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Ibbinus, a planet best known for pleasure and sin. When entering the terrestrial planet's hemisphere, one must discard all regrets or be swept away by prospects of party and gray actions. While its title as a party planet does well to furnish its galaxy-wide reputation, it is also known for heading advancement in Ae fueled machinery, namely weapons. All aspects of Ibbinus, the work and the play, are managed and relished by a man known only as the Chancellor.

No man can best be described as fickle than the Chancellor. Eccentric in body language and appearance, he truly embodies the spirit of entertainment. While he deals with all things regarding business swiftly and behind the scenes, anything including the word "play" is done with the upmost flamboyance. This is especially present in the capital city of the planet, Esasea.

Surrounding the planet's exterior are numerous wormholes, portals from different galaxies or solar systems. Of course, most things that go through the wormhole aren't usually alive, but it isn't uncommon for lost ships to end up shipwrecked on Ibbinus.

Once a trash heap, it was the first place the Chancellor set his eyes on during the planet's humble beginnings. Now it has been transformed into a city lively with bustling commerce. The guiltiest pleasures, the deadliest drinks, and enough trash littered on the ground to match the trash walking the streets. The policy of "no regrets" is held to the upmost regard.

Deep within the heart of the city lies a spectacle known only as the Coliseum. A large gladiator pit where warriors fight for the entertainment of the many patrons. The fighters sent here aren't exactly there willingly, either fighting to put bread on the table or collected forcefully from other planets by mercenaries known as the Jaegers.

The Jaegers usually work alone, delivering specimens to the Chancellor for a pat on the head.

Alongside the Ae-based weapons and highly advanced city is an almost untamed development of robotics. Robots so advanced they have not only eliminated the working class, but have rendered all but the 1% obsolete.

Among the most impressive are a class of robot known as "Doll", looking almost identical to a female human. The Dolls are androids created by the Chancellor himself, possessing a core made entirely out of Ae. While being equipped with some of the most dangerous weaponry, they also act almost as if they are sentient, which naturally explains their expensive price tag.



Abbyria, a planet with a rich history of conquest. Many empires have built their base of operations, not limited to 2 great powers that currently inhabit it, the Royal Family, and the Church.

For many eons, the Church have acted as a police force within solely their planet, virtually incorruptible until the newest Royal Family came to the plate, the Maigre.

As long as the church's inception, no royal family held interest in association with the Church. They both wouldn't get into each other's way, the Church turning a blind eye to any..illegal family business while the current royal family would cheaply fund the Church with taxes. As many countries in Abbyria operated like a theocratic monarchy, this cycle would remain untouched. All inhabitants of Abbyria were to worship the king, seeing him as a mandate from the heavens.

However, recently, the balance has been broken..with the sudden spectacle with a single man who could manipulate Ae like it was his own. Abbyria has long been a civilization that relied on Ae for almost every purpose..and the man who had paraded through the great doorsteps of the empire was able to overthrow the previous royal family in a single night.

The Church

A notion that seemed impossible, the Royal Family and the Church have melded together under the Maigre's rule. Now focusing their influence to expand outside of Abbyria, they have traveled to many planets to enforce their form of justice. Fearing their technology, and ideals, many planets have agreed to let the Church act as the law-enforcers.

While still effective in punishing crime, the are more-so led by their new secondary goal, harvest as much Ae as possible. Frequently, the Church would be responsible for making several regions of various planets uninhabitable due to ripping open mines and exposing Ae to wild beasts or plant-life, even seizing people's homes if they are close to a site. Of course, their ideals won't be shaken by the small price of ruining a few people's lives.

The inhabitants of Abbyria see the Church as heroes, frequently bringing home resources and Ae for the people to use to their heart's content, only if they knew the methods they used to obtain their spoils.

The Church and the Maigre have both allied themselves with the Chancellor of Ibbinus. Being given Ae weapons in exchange for turning a blind eye to the shady dealings of the planet of sin.

The Royal Family

While the Royal Family and the Church have become interchangeable, the Maigre still play their part. Ruling lightly, and not even demanding tax, the Maigre are seen as the kindest and most revered out of all the royal families that have ruled over Abbyria. The policies that have garnered them such a reputation were courtesy of the man who had manipulated the Ae in the first place..the Avreur.

The Avreur has integrated himself quite comfortably within the Maigre Royal Family. Currently the head, his identity as a true God has been kept under-wraps, hidden behind a facade of compassion. The Creator only wants as much Ae as possible, and fortunately isn't able to make it himself without threatening to destroy Abbyria and its inhabitants.




Within a universe of iron and blood, exists a planet of fairy tale. Sworn against the usage of Ae, the many clans and races of Lominia have developed in the complete opposite direction from the rest of the universe. Blessed by nature, and their only innate rituals and born abilities, no one dares to step foot on their planet without an invitation. Most of the clans are allied with each other, and have often discouraged the prospect of leaving the planet. Thus, they aren't friendly to outsiders..and downright hostile at the sight of Ae.

Among the subsets of races lies a union of 13 major clans, all living in harmony, or supposed to be. Recently, there had been many instances of spaceships crash landing on Lominia, each clan having a different method to dealing with an uninvited guest.

13 clans

The 13 major clans, each clan encompassing a different race, a different belief, but a shared disdain for outsiders from different planets. They all rule their respective region without reprieve, and more or less keep off of each other's toes. Lately, the 13 clans have been more lenient with members that seek to explore other planets, though some disagree strongly against the idea. To preserve the peace, interplanetary travel has become a topic that is taboo in most meetings between the heads of each clan.

Taorus |1|
Often seen as the head of the 13 clans, they are the most modernized clan out of the 13. Sporting an impressive military, and an overwhelming emphasis on concord, the Taorus are the most rare to see on other planets. Their main concern is preserving the peace between clans, reluctantly allowing other clans to practice interplanetary travel, but still very harsh against outsiders and the use of Ae.

The technology they produce rivals some of the most advanced Ae-based weaponry, a secret that lies within a flexible metal known as Udrum.

Often referred to as the living metal, instead of a linear purpose like Ae, Udrum can be used in a multitude of ways. Combining it with other metals can strengthen it, or turn it into a liquid, combining it with the practices and materials of other clans have effects that are downright unworldly. It isn't an overstatement to say that the Taorus have built their empire based on Udrum. While its destructive abilities pale in comparison to Ae, the technology created by Udrum is so unique that the only way to describe its properties are as magical.

Appearance-wise, the Taorus are a humanoid race with horns sprouting from their heads. It isn't uncommon for Taorus to harbor features similar to a mythical dragon, scales, tales and all. As for their environment, they live among the mountains, building their empire on the highest cliffs.

Arias |9|
Fully encompassing the single word of old-fashioned, Arias started out living the simple life and refused to develop from it. A clan of hot-heads, the Arias are keen to keeping to their traditions. Often seen as the hardest to agree with within the 13, the other clans see it best to let them do as they please. More-so providing for the Arias not because they are a useful ally, but because they would become a dangerous enemy.

The Arias have mastered practices cultivated from conception and unchanged throughout the ages. The most prominent..and outlandish of these rituals is the Baptism of Flame. As soon as a baby is born, they are dipped into a raging volcano. Genetics have ensured that this ritual's success rate remain steady instead of impossible, but the earliest Arias quite literally sent their kin to their death, which explains the Arias having the smallest tribe out of the 13.

As a result of their..intense ritual, their bodies have hardened to withstand just about anything. Blade, blunt force..or even direct exposure to Ae does little to phase them. The Arias have also mastered a breathing technique known as a Mantra. Mantras usually only raise base stats like strength or speed, but more advanced Mantras have more unique effects, such as coating ones fists in flame or running on air. They were quite literally conceived for battle, and they are keen on making that known.

Even though their interplanetary travel program is non-existent, they are the most passionate about leaving Lominia to fight strong opponents. Many Arias have aggressively convinced other clans to fly them out and not even the Taorus are interested in stopping them.

Arias resemble humans though usually have tan skin and white tribal tattoos marking their body.

(ADD MORE CLANS. If OTHER RPers could help, I'd love them forever. (ask Phan-sama for more information)

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