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[Multiverse] Phoelix's Charactors

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[Multiverse] Phoelix's Charactors

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Phoelix on Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:26 pm

Char Actors

Note: My character profiles will be under significant construction for a while, as I gather my ideas. Count on nothing to remain as it is.

(Larger version)

Identity: X-41.31.43110 (The X is pronounced "Chi." This is Pi's unique serial code; one is given to every Neonite upon conception.)
Nickname: Pi. This serves as his hacker alias.

Race: Homo Novesapien, or Neonite. (Basically human, but with artificial genetic enhancements.)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight / N/A (In his society, most procreation is done through machines; children are synthesized from the DNA of the parents, and genetically modified to fit the national standard. This standard includes pre-birth immunity to nearly all known diseases, as well as superior strength, endurance, brain capacity, and other attributes. This system serves to 'equalize' the population, and having been in effect for a few centuries, is well ingrained into the way of life.)

Occupation: Student, aethermorph programming junior-assistant, hacker.

The Neonites have meticulously studied the human learning process and devised education programs to conform to this process in relation to the student's maturity; that is, the programs 'teach' students different levels of information periodically until maturity. Download would be a more appropriate word, however, as data is transfered from computers directly into the student's brains through a cerebral link. Every Neonite has a metal plug at the back of his or her head and several more along the spinal cord and limbs, through which connections can be made to computers for thought-based interaction and more.

As an aethermorph programming junior-assistant, Pi works with the most cutting edge technology; the direct transformation of data to physical matter, and vise versa. This includes creating actual objects, organisms, or people out of a computer, or sending one of these inside the Cyber World (A sort of real-life Internet that users physically partake in.) This technology has existed in his society for some time, but is constantly being refined. Pi's position is a lowly one, and he is used for the most basic, menial tasks; however, Pi's abilities far exceed the tasks he is given.

"Hacker" is a term synonymous with "pirate" or "terrorist" in Metchlixt. In this world where people and computers co-exist as one, and data is a tangible force, a hacker extremist is capable of vast loss of life, property damage, theft, and many other crimes. Pi, however, is not guilty of great immoral conduct, nor is his organization, Null Circuit... for the most part. Null Circuit is a band of hackers that have 'escaped the system' of Neonite life - that is, being born with a purpose, serving that purpose, and being terminated after fifty years by one's own hard-coded doomsday clock. They take data and profit from the system, but remain relatively unknown to the Law.

Age: Nineteen (Neonite years are the same length as regular ones)
Birthdate: 3;1;X41 Beta (Using the base-ten time system of his homeland. It would be in the middle of March sometime.)


General: Pi stands at an even six feet, the standard height for synthesized males his age. His skin is an unnatural pallor, even somewhat transparent, due to very little sun exposure and excessive genetic tampering. This is the norm for his kind. He is also very lean, yet muscularly toned. His eyes are an electric blue color, glowing with neon light. As a Neonite, he has some cybernetic implants, such as: a computer chip inside his brain, used for hyperintelligent capabilities and linking to computers; a metal plug on the back of his head, neck, four down his spinal cord, two on each arm, leg, and on his chest; thick metal cords (about one inch in diameter) that extend from both sides of his neck into his shoulders; and some visible circuitry along his right cheek that connect to the chip in his head. His facial features are somewhat angular, and he is handsome - another one of the benefits of Neonite genetic engineering is that every organism birthed is crafted to be aesthetically pleasing ;)

Hair: His hair is trimmed to a spiky, medium length, obscuring parts of his ears at the most. About eight long strands of hair (evenly spaced around his head) extend outward from the top, curving out and then dangling back down to neck length. His hair is a gradient of several colors; black and very dark brown in the center, fading to vibrant neon blues and pale cyans at the end of the spikes and at mid-strand, to deep indigo at the end of the lengthened strands. His eyebrows are shaved to look like bar codes.

Clothing: Pi sports a pair of blue, metallic goggles over his forehead. He wears a tight-fitting black shirt that shines indigo, wears grilled cuffs over his wrists. His black and blue circuit-lined pants are somewhat baggy, but taper into his heavy boots. The lining of the clothes' fabric and the soles of Pi's boots glow bright sapphire.

Favourite Music: Industrial, Electronica, EBM

Likes: Being alone, not having to worry, programming, excitement, adventure, relaxation, not thinking, broken thinking, Giga.

Dislikes: The System, his official job, being part-computer, having emotions.

Interesting fact: Pi once tried to fry the computer chip in his head to be 'free.' This would have resulted in his death, had he succeeded, but instead he only wounded himself and took half a year to heal.

Personality: Pi would seem emotionally disconnected to anyone he doesn't trust (which is everyone). However, he thinks and feels just like anyone else, and he very much despises that fact. He is also very paranoid and scared deep inside, and believes he sees the truths of reality that everyone else fails to. He is quite possibly the most closed individual in Metchlixt, next to Zephyr, and even once tried to override all capacity for laughter in his brainchip. That, however, like many other attempts at self-modification, only added to his psychological issues. He doesn't speak much, and when he does he occasionally stutters or repeats himself. Still, only those close to him would ever know there's anything wrong with him.

Pi exists almost without purpose. Although his hacking skills are nearly unmatched and he is vastly intelligent because of the data that Null Circuit steals, he questions the objective of striving to be better and observes that the closer one gets to perfection, the more one realizes how vastly unattainable it really is. He mostly lives for pleasure and enlightenment, but despises his own existence. He cares only for his partners.

Smoke or Drink: Pi smokes and drinks. Smoking in Metchlixt is usually done with a fumemask - something like a gasmask that one straps to their face so that all the toxins are pumped directly into their lungs, wholly concentrated and lethal.

His favorite drink is called a Vatspew; it's a bright-glowing, UV-reactive, alcoholic beverage that comes in a reverse-pyramidal shaped glass and has a mechanical centipede that crawls at the bottom, used to carbonate the drink and generate more whilst you enjoy. The beverage leaves your mouth and teeth glowing under UV light for a few hours and tastes something like a cross between a sour fruit candy, liquid hand sanitizer, and a straight shot of formaldehyde up your nasal passage.

Fears: Being left mindless, devoid of any thought; discovering that all he believes in is wrong.

Type of childhood:

Self perception:

(Larger version)

Identity: Unknown
Nickname: Zephyr. This serves as his hacker alias.

Race: Neonite
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Student, explosives specialist, hacker.

Zephyr is practically non-existent as far as the public knows - a ghost in the machine, he would say. He develops high-tech weaponry, especially bombs and mechanoids, and has them delivered to any high bidder without so much as casting his shadow in their presence. His name is unknown, he has erased his own identification, and exists only in secret.

Zephyr is silently considered to be the leader of the band Null Circuit. He plans all of their escapades and calls most of the shots, and is the most capable of the group. Mostly, he exists peacefully with them, but he also instills an unspoken fear in them all (except perhaps Giga).

Age: Twenty
Birthdate: 8;3;X40 Beta


General: Six feet and two inches, pale, translucent skin, lean and muscularly toned. Glowing red eyes. He comes with the usual Neonite implants but has no visible circuitry, and his metal cords extend out of the sides of his head and curve into his neck.

Hair: Zephyr's hair is a bright red and comes out as six spikes at the front, pointed in different angles. On top of that, he has a sort of spiked mohawk that curves around his head and extends down to his mid-back at the longest tips.

Clothing: Zehpyr wears a black, tight-fitting top that widens somewhat at the sleeves, has red lining down the body, and glowing patches on the arms. On his right hand is a metal gauntlet that covers half of the top of his hand, the tips of his index, middle finger and thumb, and his wrist. It is connected by scarlet-glowing wires and feeds into the skin on his forearm; he uses this glove to tap into computers by only touching them. His pants are somewhat baggy and lined with red circuitry, his black boots glowing with the same color light at the soles and heel. These parts of the boots flash when he walks or runs. He will also wears a gasmask when there is the possibility of being seen by people, but if he is with his crew he will neglect to wear it at times.

Favourite Music: Electrogoth, glitch

Likes: Causing hell for the system, knowing things, being unstoppable, Giga.

Dislikes: Being in a position of little control, people, being outdone.

Interesting fact: Zephyr claims that he knows how to disable every functioning cybernetic device in Metchlixt, but only doesn't follow through because he'd kill himself and his friends by doing so.

Personality: Zephyr is mostly an enigma to everyone, even his trusted partners. He leaves most of his deep thoughts to himself, but explains some of his complicated musings aloud; these tend to baffle everyone except Pi, who just doesn't admit that he understands these postulations because he sees no use in it. Though Zephyr is the unofficial leader of the hackers, he and Pi are often in a rivalry position to which Glitch only watches with semi-interest and Giga regards with disdain. Zephyr is also more 'romantically' involved with Giga, although that too is nothing official.

Where his mates are driven to crime out of necessity, escape, or enlightenment, Zephyr pursues these means for power. He is the most darkly inclined of the group and the least forgiving, not even hesitating to kill if he has to. He is civil with his partners, but instills traces of fear and distrust in Pi and Glitch.

Smoke or Drink: Zephyr is a drug addict; the mask he wears is a modified form of a fumemask, and feeds him a unique drug that actually heightens his cognitive thinking and brings him unbounded bliss. He is almost continually using it, and becomes intolerable after leaving it off for a few hours.

His favorite drink is called a Vapor. It is an extremely cold alcoholic beverage that becomes a heavy gas when passing through the drinker's warm mouth, and must be swallowed in a quick gulp lest he cough it out and let it waste into the atmosphere. It tastes like bleach, something bitter and nutty, and if you accidentally breath it in, it's like sucking car fumes through a straw straight into your brain.

Fears: Not existing.

Type of childhood:

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