Press Start to Continue ...again.

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Press Start to Continue ...again.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SugarNspikeS on Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:05 pm

The Prophecy of Biterra:


Collin lives in the distant future. A future in which the advancement of video game systems has been outlawed due to an accident that left a child dead when he hacked the safety features of his holographic gaming system. The gaming industry took a major hit and they were ordered to stop all production. Holographic gaming systems were outlawed and only the older systems were still considered legal. Most people don't use them due to an incompatibility with hologram based television.

One day while in the local pawn shop Collin comes across a small grey box with a couple controllers plugged into it. It was a rare Nintendo Entertainment System, first generation, in great condition. Collin was an avid gamer and knew instantly that he had found a gem, he didn’t care how much the system cost and bought the thing. He got it home and to his dismay he realized that there was no connection that would fit the cable on the back of the 3D holo-projector. After a few modifications to the wires he managed to get the system attached and he turns it on. A flat projection shows up on the display of Super Mario Brothers 3. As the curtain opens in the intro sequence of the game, he presses the start button on the controller. There’s a spark in the back of the projector and he goes to the back to check it . Suddenly the projector starts to project a swirling vortex and Collin was sucked in. On the other side he finds himself in the grasslands of the Mushroom world in the universe known as Biterra where the characters of all video games reside, but not all is as the instruction manual said it was. However, Collin is not the only person from our world to be pulled into Biterra and humans have been showing up on many of the different worlds of this video game universe.

It is said that within the coding of the oldest places in all the worlds of Biterra, there is a prophecy of the end, but only those programed to be the wisest of characters know where to find it.

If this sounds good, PM me and I'll try and get it started again if I get enough people.
I'm not saying the voices are real, I'm saying they have some good ideas.

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