Pokemon: Swept into Love

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Pokemon: Swept into Love

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:09 pm

Derek Yumuca strolled through the Viridian Forest at leisurely pace, listening the cacophony of sounds play around him. 'She wanted to be coordinator and decided that being with a mid class trainer like me wouldn't help her chances.' he thought. Plus his feelings, raw and seething, wouldn't heed to reason and made him restless. Stopping, Derek turnt his dark dull crimson skyward and loosed a scream from deep within soul. As soon as the sound left his mouth; something inside of him shattered. Unrelenting rage raced inline with sadness for dominance as he drew a machete out of it's sheath and started attacking any near by undergrowth.

By the time Derek stopped, both arms were numb and he was soaked in sweat. Dropping to his knees, he stared at the ground while feeling emotionally drained. Closing his eyes against the emptiness in his soul, Derek sheaths the machete and heard a noise. Glancing to see his Scyther coming out the brush. "Find anything interesting?" he inquired, returning to his feet. Watching the bipedal pokemon shake it's head, Derek gestured to the pokeball on his repurposed garrison belt. To which he watch it touch and disappear into the battered green/white pokeball.

'So am I worth falling for in the first place?' he wondered, continuing on to Pewter City. Falling into a trance like state, which seemed to show after he went slash happy, Derek found himself replaying his time in Kalos and wondered if he should return there. Tilting his head while the idea grew, he thought of her again for the first since he left Kalos. 'She saw past my shell and accepted the darkness that clings to my soul. But I could never get pass the two outer layers she used to ward off prying questions.' he thought as something snapped out of his trance.

Looking around to found that him walked through Pewter city and stopped at the foot of Mount Moon. 'Guess it's settled then.' he thought as footsteps coming behind him made him turn around. Seeing Ash's friend Brock coming towards him, Derek nods his greeting and stares questionable at the man. "One of my gym trainers saw you heading through Pewter and told me. And I figured you'd eventually end up here when you had enough of Kanto." Glancing away, Derek sighed inwardly as wished that Brock wasn't so accurate in his assessment of his thoughts. 'Could be right.'

Quickly shaking his head to clear it errant thoughts, Derek removed the green/white pokeball and handed it to Brock. "Take Scythe to Professor Oak's and let him rest." he said, taking the twenty pokeballs and arranging them on his garrison belt. Hearing a high pitch cry from above him, Derek moved away from the older man and glanced up to see one of half Hoen's Eon pair. "Latias." he said softly. As the red Eon pokemon took on Bianca's appearance, which seems to be a favorite of hers, he approached Latias slowly. Recalling his own trip Alto Mare, and the short but plus pleasant affair with red head, he stared at Latias and felt her add her calming emotions to his less the calm ones. As she pulled him into a hug, Derek returns it with an one arm hug. 'Nice to see you again.' he mused. When she moved back to look up at him, he looks back at her. "Kalos." Was all he had to say for Latias understand what he wanted. As she transported them to Kalos, Derek closed his eyes and focused on one pokemon he left there. 'Blitz, get ready. I'm coming back to Kalos.'

Waking from his nap as his trainer, though all he was just a convenient mode of transportation and source of food, Blitz the Pikachu raced towards the only place that his trainer would meet him at. 'Be there in ten.' he thought. Passing by Gwen's job, he remembers the time he spent around her before his trainer left. 'Does even remember me and Derek?' he wondered before jumping to avoid getting runned over. Reaching the meeting point with six minutes to spare, Blitz sat down and stared up.


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