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[Multiverse] Peregrine Nightmare

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[Multiverse] Peregrine Nightmare

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Teh Andy on Thu Mar 08, 2007 3:24 pm

Name: Peregrine Nightmare
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Character summary: Peregrine Nightmare is a selfish, sadistic, brutal murderer. He enjoys killing people and he’s rather good at it, with no preference as to who, how, or why, especially when it benefits him. Peregrine is only limited by his imagination and the extent of his human abilities, though that has rarely stopped him in the past. As a child, Peregrine had to fend for himself on the street before being taken in and trained by a professional hitman. As such, he’s proficient in many forms of killing. Nightmare has no sense of “honor� and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to survive in any situation.

Physical Description:
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 198 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Strong, muscular sinew graces this assassin’s athletic build, rippling beneath his dark flesh like liquid steel. An average height of 6’ has allowed many larger opponents and targets to underestimate him and earned them an early grave. A pair of warm, brown eyes contrasts the rest of his threatening appearance, while his medium-length hair is darker than coal. Three piercings decorate his left ear up the side of it from the lobe until the middle of his outer ear, all of them small rings. Another two piercings stick into his left eyebrow, also plain rings. Normally his muscular upper body is clad in a white semi-tight tank top, with loose, wide-leg jeans to complete the ensemble. His mouth seems to be etched in a permanent scowl, changing only when he feels the desire to do so.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality Description: Peregrine does not appear sane. The extent of his rationality, or irrationality, is unknown. He is a very calculating individual, but very few would consider him reasonable. Instead, it is best to describe him as malicious. He enjoys causing pain and suffering. As such, Nightmare abhors any kind of “soft� or “weak� emotions. Love and kindness are entirely foreign concepts to him.

Character Abilities: Peregrine is quite efficient with all manner of firearms, as well as bladed and close-combat weapons. Demolition work is also one of his specialties. He has a surgeon’s understanding of how the human body works as well as the hand-to-hand combat abilities to kill or disable anyone in his way.

Equipment/Weapons: A large variety of guns, blades, and explosives as well as the tools necessary to effectively utilize these weapons.

Character History:

Peregrine was left on his own at the age of seven when his parents were murdered in the crossfire between two rival gangs. Running from the carnage as his mother and father died, he lost himself in the city. Fear of being caught by the gang that killed his parents prevented him from going to authorities and letting himself be put into an orphanage. It was an irrational fear, he realized later in life, as the gangs that day had obviously not cared who did or did not see them wage war upon each other.

Not yet Peregrine Nightmare, the boy managed to survive by stealing most of his food and breaking into different buildings and houses to sleep in, abandoned or not. One cold winter night the boy found an unlocked window at the rear of a home in the suburbs. Trembling and hungry, he quietly made his way in, searching for a safe place to sleep before dawn, when he would awaken and scurry out before the home’s owners would discover him.

One cold, winter’s night, Peregrine had managed to sneak into the laundry room of a suburban home through a forgotten window. He awoke in the night at the sound of a shrill scream. Before he could climb out the same window he’d come in through, however, he was discovered. A hit man stood aiming a silenced pistol at him as police sirens began to blare in the distance. Peregrine winced as he waited for the bullet to end his life.

The gun jammed, sparing the boy’s life. The hit man couldn’t allow witnesses for this, however, and so with no other choice at the moment, grabbed the boy and ran. Peregrine passed out from anxiety as he was slung over the assassin’s shoulder.

To make a much longer story short, Peregrine awoke later in his captor’s apartment, learning he was a professional killer named Pedro Zogaib. When Pedro learned the boy was an orphan, the necessity to kill him faded, replaced by a curious idea. Pedro had always worked alone, but here was someone who did not have his own mannerisms, his own incurable habits. Here was a lump of clay that Pedro could mold into a perfect assistant.

And so Peregrine was trained in art of killing by his mentor, Pedro. He worked with the man for years, assisting him in any way necessary, be it as a distraction or a fellow hitter. It was during this time that he took the name Peregrine Nightmare, forgetting his former moniker.

When Peregrine was 19, Pedro finally slipped. A former client had tipped off the police and through extensive investigation and surveillance they were able to ambush Pedro in his home. Outnumbered, outgunned, and desperate, Pedro pulled an envelope from beneath the couch and threw it to Peregrine before hurling the young man out of a window. Stunned, Peregrine fell three stories before crashing into a dumpster. With a broken arm and several cuts, Peregrine pulled himself from the trash bin. Immediately police began running towards him with guns drawn. Using the pistol he’d managed to pull on before being thrown from the apartment, Peregrine fired a few well-placed shots, killing the officers. Quickly he realized that Pedro had sent him out to live, and that nothing could help his mentor now. Using the opportunity, Peregrine ran. Within the envelope was a letter, a key to a locker at the local YMCA they worked out at, and instructions.

Inside the locker was a rather substantial amount of cash, some weapons, two keys and a map. The map displayed directions to a car and a house in the country, which is what the keys were for. Since then, Peregrine began working on his own, operating out of the old farmhouse.

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