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Myths of the Forgotten


a part of “Myths of the Forgotten”, a fictional universe by Pantheran.

A small town deep in the forest called Veraloia: a safe haven to the few mythical creatures that still exist. Many races have become extinct when humans have destroyed the forests and the seas. But what will happen, when rumors start to spread?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Myths of the Forgotten”.
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Alsangi Forest:
A large pine forest somewhere in northern Europe and the last homeland of the world's mythical creature population. In the deepest parts of it locates Veraloia, the main habitation of the mythical creatures, with the exception of other small camps dotted around the forest.

Meningr Range
The Meningr Range is located east from Alsangi Forest. Bronden Mines, the main workplace of the dwarven population, can be found in the southern areas of this mountain range. This mountain range is the homeplace of the dwarves with small villages and encampments dotted around the whole mountain range, the dwarves only seem to appear in Veraloia every other week with their metallic products to sell.

Bronden Mines
A cave entrance located in the southern areas of the Meningr Range, a small dwarven encampment can be found both outside and inside the cave, while the rest of the cave twists and turns like a labyrinth as the dwarven miners continue their work for the mythical metal, Naturite.

Lake Fengr
A large lake located in the northern areas of the Alsangi Forest, connected to the River Shyann which runs down the highest points of the Meninger Range. The lake contains very clean water and is the main water source for all life inside Alsangi Forest, some say that the water, filtered through many layers of mountainous soil, holds a mythical source which had given birth to the mythical creatures that inhabit Veraloia. Branching from River Shyann is Verah Pond, another terminating mass of water much smaller than Lake Fengr, ever since the human inhabitation of the area, all mythical creatures are forced to use Verah Pond as their main source of water. Due to it's small size, many disagreements tend to occur, some may fall into small fights, but most are controlled by the older members of the community.

A small town inhabited by mythical creatures. It's in the deepest parts of Alsangi Forest and very hard to find unless you know where it's located. When walking nearer to the town, it seems that the trees move and even rocks switch places with each other trying to confuse the traveler. The town looks like it's from middle ages: there's wooden houses around a market place. The way paranormals live is also medieval: they hunt animals in the forest, some of them have a small garden on their backyard and there's no electricity.

A small lakeside town with a population of about 2500 residents, surviving on a small fishing group as a form of income, along with simple farming for a source of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, most food and other products are imported from elsewhere. The town has an old look with an older history behind it, most housing is made up of a mixture of simple stone, wood and horse-hair plaster with a variation of thatch, slate and wooden roofing. Most of the gravel pathways are too small for any forms of motor vehicles, but this also keeps the area safe of any pollution. There's one larger road passing by it and a single bus stop is present in the western area of the town where a daily bus comes by giving access to the outside world. The residents of this town are very happy and close people, enjoying their lives as a luxury as they trade with the occasional outsider or go about their simple jobs.

A larger, modern town with a population of about 6000 residents. Located in the southwest areas near the edge of Alsangi Forest and fairly new when compared to Fengr. This town has a good source of electricity from a coal generator plant in the southern areas and survives completely on imports from the outside world. A temporary H.O.N. headquarters is present as the town hall and the organization's control over the town is growing day by day. The organization for example owns some of the apartment houses and rents them to get more money to roll their business. The people are much more ignorant and selfish than the Fengr inhabitants.

Important distances:

Veraloia - Verah Pond: ~15km / 9,3 miles
Veraloia - Bronden Mines: ~39km / 24 miles
Veraloia - Fengr: ~62 km / 39 miles
Veraloia - Cramboyvk: ~77km / 48 miles

Cramboyvk - Fengr (shortest distance): ~70km / 43 miles
Cramboyvk - Fengr (along the road): ~85km / 53 miles
Tideanor Forest (Fengr - Bronden Mines, shortest distance): ~100km / 62 miles
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