Practice RP - darkengel and ChaoticMarin

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Practice RP - darkengel and ChaoticMarin

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ChaoticMarin on Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:11 am

It was a sunny afternoon in a suburban town of no particular significance. Pedestrians went about their daily business and stores advertised their wares. It was sparsely populated along the streets at this time of day, with the exception of a few bystanders that minded their own business, presumably because they had somewhere to be. Perhaps sticking out from those minding their own business was a young adult female who had leaned over to examine some jewelry being showcased in a storefront window with great interest. What made her stick out? Well, first of all, she had a tail. The tail might very well seem to be feline in nature, and she didn't seem shy about rhythmically waving it in the air. The second thing that made her stick out was what she was wearing. Her outfit seemed to consist of a leather sleeveless bodysuit, the leggings of which were only biking shorts length, under a tan tunic of sorts that helped to keep her at least somewhat modest, though it was too short to cover her hips. She currently appeared to be barefoot, though her legs and feet seemed to be human as far as the eye could see. Given, she herself was human as far as the eye could see, with the exception of that tail, her ears, and if one could even see from their angle her eyes. None of the bystanders seemed to notice her beyond passing unconcerned glances, perhaps indicating that she wasn't quite as unusual to them as she might be to someone who hadn't seen one of her kind before.

What exactly the young woman got out of staring at the jewelry in the store window longingly was anyone's guess, though it might be more obvious than one might expect. As for the bystanders? She seemed oblivious to passerby, at least until a middle-aged man approached on her side of the street. The young woman's ears twitched a couple of times as he drew closer and she seemed to take notice, turning to him and standing up straight. She suddenly seemed a bit hostile, as if she has something personal against this man and did not trust him. The man simply gave her a look in return that consisted of a raised brow as he passed, moving around her so as to keep a bit of distance. The young woman simply stared him down as he passed with a distrusting expression on her face. Perhaps she knew the man, or perhaps she simply distrusted people in general. Whatever the case, she seemed stable enough that one could get within arms reach without getting attacked or anything crazy like that. After the man had moved a couple of meters onward she turned her attention back to the shop window briefly before turning her attention to the door of the shop. She almost seemed to be considering entering, but seemed to decide against it in favor of continuing to try the jewelry on with her eyes. Though, this time around she seemed to have a brooding expression on her face as if the passerby had brought something thought worthy to her attention.

Who was she who would act so hostile in public? She had an athletic body build, appeared to be white, yet had a tan that spoke of someone who was outdoors frequently. If one somehow managed to inspect her hands without her noticing, which was honestly unlikely without some absurdly good eyesight, they might notice that she had calluses on her palms, the marks of someone who did a lot of work with her hands. Both her hair and eyes were a matching lavender. Had she dyed her hair, was she wearing contacts, or perhaps both? It might be hard for one to believe someone could have matching eyes and hair in such a color naturally. She stood at about 5'4'', or 1.626 meters. For the moment being, she appeared to be once again distracted by the jewelry store's wares.

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