town, and none of their past experiences will have had gotten them ready for the horrors that await the town of Pearl Cove. This story is one that I have been working on for about 2 years now, and would like to see how others fair in it.

I envision the murder mystery rp to have a group of 4-6 players, playing the investigators. The mystery takes place in a small town called Pearl Cove, and in game-time will last about 2 weeks, real-time unknown, depending on posting speed. The story is as fully planned out as possible, though the players will be the ones unraveling it, guided by an experienced detective and the plot twists.

Here's a prologue, if you will ;)


Pearl Cove
| Prologue |

“Murder is born of love, and love attains the greatest intensity in murder” - Octave Mirbeau

12:02pm - It was a quiet and peaceful day on Pleasant Hill Road. Children were off at school, their parents off at work. It was turning out to be another normal Thursday in Pearl Cove.

That was about to change.

A white van pulled up in front of Number 302, Pleasant Hill Road. A figure emerged from the driver's seat. It looked around, and seeing no one was watching, it snuck up to the front door. Before they tried the door, they reached a gloved hand into a small knapsack they were carrying, pulled out a small video camera, and turned it on. When tested, the front door opened without resistance. The masked figure smiled. No one ever locked their doors in this small town. The killer inched the door open and slid in through the small crack, closing it behind them.

The killer paused for a second, taking the time to listen. Muffled thumping could be heard from the floor above. The killer carefully made their way up the staircase, stopping each time even a minute creak was made. At the landing, the killer looked at the pile of quickly-shed clothing, and grinned. The so-called perfect couple couldn't wait until they were married, could they. From inside the master bedroom, moans of passion and occasional grunts or squeals accompanied the dull banging of the bed against at the wall.

The killer crouched against the wall, biding their time, waiting. After a few minutes, the chorus stopped, and from inside the room, a door was shut. A few moments later, a shower started running, and the killer knew this was their opportunity. They inched the door in slowly, and peeked inside. Ralph Bristow, Jr., lay on the bed, looking asleep. The killer quickly moved to the bedside and raised their hand.

Flash. Bang. Ralph was dead.

The waiting game began again. The killer waited against the wall of the adjoining bathroom, until the shower stopped. Peeking their head through the door, they could see Lanie Winters drying off her hair. The killer stepped all the way inside, and when Lanie removed the towel from around her head, she gasped and shrieked a little. "Whaa..?" She covered herself with the towel. "You... What are you doing here?"

The killer advanced. Lanie, now seeing the weapon, screamed for Ralph. "Ralph! Help me!"

The cries, of course, went unanswered as the killer pushed Lanie back into the dual shower and bathtub. Lanie pulled herself into a corner of the big tub and screamed, protecting herself. "Please, No! Don't do this! SOMEBODY HELP ME!"


1:13pm - Pearl Cove Sheriff Moises Kerr pulled his car up in front of number 302, in the same spot the white van had parked over and hour earlier. He stepped out and walked carefully through the front yard of the house to the front door. An anonymous call to his office had alerted him to a possible crime at the address, and when he saw the front door slightly ajar, he pulled his handgun out and walked in carefully.

Identifying himself as a policeman, he called out loudly. No one answered.

After a casual look around the ground floor, Moises went up the staircase. Near the top, he noticed a bloody footprint, and stepped around it, crouching and looking around. He couldn't hear anything, and so looked inside the master bedroom.

Once he got over the initial shock of seeing the dead, nude body on the bed, he pulled out his radio and called for backup.

Nothing like this had ever happened in Pearl Cove, to his knowledge. Nobody knew it yet, but the trials in store for the town of Pearl Cove were just beginning. Nobody, except of course, the killer.


Anyone interested?
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Ooooooh, sounds great! Count me in ^_^ Just out of curiosity, should I come up with a character sheet in this thread, or is that entirely necessary?
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Re: Pearl Cove (Murder Mystery OOC Thread)

Postby bewhatmay on Sun May 17, 2009 11:37 pm

Awesome :) How about we use the following character sheet. Also, I'd like it if each "investigator" character would have *no* prior experience in solving crimes, or police work and the like.

Also, for everyone's consideration: how do you feel about your character possibly dying during the roleplay? It's alright with me either way, dying or not.

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