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Priest Zeph

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Priest Zeph

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zeph Vidal on Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:12 pm


[align=center]::Gaia’s Dark Law::

Name: Zeph Vidal
Alias: Animus
Visual Age: Late Twenties.
Factual Age: Twenty-seven years old.
Direct Lineage: Terra Nova.
Occupation: Priest of Gaia.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Marital Status: Single.
Primary Residence: Corporeal Plane.

::Physical Data::

Height: Six feet, one inch. [ 6'1" ]
Weight: Two hundred and five pounds. [ 205 ]
Hair Color: Faded Blonde.
Hair: Combed back with loose frontal strands.
Eye Color: Dark Brown.
Laterality: Right-handed.
Finger nails: Short and rounded.
Skin Tone: Light skin tone, but not really pale.
Skin Condition: Fair.
Physical Condition: Tempered.
Voice: Strong; full of substance.

::Battle Data::

Classification: Mineral Mage.
Primary Discipline: Earth and Light Elementalist.
Sub-discipline(s): Spirit Paladin.
Weapon of Choice: Storliv.
Armor of Choice: Carbon-based Priest Robe.
Melee Discipline: Self-taught.
Innate Ethos:
- Minor Body Manipulation.
- Heightened Physical Capacities.
- Earthen | Energy Sensory.
- Negation Grid.
- Mental Blockade.

::Weapon Compatibilities::

– Swords
– Battle Rods
– Unarmed
– Projectiles
– Chained Weaponry
– Enchanted Weaponry

::Armor, Weapons::

– Sword: Storliv.
– Type: Zweihander.
– Length: Five feet. [ 5 ft. ]
– Weight: Fourteen pounds. [ 14 ]
– History: Handed down by his grandfather.
– Composition: Preternatural Metal.
– Enchantment Properties: Augmentation | Natura Tempest


– Armor: Obsidia.
– Type: Priest Robe.
– History: Issued by the Gaian Temple. However, Animus has added a bit of his own artistic flare to it.
– Composition: Carbon-based.
– Enchantment Properties: Presidio Grid | Aliment Osmosis | Innate Resistance: Heat, Cold, Slash, Acid. [/align]

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