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PLANETES - class system and setting

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PLANETES - class system and setting

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby mome on Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:28 am


      PLANETES' gameplay is different in the sense that there are no classes; at the start, it simply asks you if you want to be physical or magic based. From there, you dictate where your first few stat points will go. Players are free to build their character whichever way they want, not confined by any class or skill tree, certain skills unlocking depending on stat and weapon fluency. aka I'm too lazy to think of any

      Nope no guns man. If you have a suggestion or a weapon not in the list, just ask me here and I'd be happy to help. c:

      The weapons that PHYSICAL-based characters are allowed to use:
        bow and arrow
        bare hands

      The weapons that MAGIC-based characters are allowed to use:
        bare hands

      As for the stats, you are to distribute 35 stat points across all seven stats. This is less of an indicator of level and more of telling me where your character's strengths and weaknesses lie. That's it.

derp derp above is just a test of how I want it to go. e u e time to make the actual thread.

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Re: PLANETES - class system and setting

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby mome on Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:42 am

below is info i will copy paste at a later date

vetus town
Renatus' Root Town. This is where you will regenerate when you die, where merchants sell their wears and guilds make their homes. Also, majority of the side-quests are found here, as well as some parts of the campaign. It's a town built on the ruins of the ancient race's habitat, so it isn't surprising to see that when viewed aerially, Vetus forms a rune that means "magic" in the old tongue. Fortunately, Vetus seems to be safe form the black spots scattered throughout the rest of Renatus. Vetus Town's buildings are a blend of the Victorian era and Japanese/Chinese architecture and are often either made from brick or wood. Only town hall where you usually go to for creating a guild and starting out on your journey when you're still new is made of metal. There are also street lamps scattered throughout the streets. Vetus is also surrounded by a number of mountain ranges so most of the buildings are either built into the mountain's side or at the valley. Portals are found on each end of the town so that you may access certain fields. Of course, access is allowed only when your level permits you to.

the forest
The newest dungeon area/field of Renatus. Dark, eerie and chilling, and out of all the areas, has the highest number of black spots. This is also where many of the runners that go comatose die. The level of the monsters here are affected by the people currently within, and monsters come up arena style. Usually, they are within your level range, but there a is 20% chance that an enemy will come that is way out of your league. The Forest, from an aerial view, covers a large expanse of land, leading many to believe that the Forest is an endless dungeon where the only way out is the path you took to get there. The trees and undergrowth have colors ranging from pine green to an eerie purple depending on how deep you've gone into the Forest. Once you reach a deeper part, trees and grass are replaced by big mushroom-like structures that appear stone-like in color and texture and light from outside the forest does not reach within. The only sources of light are the head-sized balls of light that seem to slowly float from mushroom to mushroom. And those aren't exactly numerous. Insect-like monsters often spawn here alongside the uncommon trolls, ogres and fairies.

misty fields
It gets its name from those magical times of twilight and dusk, when fog mists over the land. Misty Fields is generally considered a newbie area, and few enemies are hostile. Typical monsters here are variations of real life animals. There aren't too many dark spots in this area. In the the further most side of the field lies a portal that will take you to the Avis Swamps.

avis swamps
The name is taken from the majority of monsters you encounter in this playing field, avian-like beings that apparently live in the swamp. The only way to traverse it is to cross along the wooden platforms that mysteriously kept themselves intact in such an untame environment. The swamp waters resemble the color of an eerie yellow green and there are many vines hanging from the mangrove trees that make up the canopy of the swamps with the moon's eternal light shining down through the trees's blanket. The area is considered a good place for newbies to get a good boost in their levels. Antidotes are recommended when you venture through this area. There aren't too many dark spots here as well.

waterway labyrinth
A maze style field for people who are getting close to the catacombs, but not quite there yet. A lot of med's testing their luck and skill go here. The labyrinth is called this way because of its maze style appearance. The only way to complete it is to have the quest that asks you to kill the boss at the exit because it lends you the compass needed to safely traverse it. Beyond this monstrosity is the entrance to the Catacombs. The labyrinth is a merge between King Minos' Labyrinth and a canal. The halls of the maze is made of black stone and each wall is about several hundred miles high. The path you walk along is lit with flickering torches that illuminate the sleek and slippery stone floor. The water runs with deadly speed along both sides of the floor. Monsters that spawn here are often slime-like or humanoid. The blank spots here are few unlike the area it leads to.

The "big bad boss" area, located beneath Vetus. You can only gain access to this area from inside Vetus, after finishing the second to the last quest of the campaign (the last quest being defeat the Beast). Eerily lined walls with skulls that seem to be glowing from a flame inside, the Catacombs bring a right sense of doom to the runners finishing the game. The blank spots are scattered through the place, and not always obvious. The floor is glittering with amethyst-like crystals while the terrain itself is rocky. When you glance to the ceiling you see bones of many creatures that have been buried underneath the earth. Danger lurks in every corner and there is no telling what extremely powerful demon will spawn at the next turn. At the very end is the door that leads to the most dangerous enemy in the game. Random enemy spawns either resemble the dead or are spawns of hell.

One of the PvP zones. There are 1vs.1, grpvs.grp, and free for all styles. Arena's setting is largely dependent on the host of the game. Some require an invitation or minimum, others you can just enter, regardless of level. The arena resembles that of the Colosseum in real life, though it is much larger and much more suited to battle than the simple stone architecture. The Arena is also where certain tournaments take place.

treasure island
Loot in this area is extremely rare, but when you get it, you're sure it's a unique class type. Strong monsters wander the island, but another major problem is that this place allows for PKing. Treasure Island is not for the faintest of heart. The whole playing field is a huge island that would most likely resemble anything you've imagined in your pirate fantasies as you search for treasure. There are quite a number of blank spots here but it's not exactly as numerous as the number in the Catacombs. Random enemies here resemble tropical animals or are powerful variations of past monsters you've encountered before.

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