We are Beyond the Sky

We are Beyond the Sky

When six teens find themselves with power to control the elements, their lives become connected as a dark force descends upon the world that seeks something unknown. . . . What could it possibly desire?

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OOC » Powers and Abilities

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[OOC] Powers and Abilities

Postby Jakuri-chan on Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:23 pm

Since Chuck suggested it, this alternate OoC thread was made for everyone to list out their character's powers, what they can do with those powers, as well as list their abilities. I plan on adding what Sunny-Anne can do shortly, I just need to do a few more things myself on something else. So feel free to post your character's abilities here and everything!
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Re: [OOC] Powers and Abilities

Postby Jedimaster_Dukon on Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:47 pm

Thaddeus Rockwell-Control of Air (gas molecules)
Powers -Distinguish Gas molecules from one another
-Can turn air semi-solid (by pushing gas molecules closer together and packing them together)
- Create a vacuum of air
- Breath Water (By splitting the Oxygen out of the H2O)
-Levitate and even fly by creating cushions of solidified air underneath of him.
-He can tell what's around him based on how the air is flowing around objects. Also by what gasses objects may be giving off or taking in.

Abilities- Eidetic memory (remembering everything he has ever seen)
- Amazing capability at math. He can calculate College Graduate Algorithms in his head
- Hacking. He can hack into most low level data bases, and is well known in the internet world as St_Judas.
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Re: [OOC] Powers and Abilities

Postby AmiOfTheRain on Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:54 pm

Rin Minozuki-Tenebrae

Summoning Shadow Creatures- She was able to deal with it with her brother, only once and awhile summoning them and bending them to help around the house.

Shadow Munipulation- She's able to control people's shadows and bend them to do what she wants.

Nightmare Shadows- Rin is able to create shadows of people's worst nightmares, and sometimes if she works hard enough at it, they turn into real objects.

Shadow Clones- Rin is also able to create doubles of herself, all it costs is a tiny bit of her own shadow, but it comes back slowly after a awhile.

Power Limits-

Summoning Shadow Creatures- Limits to this are simple, they only last 7 hours and whatever happends to them, happends to Rin. They cost alot of enegry as well, so she somewhat regrets it later.

Shadow Muniplation- This also costs alot of enegry, and bending them with their own shadow is impossible if they have strong will power. And it can cost her mentally if she does it for too long.

Nightmare Shadows- If she fails to do the right things when doing the ability, she can be sucked into her own nightmare. Seeing Len be shot over, and over, and over again. Like it happend once before.

Shadow Clones- Once all of her own shadow is gone, she is unable to do any more of her abilities. She can also faint if their all destoried at once.

Effects if using them all-
The affects are deadly, if using them all in a battle, her enegry is gone. And if her enegry leaves her, she can go into a coma or into a serious condition and be sent to the hospital. She would perfer not to do this if she could. She would only do it if it was to save Len or people she love and care for.
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Re: [OOC] Powers and Abilities

Postby DarknessToDeath23 on Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:16 pm

Uruha Reita Harada


Laser Emission-
Can fire power beams of energy from their body wether it be from his feet, hands, eyes or mouth. Lift some people up without hurting them.

He can turn invisible or mix in with other things. He can also make other people camouflage.

He can transfer his body from one point to other almost instantaneously such that his body doesn't cover any physical distance in order to reach his destination. He can also take a group of people with him.

He can call forth a demon and sprite to fight aside with him. He can also send regular people to him.


Laser Emission-
His eyes would hurt from a long time doing it. His hands would start itching, his fingertips would start burning. He will never do it from his mouth only if he lost all use of his eyes, arms, and legs. If he uses it more than 3 times he would really be in pain.

He could only use it 3 times, each time is 4 hours, he has to heal every 5 hours after using it. He can only camouflage 3 others but if more he might black out. It takes 2 days to recover from that, because he loses half of his energy.

He can only teleport 3 or 4 people time. But he can only teleport a total of 3 times.

He can only use it 2 times, it only lasts 8 hours, he could use it more if the battle is really deadly, but he could lose all his energy and nearly die from it.

But he can only use no more than two each battle and he has to use them carefully.
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Re: [OOC] Powers and Abilities

Postby projectdarkeden on Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:19 pm

since my character does not have powers he must rely on his skills in fighting and hacking.

He can hack most computers though no one is perfect there is always someone better.
His judo is his main fighting style that he has reinforced with Muay Thai to create a terrible combo
He switches between fighting with a raiper and katana but is equal in both Fencing and Kendo
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Re: [OOC] Powers and Abilities

Postby Jakuri-chan on Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:15 am

Sunny-Anne Delacroix – Ignis
Power and Techniques


Burn Blaze
This is something pretty basic; Sunny simply holds her hands out and produces a large stream of fire from them, basically it turns her into a moving, human flamethrower. There is a problem with this though, if Sunny produces too much fire, or the streams get too large, she loses control over them and they can engulf her and anyone or thing around her.

When doing this Sunny has to hold her hand outward of her body, and focuses on condensing fire into a rather dense ball before she launches away from herself. The fireball explodes upon making contact with something; this is a very dangerous technique as if it touches something it burns and harms them. Sunny has no control over the flames when they leave her, so she can burn something or someone without intending to.

Spiraling Flare
This is an extension of Sunny’s ability to create streams of fire from her hands, only it involves her focusing on extending flames outward from one of her hands into an ever changing, fluid line. This technique requires Sunny’s full concentration, and she is unable to actually use any other sort of ability while using this. She prefers not to use this because Sunny honesty is afraid of it, she still lacks good control over her abilities and creating a fluid line of fire like this, she can’t always tell where it will move or what it will do. She doesn’t want to hurt someone with it by accident.

Hellion’s Shield
Perhaps the technique Sunny favors most out of her derived techniques. Sunny is not a girl who likes to fight, so if she, or her friends, are put in danger, she conjures up a tall wall of flames to guard herself or those she cares for. She’ll use it to seal off an area around herself and others to act as a barrier, after all, not many people are going to run through scorching flames. This ability can be a very draining one considering she has to keep the flames going herself, and focus on what they are doing in order to keep them under her control; she can only keep it up for under an hour, at most.

Angel’s Inferno
Sunny uses her power over fire to summon up flames from her feet and hands and propel herself into the air-basically she’s using her powers to act like a jet pack so she can fly. Problem with this is though that Sunny lacks the actual control to use this ability to its full potential, so if she tries using it to fly for extended periods, she might wind up flying into something or spiraling out of control. Normally she’ll just use it for a few seconds so she can gain some distance on a jump or get to the top of a building so she can hop across the roofs.


Heat Control
In line with her abilities, Sunny is able to control the heat in substances to an extent. She can heat up liquids, solids and melt things if she can get the heat hot enough. Once more though, Sunny isn’t very great at using this because she lacks great control over her powers and she can let the heat go up to much and burn something, or cause it to evaporate.

Although she is able to conjure her flames out of thin air, if Sunny focuses enough she is able to control pre-existing flames and bend them to her will. Also, if Sunny winds up getting emotional around fire, the fire will react in line to how she feels. Angry or excited, it’ll spike up, and if she becomes drained or sad, it will grow weak.

Sunny lacks self-control, because of this it can make it very hard to focus on her flames and even harder to control them. Lack of control with fire is just as dangerous as the other elements, but dangerous for the fact that since Sunny seems to be a very emotional, and excitable individual, she can spurt flames out without meaning to.

One great weakness of hers would have to be the fact that if she is caught out in the rain, Sunny can be unable to use her powers. She needs dry air in order to fully conjure up flames that she can control, and be powerful enough to breathe on their own. When it rains, the flames are extinguished and she cannot do much of anything.
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Re: [OOC] Powers and Abilities

Postby BambiSempremie on Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:42 am

Ramsey Bourne - Aqua

Power, Techniques and Abilities:

Body Control~ Due to the human body being made up of about 65% water, Ramsey can control humans using that principle. However, this has large drawbacks due to the fact that this is a fairly new ability. So far, he can control only a part of the body - like one arm or leg and only for a short period of time - no longer than five minutes. He becomes very tired after that and it makes it more difficult for him to use his other powers for a couple of hours. He continuously trains this ability and it seems to work better when he is acting on his emotions.

State Changing~ As his ability is to control water, Ramsey can change the states of it. He can change water to steam or ice and vice versa in a very short period of time.This leads to another of his abilities:

Ice Control~ Due it being water, just in a different state, Ramsey can also control ice. He can control it fairly easily, being able to shape whatever he wishes from it and turn it into water. He can also harden ice to be as strong as diamond and use that as a shield.

Water Bending~ He can move water, control it, form it into whatever he wishes very easily. He can use it as a weapon, but also as a form of protection.

Swimming~ Since he has a connection with the element of water, Ramsey is a fantastic swimmer. Not only because he can control the water around him to speed him up but because he has natural talent at it. He can also hold his breath for a very long time.

Street Fighting~ He's very good at fighting, comes from getting into fights a lot. He has no set way, he just uses what he as and fights dirty.
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