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Re: Private --[Jimmy and Lucifer]--

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby St.Jimmy on Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:22 am

"Fuck," Hannah whispered, so quietly that only Max could hear her. Messiah had killed without warning; one second, she had been behind Jacob, the next, in front of him with her knife in Judas's heart. Jacob himself had barely even had time to move.

"He was clumsy," Max muttered back to her. "That's why he died." Blood was spreading into the carpet, leaving an ugly stain. He glanced back at Serena and Seraphim, neither of whom seemed particularly bothered by the death of their gang mate, and then drew out his own switch. He wasn't sure quite what happened next; one moment, he was still standing where he was, the next minute, Jacob had moved towards him with a knife in hand and they were furiously fighting. He felt a fist slam into his face and his nose spurted blood, but he was still able to twist and avoid the gleam of the knife heading towards his stomach. And then he felt two sharp pains at the corners of his mouth and knew what was going to happen; with a thrill of fear he tried to twist aside, but Jacob had hold of his wrist. Hannah was suddenly at Jacob's other side, and she managed to disarm him of the knife, but that didn't help Max, who was about to have his wrist broken. Fumbling in his pocket, he pulled out the gun and removed the safety with an audible click before pointing it directly at Messiah.

Jacob froze.

"Let go of my fucking wrist," he mumbled, not daring to open his mouth too wide. He felt the other boy's grip loosen and his aim wavered in relief; and then all of a sudden the fingers tightened and his wrist snapped anyway. He shouted out in agony and felt his face rip apart; the gun went off by accident but his aim was far too wide. He stumbled backwards, but Hannah was there to support him, with both Jacob's and her own knife in hand.

"Just fucking shoot him," she said, but Max's hand was shaking too badly to do anything and she had a terrible aim. Even so, she could hardly miss at such close quarters, right? Thrusting the knives into his hand, she took the gun off him and calmly pointed it at Messiah.

"Thanks for your help," she shot sarcastically at Serena and Seraphim, without taking her eyes off Jacob and Messiah. "Much appreciated."
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Re: Private --[Jimmy and Lucifer]--

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Saint Lucifer on Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:18 pm

Messiah froze as the gun was pointed at her for a second time. Fuck. Why hasn't she shot me yet? She thought rapidly. One dead, one injured, three still unharmed. But one has a gun and Jacob is now disarmed, and I only have the one knife.

An idea was rapidly forming, but it was risky, and was by no means guaranteed to work. She watched the way the girl handled the gun -- she was holding it carelessly, unlike the blond boy who had apparent skill with a gun. Messiah's plan relied on the girl being a slow shot.
Before Messiah could act, however, something happened that she hadn't counted on. The female Godproject rolled her eyes in the direction of the girl holding the gun, before reaching into her jacket pocket and drawing her own gun out, which she aimed steadily at Jacob, after flicking the safety off. Messiah's blood ran cold -- she could tell that this girl was used to handling a gun.

"Alright, alright," the blonde girl said in a light tone. "You've barely given us time to act, though."

And then there was Seraphim, the only one of the Godprojects here whose name she had bothered to learn, standing on the fringes of the fight, as ever. Messiah knew not to underestimate him, though -- she saw the knife concealed in his hand and quickly made some adjustments to her plan.

Then she acted. With caution that was hardly feigned, Messiah bent to the ground, hand outstretched so they could all clearly see that she was going to place her switch on the carpet, surrendering. Her eyes never left the girl with the gun, and wariness showed plainly on her face.
Then, in a heartbeat, she changed direction. Using her crouching position to launch herself foward, she flung herself toward the little blonde girl. As she moved, Messiah turned quickly in one step, so that her back was to the girl. Messiah stabbed forcefully behind herself, burying her knife in the girl's shoulder. The girl cried out and her hold on the gun loosened: Messiah took to opportunity to grab it with her free hand.

However, before she had time to do anything else, Messiah caught the glint of a knife swinging in her direction. Seraphim. All she could do was twist so that instead of piercing her chest as it was meant to, it cut into her arm.
Messiah then pulled her knife from the girl's shoulder and she stumbled back, blood blooming on her shirt. Ignoring the pain in her own arm and the blood that was seeping through her sleeve already, Messiah pointed the gun at Seraphim, who was composing himself for a second attack. He backed off slightly, and Messiah began making her way slowly back to Jacob's side, switching her aim to the EBPM girl.

"I'll shoot." she said, her voice steady and her eyes flicking from one face to another. "You've already seen that I don't often give warnings --" a quick but meaningful glance at the body on the floor "-- and I reckon I'm a better shot than you with a gun. So it's your choice. Drop the fucking gun, or lose your fucking life."

Without taking her eyes off any of them, Messiah pushed her (bloodstained) switch at Jacob and took hold of the gun with both hands. The cut on her arm seared as she did so, but she continued to ignore the pain.
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