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In Mafia Vita


a part of “In Mafia Vita”, a fictional universe by Korrye.

The trying experiences of a mafia family at war with local authorities and, moreover, themselves. [PLEASE JOIN! 10+ M/F Roles open!]

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “In Mafia Vita”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Korrye on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:20 am

This is an OOC thread strictly for plotting and to post ideas that are wide in scope. Of course, all plots must be vetted and run by me, Korrye and Mela, my co-GM to ensure they are realistic and don't run against any other plans already made. I encourage writers of all characters to check this thread and to keep tabs on it and to help build in the intricacies. That said, I would prefer that you generate detailed plots via PM - a little surprise in this thread will make it so much better.

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Re: Plotting

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tigarus on Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:32 am

I've been cooking up a backstory for Mick Carter to set the stage for things to come dubbed "The Mancini Incident" and discussing some ideas with Korrye and iCat. I think it's refined enough to post it here for further brainstorming on how it can tie into the greater story with the family involving the undercover agents being discovered in a cat and mouse game.

Three months ago this well liked, but relatively lowly ranked mob fat guy Danny Mancini somehow finds out that Mick is an undercover agent. Danny confronts him with gun drawn and a scuffle ensues leaving Danny dead. Mick still doesn't know how Danny found out or how much he knows and it's a major source of stress in Mick's daily life.

Following this event Mick contacts his FBI handler Frank Karpathy. There's some dialog between them about the FBI being infiltrated (perhaps by the hacker, FC: Rachael Taylor) and Frank comments that he'll "look into it". Liam, the mole, gets wind of Frank's poking around leading up to a scene where Liam kills Frank and finds classified documents and/or a keycode on his body. Jess is now the only remaining person in the Bureau to know that Mick and FC: Stana Katic are actually undercover agents, not criminals. She and Mick work together to find the mole all the while collecting evidence to bring the family down. At the same time, Liam is uses the newly found information to help the family reveal the identities of the undercover agents.

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Re: Plotting

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DuBois_Scarlett on Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:34 pm

Landon Rose






Full Name:| Landon James Carter Rose
Age:| Thirteen
Gender:| Male
Orientation:| Heterosexual
Originally From:| Chelsea in London
Currently Living:| Upper West Side, NYC
Occupation:| Student

Extreme Sports – Snow boarding, Rock Climbing, Free Running
His Mum
His Dog
Being pulled around on his Skate Board by his Dog

Not much except rude and unkind people.
Oh and combing his hair, it's always a mess like he's just got out of bed.

Secrets:| “Okay, you can't tell my mum but . . .” Landon's latest secret hobby is Free Running but he hasn't told his mum about it because she would totally freak if she found out! Snow boarding, Rock Climbing is cool with her because there are people to supervise these things but Free Running . . . Well that's kind of illegal and dangerous. Oh well, what she doesn't know won't worry her . . . At least that's what Landon tells himself.

Hobbies:| “Anything involving physical activity, I'm totally there!” Landon is into all Sports and he's naturally good at most of them. His favourite is naturally Football or 'Soccer' as he was born and raised in England and his favourite Team is Chelsea FC, the Football Club of where he lived in London.

He is also a huge fan of the X Games, naturally being into extreme sports. There's also his Xbox too but that's for lazy days which he really doesn't have many of.

Personality:| Landon has always been one of the popular kids. He is the sort of guy that is genuinely nice to everyone and always has a smile on his face. Most people would describe him as being a combination of cheeky and charming. He is also kind, sweet, caring and funny. This is because of the way he was raised by his mother, Sienna Rose and all the things she taught him about how to treat people no matter who they are.

Landon is outgoing, talkative and instantly befriends anyone he meets. Little stops Landon from making friends. It's hard for people not to like Landon, no matter how hard they might try.

He is a talented artist but it doesn't interest him that much. Music however is more his cup of tea and he can play both electric guitar and the drums.

However, Landon has a reckless side too. Which is more due to the amount of energy he has bubbling up inside him, which he releases through his sporting endeavours especially the extreme sort which his mum doesn't like but she gives into when he gives her puppy dog eyes.

History:| Landon has had a pretty normal but extremely happy childhood and upbringing. He was born and raised in Chelsea an affluent area of London and went to Private Schools there. At ten, he and his mum relocated to France where they lived two years and then Italy for a year before they moved to the States.

He is a mama's boy but that's only because she's the most important person and the only solid presence in his life and he loves her a lot . . . However he is also a man or rather a young man in his own right.

Once in his life time when he was five he asked his mother about his father. She told Landon that his father loved him and that it was for his own good that he wasn't a part of his life. That was enough for the young Landon and he never asked her about it again, seeing that it was obviously hard and hurtful for her to talk about . . . and he never wants to hurt her because she is the sweetest most loving and understand person he has ever known.

Landon is a smart boy. He was labeled gifted as a young child and is fluent in Latin, Greek, French and Italian. Instantaneously picking up languages he's been exposed to for a short while. However his educational pursuits have always taken a back seat to his more physical ones . . . Just how he likes it.

Miscellaneous:| Big German Shepard named King.
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Re: Plotting

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DuBois_Scarlett on Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:39 pm

Hey guys,

Just thought I post a small profile for Landon, as he might become a more serious character as the RP progresses so you all can get a feel for him.


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