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Principio del fin

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Principio del fin

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Devious on Sun Aug 26, 2007 3:47 pm

"The beginning of the end"

All things must come to an end. This is the nature of life. How things will come to an end, well thats entirely up to you.

Far into the future, beings known as the "Ángeles de Muerte" have descended upon us. They seek to over-run, kill and enslave us. They are Angelic like creatures, in appearance only. Beautiful features, beautiful faces, bodies, every physical thing on them is wonderous to the eye. But their souls, are black as hell. Vile creatures they are, commiting the deadly sins on a daily basis. They wish to enslave, or stamp out every existing being except themselves.

But the Chaos doesn't end there, oh no. There are those who've chosen to fight against these foul creatures. In completely different way of course.

Down on our tiny corner of the universe, a group of warriors calling themselves "Der Schlag des Teufels" aka The Devil's Strike, have pledged their lives to battle these foul creatures, these false Angels. They rely on science, to boost them physically, and to boost their weapons. Guns have been abolished by the Ángeles de Muerte. So their science revolves around boosting Melee weapons.

Example of a boosted weapon: Exploding spear. A spear, in which the tip of it can cause explosions with a simple pull of the trigger on the shaft of the spear.

Another group, has pledged to do battle against these beings. The "Funestes présages de Ciel" aka The Harbingers of Heaven. These people choose to fight in a more traditional way. Effectively, they are Martial Arts masters for the most part, more so "Warrior Monks". They prefer the ancient ways of battle, and will not fight without purpose or reason to. They can harbor the power of "Chi" but in a much less effective way than in the ancient times.

Please, if you wish to join, PM me all sheets, and I will make a list on the first post.
Also, I encourage more than one character.
No God Modding.
And have fun ^__^

Character Sheet
Faction(Ángeles de Muerte, Der Schlag des Teufels, or Funestes présages de Ciel):
Martial style(optional):

Username: Mr. Devious

Name: Randall McKongan

Age: 21
Faction: Funestes présages de Ciel

Appearance: Randall wears the robes of the Funestes présages de Ciel, simple black and orange robes. He's bald, and has an eyepatch, he lost his eye in a battle with the Angeles. He wears black fighters pants, and simple fighting shoes.

Weapon(s): ... s-60368224 < These two swords. Simple, yet when infused with the energy of one's Chi, can be quite powerful.

Martial style(optional): Jeet Kune Do

Background: Randall has dedicated himself to the life of a warrior all his life. Yet, preferring the old ways, he joing the Funestes Presages de Ciel. An adept at using Chi, he is a force to be reckoned with. He fights to defend whats left of human life. Taught never to give up, or surrender, he will die if need be. When he was 16 is when he first tasted the evils of combat with the Angeles. He lost his eye in that battle. Since then, he hasn't been as careless.

Name: Jaykib Wolford

Age: 28

Faction(Ángeles de Muerte, Der Schlag des Teufels, or Funestes présages de Ciel): Der Schlag des Teufels

Appearance: He wears a trenchcoat with cut off sleeves and no shirt underneath. His body is covered in tattoos and he has major enhancment done to his legs. He can move faster and jump higher due to this.

Weapon: ... 4705...the exploding spear mentioned above.

Martial style(optional): None

Background: Jaykib grew up in a broken home. He was always poor and damn near homeless. When the Angeles began their attack years ago, he figured he'd be one of the first dead. He was wrong. He has an uncanny ability to just survive. He gets through it, and over the years thats made him tougher than most people. He sometimes gives into his emotions, which can be his downfall.
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